tagSci-Fi & FantasyDeika: Stone Cold Sexy

Deika: Stone Cold Sexy


An erotic story from Elliott McCrow


Deika Kitsenson had an unfortunate love life. It wasn't so much that she couldn't get any men to stay with her, quite the opposite actually. They had a tendency to stick around. Forever.


"I knew that Dryads were supposed to be all about getting wood to grow, but you..." the lecherous man whistled at the green-haired woman across the table from Deika. "You're something else, hot-lips."

Gili glared back at the man unabashedly. "Yeah, because I haven't heard that one a thousand fucking times by now. Come back when you have some new material," the Dryad spat. "It's not even clever," she muttered.

The man turned to Deika next, offering a terribly un-subtle and unflattering wink. Deika replied by smiling widely, flitting her long, forked tongue through her fanged smile. The tiny droplet of corrosive venom that fell from the woman's teeth told him that he was in for a world of hurt if he stayed.

The wannabe-Casanova left as quickly as he came, red-faced and staring at the floor.

"I swear, it's like just because we're in the Monster Manual, we're just another random encounter to them," Gili told Deika.

Deika smiled back at her wood-skinned friend through a pair of fairly ridiculous and over-large sunglasses. "Yeah, but what are you going to do about it, right? Everyone thinks they're the PC. Maybe I want to be the PC for once. Have adventures. Kill bad guys. Not be held responsible for the terrible things I do. Actually get laid once in a while," Deika grumbled playfully.

In hindsight, a low-scale bar probably wasn't the best place to go searching for that kind of thing, for a woman of Deika's unique... problems.

"I don't get that about you, Didi," the Dryad told her. "How can you not have oodles of men hanging off your every want and word? Look at you! You're a hottie!"

Deika really hated that nickname. Gili already knew that, but conveniently seemed to forget that fact pretty much every day. She wasn't entirely wrong, though. With her metallic, pale-gold skin and punkishly cute, short black hair, most men did find Deika attractive. Until they got to know her, that was. "I don't know," Deika sighed. "It just seems like whenever they get a good look at me, I lose them forever."

"It's their loss," Gili insisted kindly.

"Yeah, but they don't know that," Deika muttered.

"Ooh, what about that guy at the bar? The one with the purple horns? I know how much you love those ones," Gili said with an oaky giggle.

"What, the Mister Bond guy with two tails? Look at that cheesy purple tux. Besides, he looks like a Tiefling. You know how they are," Deika claimed. Although truth be told, he did have a devilishly handsome look to him.

Gili gave her friend A Look. "Oh, please. I think it's classy. Besides, compared to the other options in this hole of a bar, he looks like a gentleman. Take what you can get, sweetie."

"He's a demon!" Deika insisted, pointing at the man's calmly twitching pair of fleshy tails. Not to mention the curved, dark-purple horns. That part wasn't as weird, though. Not to Deika, at least.

"And you're a bizarre snake-thing. What, are you shy all of a sudden?"

"You remember what happened last time," Deika hissed through clenched teeth. "I still get calls from that guy's family, asking if I've seen him lately.

Gili rolled her leaf-green eyes at her friend. "Whatever," she said, "just go sit by the bar. He'll talk to you, I promise."

Deika started to protest, but the Dryad cut her off with a stern stare, a pointed point, and a friendly kick in the shins. That's what friends were for, right?

Deika saddled up to the bar, picking a bar stool that had empty seats on either side of her. "A Jolly Murloc," she told the barkeep. "With just a hint of venom," she added with a smile. The gruff Minotaur behind the bar with a pink-dyed beard nodded wordlessly, already mixing it up for her.

The tall glass arrived a minute later, a luminously blue-and-silver liquid with a single green orb floating on top of it. It wasn't an olive. It was a pretty girly drink, as far as drinks go, but Deika didn't mind.

"That's a bold drink choice," a deep, masculine voice said from behind her. "Most people wouldn't dare to pick something that silly looking. How's it taste?"

Deika turned around to see a tall, gray-skinned classy demon standing behind her. Damn, he moved fast. "Bold is my middle name," she replied with a smile. "Actually it's 'Mac', but I'm going to have to ask that you never ever call me that on account of what a terrible name it is. And it happens to taste fantastic, thank-you-very-much," she told the Tiefling.

The horned man sat down next to her, a drink already in his hand. "I'll have to take your word for it, then. So what should I call you, if 'Mac' is off the list? Yuan-Ti, perhaps?" he asked crisply.

Deika looked over him through the dark-red sunglasses that covered nearly half of her face. They were simply styling. He wasn't particularly tall, but she could see a nice, hard body outlined through his purple suit. And then there were the horns. She had a thing for horns. "You can call me Deika. And I'm as much a Yuan-Ti as you are an Aasimar, Mister...?" she questioned.

