tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDay Care Treatment Ch. 1

Day Care Treatment Ch. 1


*** Day One ***

Derrick lay in his bed in a stupor. The 18-year old had been home from the hospital for three days but was still drugged to the point of not knowing where he was. The handsome 6-foot 2-inch college freshman had been injured in a serious car accident. He had broken his left leg and three ribs, and had a hairline fracture in his left hip. But the most serious was a head injury that had left him in a coma for two days before waking.

After two weeks in the hospital the doctors determined that it was safe for him to return home. Although he would have to remain bedridden for several weeks.

Derrick's mother was a single woman and had little money to provide for a nurse to help care for him while she worked. So some of the ladies from her church volunteered to help out. Since he was stuck in bed this consisted of providing him his medication and meals, as well as assisting him to use a bedpan and clean up. Derrick's mother did not request that they help bathe him but the ladies insisted that they were more than willing to do whatever was necessary to help out.

On the first day Terri, Phyllis and Jan arrived. Terri was a 44-year old, outgoing lady. She was married and had three children, with only one still at home. She was tall and shapely, with a body that even the younger men still noticed. Especially due to her large 40-DD bust. Her long, light-brown hair accented her face. She showed her age in the face, but few men looked higher than her chest,

Phyllis was 42, and slightly prettier than Terri. But her 34-C, 24, 36 figure didn't draw nearly as much attention when standing beside her friend. She had short, dark brown hair with obvious signs of gray and wore glasses. She too was married, but her husband was a work-aholic who never had time for her.

At 46, Jan was the oldest of the trio, but she was also the prettiest. Her face showed few signs of her age, and her blond hair showed only the faintest hint of gray if one looked hard enough. She was tall, standing 5'10", with a slender 34-B, 24-34 body. Of the three women she was the only one with a healthy relationship with her husband.

The three of them worked together the first day to see how things would go with Derrick. When he was alert he tried to be helpful, but the heavy doses of medication he was on usually left him completely out of it.

Sometime after lunch Derrick mumbled that he had to pee. Jan brought him the urinal bottle but Derrick was too far-gone to do anything. Embarrassed, the ladies tried to see what they should do. Terri reluctantly agreed to help place his penis into the bottle for him. When she pulled the covers down and raised his gown up she gasped at the size of his penis. It was larger while flaccid than most men she had known were when they were hard. She took it with two fingers and placed the head into the opening, noticing that it barely fit. Phyllis began encouraging Derrick to urinate. After some coaxing the boy did just that. When he was done Terri began pulling the urinal away from him. She had to grasp his penis with her left hand to do so, and she was surprised when he suddenly began growing erect in her hand. She pulled away and the three women stood there, silently watching as Derrick's pecker became fully erect. It grew to over 12-inches and lay against his belly. Not only was it long, but it was thick as well. Possibly 5 or 6 inches in diameter. Terri quickly covered him and walked to the bathroom to empty the urinal into the toilet.

"Did you see that?" She said as she walked into the living room where the other two women stood.

"I haven't seen anything like that since watching that porno star from the late seventies." Phyllis commented.

Terri looked at her hand. "I can't believe I had something that size in my hand." She giggled.

"Come on ladies," Jan said with a frown. "It's not something we haven't seen before."

"Oh I've seen 'em before," Phyllis laughed, "But not like that."

"You have to admit that he's something special, Jan." Terri said.

Jan caught herself in a grin. "OK, I guess you have me there. It might be hard to look at him when he's back on his feet again."

The three of them went back to watching TV and talking, while taking turns checking on Derrick. Around 3:00 PM Jan had to leave so she bid the others farewell. A short time later Phyllis went in to check on Derrick and give him his next dose of medicine. About an hour after that they were waiting for Derrick's mother to get home so Terri went in to check on Derrick one last time. She discovered that he had wet himself. She called Phyllis in to help and together the two women managed to get the plastic pad out from under him and replace it without too much difficulty. Phyllis went back to the living room while Terri grabbed a washcloth and towel to clean up Derrick with. She couldn't help staring at his manhood while wiping him with the washrag. When she began washing his dick she watched in awe as it once again sprang to its full size. Terri thought about how she had held it before he became erect a few hours ago. She was curious as to if her hand could encircle his entire shaft or not. Without thinking she placed her right hand at the base of his shaft and wrapped her fingers around it. The tips of her fingers could almost reach each other and that was it. Terri felt her pussy beginning to stir. It had been weeks since she and her husband had had sex. And Jerry wasn't half the size of Derrick. Terri looked to door and saw no one in the hall. She could hear Phyllis talking to someone on the phone. Then, before she knew what she was doing, Terri began stroking Derrick's cock.

