Day to Day Life in an Indian Dorm


Trishana stopped them, so that I could paint the Svadisthana symbol around Devan's sex organ. It turned out pretty large, because her slit was so long. She had to spread her legs out for me, so that I could paint it all around from her belly across the tendons of her thigh, finished on her perineum. The orange circles and six petals around them were a bit smeared. I enjoyed resting my wrist on the mucous membrane skin of her pussy and feeling her pulse as she lay there anticipating each stroke of cool wet water paint.

"Manipura is near your solar plexus. It rules the energy of personal power, fear and discipline. Teaching discipline is one of my favorite to teach. Get on your hands and knees. Form a square with your bodies, so that each of you can face another butt and bears her butt to another. Now, slap the butt lightly. You want to slap up from the smile that the hanging butt cheek and thigh forms. Now, slap a bit down...."

The naked girls were slapping each other. The flesh of their butts jiggled. There was a bit of heavy breathing. The girls were slapping so soft flesh down as some of them turned to a faint red. As ordered, they made a hard slap to make the other girl cry out. Then, the warmly rubbed away the stinging pain. With the next hard crying out slap a girl started sobbing. Tears were running down her face, as her lips were crying 'hm, hm, hm.' This time, they were not allowed to caress away the pain. Instead, they had to byte middle into the read area, so that teeth marks would be left. The two trained girls were breathing hard to manage the pain. The other untrained girl was shaking from the endorphins that her body was producing. Next, they were to scratch lightly all over the butt cheeks to stimulate the disciplined to become more sensitive, as they acutely listened to the pattern the nails were painting on their butt. They were allowed to exchange secret messages with each other through the finger on butt painting. When all of them had settled into a mellow mood of writing each other, Trishana told them to smack each other very fast and hard. The girls started very quickly to move away from each other in pain. Trishana told them to wrap the free arm around a thigh and hold the butt in front her in range. So, they held a hard struggling and kicking thigh against their chest, while striking hard and fast on the butt. All the while, they were fastened and hit upon from behind in the same inescapable form. They would cry, wine, and scream out, while they put all the pain and suffering that they felt into the butt in front of them.

Trishana freed them from the agony. She told them to lie on their sides facing in. They rested their heads in between the thighs of their victim. They had to muffle their cries and hide their tears in the between the legs of the other girl. As they were eating each other out, they themselves were eaten by their punisher. The painful throbbing overwhelming emotion of the butt started melting into their hot pussies that sends feelings of warmth and happiness through their body. So, they were allowed to console each other. More than one hand reached back to warmly caress the head of the girl that was eating her. They were feeling such love for their punishers in the end. Trishana allowed not a single orgasm, thus ending her lecture on self discipline.

I felt such love for Devan. Before each stroke of yellow to paint the Manipura symbol on her belly, I kissed the spot. Her belly tasted salty from the excursion. The skin was so soft. She was paler than most girls. Manipura was a triangle, a circle, and many petals.

"Anahata is around the heart. It is the chakra of the yogi. It is the chakra of love. I want you all to start kissing each other with much gusto. In between, say something sweet to each other."

Devan reached out and kissed the girl next to her: "I love you. Every night, I watch you fall asleep. I watch as the breath rises in your chest. You are like an angel with your black hair and innocent face." Another girl kissed Devan on your breast, because her mouth was still busy kissing: "Devan, your breasts are so plumb and lovely that only seeing them in the morning gives me joy for the whole day." The last girl joined Devan's kiss to have a three way kiss between three girls. Their mouths were open. The lips were ceiling around making a large dome. The tongue could travel left and right to meet one or the other girl. Sometimes all three tongues meet in the middle, as glasses clink each other for a toast: "Oh, Devan, I have never felt so much love as, when you were eating me earlier. During the spanking all the memories of my father hitting me had rushed over me. I felt so abandoned and hurt. Yet, your tongue came through like the sun in the morning of a dark night. Your tongue inside of me made me feel no longer alone and so loved and warmed." The atmosphere in the room became so warm that even Trishana and the other room mother had divine looks on their faces.

