tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDay Care Treatment Ch. 2

Day Care Treatment Ch. 2


*** Day Three ***

Terri and Phyllis were both going through the morning ritual of caring for Derrick. Phyllis was supposed to leave when Terri arrived, but Jan had called her the night before and requested that she stay with Terri until she came by at 3:00. Neither woman knew why, although Terri was somewhat concerned after what had happened the day before. She was afraid that Jan must have found out something.

The two women went into Derrick's room and pulled back his covers. Phyllis stroked his cock until it was fully erect.

"Damn that is something." She said.

Terri nodded. "I wish I could fuck him."

"Too bad we aren't young and single." Phyllis agreed.

"You can at least tittie-fuck me again." Derrick said, surprising the two women.

"Wh-what?" Terri said in alarm as both women backed away from the bed. They had been certain that Derrick was out cold.

"I didn't swallow that pill you gave me last time." He said with a smile.

The two women were getting nervous.

"Look," Derrick began. "I know that you both have been taking advantage of me while I'm out cold. And I woke up yesterday while you were tittie-fucking me, Mrs. Roberts."

"Terri!" Phyllis said in alarm.

Terri stammered but was unable to speak.

"Hey, don't worry." Derrick continued. "I enjoyed it and want the two of you to continue."

Phyllis was getting more scared by the second. But Terri was beginning to feel herself growing moist between the legs.

"I've got an idea," Derrick said. "You said you wish you could fuck me. Well why not just hop up and do it?"

"We can't do that, Derrick. We're married." Terri said. Phyllis agreed.

"You probably won't be if I tell my Mom what you've been doing to me."

Phyllis gasped. "Please don't say anything."

"I won't if we can take this to the next step, and keep on going for a while." He said.

"You tittie-fucked him?" Phyllis asked Terri. Terri just shrugged,

"You bet your ass she did. It was great!" Derrick said.

"What are we going to do, Terri?" Phyllis inquired.

"It doesn't look like we have a choice." Terri replied. "Either we do what he asks or else we risk our husbands, and everyone else, finding out. We might even be in legal trouble."

"I won't tell if you won't." Derrick assured them.

"Well, you did the most to him," Phyllis said. "So you should be the one to screw him."

Terri wasn't going to argue. She didn't like the fact that Derrick was basically blackmailing her to fuck him. But she had been thinking since yesterday that if she had the chance she was going to ride his big cock anyway. So she might as well make it look like it wasn't her choice. As she began undressing Phyllis started to leave the room.

"Don't go anywhere, Mrs. Wilcox. I want you to stay and watch." Derrick said.

Terri began to blush. She had been with several men before getting married. And she still enjoyed showing her body off. But she had never been watched having sex before. She felt uneasy doing this in front of Phyllis.

Phyllis stopped and turned around. She watched as Terri undressed until she was standing by Derrick's bed totally naked. She silently envied Terri's body. Phyllis was still attractive, and had nice tits, but she was not nearly as big busted as Terri was, and her body wasn't in as good a shape as her friend.

Terri climbed on the bed and straddled Derrick. She felt her pussy getting wetter as she took his stiff prick into her right hand and guided it to stand up directly beneath her brown haired cunt. She was used to her husband and had to rise up a bit higher in order to get the head of his dick just below her lips. Terri pressed his cock between her pussy lips and began working herself onto it. She felt it beginning to slide up inside her, completely filling her insides as she continued to sit on it. She reached the point where her husband usually stopped and realized that she still had half of Derrick's cock outside of her. "Oh my god." She thought as she continued pressing down on it. Her pussy stretched to take his width. Before she could manage his entire length his head was pressing against her cervix. Derrick reached up and grabbed both of her massive tits in his hands. Terri's nipples were swollen stiff as the boy began massaging her breast. Terri began riding his cock, still not able to believe that she was fucking him. Or that she was fucking another man besides her husband for the first time in over twenty years.

"Oh yes, your pussy feels good, Mrs. Roberts." Derrick said as the older woman rode him. His cock sank in deeper and was now banging her cervix with every thrust. At first it was painful, but Terri began to enjoy it as time went on. She leaned forward so that her clit would grind against him as she fucked him. All the while his cock was rubbing against her G-spot pushing her closer and closer to the brink of climax

Phyllis watched her friend fucking Derrick She could tell that Terri was enjoying his cock much more than she should be if she was only doing this as a result of blackmail. She was standing in such a way that when Terri rose up she had a clear view of his glistening cock entering her hole. She realized that she too was getting wet. Phyllis was enjoying the sight of Terri and Derrick fucking. The sound of Terri gasping each time she slammed her hips down on him, shoving his 12-plus inch cock deep inside her, was arousing Phyllis as well. She wanted nothing more than to drop her pants and start playing with herself while watching them fuck.

