tagBDSMDebbie's Barn Conversion

Debbie's Barn Conversion


Deboarah Cally, 'Debbie' to here friends, accepts a lift home from her boss, Roger Daunt. She entertains high hopes that she might get Roger to 'come up for coffee' when they get to her flat. But things don't go to Debbie's plan...

We join them as Roger is saying patiently, "Calm down Deborah, I did NOT call you a 'tart'. I just said that you 'dressed' like a tart, which you do," Debbie squirms in the passenger seat.

Keeping his voice level Roger continues, "I have told you before, if you keep showing me your stocking tops when bending over, and if you keep leaning over my desk in low cut blouse showing be your heavy breasts, I shall have to file a complaint about your inappropriate dress."

"I didn't mean anything by it..."

"Of course you did Deborah. You know this is not the first example of your flirty behaviour. For example, this is the second time this week that you have asked me to give you a lift home."

Debbie is on the verge of tears, "Yow know, if I get another warning, I'll be given my cards."

"Yes, I know that. And I also know that your previous warnings were also for 'inappropriate dress'," Debbie is quiet, "furthermore, you have been 'working' your through way the directors in turn, flirting your way into their beds."

Roger maneuvers his Volvo Estate round a tight corner in busy traffic, "It's got to stop Deborah. I AM going to put in the complaint."

"Pleeeease give me one more chance, I'll be good, I'll wear regulation clothes, I won't let you down."

Debbie pulls herself together and decides to try a different angle, "You are different from the others," Roger says nothing, "you are kind, but firm. You aren't a bully like some, but you always get your way."

"You like powerful men, don't you Deborah?"

"Yes Sir, I suppose I do. I don't know why. It's just a thing with me."

"You don't like uncertainty. You enjoy sticking to a routine. I have noticed that you are never late."

"Yes, I suppose that's true as well. HEY, we've gone past my flat. Where are you taking me?" Debbie felt fearful.

"You are a good worker Deborah and I don't want to lose you. I have decided that 'all work and no play' is not good for you. We going to take a little walk in the country, so that we can talk uninterrupted."

Debbie smiles to herself. Perhaps she was going to get out of the trouble after all. And maybe, just maybe, she might make some 'progress' with Roger.

They continue driving along the road out of town, chatting about this and that. After about fifteen minutes Roger turns the car on to a muddy track. After a slow bumpy ride up the track he brings the Volvo to a halt.

"Come on, we are going for a short walk while the sun is still shinning," he guides her through a gate and further along a track. Deborah struggles in her high heels, but it is very peaceful. They hear birds singing.

An an old barn comes into sight, "We can rest your feet in here," Debbie follows him inside. There are hay bales stacked all around, "sit down Deborah." Roger indicates a bale.

She looks around, "It's nice in here."

"This last couple of weeks, you have been making a 'play' for me, haven't you Deborah."

"Err, yes I suppose so."

"I am much older than you and not 'cool', why me?"

Debbie is startled by his directness, "I like you. And I suppose I like your 'authority'. Everyone listens to you."

"I see Deborah. I have decided to give you one last chance."

"Oh thank..." Roger puts his hand up.

"Don't thank me yet. You haven't heard the conditions yet. I am not going to report you, but I am going to punish you -- physically," Debbie's eyes widen, but no words come, "I am going to spank you like a naughty school girl. However, because you a grown woman, I am going to spank you much harder," Roger pauses again, "if you agree, I am going to bend you over my knee and give you a hard punishment spanking."

"You can't... that's not.... What if I don't agree?" Debbie looks into his eyes, they are steady."

"OK, I'll drive you home right now and I'll put the complaint in to head office first thing in the morning," Roger stands up and turns towards the door.

"No wait," Roger halts, "will it hurt?"

"Yes Debbie, it will hurt, it is a punishment. I can't work with you flashing your tits at me in the office. I'm a man, they distract me," Roger looks at Debbie struggling with her choice.

In a reassuring voice he says, "The spanking won't go on forever, and afterwards, I'll tear up the report."

Debbie's mind started working quickly, she had heard that some men were 'turned on' by spanking women, perhaps there was something to be gained here...

"Sir, after the spanking, err, you and me, will we be 'friends'?"

"That depends on how you take your punishment," he smiles, "you know I like to get my way."

"Yes, Sir," despite her misgivings, Debbie did actually 'like' the idea of being controlled by Roger. Allowing herself to be punished would be humiliating, even her father hadn't spanked her. But these feelings of humiliation weren't entirely unpleasant. In fact being humiliated by Roger was turning her on a little. She made a decision.

"What do I do?"

Roger held out his hand and guided her down over his knees, "Rest your front on the bale. And don't try and protect yourself, remember you deserve this punishment."

"Yes, Mr Daunt Sir," the spanks start immediately, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek... on her skirted bottom, "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.."

His left arm holds her waist firmly as he spanks her. After the initial shock, the spanks hurt, but not to much. She starts to be able to tollarate the blows. He stops.

"Stand-up and remove your skirt." Debbie complies in a silent muddle.

