tagLetters & TranscriptsDear Jessica Ch. 02

Dear Jessica Ch. 02


My Dear Jessica,

Yesterday was another awesome day with Josh! As soon as he was done with his morning shower, I attacked him. We rolled around for awhile before deciding to start the day with a sweet titty fuck, which of course meant I was getting a pearl necklace. That was it... the moment I felt his warm goo spurting onto my chest, I knew that was what I had to have. It's been a couple of years since I had a guy come ON me instead of IN me, and I realized how very much I'd missed it. So my mission for the day was to be Josh's little cum slut. Which is probably what led to the dream I had of you last night, but I'll get to that later.

Anyhow, once my chest was covered in essence of Josh, I had to have a shower. Not that I really wanted to. I was feeling really kinky, and what I truly wanted was to smear it all over, let it dry, and wear it all day long. But I knew if I did that, Josh might find it sexy (or maybe not, but I planned to find out before the day was through), I also knew that I wouldn't get my boobs licked for the day, which was completely unacceptable. What's up with that anyway, Jess? Guys have no problem sticking their cocks in our mouths when they're covered with pussy juice, but they don't want to kiss us after we've just sucked down their load? But that's a tirade for another day. Who knows, maybe one day I'll find that special man who'll drink his own cum from my mouth. Don't worry baby, you know I'll share him with you.

So once I was clean and lickable again, I slipped into one of my black G-strings with a jewel in the back, and found Josh on the living room couch. He had his head back, eyes closed, leisurely stroking his beautiful cock. I sat down next to him and took over the stroking. He told me how much fun he'd had the night before, how he'd never been that deep in anyone's throat, and how fucking incredible I sounded. (Ha Jess! I told you that made him crazy.) I told him how hot it made me when he sprayed his load on my flesh a few minutes ago, and how I wanted to be coated in his cum before the day was through. He groaned, pulled my face to his and shoved his tongue in my mouth, crushing my lips to his. It was the most intense kiss I've ever experienced, and although I would have sworn it wasn't possible, I came on the spot.

Josh pushed down on the couch and ravished my breasts with a passion he'd never shown before! He took a huge mouthful of tit flesh and started biting, slowly increasing the pressure. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him as close as possible. I had his head in my hands, keeping his mouth on my boob. I was moaning in both pain and ecstasy, I didn't have to TRY to make the tortured sounds from the hentai films, they came naturally. It was the most exquisite pain I'd ever experienced, and I think if it would have gone on even a moment longer, I might have fainted from the pleasure of it. But then Josh's bite lessened, just the slightest bit, then just a bit more, and as he let off the pressure, he ran his tongue gently over the incredibly tender area. I screamed with wanton desire. I needed his dick inside me, anywhere, I didn't care. He probably could have shoved it completely in my ass right then and I would have thanked him for it. But just when I thought I was going to go completely out of my fucking mind, his fingers found my clit and began massaging me to the most massive orgasm of my life!

All I could do for a good long time is lay beside him on the floor, clutching him as though I couldn't bear to be separated by even a fraction of an inch. (Lol Jess, I don't know how the hell we wound up on the floor.) He was very quiet, gently tracing his fingertips up and down my side, as I slowly came back to my senses.

It seemed like an eternity before my body stopped trembling, and when I looked into his face, Josh was looking at me as though seeing me for the very first time, and it was love at "first" site. He told me he'd never believed he'd find a woman like me. That sex with me was better than he'd ever imagined. I told him that it was my dream to make his every fantasy come true. I didn't tell him about you, but at that moment I knew that when I do tell him, he'll accept our love with open arms.

We made love all day long, Jess. We didn't even stop to eat until the sun was just going down. We indulged in so many hours of kissing and sucking, that my jaw is absolutely killing me this morning. And every time Josh emptied his balls, he splashed it on me. You should have seen the look in his eyes when I stuck my hands in the load he dumped on my flat belly, and rubbed it all over my skin. It was absolute animal hunger, and he worked himself to another orgasm while he watched me masturbate with one hand and lick his cum from the other. He blew that wad on my face, and I licked up as much of it as my tongue could reach.

When we finally fell into bed, I was sticky with cum. I probably should have showered, but it felt so good to be so slutty, and it had been so long since I'd felt that way. I wasn't ready for it to end.

Then you were there, and it was the weekend of my 18th birthday party again, and I saw you on the rug in the game room, sucking my brother Chad while you had Billy buried deep in your virgin pussy. I watched your gorgeous tits bounce as your fantasies about my brothers finally came true, and when Chad shot his load all over your face and boobs, I was there to lick you clean. It was the first time I'd ever kissed a girl, and I knew that I wanted to kiss you forever.

I kissed you all over that weekend. I drank my brother's cum from your sweet pussy while you sucked Daddy's dick. I fingered you to climax while Billy was enjoying your tight ass, your moans vibrating on my tongue as I tried so hard to ease your pain. (I still can't believe you let him do that, what were you thinking?) You and I in 69 while my dad and brothers jerked off on us, then licking each other clean.

It was so real, just like it had been almost 6 years ago, I didn't even realize it was a dream until I woke up. I was so aroused, I wanted to feel your tongue on mine again, to taste your sweet little cunt, to have your fingers inside me.

Josh was asleep next to me, and I could have woke him up for sex, but you were still so close to my heart just then, and I knew I could never tell him about that weekend. He just wouldn't understand. I'm not sure there's anyone who would understand other than you, Jessica.

So I dug the vibrator you gave me out of my bottom drawer, ran a warm bath, and tried to pretend I was making love to you. When I came, it was your name on my lips.

My birthday is coming up pretty soon, Jess. Do you think you want to go home to Daddy's with me? Let me know, ok? I'm sure the boys would love it. I know I would. I miss you, Jess.

Love always,


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