Dawn's Very Special Halloween Party


"May I touch you?"

"You may."

Caligo stroked Orientis' shattered arm with both hands, claws retracting as she worked, feeling the shattered bone knitting together under her touch. The beings skin felt soft and warm, gleaming gold in the fire light.

"How does your arm feel now?"

Orientis flexed it gingerly. "It is healed. Why did you do that?"

"I don't know. I felt I must help you as you helped me."

"We have healed each other, how is this possible?"

"We have never tried before. Once our wounded fall, we are told to leave them to rise again after enduring pain and suffering."

"It is the same with ours; we are taught that pain and suffering is necessary in order to gain redemption."

"What is this redemption?"

"I don't know. I have never found it. Why do you fight us?"

"We fight to regain the Kingdom."

"What is the kingdom?"

"A place from which we were cast down, why do you fight us?"

"We protect the sacred realm."

"Why is this realm of yours sacred?"

"I do not know, only that it is. What of this kingdom you seek to regain?"

"It is bright and beautiful, thus we must fight to regain it."

They sat quietly again, staring at each other. Orientis finally smiled and Caligo smiled back. A thought crept into her mind 'This golden being is beautiful'. Orientis was having the same thoughts 'How beautiful she looks in the firelight',

"What do all these things we fight for mean exactly?" Caligo said.

"I'm not sure, only that we are in the right to fight for them."

"Why do we fight each other for things we don't understand?"

Orientis sighed, "I am realizing there is so much we do not understand, yet we fight each other without question."

"Until now," Caligo replied and they smiled at each other again.

Slowly they moved closer until their shoulders touched, their wings furled behind them against the rock wall.

"I like this not fighting," Orientis said, "Being here with you is much better."

"I agree," Caligo replied, "It is ... comfortable being with you."

They sat looking absently at the dancing flame above them, and then Orientis spoke "Your skin is quite soft, as soft as mine. We are much alike you and I."

Caligo laughed "Truly we are, except that you have no horns and I have no aura about my head, my hands and feet are clawed, yours are not, I have a tail, you do not, our wings are of two shapes, our skin color is different and yet our bodies are the same."

"You have fangs, too," Orientis said, smiling.

"Hee, hee, I forgot about them."

"They're beautiful, you're beautiful."

"As you are to me, it is unfortunate we never stop fighting long enough to see our resemblance."

"We must be the first to do so. I have never heard otherwise. The All Seeing must have chosen us for some reason."

"The Mighty One you mean, but I agree, we have been chosen for some higher purpose."

Another period of silence followed. There was much to think about.

"I do not wish to fight any longer," Caligo said. "I want to stay here with you."

"I feel the same," Orientis said, "May I hold you?"

"I would like that," Caligo replied. When their bodies made contact, a shiver of desire passed through them and their minds reeled; there were so many new feelings to experience.

Caligo caressed Orientis' face and she licked her hand. Orientis nuzzled Caligo's neck and the being sighed with delight. They caressed each other as their lips met in a kiss. The beings were experiencing affection and pleasure for the first time and quite overwhelmed by the sensations.

Their kisses became more ardent, their caresses more bold and intimate until Orientis lay back, drawing Caligo into an embrace on the cave floor. Legs entwined, they rubbed their bodies together, Caligo's tail lashing the air.

"I have never felt like this," Caligo murmured between kisses, "Your body feels so wonderful against mine."

"This is truly amazing," Orientis replied, "Your skin is so warm and soft."

"I am so wet between my legs, my darling, would you touch me there?"

"Touch me there as well, dear Caligo."

Soft hands found slippery labial lips, probing fingers parted them and slipped inside causing the pink flesh to quiver, thumbs found fleshy pearls and began to rub them. The beings gasped and moaned as they finger fucked each other harder and harder, kissing and writhing, firm breasts and stiff nipples rubbing together until they felt as if they would explode. They screamed with joy as orgasms burned along their every nerve. Consumed with desire, they continued fucking, cumming again and again, riding waves of ecstasy until they were spent. Wrapping their wings around them, they cuddled breathless and happy.

