tagInterracial LoveDazzled by December: Vegas Night

Dazzled by December: Vegas Night


Author's Note: I love Country Music. I really like George Straight's song "She Let Herself Go" and I started a series with that title, but the woman in that story is different from this character. The character in "She Let Herself Go" is just as special to me, but as I looked back and reflected on the words to this song I realized I wanted to create another "She Let Herself Go" with a different woman in mind.

Ruben was introduced in the story "Rx: Love" as the gentleman that watched Bethany and Amber dance in the club. I liked Ruben, though he was only a small part of the "Rx: Love" story. He came across as a nice African-American who enjoyed the beauty of women. So I felt a pull to bring him back. He'll make a show in "Rx: Love" again, but for now he can appreciate the beauty of December.

December dazzled us in "Dazzled by December: Singles Cruise" now enjoy December's adventure in Vegas. Please leave a comment and vote. I enjoy the feedback from the readers and look forward to hearing from you folks. Thanks ~ Red.


December grinned at the small pile of chips that were slowly growing. She hadn't won a lot at the blackjack table, but what she had won was enough to get her excited. She began to pick up her chips, ready to cash in and call it a night. When she turned around she was staring at a hard chest covered in an expensive, tailored jacket.

"Excuse me," a deep voice said, quickly adding an apology and stepping back. December followed the lapels of the jacket up to the chiseled jaw and dark flesh of a handsome man.

"Oh, it was my fault. I shouldn't have been in such a hurry," she answered. It took her some time to realize she was still staring at the striking man and she blushed. "Again, I'm the one who should apologize. Please forgive me."

She watched his lips rise in a smile. Twin rows of white-pearly teeth appeared, his smile growing to a grin. "I'd never forgive a beautiful woman for running into me"

December giggled. "What would you do if she just walked past you and didn't show an interest?" she asked.

He grinned and bent down to whisper in her ear. "I'd follow her and make sure she showed an interest." His lips pressed a kiss to her ear lobe. She shivered and he stepped back. "Do you think it would work?" he asked, raising one brow.

Her eyes blinked several times as her breath caught in her throat. She swallowed, blushed brighter and stepped around him. "Let's see," she whispered and walked away. Her mind was racing a mile a minute. She'd not been with anyone since the singles cruise. She'd gone home and immediately called her sisters and told them all about the handsome young man she met on the ship and how she had even become intimate with him. They had congratulated her after she'd assured them she'd used protection. Sisters, she'd thought at the time, were always worrying about you.

Now she was walking away from a handsome black man, knowing he was following her and wondering what was going to happen. Her pulse raced and her skin suddenly felt as if it tingled everywhere. She reached the elevator that would take her to her room above the hotel's casino. She stepped in and pressed the button to her floor. Turning she expected to see the stranger step in, but when she saw he wasn't there, disappointment replaced her excited features. The door started to close and then stopped when a large black hand reached in and grabbed it.

December quickly hit the open door button and watched the tailored suit move into the square box with her. The doors closed on them and December licked her lips, waiting to see what would happen next.

Ruben watched her as he waited patiently in the right back corner of the elevator. His eyes ran the length of her figure, full and lush. When he'd bent down and kissed her ear, he really wasn't sure what was going to happen. Her scent had overwhelmed him, the perfume so light that one breathed deeper, hoping to smell the beauty of both it and the woman that wore it.

When she made the unspoken offer, he bit and followed her like a fish being reeled in. His cock was already twitching, wanting to find how hot the beautiful white-woman was. He'd seen her playing blackjack and had made a point to watch her. If she'd been starving for the money, it would have showed, but instead she was simply having fun. He saw no man or woman with her and wondered what had brought a single and attractive woman to a casino alone. It was apparent she wasn't a prostitute and it was clear she wasn't trying to pick anyone up either.

The elevator stopped and December stepped out, Ruben followed her. He watched her ass sway, knowing she was purposely doing it for his benefit. "Good," he thought to himself, adjusting his stiffening member as he watched her fingers slide into her purse and pull out the magnetic key card.

Ruben stepped up to her, closing the distance and taking the slim key from her fingers. He pressed his body against hers and placed one hand on her hip, holding her still. "Allow me," he whispered against her neck. He felt her shiver and smiled. His tongue moved over her neck as he slipped the card in and watched the light flicker green. "Do you want to know my name?" he asked her.

December thought a moment. Did she want to know his name? Was it important? She was never going to see him again. Vegas was a spur of the moment decision. She'd gotten a part-time job in sales, to pass the time and had been rewarded with a weekend package for the most sales in her department for the quarter. They'd given her a list of choices and the dates that were available to her. She was going to just stay somewhere close to home, but then she realized it had been five months since she'd been out. She'd made a couple of friends, but she'd yet to go "clubbing" with them. The trip to Vegas was another thing she suddenly found herself wanting and needing to do.

She licked her lips and took a deep breath. "Where do you live?" she asked.

"I'm in Vegas on business. I own a small company in Illinois. You?" he asked his fingers pressing against her waist, but not pushing her any deeper against him.

