Dear Santa


A special thank-you for my inspiration, my muse; whose encouragement and motivation I would be lost without.

Dear Santa,

I am writing you this letter, because I really need some things. I have been a very good girl, in every way I could think of, even some I didn't think of myself.

Like last Spring, at the senior co-ed softball game. Poor Steve got hit by a ball in his privates. He said he was ok, but later, at the party, he and I started talking. He told me how nice I looked with my shirt tied up the way it was (you know, Santa, it's because of these big boobies when I can't find my bra). He said that he was in great pain and that I could help him.

He took me to the bathroom where he pulled it out. He was right! It was all swollen and hard, the end was all bruised and purple! Nothing like the pictures in health class! He said I could help by massaging it a little and kissing it to make it better. I massaged it for a few minutes, but when I kissed it, it started jumping in my hand and cut loose with this thick cream! I was so worried for Steve! He said no, he was ok. Well, it seems that I fixed it because before too long, all of the swelling had gone down!

After we graduated, there was this pool party at Jody's house. Her parents went off somewhere for the weekend and we planned this big party. We were all supposed to get there early to help set up, but, when I let myself in, I couldn't find anybody, so I started out to the back yard. Ricky and Jody were on the edge of the pool, kissing! I guess Jody had been sunbathing, because her top was off and Ricky was rubbing oil on her nipples. It was a little cold, they looked very hard. I went back inside to start setting up.

A few minutes later, I heard Jody cry out! I looked out and saw that she was laying on her stomach and Ricky was oiling up her bare bottom (Jody is one of the girls that doesn't like tan lines), but he was putting oil in her poo-hole with his finger! That had to hurt! I was just starting to go outside to warn him when he pulled his thing out and started to oil that, too! Like Steve's, it was all swollen and hard, with a big purple head. He then put the tip of it against her poo-hole and pushed it in quickly! Jody cried out again! I thought he was hurting her!

As I stepped out into the backyard, Jody's yelps started to sound more like moans and little laughs, so I stopped to make sure I was doing the right thing. Jody was grunting and squealing as he pounded it into her backside. All of a sudden, Ricky let out a groan and pulled his thing out of her butt. Jody whipped around and took it deep into her mouth! Ricky's hips were thrusting into her face, his eyes closed, making grunting noises. I was really confused, but when I saw that Jody seemed to be enjoying it, I backed out.

For some reason, I had goosebumps and felt tingly all over, like I do when I watch the boys at track meets. I had to take a pee. When I went to wipe after, I was all wet! The little bald man was even sticking his head out! It felt so good, I rubbed his head for a little while. I must not have locked the door because Jody came in. She asked if I had seen what she and Ricky had been doing. I told her that I had. She asked me please not to tell anybody. I have not told anybody. See what I good girl I have been?

During the first week of school in September, my new roommate, Amy (you must know her, she's blond, has no pubies, and she hangs out at the gym?), told me that I should not come into the room if she put a signal on the door. Well, one day I had to pee so bad that I ran back to the room and did not notice the signal. When I headed for the bathroom, I heard moaning from the bedroom, so I went to take a look.

Amy was in her bed, her shirt pulled up over her chest and her finger in her cunny, moving in and out. Her other hand was cupped around her boob, her fingers playing with her nipple. Her eyes were closed, she was taking short breaths, moaning and making little squeaks as her hips thrust up against her hand. Suddenly, her butt raised off the bed and she shook all over, then slowly lowered herself back to the bed and moved her hand from between her legs to her lips. Her eyes opened and she saw me. She seemed slightly surprised, then a slow smile spread across her face.

She invited me into the room. She said she wanted to show me something. She opened her knees and showed me her cunny! It was all moist and the lips (not full like mine) were out. It was all so puffy and red. Her little man is smaller than mine, but was sticking his head WAY out. She could actually reach down and grab him!

She told me that it actually felt good to do this (like I didn't already know?). She started rubbing the little man with her fingers, all the while watching me. She asked me if I did that too. I thought, 'DUH! Everyone does that!' Of course, I wasn't sure I should tell her that; but it would be a lie to tell her no; so I told her that I did.

She asked me to show her. I was a little worried, but she told me it was ok. So I pulled my gym shorts off and sat down on the edge of my bed. At her urging, I opened my legs and showed her my secret spots. She wanted me to show her everything! Like where I liked to touch, what felt good when I rubbed it and all that. It felt so good doing it, that I forgot she was there. My eyes closed as my muscles tightened around my three fingers.

Suddenly, I felt another touch. My eyes snapped open and I looked down to find Amy kneeling on the floor in front of me, licking the little man! I pulled my hand out quickly and was about to tell her no, when all of a sudden, I melted inside. It was awesome! Not like anything I had felt before! I couldn't breathe, my muscles wouldn't work, my body started to shake, but, Santa, it felt so good!