They lay together for a long time, enraptured by the feelings of contentment suffusing them. When they regained their strength, their desire for one another ran wild as they discovered many more ways to enjoy each other; licking, kissing, nibbling, fingering, rubbing, fingers and lips pleasuring every hole and every inch of pink flesh, grinding their soaked pussies together, panting and whimpering, having spine twisting orgasms until weariness overtook them at last and they snuggled together in a haze of sexual bliss.

Caligo sighed, "I want to leave this cave, this war, this endless fighting; I want only to be with you."

"As do I, with all my heart," Orientis murmured, "Where shall we go, my love?"

"What does it matter as long as we are together?"

"I agree, let us be on our way."


When they emerged from their sanctuary, the dancing flame that had illuminated their love nest darted into Caligo's crimson locks and disappeared. While the endless war raged above them, they embraced and watched the flurry of combat pondering where to go next. Abruptly, two figures descended from the maelstrom above and landed before them with a booming rush of mighty wings.

The golden and crimson beings were much taller and more muscular than Orientis and Caligo. They scowled at the lovers, and then the crimson one roared "Why are you together in such a manner? Why are you not fighting?"

"We refuse to fight because we love each another," Orientis replied, "We want to live in peace."

"We will not continue this senseless battle," Caligo continued, her tail curling protectively around Orientis' shoulders, "Will you show us how we may leave?"

Their inquisitors looked at each other in bafflement. "What is this love of which you speak?" the golden one thundered. "No one has ever left the battle before. It is the very reason for existence; it is the power of good against the power of evil. It has always been and will ever be so."

"I do not think she is evil or my enemy," Orientis said, firmly. "I love her and I only wish to be with her."

"We will fight no more," Caligo continued, "Orientis is my world now and I am hers. We live for each other, not for an unexplained goals that are seemingly impossible to attain."

The giants were silent, contemplating this unusual turn of events. Finally the scarlet one said "So be it. If you no longer wish to fight to achieve our destiny, then you are of no further use to us."

The golden one made a sweeping gesture and the lovers felt a sharp pain in their heads. "You now have control of a portal that will transport you through dimensions and time lines, but know that you are banished and may never return!"

At that moment a glowing oval appeared before them. "Let us go before they decide otherwise," Orientis said. They sprang into it and vanished as the giants soared back into the sky to continue the endless battle.


Through an eternity of time streams and dimensions the lovers roamed; laughing and playing; enjoying each day and making love whenever they desired. They encountered many worlds in their travels, some barren and lifeless, some populated with strange beings; some friendly, some malevolent, some kind, some cruel, some feared them and fled, others remained to worship them as gods. They politely refused all entreaties to remain, preferring to wanderer through the dimensions unencumbered.

Following their first tentative dimensional jumps, the lovers realized it felt odd not to be carrying a weapon. Searching among the time lines, they found a master smith that crafted for them broadswords of the finest chromium steel annealed with pure silver and diamond dust. These they carried in a leather scabbard hung from a belt about their waists.

Then came the day when their weapons were put to the ultimate test. An immense creature sprang at them from a rift in the space-time continuum. It was a nightmare of claws, razor sharp fangs, a scaly body, pillar-like legs, a spiked tail and a row of yellow, unblinking eyes that gleamed with an all-consuming hatred.

Reacting in an instant, they fought the ravening and seemingly invulnerable beast for hours until, grievously wounded and tiring; they had all but resigned themselves to dying together in battle. Then, by chance, Caligo's sword sliced through one of several protuberant clusters of spongy flesh above the creatures eyes and it uttered a piercing shriek of pain. Drawing upon their last reserves of strength, they leapt nimbly away from the snapping jaws as they slashed again and again at the sensitive flesh until the creature spurted gouts of yellow blood from its mouth and reared back on it's hind legs, forelegs pawing blindly at the air.