"San Diego," she answered, "I'm in sales."

He pulled on her ear lobe with his lips. "Then we'll probably never see each other again. Are you married?" he asked.

"No, divorced. You?" she whispered and leaned her head to the side as her legs grew weak. She silently prayed he was single. She'd not sleep with him if he was. His whispered, "No, I'm single, never been married."

"No names," she told him and watched his hand open her door the rest of the way. She took the steps that led her into the room, his hand never leaving her waist. "Do you have. . ." her words were answered with his gentle "yes." A sigh of relief left her and she slipped her purse to the floor and made to turn around.

"Don't move," he told her.

December felt his hands move across her shoulders and down her arms. He played with her skin, pinching it here, rubbing it there. Ruben lifted her left arm, skating his nails down from her wrist to her pit and then he moved to her side. His mouth moved to the side of her torso and his teeth dug at the zipper of her dress. He pulled it down. Slowly revealing her skin and pausing to lick when a freckle or a mole appeared. When he reached the end of the closure, now spread open and held to her body with her hands he moved to bended knee.

She whimpered and felt her pussy grow slick with need. Turning her head she looked down at him. "Drop it," he demanded. His dark, black orbs spoke of command and she shook. Her veins flowing fast with arousal. Her grip on the dress fell and the silk pooled at her feet. She saw the contrasting colors of his black flesh against her pale white and she marveled at the beauty.

His kneeled and she saw his hands begin to move toward her sex. Slowly he traveled. One hand ran up her thigh, trailed really, little tender circles of fingers marked her skin with a slight pink print and then ran up her ass cheek. She moaned when he gripped it and she allowed herself to concentrate on his other hand as it slipped along the front of her thigh and travel to her sex. He kissed her hip, staying in the position that he'd placed himself in. "Are you wet for me?" he asked, placing a kiss on her left hip.

Ruben didn't need her answer, but he wanted to hear it. He wanted to hear the throaty "yes" and watch the liquid spill over his fingers that were now brushing and petting her pussy. He pushed a thick digit into her sex and drew it out. In again he dived and once more he pulled free. Her whimpers filled the room and he watched her hand come down to grab his. He let her grind her pussy against his fingers and palm and then he nipped her ass cheek. She jerked releasing his hand and curling her fingers into a fist.

His fingers moved out and he swept her honey back to the edge of her sex. "You smell wonderful. You probably taste like sweet creamy milk, don't you?" He cleaned his fingers. "Oh, you taste better than that." He pushed two fingers into her opening and began to thrust with easy strokes until she was forced to lean her right side against the hotel wall.

"Ohh...yes, right there," she whimpered. Ruben smiled and added a third finger. "Mmm.. Oh, fuck yes," she groaned and slowly began to shiver and jerk.

Ruben pulled his fingers out and felt some of her heated pussy juice fall into his palm. "You're so close to coming for me aren't you?"

"Yes," she gasped and groaned. He looked up at her and saw her fingers hand moved to tease her nipples.

"Squeeze those for me. Twist them till they are red and swollen. Leave them begging for my mouth," Ruben demanded and coaxed her juices at the same time back to her ass. His other hand took the heated honey and pushed it around her anal passage.

December shivered as her pussy grew tight and her clit throbbed. She felt him playing with her ass and she remembered when Ridge had fucked her. Now this stranger, this man was teasing her anus and she was wanting him to invade her. He did and she grunted a low, thick growl. He pushed his other fingers back into the original wet hole and began to fuck her with earnest in both holes, trying to remain in a smooth steady tempo.

"Fuck, oh God, yes, please... there harder. Push there. Ohh fuck that's it," she cried out, beckoning him to act faster and to drive deeper. His fingers moved in her ass and she pushed back, not sure which way to be fucked. If she went toward his hand she lost the scraping of his fingers in her ass and if she leaned back she lost the feeling of his digits scooping at her honey slick walls. So she found a happy medium and began to roll her hips and bounce on his fingers.

Eventually, December screamed, "I'm going to come." He pulled his fingers from her anus, spun her to the wall and dived down to cover her hot box with his mouth. She showered her lover and coating him with juice. She felt his tongue dive in as his fingers left her hot passage of erotic juices. Looking down she saw him suckle her nectar from her depths and she shoved her hand into his hair. "Oh fuck; I'm coming again," she cried out and once more felt satin leave her, only to be drank up by her one-night stand.

"Yes, baby. Come again for me. Soak me in your come." He dove back in and fucked her hard. December shattered and a flood of fluid coated him. Again she felt him drinking her up. When he rose up, he stared into her eyes. "Look at me," he said with a thick accent.

"Mmm?" she moaned. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him.

"Why don't you wear panties?" he asked.

She was caught off guard, but only blushed. "Panties get in the way, when I want to play with my toys and opportunity presents itself a lot when you are single. So I don't bother with them. Is this a problem?" she asked, teasing giggles barely hid behind her smile.

