tagGroup SexDebbie's Varsity Letter

Debbie's Varsity Letter


Debbie Garafolo was a high school tennis star and head cheerleader, the object of every classmate's lust and a girl destined for stardom.

But a funny thing happened to Debbie on that not so heavenly road. She attended Fairview State University, and there she found hundreds of girls just like her. Each was also a high school star, each was a prom queen, each had hordes of boys following them around.

"It's just not fair," she once confided in me. "I work hard, I try my best, yet I just never seem to make it to the top here in college."

I was a friend. A guy, but first and foremost a friend. Debbie had been the object of my affections for more than two years. We shared a few sodas at the Silver Diner, a couple beers at the local pub, and even went to a couple matinees. We talked of failed romances, insensitive members of the opposite sex, teachers who would be better off retired and various and sundry problems of the world.

Most of the time we merely studied together or hung out. Heck, I had never even gotten to first base with her. A peck on the cheeks but never the lips.

Not that she was a virgin. She had been with guys and a few men in college. A couple relationships, a couple one-night stands. More recently she dated a few different guys, sashaying her five-foot, four-inch frame around town. She had a great figure, complete with luscious breasts that filled out her tops well, and a view of her backside encased in tight-fitting jeans was guaranteed to create hard ons as she came into view.

Her grades were good, she was going to graduate on schedule, but there was still something missing.

"I can't believe I have never earned a varsity letter," she pouted. "I've only played on the junior varsity tennis team, and I don't think I will get my letter this spring either. And four years of junior varsity cheerleading doesn't get me a big "F" either."

I commiserated with her, stroked her ego by telling her she was beautiful and a fine athlete to boot. I told her the coach was a jerk for not using her in varsity matches, and that she was better than at least half of the girls on the varsity cheerleading team. But I could tell it had really gotten under her skin.

There was nothing I could do, but I still felt for her as that varsity letter was very important to her. Once I offered to steal one for her use, but she told me that if it wasn't earned, it wasn't hers.

One Saturday I attended a job fair at the university library. Midway through the day I visited the men's room for a little bio break, and sat in the stall dreaming and scheming before reading some of the usual items written on the wall.

There was a message in the middle of the wall. Above it was the age-old saying, "Flush twice, it's a long way to the cafeteria."

To the left was scribbled, "Zero was here."

Below it was written, "Dr. Johnson is a rat bastard."

But it was the middle new brief that caught my attention "There are cocks, big and small, and Debbie G., loves them all."

Now I don't know about you, but seeing the love of your life treated with such little respect ticked me off. Debbie might not be Miss Perfect, but she was close. At first I wanted to slap her for being a slut, but my mind got the better of me and I realized it was probably the ranting of some dweeb who was rebuffed in his efforts to coax Debbie into the bedroom. Or it was another Debbie the written words were about.

Still, that night when I was relieving my sexual tension with Ms. Slow Hand, I thought of Debbie and her sweet body next to mine. I envisioned her pouty lips sucking on my dick. I visualized her in her short maroon and gold cheerleader skirt with the tight panties which caressed her ass when she twirled and I exploded a mess of sauce onto my sheets.

A couple weeks later the school was quieted by mid-term exams, and all but the jocks were cramming for the tests. To celebrate the completion of the exams, each of the fraternities had parties, and I made my way from one to another. At the third party, at the frat jokingly called Tappa Kegga Beera, I ran into The Slickster, a newfound buddy from Science class whose real name was Charles.

We made small talk for a while, drank an endless stream of beers, and generally got blasted. During a break in the heavy metal music, The Slickster bent toward me and whispered an invitation. "Don't say anything, but the boys tennis team is having a little apres party get-together. Wanna come?" he asked.

"Oh I don't know, I'm beat," I replied.

"Earth to Jonathan. Can you say the word, easy pickings?"

My eyes lit up. I knew The Slickster, and I knew that he had bragged on several occasions about special parties he and his teammates had.

"You mean..."

"I mean you won't be beating your meat tonight, Jonathan. That's what I mean."

Needless to say, I told him to count me in. Beauty or pig, I wanted some guaranteed pussy. If history was any predictor, this was stellar chance to get some.