He leaned in close. "How do you know I'm not?" he whispered silkily. "Was it the tails that gave it away? Or was it the lack of a stick up my ass? And you can call me Teeth, candy-pants."

"That can't possibly be your real name," Deika said with a flirty cock of her head. Teeth flashed a tiny, too-perfect smile to prove it. He probably used magic to get it that shiny. Cheater. Deika replied with a wide grin of her own sharp fangs, a few drops of corrosive, black liquid falling to the floor and disappearing in tiny puffs of smoke. "Mine's bigger," she told him with an unrestrained giggle.

A single black eyebrow rose on Teeth's face. "And apparently more deadly, too. I don't know what you are, Deika, but something tells me that it would be a pleasure to find out." Teeth winked at the snakelike woman with his shimmering purple eyes. "Besides," he mentioned as an afterthought, "I've got a few things that you'd have the delight of finding out about, as well." The Tiefling's twin tails twitched teasingly.


They were at the front door to Deika's apartment less than twenty minutes later, their lips intertwining and their hands exploring each other impatiently as Deika fumbled with the door. Teeth, true to his name, was a biter, gently and less-than-gently nibbling at Deika's pink lips seductively. She liked it, but didn't dare return with the same. Deika's acidic venom wasn't strong enough to be a real threat, but her snakelike fangs certainly were.

The Tiefling's breath beat hotly against hers, his tongue slipping inside Deika's mouth, exploring her lips. In spite of the drink she'd had, Deika's venom tasted vaguely like coffee, and Teeth loved it. "You mind taking those sunglasses off?" he laughed gently. "They keep getting in my way..."

Deika waved him off with a tiny smile as she opened the door, pulling him into her apartment. "Not gonna happen," she told Teeth. "Not until the lights go off. I accidentally scarred myself there the other day. It's a sensitive thing, okay?" Deika told the Tiefling. Wisely, he didn't argue the matter.

The Tiefling pushed Deika up against the wall just on the inside of the room, holding the woman a few inches up off the ground as he hungrily pressed in to her, biting at her tongue eagerly. His hands started to stroke at her waist as he held her there, slipping underneath Deika's ocean-blue shirt. The snake-woman countered with wandering fingers of her own, the metallic skin of one of her hands wrapping around behind the man, pushing up through the bottom of his suit's jacket and on to the hot, muscled skin of his back.

Deika's other hand was busy unfastening the buttons on Teeth's jacket, crushed between their pulsing bodies as he pressed his muscled form up against her softer one. His deep-purple tuxedo jacket came off a moment later, revealing the buttoned black shirt beneath. "You deal with that..." Deika whispered in to his ear, "and I will see you in my bedroom, Mr. Teeth." Deika gave the Tiefling man one last, firm squeeze on his unfairly well-toned ass with both hands before she disappeared in to a door opposite the entry to the apartment.

The dark-haired woman hit the light-switch as she strolled calmly and gracefully in to her bedroom, walking in that way that only a woman who knows she's being watched can do. The lights went dim, nearly pitch-black in her bedroom; Deika turned around and hopped on to the edge of her bed playfully, kicking off her shoes in to the corner of the room and pulling off the shrouding sunglasses. She crossed her pale-gold legs, her short black skirt folding up over her lengthy, lick-able thighs.

Teeth came in to the room only a brief moment later, the buttons to his black shirt hanging loose and undone, baring the sight of his toned and muscled, gray-skinned chest beneath. The Tiefling quickly bounded over the threshold to meet her, his body coming to a halt as it hovered over hers, much faster than she thought it would. Deika was met with the sudden presence of a partially-naked, sexy warm body pressing up against her chest. Not nearly naked enough, though.

The demon seized Deika at her waist and at her neck, bending down to crush her body against the bed. Her hands raced up to the fringes of his unbuttoned shirt, tearing it down past his shoulders and off of his steaming body. She could feel his erection growing, pressing up firmly against her, and he didn't disappoint. There was a half-naked demon on top of Deika, and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

Teeth let her free for only a moment to pull off Deika's shirt. He fell down on to the bed, next to her, pulling Deika atop himself, their hips thrusting up against one another's. Her skirt was the next to disappear, leaving Deika only clad in her dark-blue bra and panties. His cock pushed up hard against her own thinly-clothed sex through his dress pants, the only clothing that the Tiefling still wore. Teeth had had enough of this pussy-footing around. He wanted her. Now.

Demons were never particularly known for their patience.

Teeth reached up to unclasp her bra and remove her panties. His patience disappearing, the Tiefling just ripped off the offending garments instead. They were only getting in the way. While he was doing this, he sneakily raised his tails up to his waist, using them to undo his belt. Deika pushed them down the rest of the way, the sweat building up on her metallic-feeling skin as she pressed her naked body firmly in to him. Deika's erect nipples were like fire against his body, the burning heat of her excitement clearly visible.

