tagNonHumanDemon from A Dream

Demon from A Dream


Stellah was just an 18-year-old girl who lived on her own in an average house of five bedrooms. Her parents had passed away when she in her junior year in high school and ever since then, she lived in the home all by herself with the exception of some friends checking up on her or spending the night with her just so she wouldn't feel lonely as much. For Stellah, she worked as a maid at a café that was about eight blocks down from her house and she walked everyday or took a bike sometimes if she felt tired. For a year and a half, she worked there and was paid about $14 an hour and sometimes more if she gets enough tips from costumers. Not that she mind one bit, she loved the job and the people who worked with her. They were very nice to her—always caring if she had enough to eat at home or not. Not that she mind about them.

It was past 11 pm when the café closed. Stellah was in the locker room, changing out of her maid uniform before changing into her clothes and closed the locker. Looking at her watch for the time, Stellah walked out the door that led to the back of the shop; she turned to her left and went on her way down the alley then out to the sidewalk.

Breathing in the cool night air into her lungs, Stellah looked up at the night sky and saw that there was a full moon out tonight then suddenly her mother's words flowed through her mind, warning her about the danger.

"When there's a full moon, Stellah, run. Run. There are dangerous creatures that lurk in the shadows of the darkness."

Shaking her head, Stellah walked faster, her golden blonde hair swaying behind her. Somehow, she felt as if she was being followed, which made her turn her head behind her to look if anyone was really behind her. She saw nothing but shadows that were cast from trees and cars on the street. That was when Stellah stopped and laughed at herself softly.

"I must be crazy enough to listen to mom's stories about dangerous creatures when there's a full moon." She whispered to herself and started walking home.



In the deepest shadows, red sunburst eyes stared at the young girl who was walking home all by herself. She was alone again tonight he thought. For years, he watched her grown up to a beautiful 18-year-old girl. Though, he pitied that her parents died but it was an open spot for him to make her his.

Tonight when she gets home, he'll make her his. He wanted her. He wanted her so much that he's willing to do anything to make her his. Her lush full breasts...he imagined them to fill his large hand out. Stellah's lip—god how much he wanted her mouth on his erection right now. He wanted her to suck on him while he wanted to fuck her pussy with his tongue before taking his cock deep inside of her pussy.

Groaning softly, he followed her silently until she got home.



It was past midnight when Stellah went to sleep after taking a nice long shower. She was in bed, listening to the night. Breathing a soft sigh, Stellah closed her eyes and slept.

In her dream, she dreamt about a man. A man who was 6'7 tall with black hair and red sunburst eyes. He'd always come to her in her dreams, loving her, taking her, marking her skin with his bites. But tonight in her dream was different.

Standing under the moonlight, Stellah wore nothing but her lavender nightgown that reached down to her mid thighs. She heard rustles of bushes behind her, making her turn and saw him standing right before her eyes. Staring up at his eyes, she noticed that there was sexual lust in his eyes.

Her nipples puckered, hardening hard peaks as his eyes roamed over her body, taking every inch of her into his mind. He walked over to where she was and stood before her. A very dangerous muscular man Stellah thought. She reached up to him cupping his cheek, petting him as if he was a cat then quickly dropped her hand.

The next thing, the scene changed and she was in her bedroom, on her bed, naked. The man was hovering above her before he flipped her over onto her stomach and took her from behind, making her yelp in surprise and pleasure. His powerful cock was pumping deep inside of her pussy, making her juices flow out her thighs and milking him. Stellah could feel him deep inside of her. He was hitting her womb so hard and deep that she quickly came, convulsing around him.

"You came already." He whispered loving against her ear as he kept on thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. The suckling sound of her flesh milked him with her juices, making him slide in and out faster.

Stellah was staring up at him, with half closed eyes. She came already she thought but he hadn't come yet. She felt him slip out of her and she whimpered in protest. "No. Come back." With that he flipped her over onto her back spreading her legs wide and he brought one leg over his shoulder and rammed deep inside of her, making her cry out in pleasure. "Please! Ah! Don't stop!" He kept hitting the right spot as he pumped in and out of her.

He was close to coming. He was so close. Sliding out of her once again, he pushed her legs over her shoulders, her knees high above her face. Then, he pushed his thick cock into her pussy once more.

"Ah...no! Ugh!" She cried out as he kept on slamming against her abused pussy. She wanted him to cum inside of her womb. She wanted him to pour all of his cum into her. Stellah wanted him so much to cum inside of her she clenched her flesh on his cock, squeezing him tighter.

Growling at her tight passage way tightening him, he pumped deeper. Her flesh tightened around him so hard that he immediately started to cum inside of her. Stellah made mewling pleasurable sounds as he emptied his cum inside of her womb before sliding out. Panting, he watched as Stellah pressed her thighs together then spread them wide and he saw his cum seeping through her flesh and onto the bed sheet.

Looking up through half closed eyes, she watched him staring at his cum seeping out of her and it made her burn for him even more. "You were incredible." She said softly.

"And you were beautiful, Stellah." He whispered. "You should wake up."

Frowning, she asked, "Why?"

"Because I need you to wake up. For me." He said before her dreams shattered and what was left was nothing but darkness.



Opening her eyes, Stellah looked up at the ceiling before sitting up. She noticed that between her legs was wet and aching while her nipples were hard. Sighing, she turned her head to look out the window when she saw something at the end of her bed. It was a shadow with red sunburst eyes. The shadow came into the moonlight and Stellah gasped in shock. It was the man from her dreams.

"Y-You......I-I......" She stammered with wide eyes.