I made the green Anahata symbol larger than it needed to be. I wanted to feel Devan's nipples. So, it was wide and green across her chest: The opposite facing triangles inside of a circle surrounded by even more petals. Her breast tissue was so soft. It moved away from each brush stroke like a dent inside of her. Her nipples were so lush. The nipple inside the areola with the tiny little dots of little lumps standing out in a circle around the areola. The brown of the areola was so teasing. I wanted to put my lips around them and suckle like a baby.

"Vishuddha is the chakra at the throat. It rules communication. At the core, communication is a vibration. We send a vibration from one person to the other. There is loud vibration like the sound of our words. There is subtle vibration like the love in a mother's heart reaching out to her child across large distances. We are going to use sound travelling through the body. All three of your will place your mouth on Devan's body. Then, you will make a roaring or humming sound. Change the frequency. Feel how you can make her body vibrate. Feel, how perhaps you can create a resonance between all three of you in her body. Perhaps, the resonance meets half way in her body."

One girl opened her mouth wide on Devan's mouth. She started with a loud 'raaaaaa.' Devan's nostrils were vibrating from it. The next girl had wrapped her lips around Devan's clitoris and was angelically humming 'nnnnnnnn' on it. The last girl had her mouth pushed in between Devan's butt cheeks and was gurgling 'rrrrrrrr' onto her anus with way too much spitting in between. The girl graciously licked her dry in between taking breath. Being so vibrated inside of her body, Devan got glassy eyes. Her pupils rolled back. Her face grew a little puffy.

I painted the Vishuddha symbol on Devan's throat. Trishana had me paint the remaining two chakras on Devan's forehead: Ashna and Sashasra. Trishana was a bit of in a rush. The start of class was advancing. She skipped the exercises much to the disappointment of the girls. She cut the disappointed ooh short, when she announced that she would tell us another secret rule. If one girl were to completely label another girl by drawing on her physical body, the labeled girl had to serve the labeling girl for an hour. The labeling could be as academic as labeling all the muscles on her body by writing the name on them. By writing all the chakra symbols on Devan's body, I had claimed Devan for the next hour. I could not wait for Trishana to give me the signal to use Devan for my pleasure. I had fallen in love with Devan, as I had watched her go through the exercises. Her body was brilliant and her personality of dealing with little surprises, pain, and pleasure drew me to her. Yet, Trishana had other plans.

Trishana wanted me to pretend that Devan was a cow. I was going to walk my cow for an hour. All the while, I was to pay attention to my feet with the utmost detail to make sure that they touched the ground straight. They were no longer to point out to the sides. My whole body musculature would start changing my shape for the better from this.

Trishana retrieved a bag of milk. A happy cow and kid with a glass of milk was painted on the bag of milk in bright colors. It was one of those plastic bags that were thin and pressed together at the top and bottom. As one would hold the bag of milk, the liquid would shift around, changing the shape. It was cool and wiggling milk. A few water droplets had condensated on the smooth surface. Trishana taped the bag on Devans back with gray duct tape. Devan wiggled under the cold thing on her back and some of the condensated water running down her back. Trishana had also found two long clear plastic tubes. She poked one end in to the milk. The tube ran around the side of Devan's body and duct taped to her nipple. The plastic tubes ended right next to each nipple.

Devan was kneeling on hands and knees in front of me with her special backpack. Devan gave me a long, thin, and bendy stick. The stick was about two feet long and half as wide as my pinky finger. I was to heard Devan up and down the hallways, stopping every once in a while at a dorm room to offer a drink of milk.

Trishana let me go. I instructed Devan to moo, whenever I would tap the sole of her bare foot that was trying her crawling on the floor. I kept tapping her on the foot, until she made her moo so loud and clear that everyone would believe that she really thought she was a cow. At first I walked up and down the hallway a couple times. I really paid attention to my foot placement. I tapped Devan a few times with the stick to correct her direction to stay on the side of the hallway that I wanted her on. However, I grew curious to see her pussy. I moved the cane carefully in between her legs. However, her hips kept moving around so much, because of her crawl. So, I touched her in undesired places. Sometimes, I merely missed my mark and got her inside thigh. Sometimes, I poked her tender pussy a bit and she would lurch forward. That made me curious about poking the stick in her ass. It did not go in. I did not want to hurt her. Yet, I saw that she was really uncomfortable about this treatment. I enjoyed making her squirm.

