tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDeanna's Story Ch. 1

Deanna's Story Ch. 1


I slowly eased my still hard cock out of her. I looked down at the naked unconscious figure beneath me. Her perfect little body glistened with sweat, my sweat that is. Her pretty eyes still hidden behind her lids, peaceful, still unaware that her body had been violated, treated no better than any porn store fuck doll. It was getting near morning and Doug would be back soon. I had fucked her missionary style this last time, imagining her moaning and begging me to pump her harder. Having fucked her on and off for hours now it took me awhile along with much sweat to cum in her this third time. I leaned over, kissed each breast and then got out of bed. I switched off the video camera and began to clean her up.

Her name was Deanna. I had met her a year earlier at my younger brother's wedding. She was his best man's girlfriend, and boy was she something. She had on this little black number that didn't even reach her knees, which was good because her legs were awesome, long and lean. I'd have given a years salary to kiss from her knees on up to her inner thigh. Twice I got caught staring by my now ex-wife. Deanna didn't show much cleavage, which was fine, because her dress fit snugly over her small but firm tits. She must have worn a very thin or perhaps no bra as I could definitely make out some perky nipples popping through on occasion. Of course the long blonde hair, dreamy eyes and gorgeous smile left me unsure whether I was falling in love with her or just dying to fuck her. I looked over at my wife Mary...then back at her...definitely both. Later that night I would fuck my wife imagining it was her.

I had known her boyfriend Doug for a few years now since he was my brother's best friend, though I couldn't imagine how this lucky dog landed this sweet thing, and the fact that he gets to bang her was almost too much.

It was now a year later and I was one wife shyer. We had been split for 3 months now and I hadn't been with anyone for awhile now. Needless to say I was quite horney. I'd even go for a 'sleeping Mary' as I'd call it. Mary would often down more than a few sleeping pills to get to sleep. It wasn't long before I found that I could do most anything to her and she wouldn't have the slightest idea I had fucked her. That is if I cleaned her up afterwards.

Out of the blue I get a phone call from Doug. It seems he and Deanna (still together the lucky dog) were tripping out to visit my brother and wife and wondered if they could crash at my place. I just happen to live halfway between their six hour total drive. I told them it would be no problem at all. After the call my mind raced. I needed to get the cam set up so I could some hidden video of her changing. I got a raging hard on just thinking that I might get to see that sleek little body, even a bra and panty shot would be killer. I fought with my self on whether to hide it in the guest room or the bathroom. I opted for the guest room, since they might, just might, have sex. I set to work fitting the cam behind the vent in the room. Little did I know I would never have need for it, at least not there anyway. A lucky break would leave the poor innocent thing alone here with only my lecherous imagination.

Doug and Deanna arrived around six. Even dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt she still radiated an amazingly delicious aura. Perhaps it was the wisp of perfume I caught as she walked smilingly by me into the house. Noticing the Doug was behind the car getting their suitcase out I was unable to prevent myself (oh hell, preventing my ass) from checking her out from the rear. Her ass was perfect, her jeans tightly outlining her wonderful shape. I wondered, and hoped, my camera would catch it in its full nude glory.

When they both were inside, they immediately started to argue (not argue, but disagree). Doug had checked in earlier with work and found serious problems back at the main office. He had just begun his new job and Deanna felt that he had better go back and take care of it. He didn't want to, but finally agreed. They soon decided that she would stay here and he would come back in the morning. I asked why she wouldn't go with (and then immediately kicked myself).

It turns out that it would be another 45 minutes out of the way. He'd just come back in the late morning, pick her up and they'd be on their way. I showed them to the guest room on the other side of the house (it was big since the ex and kids went to live at her mothers). Deanna said she was just going to watch some TV in there for awhile and get to sleep early. I sighed to myself as I looked to where the camera hid. No sex on tape tonite. I left them alone to kiss goodbye and off he went. See ya Doug.

Even as she and I were alone the only evil thoughts I harbored were that of catching her on tape changing. We sat for a bit, gabbed about my brother and new wife and other idle chit chat. Sometimes I hardly heard what she said as I just enjoyed watching her lips move. They were perfect kissing lips. I wondered if she actually let Doug put his cock in her mouth. I instantly imagined what her pouty lips might look like wrapped around a stiff cock. I had to shift positions on the couch as not to show my excitement. At around eight she looked at her watch and said she definitely had to get to bed since she would be driving the rest of the way tomorrow. She crumpled her cute little nose and asked me a question.

