tagNonHumanDeath Gestured Toward a Grave Ch. 01

Death Gestured Toward a Grave Ch. 01


He watched her from the shadows as she hurried across the street. Her six inch heels forced her tight little ass to tilt upward, causing the bottom of her buttocks to peek crudely from beneath her short plaid skirt.

A well dressed, handsome man in his 40s held the door for her and she ducked inside and shook off the cold. She slowly peeled off her jacket as she hopped up on a stool at the end of the bar. Her friends from work left their table to join her and entered into a competition to buy her first drink. She was the only female in an office full of men that lusted after her during the daytime hours and thought of her when they were with their wives. The bartender laughed and sat a Long Island iced tea down in front of her.

The night wore on and unfolded in the typical fashion: flirting, drinking, karaoke, more drinking, even a trip outside to her best friend Bradley's car to smoke a joint. By the time two AM rolled around and she stumbled outside with the rest of the crowd, her head was spinning. She said goodnight to her friends and decided to take a walk to sober up a bit before attempting the drive home.

She noticed him this time, leaning against the wall next to her car. He was tall, with dark eyes that sent shivers down her spine. She found it difficult to turn away and might have stood there until morning if not for another random pedestrian who bumped into her as he passed by. She turned and started walking, resisting the temptation to take a second look at the stranger with the hypnotic eyes.

She stopped to check out a pair of boots in the window of a store and noticed that her new friend had crossed over to her side of the street and was approaching at a steady pace. She quickly continued on her way, trembling as she felt his stare. He set her on edge, there was an air of danger about him and she wasn't sure if it excited her or filled her with fear, maybe a bit of both.

She could see his long shadow on the ground as she walked, closing in; he matched her pace. Her breathing quickened. She shoved her hands in her pockets, closing her jacket tighter.

She turned a corner and collided with another man coming from the opposite direction, she apologized and quickly tried to sidestep him but found that he had a grip on her arm so strong that she was clearly at his mercy. Panic set in as she realized he was dragging her into the alley, he pushed her against the brick wall and lifted her off the ground. It was dark, she couldn't see his face but she did catch a glimpse of his gleaming fangs before feeling them sink into her neck.

She opened her mouth to scream but all that escaped was a silent mist of hot breath, she watched it fade into the night as she gradually lost consciousness.

When she woke up she was bent over the dumpster, stripped naked except for her tiny skirt. There were several vampires crowded around her and the one that was fucking her gripped a handful of her hair in one hand and held both her wrists firmly behind her back in the other. She began to cry. The sharp, stinging pain from her wounds was too much to bear. Her pussy and ass ached, they must have been taking turns with her for hours.

One of them sat down next to her and laughed, he told the others she was awake and they growled with excitement as they moved in closer. The one inside her withdrew his thick cock and yanked her head back hard, forcing her to her feet. He spun her around and pushed her into the clutches of the vampire seated on the dumpster. He picked her up by the waist and lowered her onto his dick. She screamed as he forced his way deep into her ass.

He held her still as another stepped up and slid his massive cock into her sore, swollen pussy. He slapped her hard and spit in her face. She was sobbing uncontrollably now, gasping for air. He squeezed her jaw, causing her mouth to open wide and he let a thick string of his saliva drizzle onto her tongue. She tasted her own blood.

Suddenly a warm wave washed over her as she began to convulse with an intense climax. An overwhelming feeling of ecstasy replaced her agony with euphoria. Her orgasm did not subside, but only escalated in power and ferocity. She heard herself beg for a cock in her mouth and groped desperately at the naked bodies of the vampires that were waiting their turn.

She felt strong pulses inside her as both vampires released their hot loads and in an instant she was flung over one of their shoulders, cum seeping from both of her holes.

She was carried deeper into the darkness and thrown down on a filthy old mattress that had been discarded in the far corner of the alley, only then did her orgasm begin to relent. The vampires surrounded her as she lay helpless, waiting anxiously to be put to use. The pain was overwhelming her again, she jumped onto her knees and grabbed the two cocks that strained for attention on either side of her as the vampire in front of her roughly forced his down her throat.