Desperately, they swung their blades again and again at its soft underbelly opening enormous gashes from which its slimy entrails gushed out onto the ground; the foul stench nearly choking them. It gave a final despairing roar and thundered to the ground, dead.

Hearing the sounds of the battle, the feline-like inhabitants of a nearby village had appeared and watched in fascination as the scarlet and golden beings fought the monster. 'Are they gods?' they wondered. It was obvious they were in no way like them. They had no fur, wore no garments and what hair they had was on their heads which flew about as they hacked and slashed at their hideous foe.

Caligo and Orientis were severely wounded and weary as they dragged themselves into the shade of a towering fern to recover. When they had healed each other and rested, they began a detailed examination of the corpse, again under the curious gaze of the feline beings who dared not approach them.

Given its abrupt appearance from a dimensional portal, they had good reason to assume it was sent after them from their own dimension. It would appear that exile was no longer punishment enough for their refusal to fight; now they must die.

Seeking to avoid future attacks, which they knew would continue now that the creature had failed in its mission; they traveled through countless time lines seeking a place to hide. At long last they happened upon a world off the beaten path where the inhabitants more closely resembled them and they decided to conceal themselves there.

Placing their bodies in a chamber they had carved amidst tons of rock, their minds traveled about seeking suitable vessels for concealment until the threat had diminished. Finally, they found two pre-adolescent girls that seemed suitable and sank gratefully into their minds. As the fates would have it, the girls they had chosen possessed strong identities of their own that promptly overwhelmed their intruders, rendering them inert.

Years passed and the girls matured into college bound young women; unaware of the slumbering intellects riding with them. If not for a freak accident, the minds of Orientis and Caligo would have remained in stasis until the women died and in all probability would have died with them, their physical forms remaining entombed for eternity.

Willow MacDougall was injured when her car spun out on a wet road and struck a tree. Her air bag and seat belt saved her life, but her head struck the door pillar giving her a severe concussion. When she regained consciousness, someone else awakened with her; Caligo. She realized what had happened and once she had gathered her wits about her began searching for her beloved Orientis.

Each night while Willow slept, Caligo swept further outward seeking an emanation from her lover's mind. She was beginning to lose hope when she finally found her locked in the mind of a young woman half a continent away; Dawn Swenson. Her first impulse was set Orientis free then and there, but she hesitated; not wishing to inflict needless trauma on Dawn's psyche.

Over time, Caligo learned all she could about Dawn and her life, then placed subliminal commands in the MacDougall's minds to move to the city where Dawn lived and for Willow to transfer to Dawn's college. Caligo helped Willow to blend into life on campus, and waited patiently for the right moment to release her lover from her prison. Said moment finally arrived when Willow was invited to Dawn's Halloween party. Caligo knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get the girl alone and set Orientis free.

The night of the party, while Willow slept, Caligo used the dimensional portal to retrieve her body from the vault and materialized on the doorstep of Dawn's house. Opening the door with a flourish, she saw Dawn standing there, radiant and beautiful in her angel costume and the breath caught in her throat; she looked so like her lover it hurt and she barely controlled herself, so eager was she to release Orientis from her long confinement.


Gazing through Dawn's blue eyes into Caligos' green pools of love and desire, Orientis awakened from her long slumber and remembered everything.

"Caligo, my love, you have come to me at last," she said, her voice breaking.

Caligo opened the dimensional portal, summoned her lover's own body and Orientis' mind slipped gratefully into it. Rising above the bed where Dawn slept, they clung together overwhelmed with happiness.

"How shall we reward these women that have provided us with shelter for so many years?" Orientis said.

"I have just the thing," Caligo replied. "Wait a moment and I'll show you."

Caligo flew into the portal, re-emerged carrying a sleeping Willow, and placed her with Dawn into a relaxed embrace. "Since they were becoming attracted to each other already," Caligo said, "I can think of no greater gift than granting to them the same feelings of love for each other that we have. When they awaken they'll remember the party, their first dance and their night of passionate discovery. I know they'll be happy in their new life together."