Her hand explored the entire length of his cock as she stroked him. She looked at Derrick's face; His eyes were partially open but he was obviously lost in dreamland due to his medication. So she began pumping his cock faster, enjoying the thrill it was giving her. She could feel it swelling even more in her grip. Derrick began to moan softly. This scared her at first, but he was so groggy that she knew he wouldn't remember a thing so she continued on, listening to his breathing getting quicker. His thighs quivered then Terri watched as a fountain of thick cum began spurting from his cock, landing on his belly and chest. She continued to stroke him until every last drop had oozed out, then she quickly took the rag and washed him again. Once done she pulled down his gown and rushed to the bathroom where she dropped her pants and sat on the toilet fingering herself with the very hand that had just brought the young man to climax until she too had an orgasm.

When she stepped out of the bathroom she saw Phyllis standing at Derrick's bedside.

"What is that?" Phyllis asked, pointing to something on the covers.

Terri walked over and saw instantly what Phyllis was pointing at. In her haste she had missed a wad of Derrick's cum that had missed his torso and landed on his left arm.

"Uh-I'm not sure." Terri asked, grabbing a cloth and making an attempt to clean his arm. But Phyllis blocked her.

"Let me get a better look," She said, dabbing at it with her finger. "It almost looks like…"

Phyllis turned to face Terri. "It doesn't look like sperm, it is sperm."

"You've got to be mistaken." Terri said nervously.

"What have you been doing in here, Terri?" Phyllis asked, pulling Derrick's sheet down and raising his gown. His cock was softer now, but was still partially erect.


"Oh God, Phyllis. Please don't say anything." Terri pleaded.

"What did you do?" Phyllis asked.

"I jacked him off." Terri admitted. "I didn't mean for it to happen. But he got so hard when I was cleaning him. I was using the rag to wash him and I just couldn't help myself. I just wanted to feel it and the next thing I knew I had him cumming in my hand."

Phyllis looked at her wordlessly for a minute, then finally broke the silence. "Well, at least you could have called me in here and let me watch."

"What?" Terri asked.

Phyllis signed. "God Terri, we both know that our husbands are nothing near what Derrick is. And we don't get much from them anyway. Hell, I've been thinking about his giant pecker since we saw it earlier. I have to admit that I would like to play with it as well."

Terri smiled. "Then you won't tell anyone?"

"Of course not," Phyllis replied. Just then they heard someone at the front door. Phyllis covered Derrick quickly and started out to greet Mrs. Summers. "Clean his arm, and make sure there are no other signs of his ejaculation." She said.

*** Day Two ***

The following morning Phyllis was alone caring for Derrick. She knew that she would be alone until noon when Terri would stop by. Phyllis hated to admit it, but she had become totally enamored by the size or Derrick's cock. And the thought of Terri jacking him off the day before had really turned her on. Every chance she had she went back to checking on him, always lifting his gown to reveal his manhood. Eventually she just left the gown up so that he was always exposed, at least until he started coming down from his medication.

Derrick awoke and Phyllis served him some soup, then helped him with his bedpan. Following that she gave him another doze of medicine and watched as he gradually drifted off to sleep. She saw by the clock on the wall that it would soon be time for Terri to arrive. She couldn't resist any longer so she raised his gown once more and cautiously began fondling Derrick's pecker until it became hard in her hands. She took it in both hands and began stroking him, wondering how such a large cock would feel inside her. She knew that what she was doing was wrong but couldn't bring herself to stop. And after a few minutes she watched the shower of semen spout from his cock.

When Terri arrived, Phyllis had to admit what she had done. Terri just smiled and said that she understood. She admitted that she probably would do it again herself.

About two hours later Terri was checking on Derrick. The boy began to wake as she left the room. He remembered Phyllis being there earlier, and he had a vague memory of cumming. At first he thought that it was simply his imagination acting on his desire to get off. But the more he thought about it the more he seemed to remember getting a hand job. And if he remembered correctly, he could swear it was done by Phyllis Wilcox.