Over the last couple of weeks she had been dreaming about taking her skirt off in front of Roger, but never like this. He guides her back down. Now the spanks start to really sting.

"Ah, Ugh, Arghhh, Noooo, Pleeease, Ah, Ugh," he continues ignoring her struggles and protests. Debbie feels, with her thigh, that her protests are 'encouraging' a certain part of Roger to harden and grow big. Another pause, and she feels her panties being pulled down.

"Nooo! Not that..."

"Debbie your panties are damp, you have been enjoying this," there was note of disappointment in his voice, "I will have to spank you harder."

His cool hand rubs her hot cheeks. Debbie becomes acutely aware of just how aroused she is becoming, she silently prays that his fingers will not investigate the crease between her heated cheeks. Mercifully he starts again, harder and faster. Her feelings of being fortunate are short lived, "Arrrgh , Ugghh, Nooo, OHHHH, PLEEEASE...."

"If you," (SPANK) "weren't," (SPANK) "such," (SPANK) "a dirty Tart," (SPANK) "this, wouldn't be necessary." SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK...

"I'm Sorrry," Debbie is sobbing uncontrollably, "I'm Soo Sooorrryy..."


Debbie is still sobbing as Roger's hand feels her red hot cheeks again. This time his fingers do wander into her damp crease. His fingers finds her swollen labia, and from there, they make their way inside her and stimulate her sweet spots. Debbie feel a rapidly rising PLEASURE which mixes with her PAIN in a strange way. These uncontrollable feelings add to her sense of humiliation. She is UNABLE to resist Roger's manipulations.

She moans with pleasure, "Ooooooh Siiiirrrrr."

The spanks started again - severely HARD and fast, suppressing her pleasure and starting her sobbing machine again.

It seems to Debbie that the spanks will never end, being punished is her world now. The blows sting her already sore bottom badly, buy it seems 'right' to her. Debbie finds she is able to accept the pain as a fair punishment for her selfish slutty ways. Her punishment, she admits privately to herself, is deserved.

Roger stops, but for a while Debbie doesn't notice. Roger maneuvers her off his knees and she finds herself kneeling between Roger's knees staring at a large bulge in his trousers. She is weak, but she looks up at his face for permission. Roger nods. Debbie uses her slim fingers to release his erection from his trousers. She closes her lipsticked lips over the tip, she feels Rogers fingers in her hair. He pushes her head down, making his cock fill her mouth. Roger started thrusting upwards into her mouth. He is fucking her mouth. Debbie tries not to choke.

Now it is Rogers turn to moan, "Uh, Uh, Uh..." the strokes speed up and, and, and SUDDENLY he is pumping his seed into her mouth in powerful spurts, "OHHH GOD YESS, Uhhh, UHHH, UHHHH, Ahhhhhhhhh...."

Debbie is unable to keep his cock in her mouth, the freed cock continues to pump Roger's hot spunk into her face and hair. After he squeezes out the last slow spurt, Roger slips down the bale and holds Debbie to him. Together they collapse down on the hay strewn floor boards.

"Thank you Sir, thank you," Debbie is kissing up Roger's jacket towards his face. Roger holds her off his face.

"Listen Deborah Cally, you can keep your job on one condition."

"What is that Sir."

"You can keep your job as long you promise to obey me at all times."

"Thank you Sir, I promise I'll exactly as you say, always," she is excited.

"You do realise that by promising to obey me, you are promising to accept punishments from me in the future whenever I deem it necessary."

Debbie thinks over the implications for less than a second, "Yes Sir, I am yours, I will do anything you say, you are my, my... my owner." They lie holding each other on the dirty floor, they hear the country sounds again. The blackbird calling and cows mooing.

"Debbie, those cows do whatever the farmer bids them to do, they go exactly where he indicates. But calves pass though frisky stage that can be dangerous. The farmer has to whack then with a stick. The calves learn who is boss quickly."

"I see Sir, I am..."

"No, wait Deborah. Occasionally, a fully grown cow gets greedy ideas and thinks it can eat the roadside grass while it is being taken back to the farm to be milked. The farmer steps up and whacks her rump with the stick and she quickly starts walking along the road again." Roger looked into Debbie's eyes. He 'sees' her considering his words.

"I do understand Sir. I am your cow and you are my farmer looking after me, but ultimately owning my very life."

"Yes, but there is one important difference, the farmer punishing his cows does so as a duty, and does not enjoy it, whereas I do enjoy span..." Debbie put a finger to his lips.

"I know Sir, and it's all right. I know I will need regular top-up punishments. Punishments that will hurt and humiliate me, but I know now I need controlling. The fact that you enjoy spanking me is a bonus for you, and for me."

"You will live with me as my housekeeper. Among your duties will be the cleaning and polishing of my collection of leather straps, paddles and canes. You will mark down your short comings and failures in a 'punishment book'. The first entry in your punishment book will be 'Failure to contain Sir's seed - two strokes'. At the end of the week you will read out the week's failures and I shall then administer your punishment."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Oh, and you won't flirt at work, but you can wear sexy clothes, sexy clothes that I choose for you." Debbie smiles. Her plan had worked out after all, and she discovered a new exciting world.


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