tagBDSMDenial Ch. 07

Denial Ch. 07


Dr. Gruen scheduled us for an appointment with Dr. Rekvyk two days later. That night, I wanted to talk, but Maxine said she was too tired, and said that we would talk about it the next day. She fell asleep.

The next day, I pressed Maxine for us to have a discussion about the therapy session and group meeting. All day, she kept changing the subject, until I finally led her over to the sofa, sat her down and furrowed my brow.

"We have to talk." I said.

"What about?" Maxine answered.

"What about? The therapy session last night and that group meeting. You and Dr. Gruen treated me as if I were your slave. Just like those five pathetic characters in the group."

Maxine crossed her arms and just glared at me. "Watch what you say about Dr. Gruen. She's helped us a lot, and she's going to continue to. And about the session and the group, Dr. Gruen asked me not to discuss it with you."

In an effort to ignore me, she picked up a magazine and started reading it, which infuriated me. I began yelling. "You humiliated me in that session. Those people were literal slaves, allowing themselves to be deformed and physically damaged."

"We have the appointment with Dr. Rekvyk tomorrow for our examinations. That's all I'm allowed to discuss with you now." She smiled at me slightly.

"Well I don't think I'll go."

Maxine's expression suddenly turned to one of hurt. "You want our marriage to work, don't you?" She pouted.

I finally looked away, but I could feel her hurt eyes glaring a hole right through my head. What was this control she had over me. "Don't you see how I feel. I have no control over my life anymore. You've changed everything."

"It was you who wanted me to change. You also agreed to the cock cage and all of the restrictions it implied. Dr. Gruen is simply channeling this concept into a lifestyle we can each live with."

"But I already feel like a slave. Like Martin, who had one of his balls cut off. Or Stan, who's been disfigured. And you want me to go to that Dr. Rekvyk?"

Her voice softened as she took my hand. "Do you think I'd let anything like that happen to you? All this exam is for us to see that your impotence is not something physical."

Her new job was yet another issue I had no say about. While our day-to-day lives were still unchanged, I felt that the turn our sex-lives had taken would soon affect everything. It was going to become harder and harder to define the line between them.

I had to agree not to disagree with Maxine until our next session with Dr. Gruen. But for now, I was just concerned with Dr. Rekvyk. When Saturday morning came, we got in the car and drove into an exclusive area of the suburbs, to a very large Victorian house. There were no signs that it was a Doctor's office.

We approached the front door, and rang the bell. In a moment a gaunt young man dressed in what looked to be pajamas answered the door, looked down and asked us sheepishly how he could help us. Maxine did the talking, and when we told him we had an appointment with Dr. Rekvyk, he led us into the house, through a winding room, and into an elegant waiting area. There were cakes and coffee, wine, tea and soft drinks, and the room was empty.

In a moment, a short, slender, but solidly built young nurse quickly stepped into the room with a folder under her arm. "Mrs. Vale. I'm Nurse Colari." She did not even glance at me the entire time she was in the room. "The Doctor will be with you in a moment, but in the meantime, only you are permitted to wait in the Master Waiting Area. Dr. Rekvyk is very strict on this segregation, as the environment here only inflames and needlessly frustrates some patients. I'll lead him to where he belongs."

I looked at Maxine, who just shrugged. "It'll be okay honey."

Nurse Colari then just looked away while Maxine told me to go with her. The nurse then took off into a different part of the room, and out a door, leading me away. We walked around to a nearby room, of which she opened the door to let me in. "You'll wait here until the Doctor sends for you."

The room was very depressing, and indeed a change from the room where Maxine was waiting. It was tiny, grey, dirty and windowless with a tiny child's chair in the center of the room. A bare bulb hung from the ceiling. Around the chair were stacked up plastic bags of garbage, and old boxes with junk in them. There was the smell of institutional disinfectant all around, and I realized that there was no ventilation at all. It was July, and the stench was becoming nauseating.

I sat there for what seemed to be forever, and soon I discovered that the door locked from the inside, and that I couldn't get out. I tried the door handle a few times.

Finally, after an eternity, I heard two pairs of heels clicking in the hallway, and the door being opened.

"Mr. Vale," one of them said. "Dr. Gruen gave us specific instructions on your examination. Please remove all of your clothing." The nurses then stepped back and waited. When I was done, they moved toward me and, before I could react, one had thrown a loose hood over my head while the other pinioned my arms back, cuffing my elbows in soft restraints. "Everything will be alright, Mr. Vale."