Derrick drifted off the sleep and awoke a short time later feeling something touching him. He opened his eyes and saw Terri Roberts fondling him. She didn't see him looking as her eyes were focused on his erect cock. Derrick couldn't believe what was happening, Mrs. Roberts was playing with him. As a young teenager he had often lusted after her giant tits. He remembered her going on a beach trip with the youth group once and running around the beach in her one-piece bathing suit with her boobs bouncing around. He had gotten a boner that he had to hide under his beach towel. She stopped playing with him and he closed his eyes immediately, fearing that she had noticed him looking.

"Damn you have such a nice cock." She spoke. Derrick wanted to say something but was too afraid to speak. He heard Terri moving around the room and when he dared a peek he was shocked to see her standing near the bed wearing only her bra and panties. He kept his eyes closed just enough to see while still appearing to be asleep and watched as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. When her 40-DD boobs fell free from their restraints he had to resist reaching out for them. Then Terri slid her panties off and came closer to the bed. She began playing with her clit with her left hand while resuming playing with his cock with her right. Then she stopped and pulled the sheets down to the foot of the bed. Terri began climbing onto the bed. Derrick wasn't sure what to think as she straddled over his right leg. She lowered herself until he could feel her wet pussy against his knee. Then she leaned forward, pressing her breast into his crotch. Terri took the shaft of his cock and placed it between her tits. She used her hands to squeeze her tits together and started sliding her tits up and down his cock. Terri loved being tittie-fucked, and couldn't resist the opportunity to do this with Derrick's monster pole. As she slid up and down on his cock her pussy rubbed back and forth on his knee and thigh. She ground her cunt into his leg, welcoming the sensation his muscular leg was providing. His cock banged her chin several times; Terri then lowered her head, allowing her lips to smack his cockhead.

Derrick couldn't believe this was happening. He watched as Mrs. Roberts continued to slide her boobs along his cock. He wanted nothing more than to reach down and grab her tits but was afraid that she would stop everything if he did. So he lay as still as possible enjoying fucking her ample cleavage.

Terri and Derrick were both so absorbed with themselves that neither heard the front door open as Jan entered the house. Jan was forty-five minutes early and decided to go back and see if she could be of help. She walked down the hall and found Derrick's door open as usual. But when she looked inside she nearly dropped to the floor. There was Terri on top of Derrick fucking his dick with her tits. She was about to yell something but stopped herself. She then stepped back and peered around the corner. She couldn't take her eyes off the scene of her friend fooling around with young Derrick Summers.

Terri was sliding her cunt up and down on Derrick's good leg with greater rapidity. She could feel her climax approaching; she forced herself to slow down in hopes of timing her release with the eventual orgasm she would provide Derrick with. Derrick was unable to remain still and began humping upwards with his hips. Terri knew that the drugged boy was about to spurt and increased her own hips again. Terri began to climax just as Derrick shot his first wad up into her face. She took the blast without blinking, preparing herself for more. She moaned softly as Derrick's cock showered her face with cum. She continued rubbing her pussy on his leg long after he had finished cumming. Then kissed the head of his cock before slowly getting off of him.

Jan watched the scene with appalled fascination. After witnessing the twin orgasms she quietly sneaked back up the hall to the front door. She opened the door and let herself out and waited a couple minutes before using the key to let herself back in. "Hi Terri!" She shouted.

"Oh shit!" Terri exclaimed as she was fastening her bra. She threw the covers over Derrick and quickly began dressing herself. "I'll be right out, Jan!" She yelled. She finished dressing and grabbed a towel and began cleaning Derrick off just as Jan walked into the room.

"What's up?" Jan asked.

"Nothing much, just cleaning him up a bit. He went on himself a while ago."

Jan smiled, trying not to look Terri in the face.

Terri took the towel into the bathroom, once there she looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she had traces of Derrick's cum all over her face. "Oh god, I wonder if Jan noticed?" She thought as she cleaned herself off.

Jan made small talk but never said anything of it. Terri gave her an update on Derrick and left to go home. Jan sat on the couch thinking about what she had witnessed. She knew that she should probably say something. But she also knew that Terri was having problems with her husband and guessed that the temptation of Derrick's member must have been too much for her. At least she hadn't tried fucking him. Jan decided to keep quiet about the incident, but thought that she had better make sure that either she or Phyllis was there at all times with Terri to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Derrick hadn't felt better since returning home. He wasn't sure about his hazy memory with Phyllis. But he knew damn well what had happened with Terri. The memory of that made him hard again. He was still stiff when Jan came in to give him another dose of medicine that put him out like a light once more.

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