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Demon's Cumslut


I know He is coming for me. He tells me at night in my dreams.

I remember the first time, I lay in my four poster bed watching the shadows from the moon dance on the walls. The spring breeze was blowing the sheer curtains as it flowed through the parted balcony doors. My eyes fluttered closed just as a shadow crept into the room. A calming voice in my head soothed my nerves with the mere thought “only a cloud passing the moon”. My body lulled into the haze of blissful slumber.

I felt His weight on the mattress as it gave beneath Him, my own tiny form sliding closer to His. My breath a soft purr as I snuggled against His hard body, inhaling His strong masculine scent. I felt His warm breath against my neck, His deep voice filling my ears… He spoke each word softly, slowly, the power of what He was saying sinking into my very soul. “you are Mine slut, Mine to use, to abuse, to violate and torture. I will have your soul.” His menacing laugh echoed through my mind, my trembling body only amused Him more. He felt my fear, my desire and He knew my need that was still a stranger to even me.

I felt His bitter cold talons against my flushed cheek. They raked my tender ivory flesh leaving a red angry trail as they slide to the valley between my naked breasts. My nipples hardened as He pressed the icy pad of each finger against my tender flesh. Cupping the globes in His rough calloused hand, weighing them as His fingers twisted the coral nubs. His laugh resounded in my head once again as His other hand pushed the down comforter lower, over my shaking form, my soft curves revealed to His eyes. My creamy thighs parted instinctively, my body was controlled by Him, I had no will of my own.

My hips pressed up, the soft pink folds of my cunt glistened with my juices the tell tale sign of my slutty need.. I squirmed my ass against the crisp cotton sheets wantonly, my mewls of pleasure rose above the sound of the wind moving through the trees. I was one with the night. He marked my flesh with bloody welts as His hands slid to the core of my lust. He cupped my mound in His palm, grinding my clit against my pelvis roughly. My fingers gripped the sheets, head rolling side to side as waves of pleasure washed through my belly.

“That’s it My little whore, fuck against your Masters hand” He growled out animalisticly, His desire evident in his hoarse words. My body arched off the bed as His nails pierced through the hard flesh of my nipple. A thick solitary drop of blood stained my porcelain skin, running along the valley to pool on my taunt belly. My eyes opened wide for the first time, staring up into the black void. I could not see His face, only those eyes. sparkling onyx, as deep as a black hole, as cold as space itself.

A cold chill ran up my spine, my thighs clamping shut against His hand, His laughter echoed in my ears at my apparent fear of his true appearance. My futile attempt at resistance was ended as His fingers spread, pushing the folds of my cunt apart, His talon raking over the tender nub between my thighs. He spoke again, “fight my little slut, it will only prove my point quicker. You are Mine. Mine to use at my will, your pain and pleasure come at my whims."

His claw dug deeper within the wound of my nipple causing a small trickle of blood to run to the hollow of my belly. My nails gripped the sheets, my screams of pain fill the room. “Pleasure with pain, you will learn to crave it My pet”, He whispered as His thick finger plunged into the depths of my heat, His nail raking against my g spot as He worked it in and out of my cunt. Thighs parted whorishly wide for His invasion, hips bucking up fucking back against His digit, impaling myself deeper and deeper.

The claw forcing its way into my womb, warm blood spilling down staining the ivory flesh of my inner thighs, body bows beneath Him, pressing up on my elbows, breasts thrust forward rapidly rising and falling as I gasp for the air needed to scream. My head falls back bathing the crisp white sheets in a shower of ebony, sweat clings to my fevered skin. I feel your hand sliding down my shaking form, smearing the metallic crimson over my flesh the smells of lust and iron assault my nose.

"That is it my slut, cum for your Master, give yourself to me." He growls, his force piercing the night, my body quakes, the headboard hitting the wall, the springs squeak as the force of his command moves through me. All resistance fades as my cunt clinches around his thrusting finger, indigo orbs roll into the back of my head as my cum mixes with the blood staining the bed beneath my squirming heart shaped ass. My breath hisses from my lungs as my cries of pleasure echo off the walls.

My elbows slip from beneath me as I sink on the bed, panting for air, eyes squeezed tightly shut trying to block out the world and the realization of my fate. "That is it my little cumslut, you are Mine. I will return for you tonight, you shall be Mine for all of eternity." My eyes so heavy, the room so warm, so inviting as I drift off into the comfort of an exhausted sleep. I see him there in my dreams.. those eyes.. haunting me, the Demon with the darkest eyes.

My eyes open in a flash, pushing up on my palms I look to His face... but the room is empty. I can still hear His words echoing in my head.. for all of eternity. Sitting up in the bed my body aches from His use, I push back the sheets, ivory flesh stained with bruises and blood. But the thing that shocks me the most... the tiny gold rings hanging from the punctures left by His talons in my breast. I slowly slide my hand between my thighs and whimper as my nail rakes against a making ring.. one adorning HIS clit...

Thank You, Demon with the darkest eyes for inspiring me to write this story.

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