tagGroup Sexddy's First Birthday Present Ch. 02

ddy's First Birthday Present Ch. 02


Chuck escorted Tracy from the car into the house. She could barely stand after the car ride over but she managed to look up to see an enormous Tudor mansion rising above her. She realized she had no idea where they were.

Chuck nuzzled her neck and told her how sexy Daddy thought his baby was. They walked slowly up the huge sweeping staircase as he continued to tease her.

- Are you still hot from our adventure in the car baby?

- Yes, daddy. I can barely stand.

- Mmmmmmm that's good baby. It's only going to get better. Are you ready for the rest of your birthday gift?

- Yes, please daddy. She smiled.

- Go in that room and get ready. All of your clothes are waiting. When you are ready just walk through the door on the opposite side of the room.

Tracy kissed her daddy and walked into the dressing room. On the bed was the most beautiful dress she'd ever seen. Silver with sterling sliver accents, a deep, plunging neckline and an alarmingly high front slit. Tracy changed quickly and freshened her hair and make up. What could her daddy have planned? She trembled a bit as she stared at the door. Whatever it was, Tracy had never felt so scared and turned on at the same time.

Tracy's knees nearly gave out when she opened the door. There, in what could only be described as a most elaborately appointed boudoir, were 6 of the most beautiful men she had ever laid eyes on. Two were lounging on either end of the couch, one was straddling the bedpost while two others stretched out on the bed behind him. The last was sitting in an overstuffed chair with his head draped across one arm and his beautifully muscular legs draped over the other.

They were all looking at her.

- My darling, her daddy said as she jumped. He was standing by the fireplace enjoying a scotch.

- Yes daddy.

- Happy birthday baby. All of this is for you. Anything you want. Well, actually - anything I want baby. All of these men are acting on my will. I have told them they can use you however they choose. Now come over here.

Tracy barely felt her feet moving as she walked over to her daddy. He immediately tightened his hands around her upper arms.

- And baby, when they do use you, I want to hear you moaning like a whore. Do you understand me?

- Ohhh yes daddy. Anything for my daddy.

Chuck pushed her towards the couch and she sat down. Immediately all 6 men were by her side. Marcus moved in front of her and knelt down.

- Open your legs for me baby. That's it. Mmmmm - look at that puffy little quim.

Marcus slid his finger up and down her slit.

- Oh! What's this? Her pussy is so wet! He rammed a long, thick finger into her pussy. Her head rolled back and she moaned.

- Why is that pussy so wet you little whore? Did you know you were about to get fucked by 6 guys? Did you get hot just thinking about that?

- No! Tracy's eyes flew open as she at up. She tried to concentrate as Marcus continued his digital assault on her pussy.

- My daddy let me suck his cock in the limo on the way over here. Sucking daddy's cock always makes my pussy wet.

- Did your daddy like it when you sucked him off? Did you make him come?

- Oh yes!

- Where did he come baby?

- He shot his thick load right in my mouth and then let me swallow his come.

- Let's see if you really are that much of a cock slut. You like sucking dick don't you?

Tracy's mouth was immediately filled by Ryan's thick cock. She heard him groan as he pushed the head of his cock to the back of her throat and began to fuck her face. She moaned as she opened her mouth wider to take in his thick tool.

- Ohhhhh. Yes, suck that dick baby suck it! All the way in baby all the way. That's it ohhhhmmmmmm, Let me fuck your mouth.

As Ryan fucked her face she glanced down to see Marcus' huge 10" cock sliding up and down her pussy lips. She slid Ryan's dick out of her mouth.

- Daddy! No - his cock is too big! Please daddy! Ohh it's so big!

- I was hoping for this baby. All of these lovely boys have cocks roughly the size of Marcus. I want to hear you scream each time you feel a new cock. And you're going to feel plenty of new cock tonight baby.

Marcus immediately plunged his hard cock into her wet pussy. Tracy screamed but it came out more like a moan.

- Take his cock baby. Let him fuck you as hard as he can. Beg him for it. Who's pussy is that baby?

- It's your pussy daddy! His cock is so huge daddy!

- I know baby. Beg him to fuck you harder. Chuck's hand reached down and he began to stroke his stiffening cock through his pants as he watched his baby getting fucked.

- Fuck me with that big dick Marcus. Harder! I'm a little whore I need to be fucked hard. Ooohhh! Look at that cock ramming into my pussy! Do you like it Marcus is my pussy tight enough for your big cock?

- Yeeeaaaaahhhhh, take that big dick baby take it. Your pussy is really tight. So! Tight! I know how we can make it even tighter though.

And so it began. Shortly Tracy was astride Ted with his cock pushed deep into her pussy. Behind her stood Owen a beautiful, muscular but lanky black man with what looked to be an 11" penis. Semi-hard.

