tagIncest/TabooDebra the HCA

Debra the HCA


I was in a sorry state. I had broken both my wrists and my right ankle. I couldn't walk or do anything and I certainly couldn't satisfy myself.

It was summer. I was 20, home from university and confined to the house. I was back home and not in much pain. My parents had gone on their holiday they had booked months ago and I was left in the care of my 18 year old sister Jakki and a young nurse called Debra who came once a morning to wash me and check my plasters etc.

Things were going well till about my 3rd day home when the pain had subsided to a level that allowed my horniness to return. As I said Debra was a young nurse- in fact she was barely older than me a 23. I hadn't paid much attention to here previously because the pain clouded my mind but that morning I noticed her.

She was actually a ‘Health Care Assistant' and not a qualified nurse so she wore a white dress instead of the blue ones. She leant over like she always did to uncover me. This time I noticed I could see down her zipped top at her very impressive cleavage. My erection hit as she turned to her bag, having uncovered me completely.

Shit, she would see it. There was no chance it would go before she turned round again. I looked at her and my problem worsened. She was bending in such a way that I could make out her tiny black thong through her dress. It was hot so she couldn't wear tights I guess. My, did she have a fine arse. She turned round. I went red. She carried on as normal.

"Right, time for your wash young man."

"I guess so" I managed to say. She washed me all over including my cock. Her gloved hand felt fantastic on my cock as she held it between thumb and finger and washed it. She made no sign that she was embarrassed or that me having a huge erection was anything out of the ordinary even though it had never happened before.

She dried me off and asked me what I wanted to wear today.

"I don't know, what's it like today? I asked.

"Hot. But it doesn't affect you. You can't go outside. Tell you what I'll put on shorts and t-shirt."

So she did. She had a bit of difficulty getting my still hard cock into my boxers and shorts but she managed quickly enough. She bent over to back her bag back up and I stared at her arse trying to remember that gorgeous sight. This girl shouldn't be allowed to look like that in front of young men I thought. But then I reasoned that she'd give old guys a heart attack and I should count myself lucky that she looked after me. Debra stood up to go.

"You're doing well Nick. I noticed an obvious sign of improvement in your health today" She said smiling.

"Great" I replied. "See you tomorrow I guess."

"You sure will. Have a nice day". She left and I waited for my sister to help me into the lounge.

Jakki was 18 and had just sat her A levels. She clearly didn't want to be stuck at home with me like this but she refused by suggestions that she leave me for a bit whenever I suggested it. I guess it was only for the two weeks our parents were away and I'd feel guilty if it were the other way around.

"I hear your feeling a bit better today?" she said when she came in.

"Who told you that?

"Debra. On her way out." She was smiling. I wasn't sure what Debra has said exactly but I wasn't about to ask.

So I sat in the lounge watching MTV like I had the previous two days. Getting regular erections over the likes of Britney, J-Lo and Christina. My shorts were quiet tight and it was a little uncomfortable. Jakki came to feed me my lunch as I was having difficulty but today she had been sunbathing in the bikini. I'd never paid much attention to her but I did like what I saw, I guess my sexual frustration was making me think things I shouldn't. She had small breasts but a flat stomach and a nice little arse. She was the opposite to Debra, my tits and arse nurse. My favourite moment was when a bit of yogurt feel onto her tits and she scooped it off with her finger and ate it- I just thought yogurt = cum.

She spent the next few hours sitting next to me in her bikini channel flicking. She was a lot faster than me and seemed to like catching the raunchy videos for me. MTV base did a triple video show and we caught Christina's videos starting with "Dirrty"

"Oh I love her. I love the way she acts like a whore and doesn't care. Wearing next to nothing and spreading her legs like that. She knows how to tease and turn men on don't you think Nick"

"Yeah, I guess she does."

"Would you then?"

"Would I what?"

"Fuck her?" I was shocked.

"Ermm... yeah.... I guess so."

"Good. So would I if I had a cock. How would you do her?"


"How?... You know. What position?" I couldn't believe this but my cock seemed to be enjoying the conversation.

"Doggy. Doggy and then I'd get her to beg me to fuck her up the arse."

"Of course! The dirty whore would love that. You want to watch her in concert? I have the DVD."