She felt strong hands on her waist and a hot shaft stretch her pussy from behind. She was immediately thrown back into a state of rapture as she sucked greedily, desperate for the taste of thick, warm cum. She rocked back and forth violently, holding a thick cock in each hand as the two vampires thrust into her. She was already covered in sticky juices that were beginning to dry and as soon as her mouth was filled to overflowing, another dick was ready to fuck her throat.

Countless hands groped her body, squeezing her breasts and pulling and tugging at her nipples. They spanked her ass and slapped her face, spat on her and ceaselessly assaulted her with verbal abuse. The humiliation only served to intensify her rapid fire orgasms. Another hot load filled her pussy and the vampire in front of her took her firmly by the throat and picked her up, tossing her to another. She clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he slid his cock into her. She felt her ass cheeks being spread and then the fullness of another hot tool stretching her tight little hole.

Her frenzied cries seemed to echo throughout the city, cutting into the cold, dead night. She panted like a bitch in heat and strained to gain control of her body and mind, was it really happening? It all seemed so surreal, so nightmarishly erotic.

These two were hungry, and as they both bit into her neck she was jolted back to reality. This was actually happening, and before sunrise she would surely be dead. They would drain her dry and leave her lifeless corpse to rot in this foul, grimy alley in the middle of downtown Austin, Texas. Just another dead whore to be discover by city workers collecting the trash.

She felt her spirit rise from her body, and she watched this blood and cum soaked slut be ravaged by a gang of bloodthirsty lust filled vampires from a new vantage point, high above. She was suddenly numb, and the world as she knew it faded to black. The silence was deafening.

Death gestured toward a grave...

- - -

...birds were singing as the sounds of the city came to life, she felt the heat of the morning sun on her face and her eyes sprang open. She was starving, a young girl walked down the street past the entrance to the alley on her way to school. She could hear the girl's heart beating like a sweet seductive song, and she could already taste her blood.

- - -

Her clothes were torn and stained with blood, she looked rather conspicuous on the street in the early morning so he hurried back to her car, which was parked across the street from the bar. She felt like a different person, looking in the vanity mirror she didn't recognize herself. There was a glow about her skin, and the real difference was the way she felt physically - powerful - intoxicatingly so...and brutally sexual. She reached in the back seat for her gym bag and retrieved a light blue tank top and black shorts to change into, she freshened up her make up and tried her best to tame her hair all the while keeping her prey in her sights. Her dark hair was lightly coated with her own blood but it seemed to brush out easily enough.

She started the car and put it in gear, pulling away from the curb slowly. She followed the young girl from a reasonable distance, reaching down between her legs as she fantasized about ripping the flesh from the girl's round buttocks and tasting her sweet blood.

She'd never been so turned on, she literally wanted to eat this girl alive.

The girl was wearing tight jeans and sneakers, and a thin, white t-shirt containing a pair of wild breasts, too free spirited to be restrained by a bra. She walked into a donut shop and leaned against the counter to place an order as her stalker parked the car and followed her inside. The morning sun was brighter than ever before. She slipped in line behind the girl, cutting in front of two frat boys who were shut down by a wicked sultry glare before they could protest.

"Those things'll kill you," she whispered.

"Oh but what a way to go," the girl replied.

"Tori," she proclaimed, offering her hand.

The girl smiled, a bit wary but took Tori's hand and introduced herself.

"I'm Becka, nice to meet you!"

She ordered a cup of coffee and a dozen assorted and took a seat at a table in the corner. Tori appeared after a few seconds, black coffee in hand.

"Mind if I join you, Becka?"

"Sure," Becka replied. "Not hungry?"

" Oh, I'm hungry, just not for empty calories," Tori smiled.

Becka picked a donut apart nervously and dunked it in her coffee, wondering why this young woman was suddenly so friendly.

Tori didn't have a plan, but sensed the girl was beginning to get nervous. She blurted out the first thing to come to mind.

"I was thinking of catching a movie, maybe making the matinee of that new Johnny Depp flick. You seem cool, how about keeping me company?"

Tori leaned forward and whispered, "Don't wanna be one of those losers who goes to the movies alone, know what I mean?"

Becka snickered, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt kinda weird coming in here alone."

"So how about it?" Tori asked, doing her best to hide her desperate hunger.

"Wanna join me?"