A girl appeared out of a dorm room. She looked at me quizzical. I explained that I was walking my cow. She could have as much milk as she wanted to. However, she would have to milk the cow herself. The girl quickly got on her back to slide under Devan. She started to suck on her breast and the milk tube. The tube moved with each suckling. Now, that Devan was still and enjoying the suckling mouth on her breast, I could further explore her vagina. I squatted down to get e a better lip. Then, I used the cane to move away the brown vulva. I separated the inner and outer lips. I took a look in between her inner lips, at her clitoris, and the opening for whatever one wanted to insert. I carefully inserted the cane to measure the depth of her. Another girl had joined the first suckling on the other breast. Devan was clearly enjoying herself, as her anus was rhythmically squeezing.

I told the girls to let some of the milk for other girls. A line had formed. Devan, the cow, was clearly a hit. One girl was patting her head hair. Another girl was petting her back, while two girls each were sucking on her breast to get the milk out of her back. I kept watching Devan's vagina. The inside walls turned a little redder. Her clitoris grew a bit. Her white sap made the inside shinier. The milk bag was empty just as I got bored of my science experiment. Devan got to enjoy the lips of a dozen different girls. Some had big sloppy lips. Some were sucking very sharply. Some were full of spit. Some were secretly licking her nipples or even biting her.

The rest of my exercise was seriously boring, walking up and down the same hallway. If it weren't for Devan and the stick to torment her, I could not have kept up with Trishana's exercise.

Luckily that even was our first dorm soccer tournament. Dorm soccer has very little to do with the regular soccer. The only vague resemblance is that a ball is the center piece. Yet, the ball is not the inflated leather type thing. It is a small chocolate ball wrapped in silver aluminum paper. The ball is inserted in a player's rectum and has to be brought to the finishing dorm room. The point for inserting the chocolate ball into the rectum is that the ball is carried in secrecy. The only chance for the opposing team to get the ball is inside of a dorm room. The game is played in rounds. During the round, the players are not allowed to leave the dorm room that they are currently inside. In between rounds, they can switch the hallway side, or move a room fore or back. Inside the room during the round, the girls are free to tickle the other players to expel the potentially hidden ball. Actually, there are very little rules that limit, what can happen inside of a room.

Basically, a secretly chosen girl starts with the ball. She has to endure any tickling during a round inside the room as best as she can. During the next intermission, she can advance toward the goal room. If she makes it all the way, her team wins. If the other team tickles the chocolate ball out of her, the other team gets to try the same feat.

In another contrast to soccer, each room of four girls furnishes one team. Thus, all the rooms compete with the other rooms at the same time. Each room tends to choose a different strategy. There is the Rambo strategy. The four girls will always stay together. Whatever poor girl is by herself is subject to eight intense hands and forty fingers bearing down on her. The obvious shortcoming is that this defense will miss any girl coming down on the opposite side of the hallway. Thus, the tag team strategy splits a room in two girls working each side of the room in parallel.

The obvious downside is that two girls can get overpowered by Rambo teams. Thus, a third popular strategy is the truth detector. The four girls will split apart in different directions. If one suspects to have found the girl carrying the chocolate ball, she will not try to get it. Instead, she will follow the girl. Or, should another team take over the ball, she will follow the new girl. Eventually, randomly another girl of her team will end up in the same room. Thus, the team slowly assembles until they have the advantage in numbers. At that point, they will strike.

As you start to see, there are unique skills to the game. A successful team often has a mix or experts. Obviously, the master tickler is a fundamental player in the game. The ball detector can often be even more crucial. Able to decipher the fear of being found out in a girl to focus all attention during the round on the right girl can make or break a game. The queen of the game is the girl that is the toughest to endure tickling, anal probing and the like. She is the one to carry the chocolate ball after the rest of the team has extracted it. Of course, there are more devious experts. Some teams follow the strategy of disabling as many opposing players as possible. Rather than, searching for the ball, they focus on tying as many opposing players in bondage as possible. If a team should be unlucky, all the girls end up disabled in rope and unable to win.