One on the nurses then put a rope lead around my neck and began gently but firmly pulling me quickly with her through the maze of hallways. I began to stumble, but she kept pulling, causing me to scramble to my feet. After a long walk, I was led into a room which was quite cool from powerful air-conditioning. The nurse who led me here leaned close to me and said firmly, "Don't make a sound or move at all."

All I could hear was two female voices from a good distance away. When I shifted my bare feet, and coughed, I heard an echo and reverberation, and realized that the room must be immense. I then recognized one of the voices as Maxine. She and the other woman were laughing, and then I heard them approach.

I could make out Maxine's steps, but the other was different. It was the slow, yet authorative click of very high heels. Then the woman attached to those shoes approached very close and said "So, this is him?" Dr. Rekvyk's voice was very young, but authoritative.

Maxine answered. "This is him, Regina. Franklyn, this is Dr. Rekvyk. Say hello."

I was shaking. "Hello, Dr. Rekvyk."

There was silence as I heard her move near to me. I could sense that she was slightly taller than I, and even through the hood, I could smell the sensual scent she was wearing.

"Your wife and Dr. Gruen have been telling me all about you Franklyn, and your attempts at sexual activity with your wife. She is being left sexually unsatisfied, and together we're going to try and solve this, right?"

I nodded my head, and Dr. Rekvyk began walking around me. She startled me as she fingered my balls and cock, through the cock cage. They both helped me up onto a soft table, which was probably an examination table, and positioned me on my knees.

"This will have to go. Before you leave today." Dr. Rekvyk said, fingering my organs.

I began to panic. "Maxine, what are they going to do to me. Please don't let them cut my balls. . ."

Dr. Rekvyk began to laugh. She spread my ass cheeks with one hand. "Where do you get such ideas."

"From Martin." I answered.

"You don't know the whole story. Do you know, for instance, that Martin agreed to his surgery. I would never do such surgery unless I had both parties consent."

"Did Tart agree to having her vocal chords cut?"

"She's a special case," Dr. Rekvyk answered. "Tart is a real slave, and her owner was just making some minor modifications." She paused for a moment. "But you're not a real slave, are you Franklyn?"

She laughed mockingly and said to Maxine, "Well, now we know what YOU'RE afraid of. Get him lower, please."

Maxine leaned close and said softly, "Get lower honey." Then she gently pushed my head and chest lower, while the Doctor was pulling my knees apart. Maxine then took me by the wrists and held my hands high, which forced my face into the soft table top. She affectionately and reassuradly stroked my hooded head, while at the same time almost pushing it into the table.

The Doctor examined my behind for a moment. "Do you ever whip him?"

"Very rarely." Maxine answered, giving my neck a warm squeeze.

"Well," and Maxine began moving behind me with Dr. Rekvyk. I felt the Doctor's fingers tracing a line just below the crease of my ass, on the highest point of the thighs. "Feel this skin, how soft." Maxine's fingers joined the Doctor's. "Any whipping right there, especially with an old English cane or a riding crop, will cause him indescribable pain. Just keep on hitting right on the crease. If you keep it up long enough, the crease will break. Once you've weakened a crease in the skin, you can break it open anytime you'd like with just a few sharp cracks because it never really heals."

The fingers stopped, but the Doctor was still behind me. Then I heard her walk around to my side, and Maxine followed. I heard the leisurely click of heels and the Doctor and Maxine were now in front of me. I suddenly felt the Doctor's expert hands on my face. Firmly she began feeling through the cloth hood for my cheeks, and then my nose. "I once performed an operation to build up a man's nose to the size of an erect penis. It was graft upon graft of his skin around an implant. The wife got tired of him, and the slave was then sold for three times his original price." The Doctor continued feeling my nose, and could feel me trembling. "Ah, he's scared." Then to me, "Your nose is much too small to do that operation. Besides, you're not a real slave, and any improvements on you will only be done with your approval, so stop worrying."

The doctor then reached under me and took hold of one of my nipples. She began to squeeze it gently. "Piercing these would allow you to hang weights from the nipples, and you could even rip them open with no real damage. One woman, an especially stern one from Equador brought me one of her husband's political prisoners. He had been given to her as a gift from her husband. She asked if I could develop a piercing which would hold her slave suspended by his nipples. I had a saucer-shaped metal plate surgically implanted behind his nipples. If he got too heavy, or if his owner pulled him too vigorously, the plates would rip his entire chest away. The object is always to make the slave obey out of fear of the consequences." Dr. Rekvyk was intensifying her squeezing of my nipples, and switched to the other one for a few minutes. "He has marvelous nipples, Maxine. Look how big. Piercing would not only look attractive, but it reinforces his submissiveness and fidelity."