The next couple hours seemed like a week, as all I could think about was being part of the in group getting a little action. Even if it was a false alarm I was psyched. To this point I had three sexual partners, and while memorable and satisfying, the sex was just good. And since I wasn't getting anywhere with Debbie why not sample a sure thing at a frat party?

"Who's the girl," I asked.

"Just one of the girls who has dated a couple of us TKB's," he said. "She wanted a special favor, and since she'd already fucked a few of us anyway, she figured why not pull us on a Saturday night train? Actually she's a pretty nice girl. You'd never know she loved cock so much!"

I nodded, as if I actually knew what he was talking about. The girls I had sex with seemed to enjoy the act, some more than others, but none was what I would call crazy over cock. "Hey Slick," I asked. "Is it really going to be a gangbang?"

"That's the plan, that was the deal. No major pain, only straight sex. So don't think you are going to get her ass or something. But you can bang her until your weenie explodes. It might be a little messy, but it will give you something to tell your kids!"

Yea, right, like I would admit to anything of the sort. Still, I had to manage a continuous hard on as my mind continued to wander toward the "sure thing" that awaited us later in the evening. I wondered if she'd truly like it, if she were drugged, if she was a slut or if she were a pig.

It was nearly 11 before The Slickster and I sauntered over to his frat house. As we arrived, I noticed the old house was relatively dark as only cracks of light emerged from the windows. The wind started slipping from my balloon as I figured it was a frat prank on the dumb kid or something. "Hey Slick, what's going on? It looks dead!"

"Shush," he replied with a chuckle. "Oh ye of little faith."

He unlocked the front door and we entered. Soft blues came from the living room speakers, but nobody was around. We entered the kitchen, and he threw me a cold beer. As we took a long draw of the ice-cold brews, one of his fratmates came into the room.

"Oh, it's a hot night," he said with a laugh. "You guys are a little late. The party has already begun."

"Was Jake able to get some entertainment like he promised?" asked Slick.

"Uh huh, you bet, and she's a little hottie. We wanted to wait for you, but she wouldn't let us. She's giving us a little and we're satisfying some of her wishes too," said the guy. "Like the law guys say, a little quid pro quo. Or as I say, a little quim pour moi."

Slick laughed and pointed upstairs. I nodded and the two of us nervously went to the third floor. There, a couple guys were leaving a room while a couple others were in line looking in from the hallway. We stood behind them, joked a bit, peering inside the dark bedroom. There a girl was on her back and a burly guy was on top of her, pounding her pussy.

He was pistioning in and out of the girl like no tomorrow.

"She's hot," said one of the guys. "He's number five and she's still going strong. Look at her fuck!" he said. "Hey baby, save some for us."

The two continued to rut, with the frat boy showing her no mercy. She moaned and then cried out, "Oh yes, fuck me!". I got a hard on watching the fucking, especially watching how her raised pussy received the jock's cock.

"Hey, get me another beer," said Slick. "I'll save your place."

I went downstairs, grabbed a beer, and on the stairwell on my way back ran into the guy who had minutes before been fucking the girl. "Hey man, looks like you were having fun with that bitch."

"She's a great fuck," said the jock. "She was milking my cock. I'm going back for seconds later. Make sure you leave some for me! It's amazing what someone will do for a letter."

At first I hadn't a clue what me meant, but when I got upstairs I was shocked to find that my friend Debbie was on the bed, on her hands and knees taking a lanky guy doggie style. My eyes saucered out, not believing what I was seeing. Pretty Debbie. Sexy Debbie. Unapproachable Debbie. Fucking like a slut on a Saturday night.

"Look at her go," said Slick of the curvy brunette. "She's a natural born fucker!"

I couldn't answer, I could only stare as Debbie's head sunk into a pillow while her ass pushed back. I heard her grunt, moan and I could swear she was begging for the boy to fuck her harder.

With a roar, the guy began to cum inside Debbie's already hot, wet, sticky, cum-filled pussy.

He pulled out, leaking cum on her ass as he did, pointed to the line, and said, "Next!" as the girl rolled over onto her back. Her breasts heaved up and down as her breathing was heavy. The sheet beneath her ass was soaking wet, and she moved a little to the side. I heard her say she was ready, and another guy got into position between her splayed legs. She reached down, grabbed his cock, and pointed it at her love nest.