"Ok." I had nothing better to do did I.

It didn't take long for me to be very pleased with myself for agreeing to this. Soon my sister was on the floor trying to work the DVD player with her bikini-covered arse up in the air waving around for my pleasure. I was very pleased that she was having some trouble as I was able to enjoy every curve of her arse and trying to catch a look at her crotch.

The DVD was good and little else happened during the day although I did get the feeling that I was becoming preoccupied with sex. I seemed to enjoy watching my sister eating her sausages more than I should.

The next morning Debra arrived as usual and began the routine of washing and bed bathing me. I had actually been looking forward to this and already had a solid erection when she entered the room.

"How's my favourite patient today?" She was in a good mood.

"Fine but bored. You?"

"Oh I'm very well thank you."

Debra pulled the covers off me and again didn't bat an eyelid at my erection. She turned to her bag and searched in it and I started intensely at her arse. I stared hard and could make out the outline of her thong. I guessed that it was navy blue.

"I've been getting a bit of bad back ache recently Nick so would you mind if instead of leaning over you I try something different today?"

I realized that this might make Debra's impressive cleavage a little hidden from me but what could I say.

"Sure. Don't want you hurting yourself and ending up bed bound like me."

We both laughed. Now I assume that like me you assume that Debra sat on the edge of my bed, feet on the floor and washed me with her upper body doing lots of turning. We were both wrong and I was shocked. She hitched her dress up and knelt on the bed with her feet tucked under her arse. She got herself in position and then said

"Oh that's more better, best get started"

I didn't answer as I was too busy staring at her dark silky blue with black lace trim knickers which where on full display and pulled tightly across her crotch in that position. Debra washed me and I passively let her move my arms around as I stayed glues to her knickers and occasionally enjoyed the view down her dress top- I was pleased to see a matching bra straining to contain her breasts.

This was great. I'd been enjoying myself for quite a while as she washed me in silence. This was a little unusual for Debra as she could probably literally talk the legs off a donkey. I forced myself to look up at her face and followed her gaze to my hard cock she was busy washing- strangely I hadn't even notice her starting on it and it was the highlight of yesterdays wash. She must have felt me looking because she turned to me and smiled. I smiled back. Debra returned to looking at her my cock as she watched every bit of me she washed.

"Does it still look like I'm the mend?

I was taking a chance on this reference to her innuendo yesterday.

"Huh?" Debra turned back to me. "I'm sorry what was that- I was a million miles away then." Then |I noticed something about Debra I'd never noticed before. There was a hint of red in her cheeks like she was embarrassed. I hoped she was daydreaming about my cock so I repeated by question and jested with my head to my cock she was holding.

She looked at it and stayed still for about 20 seconds. Then she returned to the professional Debra who I was used to.

"Perfectly natural for a man of you age." She quickly finished washing me by doing my balls and arse last as usual. While she did this, my eyes returned to her crotch and I smiled at the wet patch that had appeared on the silky material of her thong.

"I am worried you're a little restricted in these shorts so I'm going to make you wear this." Debra produced a lime green wrap round skirt that she quickly wrapped round my waste. "See it will not restrict you plus I think it suits you." I recognised the skirt as an old one of my sisters and I guessed she must have been involved in it.

So I was sitting on the sofa as usual when Jakki came in and asked me if I wanted any magazines as Debra had said ‘I was too bored for my own good.' She smiled at my skirt and agreed that it suited me. So I asked for Topgear magazine and Jakki set off. I thought it best to avoid FHM etc as I felt sure I would simply tease myself silly.

Anyway Jakki soon returned and it soon became obvious that my sister planned to tease me silly. She brought Top Gear magazine but had taken it upon herself to buy "Derriere" a hardcore porn magazine specialising in anal sex. She sat beside me and placed the magazine on my lap.

"I thought you might like to look at this bro. I thought the girl on the front was cute and you'd like her. I reckon when you see her you'll wish you were fucking her arse." I didn't say anything but forced a smile. Jakki slowly flicked through the magazine making comments about the girls and what they were doing to the big cocks. She liked the ones of the girls looking in pain with a big cock deep in their arse and the ones where their faces were covered in cum. My cock was rock solid and making my skirt lift up. We reached the spread of the cover girl and she was a very hot blond girl. She really looked like she enjoyed being anally stuffed with cock and we spent a while admiring her.

