tagFetishDavid's Tall Girls' School Ch. 23

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 23


(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged 'Peeping Tom' in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old' one Friday. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called 'pervert' but I could not prove it.

I had decided not to get the local police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional 'Punishment Rules of the School' as applied to 'Peeping Toms'. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress' study carpet, and tethered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards at each corner of the room. I was then required to orally pleasure the 'whole' school. This is part twenty three of my sorry tale.)


"Well, well Tom the whole of year three in one day, now it's only the staff to go and we had better discuss tonight's sleeping arrangements hadn't we eh? Mr. Peeping Tom," Miss Wiff-Naseford winked at me in a lewd and suggestive manner.


Monday Evening Meal.

* I sat at the now familiar 'high table' with Celia on one side of me and Matron on the other. I wore Celia's floral-print kimono as my clothes had still not been located. The scene must have looked very odd. Here was I the only man in the school sitting between two middle aged women wearing an outrageously feminine garment, looking very puny and sheepish at the girls in front of me in the refectory who were giggling and nudging each other. Fortunately they could not see what was happening under the table because the tablecloth hid everything below my waist from view.

Behind the tablecloth my kimono had been parted by Celia who was now stroking my rampant erection. Matron was also rubbing her smooth black stockinged leg against mine while having a conversation with Angel Richardson, the geography teacher. Celia and I talked about the weather, and about the meal and about everything except what she held in her hand. My eyes rolled with pleasure at her expert fondling and caressing of my most sensitive part. Soon she was wanking me and I turned red with embarrassment and excitement just as the pudding course arrived.

"Thank you Mavis," she said to a large waitress wearing a tight skirt. I stared at her swivelling hips and buttocks as she walked back to the kitchen realising that sooner or later my face would be pressed hard against them with my tongue up her pussy. Celia's milking was now too severe and I grabbed her hand and told her that I couldn't possibly ejaculate at the high table. I also told her that I wanted to eat my bananas and custard. Celia let me finish my meal in peace and my penis retreated into the confines of her kimono.

After the meal Miss Wiff-Naseford collared me.

"I have been giving some thought with regard to where you might sleep tonight and I think the best place for you is in Dormitory 3B," she said looking rather perky and self-satisfied.

"You mean with the small Japanese girls?" I asked.

"Yes but they are tiny Japanese girls I should say Tom. We had several requests from their house mistress that they wanted to repay you for 'bringing them off' this afternoon."

My mind was beginning to spin at the thought of fucking these delightful doll-like creatures.

"Um yes that (gulp) will be fine by me," I replied with my willy crawling out from between the open front of the Kimono and exposing it's bulbous purple head to the open air.

* The Japanese Girls' Dormitory.

* I followed the headmistress through a warren of corridors then across a lawn to a small low building tucked away amongst some trees. We entered and the smell of fish and rice hit me. This was clearly where the Japanese girls ate and lived.

We proceeded down a short corridor to a green painted door and Miss Wiff-Naseford knocked and walked in. inside we were met by twenty pairs of sparkling eyes staring at us, and staring at my erection bobbing about in front of me which I was unable to conceal under my female attire. After much nodding, bowing, smiling and giggling I was left with the girls as the headmistress took her leave, winking at me.

"Have a good night Tom, and try and conserve some strength for tomorrow," she said smiling at me and the girls who had gathered around me.

I was taken by the fact that the girls were all shorter than me. For the first time in my life I appeared to be comparatively tall. It did not take them long to remove my kimono and they giggled again at the sight of my puny thin body and my large stonking erection. I felt lots of tiny fingers over it and heard lots of excited giggling.

The girls spoke some English but it was absolutely minimal and I had difficulty comprehending them and became more reliant on their gestures and mannerisms.

I was led to a bed by Chiko Tanaka, who bowed and said to me," We all want fucky fucky with you please, tonight yes please?"

I explained in sign language that that would be physically impossible as I needed at least half an hour to recover from 'shooting my load', or 'spurting the cream' as I tried to explain.

She appeared to understand and rubbed herself between her legs and said, "We sit on your face and make us 'pussy-delight', yes?"