Deika wasn't much in the mood to wait, either, reaching down to grip his hardened cock in her hand, pumping it up and down a few times as she let her forked tongue slip out to lick the sweat off of Teeth's naked chest, small clouds of steam rising from his flesh as her venomous snake-tongue hungrily devoured him. This wasn't going to be making love, this was fucking; dirty, rough, wicked and lustful fucking.

And really, that kind is just more fun.

Teeth's hands reached back to grip Deika's ass, tightly squeezing her as he spread her ass cheeks apart, her glistening wet pussy rubbing up against his shaft. With a deep grunt he lifted her waist up in to the air. Deika pumped his nine-inch rod one last time before she raised it up to press the sensitive, fleshy head against her hungry, wanting cuntflesh.

The snakelike woman shuddered with unrestrained moans as she slowly lowered herself on to the Tiefling's thick cock. Teeth swore something in Abyssal as he thrust in to Deika's tight, warm pussy. He sank in only halfway at first, stretching her almost painfully from within.

With a forceful wrench, the Tiefling grabbed Deika's arms and pulled the pale skinned woman down on top of him, her slick, fiery body crushed up against his. Deika raised her head, panting as Teeth leaned forward and placed a solid bite on her pale-gold neck. Deika got the feeling that it was pretty clear how he'd gotten his name. He was not at all gentle about it, either, more an animal than a man.

Deika gave a lascivious, wild cry as the Demon thrust in to her again, completely filling her body with his rod of hot steel. Her tits dragged across his chest as she was lewdly rammed in to, the Tiefling's rock-solid cock pounding her soaking cunt. Teeth's tongue tangled with hers as she wrapped her lips around his, sizzling quietly.

Deika's eyes suddenly opened with shock as she felt a different solid prodding where the demon's cock was fucking her lustfully. One of the Tiefling's tails and then the other had darted in to her wet pussy while he fucked her, and then darted out again, only to return to press up against her asshole a moment later. The first fleshy tail pierced past her tight sphincter, thrusting up in to her, and the other one joined it shortly after. The pair of shaft-like tails beat a steady rhythm opposite to the Tiefling's hot, thick shaft, one of them impaling deep in to her and then out again just as the other one fucked her.

Deika's head raised up as she let loose an uncontrollable moan as Teeth rammed in to her again and again, his cock and tentacular tails pounding her pussy and ass raw. With his own hands occupied on her asscheeks, spreading her wide and thrusting himself in and out of her, Deika sat up and brought her hands up to tease and grope her tits, squeezing and twisting the burning, painfully erect and sensitive nipples. Deika had a bit of a masochistic streak in her.

With all three shafts fucking her with wild abandon, Deika was thrown over the edge. The snakelike woman gave one final cry, chanting a prayer to Gygax's name over and over. Heat flooded over her as Deika came, spurting clear, thick girlcum all over the Tiefling's thrusting rod of hot flesh. Her pussy and ass clamped down on the invading shafts, the orgasm overloading her senses and sending her spinning into blind euphoria. Teeth the Tiefling wasn't far behind her, the force of Deika's tightening sex pressing down on his cock bringing him down. The man only stoically grunted, pumping his erection in to Deika's steaming cunt, discharging globs of gooey white cum deep in to her pussyflesh.

They both lay there for a brief, quiet moment. "Mmm," Deika cooed, "I like you. You fuck good, Mr. Teeth."

The Demon pulled his sopping wet cock out from the woman's pussy, a sticky stream of cum coming out with it. She liked the feel of his hot cum squishing around inside of her. Without warning, the Tiefling flipped Deika around, pinning her underneath his hard body. "Oh, it's not over yet," he said firmly, without much room for choice in the matter. He lined his shaft up to her dripping asshole with one hand, reaching up to an end table next to the bed with the other. "We're gonna do this one with the light on; I want to see you writhe below me as I fuck your brains out," he commanded.

Uh oh.

This was about to end badly, and it wasn't the thought of potential rape that Deika was worried about.

She tried to reach a hand up to stop him, but she wasn't fast enough. The lamp flashed on, flooding the room with light.

Teeth's purple eyes widened with shock as he looked down at her, a most un-manly scream overtaking his voice. "Your hair!" he sputtered. "It's... alive?!"

Yeah, that had a tendency to happen when she got in the mood.

And then he had the poor sense to look her straight in the eye.

There was a painful flash of light, a lightning crack, and when Deika could see again she was met with the view of a solid stone statue crouching over her, in the form of a Tiefling.

She wiggled out from underneath the statue, grabbing a small cellphone from the table next to her bed. "Fuck me..." she grumbled, waiting as the heard the phone ring after she hit one of the speed-dials.

"Hello? " a voice on the other end asked.

"Hey Gili," Deika said. "I did it to another one," the woman sighed.

Deika Kitsenson was Stone Cold Sexy. But sometimes, just sometimes, she wished that she wasn't a Gorgon.

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