"So would you?" she asked.

"Chance would be a fine thing. She wouldn't fuck a cripple." Jakki smiled.

"I thought she looked a lot like me." With that she got up and went upstairs leaving me staring at the centrefold. I had to agree she did remind me of my sister and I'd just admitted to wanting her. Did that mean I had confessed to my sister that I wanted to fuck her up the arse?

Jakki didn't come down again until her two friends turned up. Great, here I was in Jakki's skirt and an erection and a porno in front of me. Nicole is blonde and nearly as fit as my sister whilst Katie is a bigger girl with dark hair. Jakki fixed them a drink whilst the girls came and teased me. They sat either side of me and Nicole picked up the magazine.

"What would your mother think Nick if she saw you looking at things like this?" Nicole said,

"Very funny."

"She is fit though," commented Katie.

"I bet you'd like to fuck this one up the arse like this guy's doing hey?" Nicole asked. I wasn't going to fool for this one again.

"Not really, she's not my type."

"Not you type! She's gorgeous. Any straight man would want a piece of her." Said Katie.

"And by the looks of your skirt Nick you're lying. Your cock looks like it could knock in nails."

"I wouldn't say no to her that's true."

"You know there's something familiar about this girl" said Nicole.

"She looks like Jakki!" Katie practically screamed.

"Does that mean..." they both said together. At that point Jakki entered the room and they both looked at her. Katie spoke first.

"Nick just said he wants to fuck you!"

"Up the arse!" added Nicole. ‘What?' I thought. This was all a bit much.

"That's not what I said"

"Its ok girls. I know he does." Jakki said calmly. Now this did surprise me. The girls chatted amongst themselves for a while about nothing until Katie was noticed to be looking up my skirt.

"Katie, leave him alone." Jakki said.

"What? I'm only looking. Open his legs Nicole. I want a better view." Nicole opened my legs and I struggled to stop her but it was too difficult. "He's got a nice cock!"

"I want to look." Katie and Nicole swapped places and Katie folded my skirt up to fully expose my cock. "There, now everyone can see."

"I've seen it before when the nurse washes him. Now stop teasing my brother." Jakki sounded like she was trying to stop them but I wanted her to try harder.

Nicola then sat opposite me and spread her legs wide so I could see her bright red silky knickers pulled tight across her crotch. She then started rubbing her clit over her panties and moaned.

"Nicola!" exclaimed Jakki.

"Just teasing him, Nick doesn't mind."

"You wouldn't do that if I was healthy so why do it now?" this was the first time I had spoken in ages and I think it surprised them.

"Well if I did it then you'd be able to fuck me and this is just safe fun." Nicola seemed pleased with herself that I could do nothing to stop her teasing.

The next morning Debra arrived as usual and began washing me. I nearly choked when she sat in her now normal position and hitched her dress up to start. Today she wasn't wearing any knickers and I could see her completely bald pussy! It looked amazing and my cock throbbed like mad as I made no secret of staring at it. Nether of us spoke the whole time Debra washed me. When she finished Debra left me exposed and made no attempt to dress me. She stayed sitting on the bed with her pussy on show looking concerned.

"What's up?"

"I'm very worried about you and I don't know what to do." She said very seriously. "I'd best talk to your sister."

She called my sister in which annoyed me because it meant I had to stop looking at Debra's pussy and because I was again naked in front of my sister.

"We have a problem Jakki, it's your brother's penis. It's always erect when I'm here. Have you noticed it erect at other times?" How embarrassing I thought.

"Well, now that you mention it, it's always hard when I'm around him."

"Hmmm," said Debra.

"Oh and he's been telling my friends he wants to fuck me up the arse!"

"Really?!" Debra looked shocked and turned to me. "This is serious. Your brother is suffering from serious sexual frustration. I'd like to help him out but I have strict rules about such things with my patients. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"No, he's single"

"Hmmm, Jakki, its up to you to save your brother's penis and more importantly his whole mental and physical well being. You need to find someone who can cure his problem."

"I guess I could see if any of my friends could toss him off?"

I hoped she was thinking of Nicola.