"Yes 'pussy-delight' it shall be," I growled looking more like a caged tiger surveying his new meal which had just been thrown to him.

I lay on the bed on my back, with my head near the foot end of the narrow single bed, and the girls formed a line next to me.

Chiko slid off her knickers and straddled my chest and shuffled forwards onto my face. She knelt on my shoulders with her thighs splayed and slid even further forwards so my nose was pushed firmly into her small hairy cunt.

She dropped her tartan pleated skirt and petticoat over me and my hands were under her and soon I was stroking her white stocking tops and rear suspender clips.

Immediately my penis stiffened even more and slowly grew to its impressive maximum length.

Another girl straddled my lower chest, and then a third girl sat astride my thighs. I now understood what was about to happen. They had decided to use an almost 'production line' method of facesitting me with each girl shuffling forward along my body as the other girl in front had 'brought herself off' on me.

I marvelled at the simplicity and efficiency of the set-up. A fourth girl sat open-legged across my knees and a fifth girl straddled my ankles. There was no way I could possibly arise and I began to feel panic. Above me the little eighteen year olds, (or were the nineteen or twenty? It was impossible to say) giggled and chattered as if waiting eagerly for a treat or present. They appeared to be in a waiting room queuing up to be orally pleasured.

Chiko jerked her cunt over my nose and held onto my head while whispering words I could not understand. I just lay there under her skirt and allowed her to slip and slide over me on the secretions she continuously oozed from her vaginal opening.

Soon she was screeching little 'eh, eh, eh, eh,' noises as she approached her orgasm. Around my face her petticoat shook and shimmied. Above me I watched the waistband of her suspenders oscillate from side to side, and backwards and forwards, noticing the tension vary with each thrusting movement. I could not see her face but imagined that it was contorted in a pleasure seeking grimace.

"Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh," she screeched as she bounced up and down on my face, her small buttocks resting in my hands. She was so light and the bed was so soft that I felt no discomfort and licked avidly at the young woman's fanny drinking in her juices as she sat astride my face.

I decided to finish her off so I slurped my tongue firmly into her clitoris and lapped her forcefully for two to three minutes. Her hysterical weeping told me that she had 'come' and she kneeled up and then off me, pulling her pleats across my face, and I stared up at the next diminutive Japanese lady.

Above me Shika Arai nodded and bowed then shuffled forward lifting up her pleated school skirt and broderie edged flared cotton petticoat. She then pushed her fine black curls into my mouth.

Immediately my tongue was up her vagina slit as she shook her clothing over me. I felt her squirm with pleasure as I wiggled my tongue about between her labia. She flinched as I found the nub of her clitoris and I began flicking and delving at the little engorged protuberance under its hood.

Her frantic pelvic movements against my supporting hands told me that she was enjoying what I was doing to her. My penis rubbed against the skirt of another girl who was straddling me. I jerked my penis around using voluntary muscle movements and thrusts of my buttocks. The girl took the hint and soon I felt small fingers grip my throbbing erection and begin milking me. I now felt really energised and mustered all my strength to fulfil Miss Arai's carnal desires.

Over and over again I licked her clitoris while her little cotton petticoat swished past over my head. Within seconds I felt her whimper then climax gripping my face between her small slim thighs.

Meanwhile the milking increased in tempo. It was clearly the girl astride my thighs who was in charge of my present exquisite condition. Shika slid off me, her small cunt dripping over my forehead and hair. I watched her petticoat and heavy pleats slide over me as she stood up and got off the bed. Above me another Japanese lady straddled my chest and shuffled forwards. I noticed her white stockings held up by pale pink suspenders.

She smiled at me, giggling with embarrassment, as she pushed her thighs against my cheeks and placed her genitals on my face. Her name was Naoko Endo but, to be truthful, I could not easily tell the girls apart as my previous experience had been in recognising European faces, not far-eastern ones.

I breathed in her feminity as she began jerking her delightful warm wet vagina over me with ever increasing urgency.

In the meantime I felt my penis being passed to the girl behind and another girl sat astride my ankles. I once again had five undersized Japanese girls straddling my body, pinning me firmly down. I touched their legs and felt the smooth scratchiness of their stockings, underslips and school skirts.

