tagHumor & SatireDebbie the Ditz

Debbie the Ditz


Debbie DeBubblia was one of a kind. Some thought that it was shameful. Some thought that it was a very good thing and that there should be more young ladies in the world like her. The ones who thought the former were usually the ones who had never had the chance to fuck her. Everybody wanted to fuck her.

She had 42DD tits, a twenty-three inch waist, a bubble butt, and thighs just thick enough to make great earmuffs on a cold winter's night.

She also had a brain the size of a raisin. To call her a bimbo would have been highly inaccurate, though. It would have made her seem far and away more intelligent than she actually was. She called herself, with an odd amount of pride, a ditz. It wasn't any more accurate than calling her a bimbo, but it was one of the few words she could consistently remember when asked to describe herself. So, she was known by everyone as Debbie the Ditz.

The fact is that anyone could hoodwink Debbie into doing almost anything. What people most regularly tried to hoodwink her into was fucking them. The irony, which seemed lost on most people, was that it was the one thing that nobody actually needed to fool her into doing. All anyone had to do was ask. She loved sex. She lived for sex. She was born for sex. She was really, really good at sex. It was the one area in which she genuinely excelled.

The latest one to waste time trying to fool her into amorous activity was her math teacher, Willis Thwinkle. He had promised her a passing grade for a daily blowjob and tit fuck. Debbie, of course, would happily have done without the added incentive.

Thwinkle was nearly fifty years old, had a pot gut, spindly legs, skinny arms, and smelled bad. Debbie didn't care. Mr. Thwinkle was her favorite kind of man. He had a cock.

Thwinkle moaned as Debbie's soft, pillow-like lips slid up and down his little dick. Even though she had been doing this to him every day after school for about two months he still couldn't believe that a girl that looked like Debbie was willing to grease his pole.

"That's a good girl," he said as he patted her head with one hand and mauled one of her huge hooters with the other, "Suck it."

As her pretty, blonde head bobbed in her math teachers lap she reached down to tickle his balls with her fingers. Thwinkle groaned and wheezed as he started bucking his hips against her face.

Debbie knew that when he started bucking he was almost ready. She pulled her lips up to the head of his dick and gave it a slow, sloppy lick. Thwinkle groaned again.

Then she pulled her mouth completely off of him, buried his stiffy in the soft cavern between her tits, and shouted, "Titty time!"

He started cumming at the first contact with her pliant flesh. It wasn't a lot, but was enough for her to scoop up with her fingers and swallow after he had finished.

When she had finished licking up her math teacher's dribble of jizz she pulled her t-shirt back down over her huge jugs, thanked Mr. Thwinkle for the "yummy, little snack" and skipped out of the classroom wondering who she'd get to fuck next.

Had she had even one more brain cell she would have remembered that Billy Snerk would be waiting outside of the classroom for her as he did every day. He knew that she would be giving old man Thwinkle his daily jug job.

Billy was Debbie's polar opposite He was tall, gangly, homely, and the smartest kid in school. He and Debbie had known each other since the sixth grade. He was one of the few people who knew her well enough to have worked out that you didn't need to trick her into fucking.

So, when Debbie emerged from the classroom he smiled and said, "Hi, Debbie. Wanna fuck?"

She threw her arms around him and cooed, "Oh, Billy, you're such a smoothie. You know just what to say to a girl." Then she gave him a big, wet kiss.

She had always liked Billy. He was her favorite kind of boy. He had a cock.

"Okay," said Billy, giving one of Debbie's big tits a playful squeeze, "Let's go to my car."

Debbie looked confused and said, "I thought we were gonna fuck."

"Well, not right here in the school hallway, you little ditz," said Billy with a smile.

Debbie giggled and said, "Oh, right. We'll fuck in your car."

"No," said Billy.

"No?" said the eager slut with great disappointment.

"No," Billy repeated, "I'm going to drive us up to Lookout Point. Then we'll fuck."

"Oh," said the girl.

She furrowed her brow as though she was trying to think of something. She rarely did that because it made her head hurt.

Finally, looking like she had come to some very important decision, she said haughtily, "Okay, on one condition."

"What's that?" Billy asked.

"I get to suck your cock while we're driving up there," said the blonde firmly.

"That sounds fair," Billy agreed.

As they traveled up to Lookout Point, Billy hoped that his driving wasn't too erratic. The blonde head bobbing up and down in his lap was very distracting. Between the slick tightness of Debbie's suction and the constant darting and dancing of her tongue along his stiff pole he was having trouble concentrating on the road.