"You wouldn't happen to have anything to help me sleep?" My heart stopped, all bets were off now, reverse polarity. My mind reeled with possibilities, thoughts of a drug induced Mary wondered in and out, my cock got rock hard. Could I really be thinking this? Deanna noticed my pause and added, "I understand if you feel funny about it, so it's okay if you don't."

I stammered, "No, No, I was just trying to think of what I might have. I'm sure I have some of what Mary used to take for her sleeplessness."

Deanna smiled. I melted, "Great," she said, "I have such trouble sometimes falling asleep."

I smiled back, "No problem, and I'll even make you some tea to take back to your room with you. A double dose of sleepiness for you." She laughed. "There's a phone in your room. Why don't you call Doug and see how he's doing?"

She got up, thanked me for my thoughtfulness and padded off to her room.

I went to the kitchen and turned on the water. Then headed to the bathroom and found the pills. Am I really going to do this? I would just die to touch her skin, maybe even kiss those thighs, maybe more? I took out three pills, Mary's usual dose. Deanna was a bit smaller so it should be just fine. I found myself back in the kitchen crushing up two of the pills and placing the fine powder in the teacup. Holy shit! I'm really doing this, holy fucking shit! My hand shook as I poured the tea and stirred the powder till it disappeared. "Doug's fine!" I almost jumped out of my skin as she popped into the kitchen.

She giggled, "Oops, sorry to scare you!"

I forced a laugh as she pointed to the counter, "That it?"

"Yep, but be careful, it'll knock you out like a light!" I couldn't believe I just said that.

She took the single pill in her hand and smiled at me, "I'll be sure to be lying down when I take it." I nodded. "You're so sweet" she added. She took the teacup from my hand, "And I told Doug to call you later when he gets there. So if you don't hear from him in another 2 hours, please wake me." She turned back to her room, "Nite!" she said over her shoulder as she disappeared from sight.

I gulped and went to my own room. What if she tastes it in the tea? What if she doesn't drink it? What if? What if? My cock began to harden. What if she drinks it completely? What could I do? What would I do? What will I do? It was too perfect, she knew she was taking sleeping pills so being groggy in the morning would leave her no more suspicious. I grinned. I figured I give her thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes can take so long.

At twenty-nine minutes and thirty seconds I could wait no longer. I left my room. I quietly made my way through the kitchen and down the hallway towards the guest room. I stood in front of her door for several minutes in silence. I could hear the TV playing softly, but nothing else. Time for the knock. I knocked. No response. I knocked again and still nothing. My shaking hand touched the knob and began to turn. It wouldn't budge. Locked? Oh geez. Not a problem. I reached above the door and grabbed the standard screwdriver shaped key. I knocked once more before I inserted the key and slowly unlocked and opened the door. My heart raced as I opened the door and stepped in. "Deanna?" I called softly. I stepped around the door and there she lay, eyes shut. I stepped to the foot of the bed. "Deanna?" No response. She was definitely out. Holy shit.

She wore only a long football jersey that came down to mid thigh. I've always found woman in jerseys extremely sexy and Deanna was no exception. She had no sweats on though I'm sure she would have panties on. Her legs were bare and gorgeous. My cock, which had been surprisingly limp from anxiousness grew quickly and demanded to be 'fixed' from its cramped position. I arranged myself and stepped to the head of the bed. Her face was quite pretty. A small wisp of hair fell over her eyes and I instinctively brushed it back behind her ear. I then remembered the tea. If she hadn't touched it I was already on dangerous ground. I looked over. My cock grew more. It was nearly empty. I looked at her lying there so peaceful. I whispered, "Deanna, tonight you're mine."

I tested her more, calling her name louder and shaking her arm looking for any sign of consciousness. Nothing, nada, zero, zilch, none. This little Barbie was going to be my sex doll.