Maxine was again stroking my head. "Let me think on it, Regina" Doctor Rekvyk said nothing.

Now, they both moved behind me again, and Dr. Rekvyk was examining my anus. She stopped for a moment and I heard her rummaging through a tray of medical instruments. "Hold his arms up again, Maxine." And she pulled my arms up and back, and my face was again pressed into the table. Maxine stroked my neck gently.

Dr. Rekvyk began separating my cheeks with one hand while I heard the clink of metal in another. "Now, relax." And suddenly, I felt something cold and metal being worked into my ass. I started yelling. The Doctor sounded annoyed. "It's just a speculum. I'm not hurting you. Don't move." But the discomfort was too great, and I began moving around.

Dr. Rekvyk stopped for a moment, "Why is he so nervous?"

Maxine leaned close to my hood, and sounded like she was controlling her anger. "Please, honey. You're embarrassing me!" and she pulled my arms back almost beyond perpendicular to my body.

I was sobbing now, and the Doctor's voice got even colder than before. "Stop crying unless you want to find out what real pain is."

I stopped moving around and the Doctor began to examine my rectum, in the way a dentist would examine a mouth. "The possibilities here are endless. A wealthy Japanese woman had me totally seal her husband's anus, and have him hooked to a colostomy bag with tubes. Why? His flatulence annoyed her. A gay master came to me and had his slave's mouth totally sealed shut, and his anus stretched apart to the diameter of an apple. This way, the slave could provide no sexual satisfaction to anyone else at all. A unique arrangement."

This was a nightmare. There was no end to the Doctor's horror stories.

Dr. Rekvyk continued her examination of my anus and further in. "I have something I'd like to try. It may work. If it does we will know that his problem is mental, not physical. Then his training can continue. If it is physical, then I have many options, both standard and very creative at your disposal to deal with his impotence."

The Dr. walked away for a moment, then I heard her wheeling a cart back with her. Maxine was stroking my head the whole time. She whispered, "Please calm down. Everything is okay."

Dr. Rekvyk pulled on my cock cage. "Maxine, do you have the key for this thing." I heard Maxine take the key off from around her neck, and hand it across to Dr. Rekvyk, who proceeded to roughly remove the cock cage. Then, without warning, a hypodermic needle was injected into my groin.

"The anesthetic will take a few minutes." Dr. Rekvyk said to Maxine. I didn't feel anything special, and I heard Maxine light a cigarette, and the two stepped away for a moment, as I struggled to maintain my position with my ass up in the air. I tried to listen to Maxine and the Doctor.

"You see, if he were an official slave, Maxine, then you could do anything you wanted. You would both be very pleased at the results."

"This is all so new to me." Maxine answered.

"Well, let's first see if his potency problem is physical."

In a few minutes, Maxine and the Dr. walked back to me. I heard the Dr. walk around to my back, and Maxine take my head again to stroke it. I heard the clinking of the Dr.'s medical instrument, then the weirdest sensation I've ever felt. I could feel myself being tugged from somewhere in my groin area, but couldn't focus on what was being tugged.

"Do you feel that, Franklyn?" the Dr. asked.

"I feel I'm being moved around, like being pulled, but from where?"

"I've anestheticized your penis and testicles. I'm stroking you now. Do you feel it."

I couldn't feel anything. I was scared. "No," I said.

"Let me test to make sure." Dr. Rekvyk said. She was signaling something to Maxine, and a moment later, I smelled the cigarette being passed from my wife to the Dr. Then I felt a slight tingling. "What does that feel like, Franklyn."

"A kind of tingling." I answered.

"Good. I can start. I am going to use electro-shock on your prostrate gland. This never fails to stimulate an erection in physically healthy men. If you get an erection, there is nothing physically wrong, and you will have to step up your treatments by Dr. Gruen. If you fail to get an erection, I will have to deal with your problem medically. I've anesthestized your genetalia, so you won't respond to any physical stimulation. In order to get your mind off of sexual things, so you will not be able to give yourself an erection mentally, I am putting a burning salve in your mouth, which will distract you and give you some discomfort. If it stays in your mouth much longer than ten minutes, there could be permenant skin damage. And don't swallow it either."