He smirked. "What do you think?" He pushed his cock against her.

December grinned and moved her fingers to his lapels and pushed them back and slipped her hands up to push the jacket away. "I think you really could care less." She giggled and slipped her tongue out to lick her lips. She pushed her fingers to the back of his head and brought him down to kiss her.

Their tongues met. Her lighter pink caressed his darker muscle. She trembled when she felt his hands move up to cup her breasts and bounce them with gentle pressure. They lay in his palms, overflowing them and she whimpered. Her hands moved back to his shoulders and then to the buttons of his shirt. She opened them, finally releasing his mouth and taking a moment to gaze at his flesh as she released buttons.

Her breath caught as she saw a pink scar and a thrill ran through her as she bent her head down to trace the length.

"Fuck," he groaned. The scar an old wound from a long time ago, a fight in a bar with buddies had gone bad. However one good thing always comes from the positive. December licked the jagged stip of pink and when she reached the end, which barely grazed his nipple, she felt him jerk. A smirk rose from her lips and she wondered if the nipple was more sensitive since the injury. She opened her mouth and began to suck on the tip and heard him groan low.

December slid down to her knees, removing the shirt from his pants and then opening the material to see his stomach. She kissed it and then looked up at him. She released his belt, opened his pants and kissed the silk boxers she found behind the expensive cloth. "You're very hard," she whispered and pushed the remaining blockage of cloth away.

His cock sprang free and she whimpered. The thick black cock was darker than his flesh, the veins were extended, full of aroused blood that she wanted to feel pumping as she took him in her mouth. Watching him step back she kept her eyes trained on his cock, her fingers curled into her fists and her pulse raced. His shoes were kicked free and he moved quickly adding his socks to the pile of clothing that was filling up the space in front of the door. He reached into the back pocket of his discarded pants and pulled out his wallet.

Ruben eased out the condom he'd pushed into his wallet earlier that morning. When he stood he pulled her up from the ground. "You can taste that later," he said. Ruben felt her nipples rub his chest and he grabbed her ass cheeks. "I'm going to take you right here," he told her.

She shook in his arms and moaned. He released her and opened the plastic, then pulled the condom from its wrapper. She took it from him and eased it over his thick tool, bringing a growl of pleasure from his lips. When she was finished, she rose and he grabbed her ass cheeks, lifting her up from the ground. Eventually, she was forced to wrap her legs around him and hold his shoulders with a strong grip.

"You're as soft as butter and I need to feel you melt all around me," he told her. He reached down, keeping her wedged between him and the wall. His hand moved to grab his member and he pushed it against her clit. He watched her eyes as he teased her. The head rubbed up and down, easing more cream from her pussy to her clit.

"Oh fuck. . mmm..." she moaned. He nibbled her neck, teasing her flesh and sucking it in to leave a slight bruise on her ivory flesh. "Don't tease," she begged.

Ruben's chuckle filled the room and he pushed his sheathed member to her opening and eased in. "Mmm... tight, baby. So very tight." Ruben moved gently in and out of her, letting her get used to the textured condom and his large girth and length.

December's head fell to the right, leaving her neck further exposed, which he took advantage of increasing the feasting from her pulse as he increased the tempo of his slow driving in and out of her.

"Oh. . .oh God yes, more." She told him. Her ass pushing away from the wall and trying to take his cock another inch into her warm sex.

He felt her constrict her muscles around his cock and he too began moaning. Soon both were moving in a rhythm that forced them to gasp for breath and dig nails into skin so they were sure to stay anchored together.

December knew when her climax was there and she screamed as it erupted from her. "YES " She slammed her head back and continued to climax and cover him, showering his cock and shaking through several rolling waves of lust. "Don't stop " she ordered him.

"No way," he told her and pounded faster. He continued as long as he could until his need overrode the willingness to please. He filled the condom with his seeds at the same time his head was thrown back and he growled out his release.

When his balls were empty he held her as she shivered her way down from her high. He carefully eased her legs from his hips and then kissed her lips. "Damn, I need to go back to my room and get more condoms."

She chuckled softly. "I have some," she told him.

He grinned. "Then I want you on that bed, condoms on the table and you wet and ready for me."

December retrieved the condoms from her suitcase and dropped them on the table. She did as she'd been told and crawled onto the bed, only to feel his hands on her ass. "Stop," he told her. She did.

"When do you leave?" he asked, his fingers running along the crack of her rear.

"Tomorrow night," she answered.

"Then I need to hear my name on your lips and I want to say yours." He waited, watching her butt wiggle. "Mine's Ruben. Yours?"

"December," she answered and rolled over.

"You are a dazzling woman with a body many a man would die to have beneath them." He slid to his knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. "I always liked December. . .the perfect month to nestle inside warm and cozy places."

Her laughter filled the room, but soon it was replaced with shouts of pleasure. When December left the following night, it was with another memory and another sweet spot in her heart for a wonderful black man from Illinois who took a gamble on a woman with no name until they both needed more.

To be continued. . . in Honolulu.

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