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Delivery Man Fun


This is about what happened right after my first physical encounter with my 19 year old sister, which was shared as my first confession where she had just eaten me out and then the pizza deliveryman rang the doorbell. She is one year older than me.

I stayed in the hallway while I watched her go towards the door as she was fully nude, her butt cheeks bouncing slightly on every step she took. I couldn't believe she was actually doing it. Our mom was out working and our dad was out of the picture so it was just the two of us at home.

She opened the door just a little bit and told the deliveryman that she was not dressed properly because we hadn't done laundry, a phony lie but I don't think he cared two minutes later, and if he would mind. Of course he said no and she said ok and quickly opened the door completely.

There she was in all her glory. With her 32B boobs and almost hairless pussy on display. She told him to come inside because she didn't want the neighbours to see her. He stood there in shock for a moment but complied with her request. Once he came in I saw that he couldn't be more than 20. We hadn't ordered from Pizza Hut or anything but rather from this small place. Anyways, as soon as he was in she closed the door and cocked her hip to the side with her arm on her hip and asked him where the pizza was.

He stumbled to take it out of his bag but then placed the large pepperoni pizza on the coffee table. He also took out the 20 oz coke and wings with ranch sauce. The total was about twenty bucks and all while he was trying to take the stuff out of the bag he kept his eyes on her young, lithe body. She, of course, was enjoying it. After he finished he told her the total and she told him to wait she was going to get it from the desk which was about ten feet behind her.

Wendy, my sister, walked to the desk exaggerating her ass movements left and right as she took each step. When she got to the desk she winked at me and bent over, even though she didn't have to, which I'm sure gave the delivery boy a good view of her lips from behind. I looked at his face and his eyes were bulging. After about a minute of rummaging in the drawer she finally got up but "accidentally" dropped one of the bills in her hand. She looked down at the five dollar bill for a second and debated what she should do. In the end she chose two poses. First, she spread her legs and then bent over at the waist to grab the money, but as she touched the bill she "accidentally" hit it making it go further under the desk.

I looked back at the delivery boy and noticed he was rubbing his crotch which sported a tent.

When I looked back at my sister she was now on her hands and knees with her knees split apart reaching for the money. My vantage point was in front of my sister so I was looking at her hanging boobs and could only imagine how much of her cooch he could see.

She stayed down there a little more and I'm sure he had no complaints. He even asked if she needed help but Wendy said she was ok. Finally she grabbed the five dollar bill and walked sexily back to the delivery boy and handed him the money. His eyes just kept bouncing back and forth from her legs, her boobs, and her pussy.

As he was putting the money in his pocket she asked him if he thought her boobies were big. She said her 21 year-old boyfriend said they were ok and mentioned how his ex-girlfriend had bigger boobs so she was a little self-conscious of hers. Before he could answer she went to the pizza and said she was going to do a test. She grabbed two pepperonis and blew on them a little bit before she licked them. Then she put one pepperoni on each of her nipples and before letting them go asked him if he thought they would stay or fall.

He said he thought they would stay and then she released them. They didn't budge and just remained on her boob to which she gave a small squeal and a light bounce. She told him since he got it right he could have the pepperonis. As he walked to her with his hand outstretched she told him, "Nuh-uh, not like that naughty boy." Then she proceeded to grab his head and bring his mouth down to her left tit. He didn't spend much time there and after taking the pepperoni in his mouth he gave her nipple a little lick. Then when he moved to her right nipple he stayed there a little longer and my sister gave another little squeal. As he moved his head back she gave him a playful slap on his face and called him a bad boy. She told him he shouldn't bite so hard.

Then she commented how hot her nipples were and walked back to where the food was and grabbed the ranch dip. She quickly opened it and dipped each of her nipples into the sauce. Wendy then turned with a beautiful smile on her face and said that now they felt much better but she needed to get the ranch sauce off her nipples somehow. She told him she didn't want to touch it and if he had any ideas. Without speaking he walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her back while bringing down his mouth to her right nipple.

This time he spent a good minute or two licking and slurping all over her tit, saying he needed to get all of it. Sis was just in ecstasy. Then he went to her left nipple and I could see him pulling it with his lips. Seeing this, I was beginning to get wet myself. I couldn't help but reach down there and touch myself a little.

After he was done she told him that it was enough and that she was thirsty and her lips needed some quenching. So she grabbed the coke bottle, opened it and brought it to her lips. Wendy only took the smallest gulp then she began to lower it to about crotch level and said it's actually for her other lips. Then I saw her start bringing it back up slowly, except the tip disappeared into her pussy. As she did that I saw her head fall back and she gave a low, guttural moan.

It didn't last long, though. She brought the bottle back out and told him it was actually for him to drink and thanked him for the pizza. He grabbed the bottle and licked it all around the tip and the sides. He was slurping on it as if it were the best ice cream with sprinkles he had ever had.

Wendy then walked to the door and opened it thanking him again for the pizza. As he passed her he stopped for a second and told her thank you while he brought his left hand to her right butt cheek and gave a very firm squeeze then caressed her ass for a second. She was more than willing to let him, then looked straight in his eyes and said she was hungry and her and her voyeuristic sister needed to eat some pizza. But that maybe she would be hungry for something else another time. Then he left and the events of the night had almost come to an end.

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