The guy pushed forward, his dick moving inside her to the limit, then slumped down on her chest before he began fucking. Slick gave a blow by blow description of the fuck, then let out a cheer when the guy quickly came.

The guy pulled out, and Slick called him a rookie before moving over to the girl. He flipped her over, and began spanking her ass with hard slaps. "Count 'em, honey, you get 20 like you promised!"

Debbie counted, "one, two, three...ouch". Slick kept spanking the girl as Debbie sobbingly counted out the punishment. Once the 20 slaps were landed, Slick slipped his massive dick into her cunthole. When I saw his cock, I didn't think she could take it all. But, aided by her cum-slickened entry way, he slid right in.

Watching the two of them fuck was a tremendous turn-on. Slick fucked Debbie hard, bouncing her up and down on the bed. He smacked her ass a few times on the upstroke, and then fired her back down on to the bed. The girl kept her legs wide as she accepted her sixth dick of the night. And when Slick cried out he was cumming, Debbie spat back, "cum in my pussy, stud, fuck me you bastard."

He did. A large load of cum was deposited into the well-traveled girl. Her head pushed back, her eyes closed, but I could have sworn her pelvis continued rolling as if still in the midst of a fuck.

I dropped my pants to the floor, and gave Slick a high-five as I went past. I looked at the girl's face, seeing her eyes were closed, and then looked down at her pussy. It was reddened, with milky white cum leaking out. A puddle of the sticky stuff was below her. I smiled, and slipped my dick to her crack. Rubbing up and down her wetness, I said, "Hi Debbie" and slipped inside. It was sticky, and I immediately grew to my full length.

Debbie opened her eyes, and I could tell she wanted to scream.

"Uh, I, uh, ohhh Jon..."

I pushed deep inside her soaking wet cunt, then reached up and cupped her breasts. "Oh, fuck me Debbie," I said, fucking the girl hard. I'd like to tell you it was a wonderful coupling, but it was anything but that. He girl was a receptacle, a place for me to shoot my sticky sperm. Her hair was dishelved, her thighs red, and I enjoyed pinching her titties.

After doing her in the missionary position I pulled out, turned her over, and began fucking her from behind. From that angle I could get very deep, and fondle her breasts while fucking her pussy. Debbie didn't fuck me, she merely rolled and rocked to the tune of my cock. I swore she looked like a caged animal. She didn't complain, she didn't cry, she merely looked as if her hand was caught in the till.

I fucked my friend with a passion. My mind wanted to punish her for holding out on me, yet giving it away to any Tom or hairy Dick. Looking at her face, I made eye contact and blew her a kiss. I rocked inside her pussy and it wasn't long before I shot a copious load mixing with the pint already inside.

I pulled out, and there was the big jock back for seconds, as promised. I shook my head and left the room.

"Bill's the only one who gets seconds," said Slick. "I promised him he could. She's a hot number. She fucked seven of us without missing a beat."

As we went downstairs I received the shock of my life as Mr. Biggins, the tennis coach, was sitting on the couch in deep conversation with some of the guys who had just fucked Debbie.

"She was outstanding," said one, "a tight pussy."

"Yea, and she didn't complain a bit. I think she really wanted to be gang-banged!"

The coach smiled, and said he knew Debbie must have had special talents.

"You boys sure know how to pick 'em," said the bearded man with a smile. "If only you worked as hard in practice as you do with your women we'd be in the playoffs!"

Soon, the big jock came into the room, wearing just his boxers and a tee shirt.

"She'll be right down," he said. "She had to go to the bathroom, but like you said I told her not to wash up."

We all looked at the stairwell as Debbie made her way down. She had freshened up her makeup, but wore only a low cut top and a short plaid skirt. The four-inch heels made it hard for her to walk, but she was a goddess nonetheless. We all clapped when she came into the room.

Debbie blushed, and looking at me, said: "Well, the night is one of surprises."

Slick told the girl she was halfway done, and hope she was enjoying herself.

"You guys were nice," she said.

"You were incredible," he replied. "Are you ready for your second test?"