As soon as he had started the car back at school she had fished his thick eight inches out of his pants and started going to town on it. Her slurping, licking, sucking and kissing was making him crazy. She had been doing it relentlessly for the entire fifteen minute drive.

She kissed up one side of him then down the other. Then she would do the same with her tongue except that her tongue would be in constant motion during the journey. She would take him in her mouth bobbing from head to root for a couple of minutes then go back to the licking and kissing. He had never wanted to cum so desperately in his life.

He had no idea how he had managed the self-control to make the entire drive against Debbie's hot, wet, merciless assault on his meat. He drove past the parking lot where tourists stopped to take pictures from the mountainside and continued to a small clearing behind a copse of trees. He pulled just far enough onto the grass to not be seen from the parking lot.

The moment he took his car out of gear and turned off the ignition the same thing happened to his self-control. He started bathing his big titted fuck toy's throat with his joy juice. His cock was like a firehose emptying his balls into her leeching oral cavity. Any other girl would have been drowned by the sheer volume of his viscous discharge, but Debbie the Ditz didn't spill a drop.

Billy sagged into the seat of his car.

"Wow!" Debbie exclaimed with wide eyed wonder, "You cum a lot!"

Then she whipped her t-shirt over her head, which made her suddenly unconfined bazooms bounce elastically, and asked, "Are we gonna fuck now?"

"Sort of," said Billy.

"But, you promised," Debbie pouted.

"Debbie," said Billy condescendingly, "have I ever let you go unfucked?"

"No" said Debbie.

"And I'm not going to do that now," Billy said reassuringly.

With that Billy whistled loudly. On cue two teenaged boys emerged from the trees.

"This is Wally Fenway," He said pointing to one of the boys, "and this is Phil Hoover," he pointed to the other teen. "They're going to fuck you five ways from Sunday."

Debbie grinned then gave Billy a big, sloppy kiss.

"I'm sorry, Billy," she said, "I should have known that you'd take care of me."

She stepped out of the car and bounced over to the two boys.

"Who wants to be first?" she chirped.

Both boys were struck dumb at the vision of fuckable loveliness before them. Finally, Wally stepped forward.

Debbie cooed and dropped to her knees in front Billy's slightly chubby friend. She unzipped his trousers and fished out his stubby, five inch dick.

The sight wrenched Phil out of his stupor. Deciding to save some time, he started shedding his clothes as Debbie aggressively slurped Wally's stalk.

Wally was in seventh heaven. He never imagined that he would ever actually get a blowjob, let alone from a girl built like Debbie. He grabbed the back of her bobbing, blonde head with one hand and began humping her face like a madman. With his other hand her reached down to roughly grope one of her huge tits. Debbie moaned at the treatment.

Meanwhile, Phil knelt down behind the ditzy slut and said, "Lift your ass up."

Debbie lifted her ass and waggled it at the boy enticingly. Phil lifted her short skirt to discover that she wasn't wearing panties. His eyes went wide as he licked his lips, grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and rammed his thin, seven inch dick into her dripping twat.

Debbie moaned around Wally's cock as Phil fucked her. The vibrations it sent up Wally's shaft were unbelievable. He clutched the little sluts head more tightly.

The stacked, little airhead wanted to shout for Phil to fuck her harder. But, her mother had taught her not to talk with her mouth full. So, she just gave Wally's cock the same treatment that she had given Billy's. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere on every surface of his prong at the same time. The boy had never imagined that anything could feel this good.

"Suck my cock," he shouted, "Suck my fucking cock!"

Suddenly, his whole body stiffened as he began to gush what felt like a gallon of cum down her slutty throat. He gushed. She swallowed. He gushed. She swallowed. He gushed. She swallowed. When he had finally emptied his ball into her hot gullet he took a staggering step back and his dick slid out of her mouth with loud slurp.

Debbie gave his hose a couple of last, loving licks, smiled and said, "Yummy!"

As Wally stumbled backwards to sit down next to Billy on the park bench, Phil yanked his cock out of her pussy and knee walked around in front of her.

"I've got to try this," he thought.

"So what do you think?" Billy asked his friend.

"She's fucking amazing!" Said Wally, "I hope I can get hard again so I can fuck her. I'd hate to miss out on that."

"Just keep your eyes on her tits," Billy grinned as he got up to go replace his other friend behind Debbie, "If that doesn't get your boner back nothing will."

When Phil was positioned in front of the busty teen's face he slapped her with his hardon and hollered, "Suck!"

"Okay," Debbie pouted as she reached out to stroke the boy's dick, "But, who's gonna fuck me?"

Billy knelt down behind the girl and rammed his bone into her gaping fuck hole.