I couldn't decide what to do first, then finally decided to start at the bottom, her toes. I moved to the foot of the bed and touched her foot. Her toenails were painted black, making even her feet sexy. I kissed her toes and then her ankles, my eyes fixed on her face, still searching for any movement. My eyes shifted downward trying to get a glimpse up her shirt for a sign of panties.

I wondered for a moment about what she might wear. A thong? Doubtful. Tiger striped? Yeah, in my wildest. I just prayed they wouldn't be the over the belly white cottons. As I continued to kiss and taste her ankle, my hand slid up and down her calf. My eyes roamed up and down her body, fixating on the spots where her cute little titties hid beneath number 85. God, I could see them right now. But no, wait, there is plenty of time. They looked very nice packaged in there. I loved the small breasted petite gals, so nice and firm. I wondered if they would bounce around slightly when I fucked her. And yes, I was going to fuck her, I had to.

In order to move up between her calves I need to spread her legs a bit, a task I found more erotic than I could have imagined. Her legs spread without protest, in a sense giving me the permission to spread them as far as I would need in order get in position to stick my cock in her. At this point I got up and removed my shirt and pants, finally releasing a very hard cock. Looking down at her I found my hand already wrapped around my self, stroking. My cock demanded attention. It would have to wait a little longer.

I laid back down between her legs, quickly kissing and licking past her calves and knees. I relished the fact that she hadn't showered or bathed, as I much more prefer her true scent rather than that of soap. I knew that each inch north I traveled her scent would increase. I loved to torture myself. To reach the thighs that I've lusted for for a year now I would need to spread her legs further still. I gently pushed her knees apart even more. Her shirt bottom now fell back to her hips and I could make out her panties beneath. Oh, this was just going to be too good.

Lying on my belly I let my hand caress her thigh. My cock ground into the bed trying to fuck something. At first I had thought I could spend weeks tasting her thighs, but as soon as I got there I was implored to move on, and up. I needed her pussy. I had to expose what she held so secret to the outside world, to smell what so very few, if any, had smelled, and to taste. Had she let any man slide his tongue between her lips and taste her clit? If not, she was about to. I pulled myself up further still and rose up on my elbows, my face above where her pussy waited still hidden. I slowly pulled her shirt further up totally exposing her panties. Yes, she was a Victoria's Secret girl, I should have known. I paused only a moment to note her sexy belly before I leaned down to savor her scent.

Oh yes, her scent was intoxicating. I placed a kiss in the center of the sleek black panty. I looked up at her eyes again. Still sleeping. I laughed at the thought of what I might say if she suddenly woke up. What could I say? I pushed the thought aside. My one hand pulled her panty tightly against her pussy, the thumb of my other hand traced her slit from bottom to top. Again I kissed the top of her inner thigh, now up to her panty line. I had planned to wait just a little longer before revealing her, but my thumb unconsciously began hiking her panty to the side. My kisses continued as her pussy was slowly unveiled before me.

Before I realized it my lips met hers, my tongue already beginning to part her. She tasted sweeter than I could have imagined as I began to kiss and lick her madly. I had never done this to Mary during her little 'sleeps', I had only just stuck my cock in her, fucked her for a few, shot my load then went to sleep. Now this was something that I know every guy dreams about, but would never admit to, a chance to just do whatever he wanted to a beautiful girl. No pressure to please, no worries of failure, just pure selfish pleasure. Deanna, you can't imagine the gift you are giving me right now. My tongue continued within her, my fingers opening her up to find her tiny clit. Once found I sucked hard exposing it more. Then with a gentle rhythmic sucking motion I pulled her in and out from between my teeth. I imagined her hips moving wildly, her hand pulling my head harder into her as she came.

I moved up on the bed, now lying on my side beside her, her head lay facing away from me. I kissed her neck, again smelling the incredible perfume she wore. My free hand began to wander her body, up her leg, lightly over her pussy, her belly, then over her shirt to where her little titties popped through. My hand moved back to her smooth belly and then back up under her shirt. At this point my cock was against her side rubbing on her hip. It won't be long now. I bit her neck ever so softly as my fingers found her breast. I knew if I even touched my cock it would explode with cum. I kissed her neck more, my hand now traveling from breast to breast gently caressing them. I softly pinched the nipples and they stiffened just slightly.