She nodded her agreement. I wondered what the test would be, but when she sunk to her knees in front of Mr. Biggins, I quickly guessed. Debbie took a quick look around the room, then reached out and unzipped the trousers of the coach. She reached into his underwear and pulled out a massive cock. It had to be nine inches long, and it was still not fully extended.

The girl of my dreams licked her lips, then puckered up and began planting kisses on the hard cock in front of her face. The seven of us watching lowered our pants and began stroking our cocks as Debbie kissed and licked the big dick in her face. After a while she ovaled her mouth and Mr. Biggins slid his cock into her waiting wet mouth. He started fucking her mouth slowly, then harder, gently rocking into it. On several occasions the girl gagged on the size of it, but like a trooper quickly regained control of the situation. She moaned as he held her head and fucked her face.

The teacher was clearly enjoying the action. "Oh yes, Debbie, that's good, that's good. You are getting there. Keep it up, suck my dick. Yes, honey, you're a great cocksucker."" All the while he was rocking in her mouth we jerked off near them.

"You could be trouble, baby, but you are worth it," said the coach. "Ohhh, that's good."

Spit slid out of Debbie's munching mouth as the man fucked her face. She accepted his cock like it was a part of her. Even when he forced her to gag on his deep dick she still held her own. She grasp his cock by its based and jerked him off into her mouth while she sucked the tip, then alternated by taking him as deep as she could into her throat.

"Muffamchsh," she cooed. Whatever that meant.

Mr. Biggins quickened his pace, and I knew he was getting close. He didn't warn her, but I saw his dick swell and then fire its cum bursts into her bulging cheeks. The girl's eyes widened, almost in shock, as the teacher came in her mouth. Some of the cum escaped from her lips, while most of the baby batter made its way into her stomach.

Slick moved to the side of the teacher and pulled Debbie's mouth toward his big dick. Without missing a beat she opened her mouth and began sucking his cock. While Mr. Biggins came fairly quickly, Slick too a while. For that matter, we all did, as each of us took turns fucking her face.

I was fifth on the list, and as I stood in front of her cum-smeared disgusting face my dick grew an inch. There she was, little miss perfect, kneeling in front of me with a pearly white necklace that not only went on her neck but on her cheeks, nose and even one of her eyes. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, and I just put my dick on her tongue and let her get to work.

She jerked my off into her mouth, humming on my cock as she worked it in and out. Although I had come less than an hour before I felt a load quickly build as her ministrations excited me while the act itself was poetry in motion. Right before I came I pulled out of her mouth and jerked my cock until I came all over her face. I rubbed the residue all over her face, using my dick as a paintbrush, before behind pushed aside by bachelor number six.

Debbie was a complete mess, a receptacle for nine loads of facial cum. The sticky stuff slowly slid down her face and onto her clear white blouse as she stood, then sat in the chair. "Did I pass the test?" she shyly asked.

"With flying colors," said Mr. Biggins. "Harry, it's time Debbie received her reward."

Harry left the room and came back with a varsity sweater, complete with a big letter "F" in the middle.

"Young lady, I hereby grant you this varsity letter for all your hard work this year with the tennis team," stated Mr. Biggins. "Wear it in good health, you deserve it. Congratulations."

What some people won't do for a varsity letter.

The story doesn't end there. The final part of the deal was that Debbie, without cleaning up, had to walk home to her dorm wearing just panties and the varsity sweater. That wasn't terrible, because the sweater was large enough to be a short skirt. Still, I though it best to walk her home. As it was, she was a little wobbly from all the fucking, and the cum-dried face did look a little odd to those passing by. It didn't help that one eyelid was partially stuck from the sticky stuff.

We walked silently. As we neared her dorm she turned and kissed me on the cheek.

"I'm sorry," was all she said.

I looked her in the eyes and replied. "I know." Then I added" "Wanna fuck?"

There was a silent pause before she replied: "Ok."

Instead of battling the Resident Assistant, we merely walked over the a grove of trees near the back door of the building. She took over the sweater and laid it on the grass. I had to smile as she placed her pretty ass on the "F" and laid back, spreading open her legs.

"Come and get it," she coyly said. "Now that I have my letter there is only one more thing I want."

I did, not having the heart to remind her of the activities of earlier that evening.

Later, I helped myself to seconds. Or should I say fourths.

Needless to say the next morning Debbie had trouble walking.

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