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Deleted Scenes - Amok Time


Deleted Scenes – Star Trek – The Original Series – Amok Time

What happens when Nurse Chapel brings Spock the soup he asked for.

Nurse Christine Chapel pressed the buzzer for Mr. Spock's quarters and waited anxiously. Her mind was a whirl with desires and fantasies. Her love for him was obvious to all her knew her and yet Spock ignored her advances. Now was her chance. She had reviewed Dr. McCoy's notes and the results of Spock's physical. It was obvious to her that he needed some form of physical relief and she was going to supply it. Even if it was just to listen to him. She patted her uniform to make sure it was in place and had fixed her make up while the soup heated. He had asked for it, for her to bring her homemade soup to him. This was the opening she had been looking for.

Spock sat at the utility table in his quarters and tried to calm his body. McCoy had noted that his body was creating an imbalance and it had his heart and mind racing. The buzzer interrupted his meditation, but he waited a moment longer before opening the door to admit Nurse Chapel. He knew that she was in human love with him, but the situation was impossible. He was betrothed to T'Pring, even though he could not feel her presence, he knew that he could not accept the affection of this female, but his body had other ideas. The ancient drives had taken hold of him and they were starting to control his mind. Spock knew that he had to do something immediately or he would not survive the trip to Vulcan.

Nurse Chapel set the tray before him on the utility table and smiled down at his seated form. She imagined that she was serving Spock, her husband his dinner. Even if it was just a fantasy, it was what she felt. Looking at his angular face Christine felt yet another rush of blood to her loins, she was getting wet again. She had even changed her panties before coming down to his quarters, but it did no good. Spock was emitting the Vulcan equivalent of human pheromones and they were having the proper effect on her. Her pussy started to drip into her panties and her nipples hardened.

Spock, deep in the Pon Farr was aware of Christine's heightened arousal, he could smell her. Her juices were intoxicating him and he wanted nothing more than to ravage her right there, but he could not do it. It would not be right. His mind fought with his body, and his mind lost.

"Christine, thank you for the soup." Spock said formally. "I am sure it tastes delicious."

"You are welcome Mr. Spock. If there is anything else I can do for you…" Christine could not believe that she said that. She was behaving like a wanton slut, not a professional nurse. She was practically offering herself to the first officer of the Enterprise.

"Actually Christine, there is something else you can do for me. Please sit down." Spock invited her.

Christine sat down sharply, surprised. Usually Spock merely thanked her for anything she did and ignored her overtures.

"As I am sure that you know from Dr. McCoy's medical records, I am currently in a state of internal distress. As such I am in need of the assistance of a female to help me correct this condition. Were I on Vulcan, the condition would be taken care of by a family member or spouse. As I currently have neither on the Enterprise I request your assistance."

"Of course Mr. Spock, whatever I can do to help." Christine replied quickly.

"Thank you Miss Chapel, but you might wish to know what you are agreeing to before you say yes." Spock replied. "Currently there is a buildup of reproductive fluid, what you human's call semen, in my body and it needs to be removed. Due to my current condition, self release is not satisfactory. It must be done by another individual. Can you remove this fluid for me?"

Christine was in shock. Here was the proud and proper first officer of the flag ship of the fleet asking her to have sex with him. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that this situation would actually occur. Quickly she composed herself and said "You want me to …"

Spock interrupted her, "No Miss Chapel, I am not asking you to have sexual relations with me. Merely to remove the buildup of fluids. Your hands would be more than sufficient."

Christine was disappointed. She saw her one chance to get Spock as her own disappearing. "Of course I will assist you Mr. Spock. After all, I am a nurse."

"Thank you Christine. I will require a moment to prepare myself and be waiting for you on the bed." Spock replied.

Christine stood and went into the bathroom. She wanted to give him the privacy to prepare and she needed something from his bathroom anyway. Starfleet took care of its people in ways most outsiders never thought about. Starship personnel worked hard and played hard, pulled muscles were natural and massage lotion was provided in every set of quarters. She knew that Spock's would be untouched and she would need it for this.

She returned to his quarters with bottle of lotion and saw his naked legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Slowly she approached him and saw that he was completely naked. His slim body was completely hairless, even his groin. His penis stood stiff and tall, approximately nineteen cms, more than seven inches in the old scale, and at least six cms in diameter. Such a large penis looked unusual on such a slim body, but Christine did not care. She wanted it and she was going to do whatever it took to get it.

