tagNonHumanDeep in the Jungle

Deep in the Jungle


A sparking rush of pure, virgin water falls from a height of black rock into a crystal clear pool. The same glossy black rock forms the 3-foot tall walls around the pool. Mist forms thickly around the base of the water fall, masking you vision of most of the pool. But, you hear a splash of water hitting spongy grass & clumps of unusual fungi growing from every nook & cranny of the rock. Floating around in & out of the mist are several plate sized water lilies.

You stand mesmerized. Taking in the bright green mixed with the shiny black scene. Your mind wonders at the possibility of it being safe to swim with out fish eating you alive.

You strip down to just your briefs & take two steps toward the pool. You try to see if there are any dangers floating with in. After a moment, you retrieve a wicked looking bowie knife & your hand gun. Wear the holster over one shoulder, & carrying the bowie in your leaf hand. You slowly move back towards the pool

When you bare only two or three steps from the inviting water. Some thing rises with a huge splash soaking you to the bone.

You swear your eyes are deceiving you before you stands a goddess. She flips her head back as she stands. Lifting her hair up to squeezing the water from it. Thrusting her large breast forward. Showing that her silver dollar nipples are puckered from the cool water. You notice that her eyes are closed, so you let your eyes hungrily glide slowly over her nude body. Her flame red hair falls down her back like a thick lave cape to her knees. She has yet to open her eyes so you let your self enjoy the show. Your eyes wonder lower on their own. She isn't skinny but, muscular with a little padding over it. Between her long shapely legs, hidden barely by light red hair. You can see her lower lips are the same pale color as the rest of her lush body.

When your eyes reach back to her face. You notice full pink kissable lips are forming a sneer, showing her sharp bottom teeth. & long canine fangs. Looking up you are startled by her bright blue green eyes watching you. She has just a hint of curiosity hidden under a savage courage.

You can hear a animalish growl above the roar of the water. As she drops into a ready crouch. Slowly you bend down & set your weapons on the ground. Then standing slowly with your hands out, showing that you have don't want to fight. You then seductively slide your briefs off.

With hands out wide, you turn around showing that you have nothing hidden. Facing her again you smile noticing that the growling has stopped. She is nibbling on her lower lip. Her eyes are felled with wonder as she studies your the same way you studied hers. Her eyes reach yours again felled with animalish lust & excitement.

With each step you take forward she takes one back, going deeper into the pool. Until you are standing against the side of the pool. With slow graceful movements you ease into the misty hot water.

Instantly your legs go out from under you from shock. She moves too fast for you to see. And catches you before you sink under the water. With her strong arms she moves you to a naturally made seat. Cushioned with soft moss.

Once you are seated she quickly moves back out of reach. You wonder at the tempter of the water as it relaxes you completely.

When you final look up at her. She forms a shy smile. With her right hand she reaches for your face. You notice that she has long feline claws instead of fingers. Her hands are a mix between human & feline.

Her touch gently pulls you closer. Till your just a hairs breath from her own face. With the tip of her tongue she traces your lips slowly, sending your blood pumping faster. Then she suddenly kisses you. Her fangs nip at your bottom lip. Unsure of what to do with your arms. You wrap her in a loose embrace. Then swiftly, matching her own cat like speed, you draw her onto your lap.

With your tongue you force her mouth open. Exploring every inch you can reach. You moan as she sucks your tongue deeper into her hot mouth. Her own tongue curls around embracing your.

Her claws tangle in your wet hair. Drawing you even closer. With her breast pressing against your tanned chest. You feel her purring. With your left hand you trace along her check to her ear. Then following her jugular vein down her neck. With lazy swirling motions you work your way to her right breast. At the same time you shift her away from your chest.

With a swift savage moment you grasp her breast, squeezing it firmly to the point of pain. A deep growl forces it's way out from deep with in her. Your left hand finds the hair at the back of her head. Then with almost animalish swiftness you break your lips from hers & pulling back her head exposing her throat. Before she can fight back your lips & teeth lock on to her jugular vein. Softly biting & sucking her hot flesh into your wanting mouth. Slowly you increase the pressure building up. Until you are almost breaking her skin with your teeth. Your other hand keeps switching between her rock hard nipples.

With the same speed that you attacked her neck with, you release. Your hand loosens its grip on her hair. She jerks her head forward & then shaking it sending her hair flying. It sweeps around the back of your head, & tangles in with your own long hair.

While you close your eyes enjoying the feathery soft felling of her hair brushing you. She jumps & with liquid grace. She lands once more on your lap but, now she is straddling you.

She brushes her hot moist pussy lips across your bulging cock. With both claws she grabs either side of your face. Forcing you to look her in the eyes. With your eyes locking. She lowers herself until the tip of your swollen purple cock is pushing at her lower lips. Slowly she takes just the head inside. Then she tightens her inner muscles to the point just short of pain, sending a flood of erotic pleasures into every inch of you.

She slowly loosens only to tighten up again. She is keeping a steady beat that matches her own heart. Increasing the speed as her heart beats faster & faster. She begins to lower herself down your huge cock inch by slow inch, it's almost like she is sucking you painfully deeper into a molten cave of lava.

When you are 1/3 of the way in her. She suddenly stops tightening her muscles & savagely sinks her teeth in your own jugular. As she sucks your blood, she raises herself up almost losing you. With a load growl she thrusts her body down. Burying you deeper then you thought possible.

The pain from your neck & the pleasure building up in your groin. Becomes intense till you think that you can take no more. She wraps her legs around you, locking you to her in a steel band.

After a moment she softly starts moving, almost rocking on you. Tightening & loosening with each thrust. She lets go of your neck to face you. Her eyes seem to search your for something. Then with a savage growl she thrust you deep with in her. Her hot juices flow all around your throbbing cock. Sending you over the edge. Into the most violent orgasm you have every had. Wave after wave of it hits you causing you to pass out, for only a second, but when you come back around she is gone, leaving only a faint sent of her musk.

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