"Sure," Becka said."I love Johnny Depp!"

Tori smiled a sinful, mischievous smile, "Who doesn't?"

"We can take my car, it's right outside."

"Cool," Becka said.

The theater was cool and dark, a vicious migraine was slowly taking hold of Tori's brain the longer she was exposed to sunlight so she sighed with relief as they strolled into the lobby and up to the counter to buy tickets.

"My treat," Tori said.

"Ok, but I'll get the popcorn and soda," Becka replied.

The girls made their purchases and headed down the hallway to the theater. Tori took the time to look over her morsel.

Becka's plump little butt jiggled slightly, the tips of her long blond locks brushed against her ass as she walked and Tori could identify the brand of Becka's shampoo from a couple of feet away, she was so hungry and her tummy rumbled in anticipation.

They walked into the nearly empty theater and Tori whispered in Becka's ear, "I like to sit in the very back, with my back against the wall...do you mind?"

"Not at all," Becka replied as she followed Tori up the steps.

Tori's firm ass cheeks peeked slightly from beneath her tight booty shorts, tensing and bouncing as she climbed the steps. Becka couldn't help but check her out, she told herself it was out of simple admiration, even though she could feel her nipples hardening.

Tori slid into a seat at the back of the theater and Becka settled in beside her. While Becka watched the previews intently, Tori fantasized about sucking the blood from the juicy artery nestled in Becka's inner thigh. She wouldn't be able to wait much longer, the hunger was overwhelming. There were less than a dozen people in the theater and the lights were low. A couple chattered while the previews ran but when it came tome for the feature to begin a hush fell over the small crowd.

Tory looked over at Becka and even in the darkness she could see the artery in her neck pulsating, engorged with thick, hot, luscious blood.

Tori attacked swiftly, her hand clamped over Becka's mouth as her fangs sank into her neck. Popcorn went flying and Becka's soda spilled to the floor as Tori sucked greedily. Becka's eyes were wide but her screams were muffled by Tori's strong hand.

A guy a few rows up turned his head and shushed them.

Tori was sweating and quivering as she drank, her juices were flowing and her nipples were engorged. She'd never been this hot.

Becka passed out and Tori released her vice-like grip on Becka's face and reached for her own aching pussy. She let some of Becka's blood drizzle down in a long stream from her mouth and coat her glistening pussy lips. She massaged her clit with her blood soaked fingers and immediately shuddered under the immense weight of a powerful orgasm. She screamed, "Oh my god, fuck yeah!" and every head turned in her direction.

Horrified, she scrambled out of her seat, flew down the isle and took two stairs at a time as she fled the theater and sprinted through the lobby. She burst through the doors and out into the blinding sun of the parking lot, the photosensitivity was worsening by the minute. She found her car and was speeding away within seconds, peering over her shoulder as she drove home, stricken with paranoia seasoned with a dash of guilt.

It was easier than she thought it would be, sucking the life out of an innocent human being.

But who's to say Becka was dead, how much did it take to kill a person? Or would she suffer the same fate Tori had?

Tori's belly was full and she was content for now. She pulled into her driveway and straight into the garage, closing the heavy door behind her. She sat in the car contemplating what she had just done, and what was done to her the night before. What did all this mean?

She glanced at the clock on her dashboard, 10:30.

She was an hour and a half late for work.

She started laughing, first chuckling to herself in little silly spurts and then she lost control. howling like a madwoman. She thought this might be a good day to call in sick.

She made the call from her cell in her car, coming up with a lame excuse...something about a stomach virus. She then went inside to clean herself up. She stripped and made a mental note to burn her blood-soaked clothing. She turned on the bath and lit a few candles, even the lights in the bathroom were burning her retinas. She put on some soft music and slipped into the warm tub after adding some oil and bubbles. She scrubbed the blood from her face and neck, going over the scene in her mind, Becka's body growing steadily weaker as Tori drain her life force. "Mmmmm," she whispered.

Her memory was vivid, and she once again found herself aroused.

She snatched the shower head from it's cradle and set it to massage, she let the hot water cascade over her legs, moving the stream further and further up her thighs. She let the warm pulses of water assault her clit as her head snapped back. She thought of warm blood, and power, and she screamed in ecstasy.

She wanted more...

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