As Maxine held my hands high, Dr. Rekvyk lifted my hood slightly, and squirted a tube of salve into my opened mouth. It was a warm jelly, and began to get all over my gums, tongue and the roof of my mouth.

"Don't try to spit it out. Okay now, just let your mind and body go."

Very quickly, Dr. Rekvyk spread my anus with two fingers and began pushing a probe into my ass. I could feel it, then suddenly, I couldn't feel it. The area it reached was anesthicized.

But then my mouth felt on fire. "Oh, Please," I screamed. "Make the pain stop."

Dr. Rekvyk and Maxine were ignoring my screams. The doctor continued to work the probe deeper. "The purpose of this examination is to see if electrical prostate stimulation gives him a full erection. Let's watch and see."

I was crying now because the salve burned like a match. Then my entire body gave a jolt. I began to collapse onto my side, and Maxine just gripped my hands higher, keeping me up.

"I even feel it, Doctor. All of that current is going into his bowels?" Maxine asked.

"Ah! Look! See there? He is getting hard."

I could barely hear them, as even the mild current was making my teeth chatter.

"His problem isn't physical at all. There is a psychological block to his potency." Dr. Rekvyk stopped the voltage, and began to remove the probe. "Here, have him wash his mouth out with this. It will stop the burning."

Maxine eased me up onto my knees, and fed me a liquid from a paper cup. "Are you okay honey?" I nodded my head, and almost immediately, my mouth began to feel better.

I was livid. I had been tortured to find out that my "problem" was not physical. "You bitch! You call yourself a doctor?? You're nuts!"

Suddenly all was quiet. Maxine had let go of my head, and whispered to me, "That's very, very rude, Franklyn. (then to Dr. Rekvyk) "I'm sorry, Regina. He never takes doctors very well."

I heard the clinking of the medical tray, then Dr. Rekvyk breathed an exhausted breathe. "Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions, Franklyn."

"No, Regina, I'm very sorry. I thought he cared more about me than that. Franklyn, I'm very angry at you."

Dr. Rekvyk tried to calm Maxine. "Forget about it, Maxine. What are you going to do, punish him like a child."

I knew what the Dr. was doing. She was planting the idea in Maxine's head, knowing that her sadistic impulses would indeed be stimulated by my getting punished. In a moment, I was proved right. I heard Maxine breathing heavily, and in a weak voice. "Do you know of any suitable punishments?"

In all innocence, the Dr. said, "I can probably think of one, if you'd like."

Maxine, now almost strangely embarrassed to be openly admitting that she was agreeing to my punishment, said "Do whatever you think is appropriate, Regina."

Dr. Rekvyk then moved to her tray, and I heard a lid being removed, then replaced and a metal instrument being picked up. "Hold his arms straight up." She held them tightly. Now I was getting worried, as I heard more preparations being done. Maxine cleared her throat and said clearly. "I'm sorry honey, but what you did was awful."

I felt something probing my anus again, then the sensation stopped.

"What was on that cotton ball, Regina?" Maxine said with curiosity.

"Vicks VapoRub and another solution. I inserted it to fit snuggly over his prostate. When the anesthetic wears off, he will be in constant, high-intensity pain until it is flushed out with this fluid." I heard her hand something to Maxine. "Just put it one-to-six in an ice-cold enema."

"An enema?" Maxine pondered it.

"He will probably beg you for one once the pain starts."

Maxine nodded and began thinking about the possibilities.

The meeting was over in another minute, and Dr. Rekvyk and Maxine continued their talk, and in a reversal of the first process, I was removed from the room, and dressed. I waited for another half-hour while Maxine finished talking to Dr. Rekvyk. Maxine and I went home. We had almost no conversation in the car. But the most important thing had already happened. I was now unlocked from the cock cage for the first time in more than a year, and I felt my power coming back.

When we got home, Maxine dragged me up to the bedroom, where she began to undress me. "Well, you were a little naughty at your examination, but all in all, I think you deserve a reward. I deserve one too! I'm so hot from all of that slave talk. Imagine actually owning someone. How erotic. How luxurious. Having them do anything you want them to do. Anything, no matter how cruel . . . ouuu." Maxine was fingering herself, and took my hand to replace hers. "That is the kind of control that really matters, and really frees people to be themselves. Not this GAME we've been playing."

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