She stood at the foot of the bed and saw that Spock had put a pillow on the floor for her to kneel on while she accomplished her task. As she was about to kneel down Spock told her, "You may wish to remove your uniform Christine, Vulcan ejaculate can be rather copious and is released with a great deal of force."

"Of course, Mr. Spock." Christine replied and she undid the seals on her tunic and it dropped to the floor at her feet. Christine was a prime example of womanhood. Her large breasts were encased in a sheer black bra and her blue panties matched her uniform. Quickly reaching back she undid her bra and released her breasts. The magnificent 44 DD breasts stood proud and firm on her chest, pale white and hard cherry nipples stood out, waiting to be suckled.

Christine kneeled down and opened the bottle of lotion as she inspected the penis before. She was having trouble keeping a clinical mind about this procedure. Faced with the sexual organs of the man she loved with all her heart she was losing her detachment. Improper words began to drift across her mind, she was no longer a nurse, she was a woman about to bring sexual satisfaction to her man. She coated her hands in the lotion and gently grasped the cock before her.

'Where did that word come from,' she thought, she did not know, but it was how she felt. It had a greenish hue about it and the head was circumcised. She could not tell if this was from surgery or born that way. The head was the colour of avocado, deep green and the shaft was pulsing. Her hands smoothed the lotion along the shaft and she heard Spock inhale at the contact.

Vulcan's were touch telepath's and any touch would do to convey certain feelings. In this case Spock was bombarded with Christine's love for him and her desire to please him and have him for her own. The feel of her soft hands on his hardness was indeed pleasant and stray thoughts from her made their way to his consciousness. As she stroked him she was thinking about the wonderful cock, dick, prick, staff and dozens of other words that were not proper for a nurse to think about. Spock was fascinated and allowed himself to relax slightly and take in more of her thoughts as he observed her body in action.

Christine was thoroughly enjoying her work. Her slick hands stroked up and down his dick. She started to twist her hands at the top and the bottom of each stroke. Her right hand on top would swirl over the head of his dick and her left would twist the opposite way. Her shoulders rotated on each stroke and it caused her breasts to swing on their own.

'She's obviously had a great deal of practice doing this sort of thing.' Spock thought as his bodily sensations started to take over his mind. He found himself mesmerized by her swinging breasts. The motion almost hypnotic. He sensed when she sped up her efforts and his body twitched involuntarily. He had never felt anything like this before. Self masturbation was of course unheard of on Vulcan. Children were taught from almost the time of birth that only adult mated Vulcan's indulged in any form of sexual release, and only at the time of Pon Farr. Now that he was in Pon Farr he could understand the logic of this, children could never withstand the physical feelings and emotions this act was bringing to the surface.

Christine was working her hands hard. She had already added more lotion and still Spock was showing no sign of coming. She put more effort into her work. She kept her right hand working on his cock and lowered her left hand to his balls. More and more the sexual terms were intruding on her mind and she had stopped fighting it. She tickled his nuts with her short nails and was rewarded with another small twitch. 'Good,' she thought. 'I am getting to him.' Still working her right hand in a stroking twisting motion, she began to pull and play with the nut sack before her. Christine could feel the bloated pressure within, and she wanted to release all of the cum locked within.

After another fifteen minutes Christine was getting tired. She was changing her pace every few minutes now to give her arms a rest but it was not helping. Spock was still stiff as nuetronium and had not cum. Christine decided it was time to up the ante. Leaning forward on her pillow Christine wrapped her large breasts around his cock and began to slide them up and down.

Spock lifted his head in surprise at the feel of the warm soft pillows that suddenly surrounded his raging hard on. 'She is using her mammary glands to accomplish her task, fascinating.' Spock thought. The sensation was nothing like he had ever felt before. Spock lay back and let her work, actually enjoying the feeling of her flesh on his. She was cold compared to a Vulcan body, but that only made the feeling more electric.

