Debra the HCA


"Can my friends go please."

Debra smiled. "I'm sorry Jakki but I feared we might have to resort to this treatment. I need them here as witnesses.

Sheila stepped forward.

"Debra is right. I have a contract here for their signatures."

Jakki gulped. "Ok. I'll help."

"Good" said Debra. "Go change into a dress, you can wear a thong if you prefer."

Jakki left.

"Ok, witnesses. I need you to take off your clothes down to your knickers, it will relax Jakki more, and sign the form." Sheila asked.

One by one they did and very quickly too. Nicola was wearing a pink silky thong and Katie a white lacy thong.

Jakki returned in her dress and did a double take at her friends.

"Sign her Jakki." Sheila held out a big document and Jakki signed it without reading it. "And you Nick." I signed the document to. "Good, you'll soon be feeling better."

Nicola and Katie were made to stand on my right whilst Sheila and Zeph stood on the left. Debra positioned Jakki standing above my waist, a foot either side of me.

"You ready Katherine?" Debra asked.

"Yep, tapes rolling." She replied.

Debra produced some cold gel and smeared it on my cock. She held it in her hand.

"Ok Jakki, crouch down."

Jakki did and I saw her lilac thong under her dress. Debra yanked it to one side and smeared some gel across her arse. She positioned Jakki and my cock so it was pointing at her semi-open arse hole.

"Ok everyone. The treatment is about to begin."

Debra gently pushed on Jakki so my cock pushed against her hole and slowly it gave and allowed me inside. Jakki's legs gave and she fell backwards impaling herself fully on my cock. She didn't make a sound although everyone else in the room gasped.

"Ok Jakki, you doing well. Now start riding the penis slowly at first."

My sister nodded and started bouncing up and down on my cock. I watched my cock slide in and out of her arse. Her arse looked hungry for my cock, gobbling it up but not wanting to release it. Jakki soon built up a good speed and started grunting with the effort.

"If you're too hot take your dress off Jakki." Debra suggested. Jakki stopped her bouncing with my cock deepest in her arse and lifted her dress off and threw it away. Instantly she returned to her hard bouncing on my cock. God she looked sexy, even though I could only see her back the view was amazing. I started to move my hips with Jakki's movements to try and get deeper inside her. I couldn't move much because of my plasters but it helped and Jakki's grunts got louder. Debra noticed.

"Good Jakki, very good. The treatment's working. I hope you're paying attention Zeph."

Jakki turned to look at Debra and Debra smiled at her. Jakki turned to face forward and Katherine's camera and increased her efforts. I have no idea how long this went on for but Jakki was sweating loads and her skin was a deep red.

"Phase two I think." Debra announced." Jakki stand up and step forward. Jakki stopped bouncing on my cock and slowly pulled it out of her despite her arse's best efforts to hold me in. She stepped forward as instructed.

"Thong off Jakki and drop it behind you." Jakki followed Debra's instructions. Then there was silence as everyone waited. No one was looking at anyone. I couldn't work out what was going on. Katherine was still filming. I looked at my sister then at her knickers, which were by my feet. I sat up and reached for them. I picked them up and looked around the room. No one was looking at me. I put the thong to my face and gave it a big sniff. My sister's scent filled my nostrils and my cock twitched loads. I looked up again. Everyone still wasn't looking at me. My sister though was now on her knees and elbows and her gaping arse hole was pointing at me, I knew my cock belonged in there but couldn't see how I could get to it. I started pulling at my plasters and broke them off one by one. I gingerly got to my feet and moved towards my little sister. I positioned my cock and entered deeply into her arse. Jakki grunted and pushed back on me. I started to fuck her, moving my hips as best I could. I built up a rhythm and enjoyed as much of Jakki's arse as I could. Jakki's grunting returned and I spotted her hand creep underneath her and knew she was rubbing her clit. I looked around the room and saw lots of smiling. Jakki's friends were beaming and Nicola gave me a thumbs up. Zeph was smiling and had her hand down her thong playing with herself. Debra stood smiling, arms folded, clearly pleased that her treatment was working. Sheila stood straight faced and stern looking. I couldn't think why. I didn't care anyway so turned back to my sister and grabbed her hair and pulled so her back arched and I could fuck her deeper. I looked up at the camera and smiled. I fucked my sister hard up the arse and she got more vocal as I did. She pushed back and was rubbing her clit like mad. I started to feel my balls tense and knew I was getting close.

"Zeph" Debra spoke. Zeph knelt behind me and pulled on my balls hard and held them stretched. It hurt like hell but I didn't stop arse fucking my sister. I did notice the urge to cum lessen and I redoubled my efforts.

"Ten minutes of film left." Katherine spoke. Zeph let go of my balls and I felt them start slapping against Jakki's arse again. I felt my orgasm quickly build up and I started to pump my cum deep inside Jakki's arse. She started cumming too and our noise filled the room. I collapsed backwards and Jakki followed to my surprise as my cock was still stuck in her arse. Everyone started clapping and Debra helped Jakki off. She made her squat over a large bowl and encouraged her to cough. My cum fell out of her arse in big wads. When Debra was satisfied it was all out she handed me the bowl.

"Poor this down Jakki's throat." Jakki sat and tilted her head back. I moved the bowl over her face and slowly started pouring it into her mouth. It quickly filled it up but my sister didn't choke. When it was all in Jakki swallowed and I watched my cum disappear. Jakki turned to the camera and rubbed her tummy.

"Yum! " she said.

I don't know why but I fell to my knees and pushed my head between Jakki's legs and started licking her clit. She didn't resist and actually spread her legs and stroked my hair.

I heard the following conversation as I licked at my sister's pussy.

"Congratulations Debra. You have proved again why you are the best in our organisation. Zeph you will do well to concentrate in Debra's presence. Maybe one day you will be as good at bringing siblings together through incest as Debra.

That was Debra's aim all along. I later wondered who had been involved in this. I suspected Jakki's friends though they never said anything. I even suspected Jakki had sought Debra and this mysterious agency's help in seducing me but then I figured I didn't care. I was now in a full sexual relationship with my sister!

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