Ted pumped Tracy's cunt as Owen slid his huge cock into her ass. Tracy screamed.

- Oooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Daddy it's so big! Oh! It hurts daddy! It feels so good! I love two cocks in me! Fuck me, yes fuck my holes harder!

All Tracy heard after that was the filthiest of talk, encouragement and instruction.

- Suck his dick while I fuck you slut. Your asshole is so tight!

- How many cocks do you have inside you baby.

- Oohhh! Three daddy.

- Yes baby. Keep fucking those cocks. Daddy loves to watch his baby get fucked by other men. Is there a cock in your asshole baby?

- Oh yes daddy!

- Is there a cock in your pussy?

- Yes daddy!

- Are you daddy's slut? His cock whore? I'm sitting here watching you get double penetrated by two, no three! Hot guys. My cock is so hard watching you get treated like a slut. Suck his cock while the others take turns on your tight asshole.

- Thank you daddy! Oh!! They're all so big! Harder! Fuck daddy's baby harder! Deep in my ass, put that thick meat deep in my ass! Ohh!

- You horny slut. You whore - take that dick in your pussy while he fucks your ass. Are you ready for a new cock? Yes, you slut. You can't get enough! Ooooohhhh! Matt's big cock is coming into your asshole. I can feel his big dick in your ass!

Tracy continued to moan/scream/mumble/demand and beg.

- Is my pussy juicy? And my ass? Mmmmm! Fuck me harder! I love two cocks in me! Thank you daddy it's so good! Please daddy I want to suck more cock. Please - I want to choke on their cocks.

No sooner had she said that when the remaing three men, Scott, Jack and Jason immediately stood before her and gave her their raging hard ons. She bounced back and forth while always keeping the others occupied with her hands, pussy and ass. Marcus was off to one side with a look of pure lust on his face. As he watched her being used by 5 other men while her daddy was watching her, he stroked his dick. He was harder than he had ever been but thought he could go on forever. Until he heard Chuck say:

- Baby, daddy is ready for you. I am going to fuck your ass and make you come as many times as I can. While I'm reaming that tight asshole, I'm going to watch all of these boys come all over you. Wherever they want.

- Ohhh! Yes daddy! I want my face covered in come while you fuck my ass! Tracy laid on the couch and opened her legs for her daddy.

- Ohhhh! You've been fucked all night but your ass is still so tight! Take that cock baby! Take your daddy's thick cock.

One by one all the guys stepped up and stroked off into her face, her mouth and her tits. She begged them to nut on her as they shot their loads.

- Take that come baby. Take it. Let him come in your mouth. I want to watch you suck off Owen's thick black cock.

Owen slid his huge dick as deep as he could into Tracy's mouth. To his surprise it slid all the way to the back of her throat. That was about all he could take.

- Ohhh! Open your mouth for my come whore. Ooohhh! Aaaaahhh! All of it - take all of it. Can you swallow for your daddy. Tracy did. Ohhh keep sucking baby. Keep sucking come slut.

- Is your daddy fucking your ass? You like getting nutted on while you get fucked don't you? You want more? I'm going to come all over that slut face. Ooooohhhhh! Yeeeaaahhh! You should look like a whore while your daddy fucks your ass.

- Rub your tits for me baby. I'm going to spray my load all over you. Tracy felt the warm spurts hitting her chest.

The only two left were Marcus and daddy. Her daddy continued to fuck her ass as hard as she had ever been fucked, so she knew he was close. Marcus walked over and started stroking his dick in and out of her mouth.

- I am going to fill your ass with come while you swallow Marcus' load.

They both continued to fuck her when she felt Marcus' dick suddenly tighten up in her mouth. The first blast of sweet come hit the back of her throat and she almost choked. But daddy seemed to love that.

- Ohhh yeah! Take that come! I'm going to come too! Oooooohhhh!

Tracy felt her asshole get slick with her daddy's come as she struggled to keep up with Marcus. He still hadn't stopped coming.

- Your asshole made me that hard baby. And your mouth. My cock was so hard. Watching you get fucked by 6 guys at the same time though, that was the limit.

Tracy felt daddy's cock slide out of her asshole and his warm come dribble out after it. She laid back on the couch totally spent and contented as she sucked the last drops of come from Marcus' softening dick.

She must have drifted off because she awoke to find her daddy lowering her into a warm bath. He gently washed her hair and cleaned each part of her.

- You made daddy very happy tonight baby.

- Thank you daddy

- Did you like having all of those men inside you at the same time?

- Oh yes daddy. It made me so hot and I know it made you hot too. I was watching you.

- I'm so glad you liked it. Why, look at the clock! It's only 9 - it's still your birthday. And I think I have one more present for you.

- Do I have to pick another number daddy?

- No baby - you already did.

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