Under Naoko's skirt and nylon petticoat I concentrated my tonguing on her clitoris, and licked and sucked her until she mewed like a cat and began grinding herself into me.

All along my body I felt small fingers fondle, probe and caress. I felt warm damp hairy vaginas on my knees, legs and stomach; I also felt the scratchiness of smooth stockings, suspender clips and plaid skirts. I felt as well the silky smoothness of nylon and cotton lace petticoats against my bare torso. My body was alive with tactile sensations and I felt a huge orgasm welling up inside me.

The little lady on my face began bouncing and screeching as I fondled her small rounded buttocks. Her little legs lay across my shoulders as I pulled her closer into me and tongued her furiously, driving her wild with my incessant probing. She groaned and shuddered then screamed and juddered. Before long her whole body quivered on the end of my tongue.

I could not believe how such a small frame could shake so much. Her fragrance overwhelmed me and I felt I was drowning in her aroma. My breathing came in short bursts as my penis was now being milked furiously by two unseen hands. I was now like a time-bomb ready to explode and found it impossible to hold back. The girls sensed my condition and giggled and fondled me more intensely. Soon tiny finger nails were scratching my testicles and thighs as the non-stop wanking continued. I couldn't take much more of this. I felt Miss Endo's orgasm welling up and I guessed that for her too it was just a matter of seconds.

Then it happened. She pushed herself firmly into my face with all her weight. Her vagina muscles contracted as she screamed. At the same time I thrust my pelvis off the bed and ejaculated, groaning with both relief and pleasure.

I spurted six long strands of semen into someone's hands and lay back exhausted with Miss Naoko Endo's cunt dripping its secretions over my nostrils and mouth. Above me I heard the girls applaud my performance and pass the sticky slimy mess from hand to hand. I was aware of them sniffing my warm semen and make noises of approval. I stared at the underside of the waistband of Naoko's pink nylon petticoat and suspender belt and at her smooth rounded stomach and wondered how many more of these tiny girls required pleasuring that night.

Miss Endo slid forwards and off me dragging her plaid pleats over my face.

Another eighteen year old shuffled up my body and lifted her skirt. Her stockinged thighs slid past my ears as she rammed her warm hairy pussy into my face. She smiled down at me and nodded several times and said in her delicious high pitched Japanese accent "Pussy-delight Mr.Tom please, yes?"

I looked into her large almond eyes, and at her long black eyelashes. She was drop- dead gorgeous.

"And what is your name?" I enquired.

"Kimoko Hara," she said nodding and smiling like a child in a sweet shop.

"Pussy-delight now please Tom? I shall cover you now with my uniform, please yes?" she continued as I squirmed with sexual ardour beneath her.

The other three girls shuffled up my body while another one straddled my feet. Kimoko dropped her flared white nylon petticoat with a narrow flounced lacy hem over me. I could just about see her smile through the semi transparent material then everything went black as she lowered her skirt and smoothed it around her waist and over me.

Small hands caressed my body and my heavy penis once again was lifted from my sticky stomach and manipulated by little fingers. I attempted to open my legs but there was too much weight on them.

Underneath Kimoko's petticoat I licked and lapped at her now exposed clitoris. With each lick she yelped and flinched, then began bouncing on my face as I supported her buttocks. All around me I felt finger nails and smooth stockings sliding over my bare skin. I felt that this truly was paradise.

Then, to my complete surprise, the girl astride my lower chest began bouncing up and down on me, reflecting Kimoko's movements. Then the girl straddling my thighs and fondling my genitalia also joined in, so too did the two diminutive women astride my knees and ankles. The whole bed rocked as the five girls sitting on me jerked up and down.

I felt as if I was a 'life-raft in a heavy sea' and that these five small far-eastern ladies were relying on me to keep them afloat.

Kimoko's stockings swished against her underslip and against my head trapped between her thighs. I watched the waistband of her white nylon suspender belt flex and extend with every bounce.