I vividly remember the beginning of the game. My knees were shaking badly from excitement. Anisha tried to calm herself down by telling us, what to do. Babbita was already crying about all the torment that she would be put through. Sheela was pale and tense. She was the most ticklish of us all. So, our secret plan was to use her at the chocolate ball carrier in a bit of reverse psychology. The other girls would quickly let go of her, when she was wringing in giggling convulsions on the floor to focus on the tougher girls, the more likely ball carriers. Trishana promised us a special treat should we win.

The horn sounded. All four of us burst out of the room. All the plans and strategy were lost. I looked around in the new room with the Bollywood posters on the wall. The four girls had stayed in their room. Two other girls came in behind me. The true meanness of girls by themselves was unleashed. The four girls of the room had obviously formed a Rambo team. They grabbed the weakest girl behind me. They dragged her into the bathroom. They jugged her face down the toilet bowl. The kept her face down against her struggle. Her arms were reaching for the hands pushing her under water. Her arms were pressing against the pee stained toilet bowl to get her out. Three mean girls overpowered her. The fourth girl was intently looking at her butt hole, until it started rhythmically opening and closing, because the drowning girl was really struggling to breathe.

So, violently inspected to not carry a ball, she was tossed on the bathroom floor. She sat there like a sad puppy. Her wet hair ran down her face in streaks. Thick white snot ran down her face and over her lips. She was spitting saliva from the toilet water that she had swallowed. The saliva strings were running down her mouth, chin, and on her chest.

The next girl screamed in terror as she was dragged to the same procedure, until the toilet water transformed her screams into water bubbles bursting to the surface. Her anus started pulsating, showing the pink inside against her brown outer skin. She too was discarded as a sobbing mess of wet hair, snot, saliva and spit over her face and chest next to the first girl.

Luckily, I was spared. The team was still fumbling with their approach. So, they had used up the entire time of the round. The next room landed me with three girls. They were all tied up with their hands behind their bag and the feet together. Graciously, they were laid on the belly so that one girl had the other girls face behind her butt cheek. They were giving each other rim jobs. Even they were sure losers of the game, they could at least pleasure each other instead of waiting in boredom. I could imagine their tongues, as they were dancing around the anus of the other girl, trying to probe their way into the inside. They were moaning and paid no attention to me.

The next room had another ingenious Rambo team. They quickly tackled me to the ground. They shoved something into my ass. Then, they showed me a glass with rain worms, as they wiggled their way up the side of the glass. I quickly ran to the toilet to make a bowel movement and get that slimy thing out of me. It must have died, because I did not feel it moving around. The idea of not only a worm inside of me, but a warm squashed in the process of insertion with its innards spilling out it me was horrible. The next girl came running. She sat on my lap and tried to shit in between my thighs. We all had our rectums emptied before the game. So, no matter how hard she was trying, nothing but farts came out initially. Her naked butt was pushing against me. Her hair was in my face. I shuddered at the idea of her shitting on me. In the end only a rolled up piece of paper came out of each of us. So, it was a mind game that would have made us expel the chocolate ball, if we had it. The girl sitting on my lap gave me a warm hug for being her toilet comrade.

The next room brought me together with Sheela. Another girl was trying to crawl under the bed furthest away. We tickled her the old fashioned way. She was a rural country girl. I tickled her large feet that were used to walk long distances. Sheela tickled her sides. The rural country girl giggled and gave up the chocolate ball like a charm. It plopped right out of her. It already smelled like butt. The silver wrapping had come off in one part exposing the chocolate to the rectal skin. Whoever would eat this at the end, would really bond with the whole dormitory through eating that smelly ball that smelled of many butts. There may even be some poo residue on the ball in the end. I quickly shoved the chocolate ball into Sheela's ass. Pushed up far and as high as I could. Sheela looked at me excitedly. We tight the country girl with a found sari rolled into a makeshift rope with her hands to the toilet.

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