"This is so thoughtful," Orientis said, hugging her. "You may be a demon but you are my sweet angel."

"You seem to be rubbing off on me," Caligo jibed, "Let us go."

Diving through the portal they emerged to soar among the billowing clouds. Circling above Dawn's house, they bid her and Willow a fond farewell and flew away into the early morning light.


Laying in a mountain meadow carpeted with lush green grass and fragrant wildflowers; Orientis and Caligo made passionate love all morning, their cries of orgasmic pleasure echoing from the nearby mountains. Satiated at long last, they lay together picking flowers and placing them in the others hair, Caligo's tail swishing lazily in the breeze.

"I never wish to be parted from you again," Caligo said, "Do you think we should remain here or can we go traveling once more?" Orientis shook her head, "There is no way to tell when there will be another attack. What's more I like it here."

"No more hiding in others minds," Caligo growled, "We could have been lost to each other forever."

"I couldn't agree more," Orientis replied. "I propose we hide in plain sight. Since we closely resemble these beings, I see no reason why we can't go among them as we are, with a few small changes to our appearances of course."

"Hmph!" Caligo said, "That's easy for you to say. All you have to do is turn off your halo. I have no intention of removing my beautiful horns. They are part of who I am."

"Your horns are safe, lover," Orientis said, kissing her. "I'm not proposing removing them. A simple concealment aura will be sufficient."

"Why do we have to go among them at all?" Caligo said disgustedly. "Why can't we stay here where it's pretty and we are alone?"

"All part of our protective coloration," Orientis replied. "We blend into this civilization and not draw attention to ourselves. We'll find a place with few inhabitants and appear on occasion to interact with them."

"Shall we begin our search?" Caligo said, rising to her knees.

"Not yet," Orientis said, pulling Caligo to her, "I want you again."

Caligo chuckled, "For one who is an angel you are a horny little devil."


Willow awakened to find Dawn's head pillowed on her breasts, her body sprawled half across her own and still asleep. She caressed Dawn affectionately thinking how lucky she was to have such a caring and loving girlfriend. Dawn's eyes fluttered open, blue met green and they smiled.

"Hi." Dawn said, shyly.

"Hi." Willow replied kissing her.

"Good morning, beautiful."

"Good morning, sexy."

"Did you enjoy yourself last night?" Dawn said.

"I certainly did," Willow replied. "The party was fun too."

Dawn laughed, and said "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"I do now. I'll never forget our first dance. That's when I fell in love with you."

"That was the second time I fell in love with you."

"There was a first time?"

"When I saw you in the doorway, baby."

"God, I love you. I don't think I've ever been so happy."

"You're getting me hot. It's good morning fuck time."

"Ooohh, I'm so ready for that. I never want to leave this bed."

"We do have to go to class some time, y'know."

"I'm callin' Sex Ed 101 in session ... C'mere you ... Rowwrrrrrr ..."

"Eeeheeheehee ... Stop it ... Oh God, baby ... Yes!"


The town of Rumkeg was too small to even have a post office. The nearest one was twenty miles away with mail delivery twice a week. Not that it mattered to the town's inhabitants who were content in their isolation, nestled on the border of a mountainous national park with forests of old growth trees and wildlife in abundance.

The talk in town lately concerned the two beautiful women who'd bought the old Watkins place; fixed it up right pretty too. Once in a while they'd come into town in their jeep; smiling and friendly and talking to everyone. Both men and women were captivated by their long, flowing hair and their luminous eyes that seemed to look right inside you.

Little Timmy Reed swore up and down he'd seen black horns on the redheaded lady last Friday, but everyone just laughed. That boy had been watchin' too many cartoons on the teevee.

The Petrie brothers now; they said they'd seen two big ol' birds flyin' high up when they'd headed out 'round dawn to go huntin'. They said one had white wings and t'others was red, but they'd probably seen some buzzards after they'd been nippin on a canteen full of their uncle's applejack. They never brought back any deer meat neither.


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