tagSci-Fi & FantasyDeepStar II Submersible Ch. 02

DeepStar II Submersible Ch. 02


(A Watery Science Fiction Fantasy in Three Parts)

"Listen," he said, "you are not going to drown. You are going on an underwater adventure that is going to require that you learn a new skill in the next two minutes." The water was over her mouth and just starting to cover her nose! She could still here the captain talking to her as the water deepened.

"Here it is... you are going to learn to breathe water."

With that ringing in her ears the water covered her face as she was still crying out! Captain Chris could see her head vanishing under the water and rising toward his compartment. Bubbles rose from her open mouth to the small air gap near the top of her canopy. Her hands thrashed above her and she kicked at the instrument panel with her naked long legs.

He cranked a knob and increased the flooding of the cockpit. Captain Chris wanted to get underwater as quickly as possible to make his transition before she did.

The people on the dock could see her long blond hair swirling in the water as the sub continued to nose over. The captain was still head above water but it was almost up to his mid chest.

The announcer said to the camera and the crowd, "This girl is now in an oxygen rich water cocoon and as soon as she runs out of air in her lungs she will be required breath the water."

Inside the sub the captain was just going underwater but instead of holding his breath like the girl was, he put his lips together and blew out all of the air in his lungs. Within seconds, he was desperate to breath and he did.

The warm tingly water coursed down his throat and then into his lungs. He fought to inhale to the fullest before letting his body relax and the water flow out of his nose. Bubbles were expelled from his sinuses and they swirled around before being swept out of the sub through hidden vents in the canopy.

Barbie was in shock as she looked over her shoulder and saw the Captain exhaling his air into the water. She held her breath with even greater determination!

On the surface the crowd watched as the sub drove deeper and deeper with the struggling girl submerged in the front seat. One of the girls asked how long she had been underwater.

The girl's friend had glanced at her diving watch and said, "I think that she has been underwater for 20 seconds now and I know that when we snorkel together, she can stay under for a little less that I can -- and I can hold my breath for just about 60 seconds."

The monitor showed that the interior lights were on in the cockpit and the camera unmistakably showed that the captain was in control of the sub and leveling it off at 200 feet. Barbie was still twisting back and forth trying to reach the seatbelt buckles. Her hair was floating around her face and her terror was obscured from the camera but her body language was not! Barbie could see the depth gage passing through 240 feet and in the back of her mind she knew that if she got free -- she would never be able to get to the surface.

Her friend pleaded with the announcer to end her torture and bring her up. He said that if he asked the captain to come back to the surface it would take over 60 seconds and it looked like she had been underwater for 45 or 50 seconds now. If she could only hold her breath for 60 seconds total, she was way out of time.

There was only one outcome that would relieve her torment and that was to get the drowning over with, he said. The captain set the sub down on the bottom next to a rocky outcropping on one side and the Sydney-Mer Underwater Adventure Hotel on the other. The Sydney-Mer catered to rich divers and adventurers who could afford the $800 a day fee to stay in an 8 by 8 foot stateroom but enjoy the best meals on the face of the planet.

This afternoon there were 10 guests a the Sydney Mer having lunch in the glass vaulted roof dining room enjoying the view and relaxing after the mid morning dive. A young woman in a black bikini bottom, and little else, was the first to spot the sub as it came into view. The exterior lighting on the hotel lit up the area and the guests could see that there were two virtually nude people in the jet fighter like submarine.

The young woman noticed that there was something odd about the girl in the front seat. She was drowning! An eruption of air bubbles burst from her mouth and she clamped her hand over her face to prevent water from replacing the lost air. One of the divers ran from the dining room to get his diving tank and mask and try to rescue the crew of the downed sub. The captain of the sub waved to the people in the restaurant and gunned the little sub back to life.

Barbie was loosing the battle with the water that incased her. As the sub accelerated toward the chasm, she exhaled the air that she had been hording. Her body was wracked with a sharp pain when she drew the sparkling water back into her lungs. She passed out and her body took over scrabbling for oxygen to support her life. She was lost in a dream for several minutes that centered on being drowned inside of a small metal tube deep underwater.

The resort people on the dock watched in fascination as the sub cleared the wall and started to dive ever deeper in to the ocean. They could see the Captain piloting the craft and smiling -- it almost looked like he was whistling a happy tune!

The girl in the front seat was floating against her seatbelts and with her arms bobbing at her sides. The air bubbles had stopped coming out of her nose and she gave an occasional shudder as she breathed in more water and out the last of her air.

As the sub reached 500 feet Barbie woke up. She was in a daze but she could see that they were in a giant canyon with colorful spires made of rock sticking up over 80 above the bottom. The captain snaked the sub between the obstacles and tapped on the side of the boat to get her attention.

She looked over her shoulder at him and started to understand how utterly fantastic this was! She gave a small wave and went back to looking at the landscape that was before them. She heard a clunk and felt the seatbelts release her from their grip. Captain Chris must have let her loose now that the she was on the other side of the transition. She could feel the mass of the water as it coursed in and out of her windpipe and lungs! I was not an unpleasant experience.

She floated out of her seat and twisted around to swim back to him. She passed over the top of her headrest and into the empty cargo compartment that separated them. She swam to the opening to his compartment just as he parked the sub on the ocean floor for the second time.

Chris released his belts and swam over the instrument panel and into the cargo compartment. He met up with her and they joined hands. She tried to speak but only water came out. She breathed in and out and occasionally a bloop of air escaped from her mouth. It must have been air that was trapped in the recesses of her lungs. The captain pointed out fish and other interesting sea life as they hung weightless inside of the clear water filled dome.

Barbie could hear the hum of the sub through the water as the pumps and heaters kept their life-sustaining womb safe for them. She rapidly acclimated to the water breathing technique and wondered if she would ever be able to do this again. As they floated in the warm water Barbie started to get a little horny. She brushed against the captain's shorts and felt that he was as hard as a rock. He shorts did not conceal that he was ready for action.

She typed on the keyboard, "I am feeling kind of excited! Can we ... er ... make love in here?"

"Of course," he replied, "this is the best love nest that you will ever experience!"

To Be Continued ...

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