Amy put her fingers inside me. Her hand is smaller than mine, so her two fingers were not enough. I asked her for more. I begged her for more. She could put her entire hand inside me, it was so much smaller than mine. She licked the little man and was rubbing me from the inside. I felt so full! Within a few minutes, I felt that meltdown again, even more. I was shaking and shivering. I think I actually cried out. I could feel my muscles clamping onto her hand, but there was nothing I could do about it. I had lost complete control.

But I had forgotten why I had rushed home in the first place; I still had to pee. I begged her to stop so that I could go to the bathroom quickly. At least I think I did, it felt so good I could not think straight. She wouldn't let me go! But I couldn't hold it as I shivered, I had to pee. I tried to push her face away, but she pushed right back. I just couldn't hold it any more, so I peed. Right onto her face.

I was so worried about her reaction. I guess I should not have been. The look on her face was sooo happy. She pulled her hand out of me with a small pop and sat up. The pee was dripping on her face, but there were also other juices there. She brought her hand up, licked it once, then offered it to me. It smelled good and it looked like she liked it, so I licked it, too. It tasted very sweet. She moved her face closer and we licked it together. Then she wiped it onto her cheek and mine. She licked it off my cheek, so I licked it off of hers. It was quite nice.

But I was so worried about peeing! She told me that it was not a bad thing. In fact, I was quite good. I felt so much better and was so happy!

Two weeks later, she showed me some of her toys, Boy, I wish I had some of these. Santa, can you bring me some for Christmas? She has these two hard plastic things that vibrate, one pretty big and one small. Another, a long rubber tube that looked like Steve's swollen thing at both ends; THAT WAS NEAT! She showed me how we could play with it together and that was fun, too.

Amy and I went to a fraternity party together a month ago. I had never tried beer before, I think I had too much. I remember waking up in one of the boys' rooms. Amy was there, along with her boyfriend, Marc. They were playing around, Marc's hand was inside Amy's shirt, playing with her breasts, his lips were on her neck. I started getting all tingly again when Marc's hand slid down past her waistband. She quickly reached out and unzipped him, releasing the bulge I noticed in the front of his pants. He was bigger than Rick OR Steve! She quickly started to kiss it as he pulled his pants down and slipped out of them.

I watched them through slitted eyes, playing like I was still asleep. I started to get hot and bothered, though, so I made like I was just turning in my sleep and, pulling a blanket over my lap, I slipped my own hand down between my legs, finding everything all wet and runny.

Amy was now laying on her back on the couch, completely naked. Marc was kneeling between her legs, licking her special spots, just like she had taught me to do. It sure seemed like she was enjoying it, her head rocking back and forth. She was begging him to put it inside of her. He sat up, I could see his member standing straight out, aimed right at her dripping hole. He leaned forward onto her and tried to slip it inside her. He missed several times, each time she yelped.

Amy looked right at me and a smile spread across her face. She mouthed the word "help" directly at me. Not knowing exactly what to do, but trying to be as much help as I could, I got up to help. I came up behind him, trying to figure it out. I knelt down behind him. I had to reach down and pull his sac out of the way to see. The moment I touched it, his shaft jerked and he moaned, but did not turn. I took his tool in my hand and rubbed it against her wet spot, just like Amy and I did with her toys, to get it all wet and gooey. Then I pushed it inside of her. She shuddered as his hips slid forward.

Now I know what Amy taught me she likes, so I slipped my hand under and started pinching her bottom. Some of her juices were dripping and I did not want them to hit the floor, so I licked them up. One drip was sliding over her poo-hole, so I licked that too, but had some trouble with it. I had to stick my tongue into her poo-hole to get it all. She screamed and her butt started jerking and her poo-hole opened and closed on its own!

Well, I figured if Amy liked that, maybe Marc would, too, so I did it to him. I chewed a little on his butt, then licked his poo-hole. He too screamed, pushed forward hard against Amy and started thrashing.

When they calmed down, I was worried that I had hurt them, but they told me that I was very good. In fact, Amy wanted to show Marc what a good girl I was. She pushed ME back on the couch, spread my knees and pulled down my pants. She opened my lips and showed Marc my little man, tapping it and kissing it like she does. Pretty soon, my own juices were sliding down my butt. Marc removed my top and started playing with my nipples with his tongue. Then the two changed places and Marc put his face between my thighs. Boy, is he different from Amy! His rough beard stubble on my soft skin was driving me crazy!

I wanted him to put his thing inside me too, like he did for Amy, but Amy had other ideas. She took his shaft and started playing with it. I wanted to try it, too, so we started to lick it together, taking turns taking it deep down our throats like we do with Amy's toys. Pretty soon, Marc was groaning and thrusting his hips at us. Amy showed me what she called his "balls" and how cool they were to suck on. It was FUN! Then she showed me a secret spot underneath his balls. When I touched it with my fingernail, Marc's penis started shooting white goo all over Amy's boobies. It was jerking in her hand, his balls in my hand were tight and spasming too.