My heart skipped a few beats, as I had to sit her up slightly in order to remove her shirt. Up on my knees next to her I pulled the shirt over her head and she softly fell back on the pillow, her long gorgeous hair in disarray over her face. I almost came when I saw her. I had realized she was small on top, but now seeing this sleeping beauty lie here almost nude almost put me in shock. Her petite frame, semi-hairless pussy, tiny titties...god, she looked like she could be 15! I leaned over and sucked on each of her tits, my finger down between her legs sliding in and out of her tight little cunt. God damned, good thing was wasn't 15 because she was going to get fucked no matter what! I sat back and admired her body again. Gee, if I only had my camera.
How could I miss this? I quickly got off the bed and managed to get the camera out of its hiding place without too much trouble. I also snatched the tripod as I figured I might need it as well. At least after tonight I could relive this over and over through the magic of video. I took several minutes of footage of just her body, even rolling her over on her belly to get a shot of her nice little ass. There is nothing sexier than a sweet young thing in only her panties. It was at this point I removed her panties and exposed her bottom. I forced my self to leave the room quickly to grab my digital cam as well as there would be many shots I could post on the 'net though I could never show her face, lest I be caught for sure!

How many times could I cum tonight? I wondered...

I rolled her on her back again with her head near the side of the bed. It was time for her to suck my cock. Well I guess it would be more of me fucking her mouth. I wasn't even sure it this would work, but I was going to give it a try. I looked at her beautiful little body as I stroked my cock. Squeezing hard, a large drop of precum formed at the end. I took hold of the camera with one hand and focused on her face. Some shots shouldn't be missed. I guided my cock to her lips where I slowly coated her lips with the tip of my cock. The feeling of her lips touching my cock almost sent me over. Her lips glistened as though was ready for a night out. I set the cam down, leaned over and kissed her now wet lips. I stood up, placed the cam on the tripod and started filming. I once again placed my cock at her lips. With one hand I held her chin while I began pushing my cock slowly into her mouth. Back and forth I worked deeper into her mouth, though not very deep as I didn't want her to gag. It was absolutely incredible. Her mouth was warm and wet and my cock slid easily between her lips. I was surprised how well this was working.

By holding her chin with one hand and the back of her head with the other I was able get a very good rhythm going. I looked down at her nymphlike body. Suddenly it was too late. The first shot of cum went in her mouth, but it pulled out quickly and began to douse her face, hair and neck with wave after wave of cum. My sleeping Deanna was soaked. Holy shit. My cock was still hard and I slid it back in her mouth one last time to clean it off. I would need to clean her up a bit before round two would begin. First though I would take a few pics of her cum soaked face.

Using my shirt I softly wiped the thick stream of cum from her cheek. Much of it had already run down the side of her neck. I didn't even bother with the cum that was splattered in her gorgeous blonde hair. I wondered how my pictures would come out, wanting to run to my computer to see what her cum covered face would look like on my screen. I knew I would be stroking myself to those pics for a long time to come.

Clean enough for now I returned to feeling her up. I rubbed, squeezed, kissed and sucked on her tits for quite awhile before deciding it had been long enough. I rolled her on her left side and got up on my knees. I wanted a position where my hands would be free. With my right hand I slowly raised her right leg. I moved closer, straddling her left leg, my hard cock now aiming directly at her sweet pussy. I lifted her leg higher and placed it on my shoulder. My cock was now at her opening. Poor Deanna still sleeps peacefully unaware that her legs are spread wide, a hungry cock about to enter her. Using my hand I slowly started working myself inside her.

She was quite dry still and I knew I might need some help. I spit in my hand and stroked my cock until it was good and slick. I used my other hand to open her lips for me. In three strokes I was completely inside her. I held her leg tight I began humping away. My left hand squeezed her little ass. How I would love to fuck that, but one can't be stupid. I did, at one point, work a finger in her ass. I wondered briefly if Deanna would enjoy my cock and finger alternatingly pumping her ass and pussy with each stroke.

For awhile I watched transfixed as my cock slide in and out of her. I pumped harder. Each time my cock slammed into her I could hear a breath come from her mouth. I loved that sound and pumped even harder as my orgasm built.

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