Derrick fondled Terri's tits, rising his hips to meet her thrusts with his cock. He could feel his balls tightening and began moaning with satisfaction as Terri continued fucking him.

"Oh yes!" He cried out as he began pumping his cum into her belly.

Terri could feel the boy beneath her cumming. She welcomed his sperm into her waiting pussy as she continued riding his cock, milking him dry as she neared her own orgasm. His throbbing shaft sent spurt after spurt of warm cum into her. His moans of delight turned her on even more. Then she threw back her head and shouted as her own orgasm was released throughout her body. She fucked him hard and fast as she came on his thick shaft, continuing to ride him long after he had gone soft; for even soft his cock was bigger inside her than most of the men she had been with before. Gradually she slowed down, then pulled herself off his cock and got off the bed. Feeling his cum dripping down her thighs mixed with her own discharge.

"Oh that was good, Mrs. Roberts." Derrick said. Terri just stood there, her breast heaving as she breathed heavily.

"Your turn, Mrs. Wilcox."

Phyllis looked from Terri to Derrick in shock. "Oh no, not me."

"You both took advantage of me, Mrs. Wilcox. So you both get to fuck me." Derrick explained.

"I'm not fucking you, Derrick. I can't do that."

"Go ahead, Phyllis." Terri said. "You won't believe how good his cock feels inside you."

"No way!" She said.

"Then I have to tell on both of you." He said.

Terri looked at her pleadingly. "For god's sake, Phyllis. You have to do it. I just fucked him. I'm as good as divorced if he says anything."

"B-but, I can't." Phyllis replied.

"Phyllis, please. You'll love it. I swear you will." Terri begged.

Phyllis looked at Derrick. She saw his cock beginning to twitch with the excitement of what was going on. She really did want to fuck him. But she had always been loyal to her husband. At least until she jerked Derrick off yesterday. She knew that if she didn't do this that Terri probably wasn't the only one divorced. "Oh shit, I'll do it."

Derrick was getting hard already.

Phyllis stripped herself. While her body wasn't quite as voluptuous as Terri's, Derrick did think she looked sexy for an older woman. Her tits weren't nearly as big as Terri's, but she had huge areola and large nipples that were already stiff.

"Climb on, Mrs. Wilcox." Derrick said with a grin.

Phyllis could not believe she was doing this. She got up on the bed and straddled Derrick just had Terri had done. She began working his thick cock into her twat. She had greater difficulty than Terri had but it was slowly gaining entrance. She felt her cunt release a flood of juices as his cock began sliding deep inside her. "Ohhhh." She gasped as it stretched her insides beyond what she thought possible. Derrick grabbed her hips and thrust up inside her, causing her to cry out in pain as he slammed all the way in. He didn't wait for her to respond as he began thrusting his hips up and down. Phyllis continued to cry out as his pole rammed her hard, threatening to rupture her cervix. But soon the pain ended and lust took control. Then Phyllis Wilcox began riding his giant cock with sheer passion.

"I told you it feels great." Terri said.

As Phyllis continued fucking Derrick Terri plopped down on the chair next to the bed and began fingering her sopping cunt. Derrick was thrusting deep inside Phyllis while watching the other woman rubbing her clit. He pulled Phyllis closer to him and began taking turns sucking her huge nipples. The sensation of his tongue caressing her nipples sent waves of excitement throughout her body. Like Terri, Derrick's cock was creating a momentum toward her eventual release unlike anything she had ever experienced. She shamefully caught herself regretting the puny size of her husband's dick as she continued to engulf Derrick's into her body.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" She began crying out over and over again as she had her first orgasm. Derrick was still stiff and fucking her harder now so she just kept on going. She could hear Terri moaning as she was bringing herself to an orgasm beside the bed while watching them. Phyllis cried out again as another orgasm rocked her body. Then Derrick moaned and thrust deeper as his cock blew inside her, sending a stream of cum into her belly.

The two women dressed while telling Derrick how good it had felt to fuck him. The boy could not believe his luck at having had the opportunity to fuck both women. He thought that his accident might well have been the best thing to happen in his life. He could feel the pain beginning in his body after all the movement he had been through. But he did not care. Phyllis brought him some more medication. He knew that once he took it he would drift off to sleep and not awaken until after Mrs. Stoots was there. The two women made sure to tell him not to say anything to her about what they were doing. They promised Derrick that if he kept quiet that they would be willing to fuck him daily until he was well again. That was an offer that the boy found too good to refuse.

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