"I've got this entrance covered, Babe," he said as began a steady rhythm in and out of her slot.

"Thank you, Billy," she cooed, "You're so good to MmMphlpf..."

She couldn't finish her sentence because Phil had grabbed her by the back of her head and crammed his long, thin pole down her throat. She didn't miss a beat. She sucked and licked every inch of that hot prong.

Phil was in heaven. He couldn't believe what she was doing. The sensation of her soft, slick lips combined with her dancing tongue was tuning his brain to cum flavored gelatin. Her energy and enthusiasm had created a different dynamic from when she had sucked off Wally. Instead of a boy fucking her face, her face was fucking the boy.

Billy, meanwhile, was humping away like a madman. No matter how many time he fucked her he was always amazed by the experience. That pussy had seen more cocks than a whorehouse in Nevada. Despite that it was still the tightest cunt her had ever had his dick in. He didn't know how she did it, but he was damned glad she did. Her vaginal walls clasped his fleshy bone tighter than a miser's grip on a dime. He knew that he wasn't going to last long.

What none of them saw, at the far end of the copse of trees, stood a park ranger. Sam Smedley watched with rapt fascinations as Debbie's huge hooters swayed and shook from the energetic skewering the two boys were giving her. His cock was harder than it had ever been.

As he readjusted it in his pants he thought, "Patience. Patience."

Phil was half out his mind with pleasure. He tried to shout for Debbie to keep sucking, but all that came out was, "Suuuuggghh."

Suddenly his body stiffened as he fired volley after volley of ball juice down the big boobed teen's clasping throat. He let out a strangled squeak as the busty teen slurped down his sex syrup.

When the hot, little slut had drained him of his last drop, he staged backwards and fell, flat on his back in exhaustion, on the grass.

Nobody saw the ranger emerge from his hiding place.

Debbie was very close to her own explosive orgasm from the furious pounding that she was getting from Billy. The boy's thick cock sliding in and out of her juicy cunt was just what she wanted and needed. She was being fucked, good and hard. She needed to be filled again and again. She could feel her climax building. She knew it wouldn't be long.

Billy gripped the cheeks of her round, perfect ass as though he was afraid he'd fall off. He banged her cunt mercilessly. The pressure in his balls was incredible. He felt like he was going to shoot a gallon or more of his gonad grease into her hot, moist, clasping channel.

He suddenly let out an ear-splitting bellow as he shot his jizz into the girl. That triggered Debbie's orgasm. The two teens shuddered, gasped, and convulsed for almost two minute before it was all over. Then they collapsed in a tangled heap on the ground.

The post coital silence was broken by a deep, masculine voice that said, "Having fun, boys?"

Phil and Wally looked up wide-eyed at the park ranger. In a flurry of frightened obscenities they gathered their clothes and fled off into the trees toward the parking lot.

Debbie pushed Billy's limp form off of her back and crawled over to the uniformed man.

As she unzipped his fly and reached in to extract his hard cock from its confines she said, "Hello, Ranger Smedley."

"Hello, Debbie," the man said, smiling down at the cock hungry slut.

Billy slowly rose to his feet and said, "Hi, Sam."

"Hi, Billy," Ranger Smedley said with a moan as he began to slowly fuck the girl's throat.

Billy walked over to the picnic table where he had left his clothes and began to dress.

"Do you want me to hang out for a little or will you take her home?" Billy asked.

"I'll make sure she gets home okay," the ranger croaked.

Billy put Debbie's t-shirt on the table then went back to his car.

"I'll see you next Tuesday," said Billy before he drove off.

The ranger just nodded. He was too absorbed in Debbie's sucking to speak.

Debbie didn't even notice that Billy had left. She was too absorbed in the task at hand. After all, Ranger Smedley was her favorite kind of man. He had a cock.

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by Anonymous

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by betrayedbylove11/11/15


Nice. Where was Debbie when I really needed her? I am her kind of man. I have a, well, you know. I laughed all the way through.

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by Anonymous08/22/15

My brain likes and agrees with the previous comments.

Other side of the coin tho, is my cock, it loves Debbie and her other 42HHHH partners.

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by Anonymous08/21/15

What is going on?

What is going on with this site? Nearly all the stories are being dumbed down. Does no one actually try to make an actual story anymore? Or are they all going to be about dumb broads/sluts getting fucked?more...

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by Anonymous08/17/15

How is this a story?

A dumb blonde has sex. Wow, you put a lot of effort into this, huh.

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by spankfunfor08/16/15

Perfect Woman!

Beautiful Woman, Big Tits, No Brain, Loves Any Cock! She is Purrfect ! Thanks!

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