Smiling softly he got on her bed, and then pushed her down. "Yes, it's me love. I've always wanted you and now it's my chance. Will you take me inside of you, Stellah? Will you be mine forever?"

"I..." She didn't know what to say. She didn't even know him but in her dreams, Stellah knew every part of him. Inside and out. "Your name?" She asked.

"Xion. My name is Xion, Stellah and now I can't hold back any longer. I need to take you now. I want your innocence right now." Xion said, kissing her neck then traveled down to the valley of her breasts before taking a hardened pink bud into his mouth, suckling on it hard.

"Oh!!" Stellah moaned. Electrics shot went through her body, making her wither on the bed as Xion bit and pulled at her nipple before moving onto the other neglected bud. His tongue was rough but his mouth was hot and moist. "Please! Down there..." She whimpered. "Take me...I want you inside of me, Xion!"

Smirking, Xion straightened up then spread her legs apart and saw that her flesh was glistening with her juices flowing out. "You're so beautiful, here." He pressed a finger against her pussy, rubbing against it as she made mewling sounds, twisting and turning. Then, Xion pushed his finger slowly inside of her pussy, making her gasp. Her blonde hair pillowed around her head, making her look like a ravish angel. Her breasts were aching whereas her nipples were so red. "You're so beautiful. Exquisite. And so damn fucking tight, too. You must be a virgin, Stellah. Have you ever had a lover?" He asked.

"N-No." She moaned.

Smiling, he stopped moving his finger. Xion, then took his thick cock that was straining to cum right at the moment and slid it up and down Stellah's pussy.

"Don't tease me..." She whimpered softly.

"Ah, Stellah. How you look like a ravished angel. I want you to have my seed inside of you." Xion leaned down and kissed her on the lips as he kept on rubbing her entrance before sliding his cock in.

At first, Stellah tensed at the pain and his size. Xion was whispering loving words in a language that she didn't know but the pain slowly turn into pleasure as soon as he was sheath inside of her. He started to move slowly so she can adjust to him before speeding up.

"Oh, you're so big, Xion." She moaned, her back arching, her breasts pointing up in the air before Xion leaned down to suckle on one of her nipples. "Xion!"

"Stellah. Stellah. Stellah." He repeated her name. "I want you to be mine. My lover. My mate. Do you love me?" He asked.

"Yesss..." Stellah cried out as he sped up his speed. His cocking hitting against her womb like in her dream. Her juices were milking him. "Deeper, Xion. Deep as you can go..." She pleaded.

Grunting in response, he lifted her up against his chest, slamming into her and stopped. Stellah panted heavily as Xion put her pillows into a pile before setting her down on top of them. Her back arched in a U shape as her head was barely on the bed and Xion started to thrust his cock once again. This time, he was faster, making Stellah moan non-stop. The bed shook with each thrust. Her arousal enhanced his pleasure and he wanted to mark her here and now.

Suddenly, his black wings sprouted out, spreading wide across 10 feet. Stellah was in awe at his beauty and knew he was a demon. Her demon lover. Crossing her legs over his buttocks, she urged him to keep going. Her muscles tightened around him, gripping his cock and she moaned softly.

"I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" She panted.

Xion, on the other hand kept on pumping inside of her. He wanted his cum inside of her. That was when he felt her muscles tightened around his cock, making him growl in approval. "Come for me, Stellah. I want to watch you as you cum all over my cock." As if his words had effect on her, Stellah screamed—convulsing around him and went limp but he wasn't finished yet. He need to cum inside of her now.

Speeding his thrusts, he was close of coming inside of her. Stellah lay limp while he slammed against her pussy so hard it almost gave her another climax. Her juices were flowing out so much it there were loud suckling sounds that her pussy made. Suddenly, Xion slide out of her pussy before slamming right back, pouring his semen deep inside of her.

"OH GOD!" Stellah cried out in surprise as she felt him fill her up with his hot semen. He bucker and slowly thrust into her a couple more time as if he didn't want his semen to come out.

"You're mine, now." Xion said, grunting as he kept on shooting his cum inside of her. "And you're going to bear me beautiful children's, Stellah." He did one last thrust and stayed inside of her until he was finished. He watched her expression change to surprise to lust then to love. Her nipples were bloodshot red and his eyes traveled down to her stomach and smiled. A tattooed of eight feathers curled up. Four on each side with a crescent moon on top of the open space that the feathers made. "You will bear me a child, Stellah. I'll make sure you sire me beautiful children."

Panting, Stellah smiled up at him, kissing him on the lips. "Hmm..."

Sliding out of her now, he felt Stellah grip his cock and chuckled. "You must be sore." Xion whispered and leaned back as he fully pulled out of her bruised red pussy. He saw his semen seeping out of her entrance slowly.

Shaking her head, Stellah replied, "No. It felt good. I love you, Xion. Even in my dreams I've always loved you."

"I, too." He kissed her once more and pressed his face against her curved neck, taking in her scent into his lungs. "You need to rest." And he slowly got off of the bed but was stopped when he felt a hand grabbing his arm. Looking down, he saw Stellah smile loving up at him. Her eyes clouded, her mouth parting slightly. Suddenly, his cock swelled once more.

Eyeing his cock, Stellah laughed softly. "Come back on me, please?"

"But you must be sore." He replied.

"No. I feel great. Fine." She said. Turning around on all fours on the bed, she parted her legs wide. His remaining semen flowed out of her, trickling down both of her thighs and droplets fell onto the bed sheet from her pussy. Stellah watched from the side as Xion's eyes glowed and his cock jerk in response.

Growling, he pounced on her once more, ramming his thick cock deep inside of her as Stellah breathed a pleasurable moan.

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