Marc told me that I was very good. Amy asked me to help her clean up by eating that goo off of her breasts, so I did. It was WONDERFUL. Kind of salty, but tasty. Then she kissed me to thank me. I still had some of that goo on my lips, but she didn't seem to mind.

Marc said that Amy and I were such good girls that he would make sure that we were invited to the next party at his frat house and we were!

Marc met Amy and me at the door and introduced us to his roommate, Jim. Jim's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me; Amy and I had picked out this little tiny black mini-dress at the mall just for this party. It barely covered anything. It sure looked like Jim got hit in the crotch, judging by how he was swelling up.

Again, I think I drank too much beer. We went up to their room and they put on some music. The other three were just sitting on the couch, touching each other. I just felt like dancing, so I started to dance to the music, my eyes closed, drifting around, kinda drunk. When the music changed, I opened my eyes to see Amy naked, bent over Marc with his shaft in her mouth (I know that Marc likes that). But her butt was in the air and Jim was putting HIS thing into her cunny. She seemed to be really enjoying it, too. I wanted to help, but Amy's eyes were telling me no, so I kept dancing, peering out every now and then to watch.

I saw Amy slide up Marc's chest to kiss him, Jim pulling out. He was holding it in his own hand. How I wanted to help him! But Amy quickly lowered herself onto Marc, letting out a long slow breath as it went deep inside her. She leaned forward and Jim pushed HIS thing into her poo-hole! I could see everything from where I was dancing behind Jim.

Amy looked back at me and smiled. I could see that Marc was enjoying it too. But the view was so good and they looked like they were having so much fun, that I needed to touch myself. Amy had taught me that it was ok; I don't need to hide that I am doing that. I pulled up the hem of my dress and slid my hand into my panties. I was so wet and slimy, the little man all ready. I let out small shrieks as my body was wracked with wave upon wave of that wonderful feeling.

I wanted to join them on the couch after Amy's back arched and both Marc and Jim shot their goo into her. I sat down and they explained how that goo had to be taken out of Amy before it made her pregnant. It made sense, so I helped them get it all out. It was not easy, I had to hold her cunny open with both hands and use my tongue to get it all out. The boys watched and occasionally helped me. It got easier when Amy's own juices started to flow out of her to help wash it up far enough. When she pushed her hips into my face, I think I was able to get deep enough to get it all.

I wanted the boys to do the same thing to me, but it was getting really late and we had to study, so Amy and I had to leave. The boys promised that they would do it next time and we left. I am so looking forward to it.

And Santa, last week when Amy and I went to visit you at the mall? One of your elves gave us each these great big peppermint sticks. Well, Amy showed me how to make it taste even better. Unfortunately, we used them all up. Can you bring us new ones for Christmas?

And I am sorry about what happened, too. I know I wasn't wearing panties (somebody keeps stealing them from the laundry), but I am pretty sure it wasn't my fault. I don't think it was me that left that wet spot on the front of your pants after I sat in your lap. It was so uncomfortable because you had something very hard in your pocket that I had to keep moving around to stay comfortable.

I know there was that thing yesterday, but I am not sure that it counts. I was not wearing panties (again) because somebody stole them (again), but I still had to go to class. I wasn't paying attention when I went to leave class and I ran right into the professor. I dropped all my books and had to pick them up. When I told him I was sorry for running into him; the professor told me that I had to stay after class. He told me that I deserved a spanking for it. After he spanked me (he spanked my bare bottom HARD! I couldn't help the scream or hold back the crying), he told me that as long as I never told anybody, all was forgiven. That is ok, isn't it, Santa?

I HAVE been such a good girl this year, and there are a few things that I want for Christmas. Amy suggested that I ask for some things. I am not sure what they are for, but she promised that she would show me.

1) Could your cute little elves make me a fur lined collar? Amy says that they are quite comfortable and fun to use. She also said that a ball gag will prevent me from telling her when the collar is uncomfortable, so it is better to get a fur one.

2) Amy and I cracked one of the bedposts. The school will be very upset if we cannot get a new one. Please, can you make it is really sturdy so that me and Amy can play on it. We didn't mean to crack it. It looked like it was really sturdy.

3) Amy says I need a lot of new outfits. She says that the boys would really to see me in a cheerleader outfit, and Amy likes me in those leather and lace - like the ones Tammy has. Don't bother bringing me new underpants, somebody keeps stealing them.

4) I also want toys of my own, like the ones Amy has. Hers doesn't quite get that spot, the one that makes my whole body explode with that wonderful feeling. I just love that feeling.

And Santa? Can you bring me a boyfriend, too? One that has really bad swelling problems? I really get a good feeling between my legs when I help them with those problems.

If you can bring me those things, I would really really be grateful. Oh, and if you wake me up when you get here I can show you a neat new trick that Amy taught me, I think you might really like it. She says that if I learn all these tricks I will always be very good. I really want to show you how good I am. I promise to get busy, right away, at being good for next year's presents.

Love Always,

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