I noticed her rounded stomach and navel above me ripple slightly on every 'down-bounce'. The aroma trapped under her skirt was amazing and I breathed it in eagerly. I pushed my tongue up her sopping cunt as far as it would go and listened to her little squeals of enjoyment as I wiggled it about inside her.

Then it happened. The bouncing became more frantic. Up and down my body the girls pushed me further into the bed then allowed me to bounce out again. Above me Kimoko's vagina leaked secretions over me and I felt her wiping herself more violently over my face.

She shouted "Ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh, and ehh." With each bounce.

"Ehh," bounce "Ehh," bounce, "Ehh," bounce, "Ehh," bounce, "Ehh," jerk, "Ehh," jerk... it went on and on for several minutes.

Her hands grabbed my head through her skirt as she finally' came' and I was unexpectedly drenched in her juices. I smelled incredibly fishy and was dying for a face cloth.

Miss Hara knelt up and swung her legs over me scuffing me with one of her Mary-Jane shoes as she did so.

"Sorry," she said and I asked for a towel.

She did not understand and I stared up into the face of the next smiling pocket-sized lady with her hair in bunches.

She was Noriko Yoshido and looked like a large life-size doll. She remained sitting astride my chest with her skirt hem resting across my neck. She said something to me in Japanese, and all the girls laughed. The ones not sitting along my naked body had gathered around to watch. I felt trapped and vaguely ill at ease.

I needn't have worried as Kimoko came back from the bathroom with what appeared to be a face-cloth. I, at last, would feel more refreshed and less sweaty and smelly.

She wiped my face with it and I suddenly became aware of a distinctive salty stench. She had urinated in her knickers and was now rubbing them all over my face and neck.

"For fuck's sake," I yelled angrily and they all laughed.

Several girls dashed off to the toilets and came back with more dripping panties. With the weight of the girls on top of me I could only push these sodden undergarments off me with my hands.

They came at me from several directions and inevitably some got through. I gave up fighting them and lay back on the sheet and put up with their giggling and stupid schoolgirl antics. I had little strength left and allowed them to wipe my face with their soggy knickers.

One pair was followed by another, then another, then several more amidst shrieks of laughter. One girl squeezed the contents of her knickers over me and I felt completely humiliated as I endured all this face wiping. The room now reeked of vagina and urine and I felt that it mainly emanated from me.

One girl even urinated into a pair of socks and wiped them over me and I now began to get really angry I shouted at them and everything went quiet. I watched their eyes as they looked at me in astonishment, and then looked at each other.

"If you do not do as we say," said one of them, clearly the spokesperson, "We will tell the head mistress and she will inform the police, yes?" she said with perfect logic.

I felt trapped once again so agreed reluctantly to do whatever they wished.

Noriko Yoshida opened her knees further and shuffled onto my face. I watched her drape her wide flared white nylon petticoat over me, followed by her heavy pleated skirt. Again I was plunged into the now familiar dark underskirt world of a schoolgirl's uniform.

My penis had remained stiff through the evening and now appeared to be doing gymnastics inside the small hands of the girl who had begun to wank me off. I felt deliciously sexual and savoured the open lips on the tip of my wriggling tongue.

Noriko spasmed quickly and she knelt up and smiled down at me saying something in quick staccato Japanese, which received a long 'ooooh' from the other girls.

Amaya Sasaki slid onto my face and draped her pale blue nylon underskirt and school tartan pleats over me creating an airless space in which to practice my cunnilingus on her. She pinched my nose through her slip and skirt and I pinched her firm young bottom in an attempt to show her who was in charge. It was only when I fought for breath that she let me go and I gulped in the vagina smelling air which surrounded me.

I began to wonder whether I could keep up this constant tonguing which was required by these apparently merciless little girls astride me. I did my best but became increasingly weary and now needed sleep.

Next Katsumi Sato sat on my face. Under her skirt she smelled fairly mild compared with the others; at least she did not smell of perspiration. After her another smiling girl shuffled up to my face, legs apart. She looked very pleased with herself and nodded and bowed.

"Pussy-delight, yes please?" she asked bowing again looking innocently sweet and wholesome.

She was apparently Manami Yoshida and had a brace on her teeth.

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