Christine worked her breasts into a tight tunnel for his dick, trapping it within her flesh. If he would not actually enter her, this was almost as good. Holding her breasts tight together she slid up and down faster and faster. The heat from his body was going up, his cock alone was making her sweat and she was dripping in her panties again. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of his dick against her skin. Her eyes flew open as a pair of warm hands encased her breast. She met his eyes and smiled up at him, and almost stopped in shock when he smiled back.

Spock could smell her excitement and his body was working without his mind as he reached out and touched her breasts. The feel of the cool flesh in his hands pushed his excitement a notch higher. He caressed the round globes that encased his stiff organ and smiled down at the woman on her knees before him.

Christine could feel his cock twitching between her tits and knew that he was getting close and she found that she was drooling slightly. She could smell the pre-cum flowing from him and running down his shaft, adding to the lotion lubricating her channel. A wicked thought crossed her mind and she acted on it before she could rethink it. Opening her mouth she let a dribble of spit hit the head of his cock on the down stroke and kept her mouth open as his dick approached on the up stroke.

Without warning, Spock found the head of his penis encased in a warm wet environment. His head shot up in actual surprise as he looked down to see Christine hold the head of his penis in her mouth. Her tongue traveled over the head and he twitched again. He was engulfed in the thoughts coming from her this time. The contact was to intimate to screen her out. She loved the feel of him in her mouth, she wanted him to cum in her mouth. Spock let down his mental barriers and allowed the contact to flow both ways.

Christine looked up at Spock in shock as the connection was established. She heard him in her mind, whispering things to her that he would never speak aloud. 'Yes Christine, suck me. Suck my cock. Swallow all of it. Make me cum.' The contact was more important than she could have thought. This was the final element that Spock needed. She moaned in delight and the sensation went right to Spock's balls. Her tongue worked his shaft as she took him as deep as she could in her mouth. She could feel his body tensing up and tasted his pre-cum. The nutty flavour, so unlike human, drove her to suck in her cheeks and try to pull the semen from his nuts directly in to her mouth.

Spock felt himself start to lose control and let it happen. His scrotum contracted and his penis convulsed as he came. His load was large even for a Vulcan. As this was his first time through Pon Farr he had never had a release before and his copious discharge shot directly out of the head of his cock into her throat.

Christine swallowed out of reflex when he came. The load was so large that she could not swallow it all and she had to open her mouth to let the excess drain out. She pulled her head back after the third shot and was surprised to see the force of which the rest came out. Christine wrapped her breasts around his dick and continued to jerk him off. The semen shot out of his dick and landed on his chest, in her hair and all over both of them. The feeling of the scalding hot fluid drove Christine right to the brink of orgasm.

Spock could feel Christine's excitement and knew that she was close to her own release. The telepathic connection was driving each farther than they had ever been before. Spock reached out and pinched her bright extended nipples as his foot jerked in orgasm. It made contact with her sopping wet panties and with incredible accuracy it struck her clit.

Christine screamed with the power of her orgasm. Sharing Spock's through their link Christine was taken to a higher plain of existence and thrashed about at the foot of his bed. Spock felt her release and this caused him to continue his own. Each fed on the other's feelings and emotions as their orgasms faded.

Christine finally came back to her body and found herself lying on Spock's chest. Each was panting in exertion. The hot sticky fluid was covering both of them and the afterglow was incredibly comforting. She put her arms around him and laid her head upon his chest. The semen that was there flowed around her and she began to lick it off his chest.

Spock was quickly coming back to himself now that the pressure was released. Still he felt that to interrupt Christine was not an appropriate thing to do at this time. He stroked her back awkwardly and twitched slightly as her tongue flicked his nipple. He had never known that he was sensitive there.

"Thank you Christine. That was the most fascinating sensation that I have ever experienced."

"You are most welcome Mr. Spock. I will be happy to repeat this treatment at any time you require it."

"I look forward to your ministrations with far more interest than any other time I have required aid from sick bay." Spock replied formally. "I will require at least one more treatment prior to our arrival at Vulcan. Now I believe that we are both due on duty in the next hour. I suggest that we make ourselves presentable."

Christine sighed and knew that their interlude was as good as over, but she just could not seem to break the connection with Spock. She snuggled a little closer into his chest and said before she licked a little more cum off of him "Just a few more minutes Spock, please?"

"Well, I don't think that that will cause us to be late for duty Christine." Spock replied as he laid his head back on the bed and put his arms around her.

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