"No no no. I don't think I made it clear. That won't be good enough. Several journal articles indicate that only penetration will help and the most effective form is anal." This had me very excited and my cock started to spasm at the thought of having my cock up Nicola's arse. But she probably wouldn't agree to help surely.

"Oh, that might be more difficult." Jakki looked worried as she looked at me and my cock. "How soon does the penetration need to be?"

Debra looked at her watch.

"ASAP, I could be back at midday, call your friends and see what you can do. If they're not keen try and get them to come around anyway and maybe I can convince them."

"Ok, I'll see what I can do." My sister didn't look overly hopeful.

"In the mean time I better give you this." Debra produced a small bottle from her bag. "Rub this on his penis ever 30 minutes for 5 minutes. It's very important as it will bide us time. On no account are you to let him ejaculate. Research has shown that this will actually make things worse. Do you understand?"

"Of course I do."

"Ok see you at noon"

With that Debra left and I was left very worried and horny. At least I know knew that my horniness had a reason but I was a little scared of what Debra had said even though I'd never heard of anything like it. Jakki was busy reading the bottle.

"I think Debra forgot to leave me gloves bro, I guess I'll have to do it without. She did say it was important." Jakki knelt down by my bed and squeezed some of the oil into her hand and rubbed them together. She gently and tentively held the base of my cock with her left thumb and finger and started to rub the oil onto my cock. Her hands felt cold and the contrast between that and the hot feeling the oil was causing actually made my cock harder still. The five heavenly minutes soon passed and Jakki left to call her friends. I tried to listen but couldn't hear. As it happens Jakki rubbed the oil in my cock 4 more time before noon and had no luck with her friends. At 11:45 the door started ringing. Nicola and Katie arrived as suggested and Debra arrived at 11:50. However she was not alone. First Debra met Jakki's friends and asked Jakki to help move me into the lounge and laid me on the floor. I was still naked as in the worries no one has bothered to dress me and my erection stood proud and in full view of Debra, Jakki, her friends and the strangers.

"Ok," said Debra." Introductions. This young health care assistant is Zeph and she is actually a student." Zeph was wearing very little. It was the same uniform as Debra but was a good 4 inches shorter at the bottom and the V of the neck actually extended down to her belly button putting her bra-less tits on pretty much full display. Her uniform was also thinner than Debra's and her silver thong was easily visible to all.

"Hi." Said Zeph.

"This is Katherine. She will be filming the events as it's a controversial therapy and we don't want any lawsuits etc."

"Hi, just pretend I'm not here." Katherine was short with brown hair. She was wearing cut down jean shorts which let her arse cheeks hang our below and her black thong was riding high above them. Barely covering her breasts was a small halter neck top. Katherine set about preparing the tripod and camera.

"And this is Sheila, she's at management level and also a legal advisor." Sheila was a tiny Indian girl and was wearing a power suit and carried an expensive looking briefcase.

"Good day everyone." She said.

"Firstly I'd just like to show my student, Zeph the problem. Is that ok Nick?"

"Err, sure."

They both stepped towards me and crouched down either side of my waist in a very unlady like way, knees apart. I could see that Debra still hadn't bothered to put on any knickers and the sight of her bald pussy filled me with joy. Meanwhile Zeph's silver thong was pulled tight across what looked like a very hairy pussy.

"Examine the penis Zeph and tell me what you notice."

Zeph nervously held my cock and began inspecting it, she tapped it, wiggled it around, weighed my balls and finally licked the tip of it.

"It looks like a classic case of severe sexual frustration." She finally said.

"I agree. That was very good Zeph apart from we no longer lick the penis. It's deemed unprofessional now. You really must get an up to date text book."

They both stood up and backed off and Debra addressed my sister's friends.

"Who's going to help this poor boy out then?"

They both looked at their feet and said nothing.

"No one? I'm surprised. But I guess you have no moral reason to help. Jakki. I'm afraid it's up to you. Either you provide the penetration your brother needs to be cured or he losses his penis."

Jakki went white.

"Surely there's another way. I mean, I could put the oil on every 15 minutes. That would help wouldn't it?"

"I'm afraid not." Debra looked very serious and I felt scared despite my raging erection. "Nick needs treatment soon. You must decide now."

Jakki looked at me and then her friends.

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