tagGroup SexDenise & the Camping Trip

Denise & the Camping Trip


As several women hung on to me I watched as one guy after another took my wife in various ways and made her cry out with surprise and pleasure. I struggled against the women holding me down with their naked bodies but it was to no avail. I was forced to watch as my wife, Denise, sustained multiple orgasms as one man after another took her in ways that were driving her wild.

What was happening to Denise had been planned for months unbeknownst to either of us. And now Denise's need for men with enormous penises was being satiated...repeatedly.

Denise and I had been best friends with our neighbors Gwen and Ben. Denise and Gwen went swimming together all the time, and Ben and I would swap beers, stories, and visits to the local Detroit sports teams or to local sports bars to share all three loves: beers, stories and sports. We got together as often as two couples could and formed an intimate connection between the four of us.

Ben and Gwen were both very physical as were Denise and I. It was nothing to hug each other, lean on each other, or touch each other. When we would get together for our bi-weekly movie nights on Fridays, it was nothing for Gwen and me to have fallen asleep against each other and vice versa with Denise and Ben. When we would go clubbing together once a month the girls would wear sexy outfits and Ben and I would often exchange dances with Gwen and Denise. When I danced with Gwen she would press herself close to my body and we enjoyed the close contact as did Denise with Ben. We all engaged in a lot of flirting and physical playfulness.

We soon became so comfortable with each other, however, that in the heat of one summer night in Detroit the girls persuaded us to strip down to our skivvies when the A/C couldn't handle the heat. So we started having movie night in our underwear, with the girls wearing t-shirts and panties and Ben and I wearing boxer briefs and bare-chested. Sometimes that led to humorous situations when we all dozed off. Invariably as guys Ben and I would wake up with erections tenting our boxer briefs or sometimes poking through so the full naked erection was visible. And similarly either Denise's and Gwen's face or hands would be on, near or against our erect penises. After the first time this happened we all agreed to stay dressed in at least shorts, but the humid heat of that particular summer's evenings soon had us back in our underwear again and all of us agreeing that we had no problem with the occasional exposure. It didn't mean the end of the world or of our movie nights. It had however ratcheted up the intimacy factor. This continued for months, even through the winter when it was definitely cooler and there was no need to be so undressed. I think the level of sexual attraction had been raised between the four of us.

I think what finally helped us to cross the line was a little too much champagne and an erotic movie. Denise and Gwen had been shopping earlier in the day, and the store had been giving out free samples of champagne. They both loved it and purchased two bottles each to be shared that evening. We had eaten very little before we settled down to watch 'Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down', which Denise and Gwen had picked out. That movie is quite erotic to begin with and the version that we were watching seemed to be an unrated version with much more explicit nudity and sexual activity than we thought there was going to be. I know I was getting an erection sitting hip to hip with Denise and Gwen on either side of me. The champagne was making me tingle all over. The lights were down in our living room and in the darkness I soon felt fingers tracing a line up and down the hardening shaft of my penis. I looked at Denise and she just grinned; she was screwing with me. I knew if she kept it up I would soon be popping out of my briefs and this time I wouldn't have the excuse of being asleep like before. I grimaced at her and standing up said I had to use the toilet.

When I came back Denise and Gwen were now seated on either side of Ben, and they were both leaning into his bare chest. Both of them were resting one hand on each of Ben's brown thighs. As I sat on the couch next to Denise she turned to me briefly and said, "Party pooper!! Ben's more fun," and she returned to leaning against Ben and placing her hand on his bare thigh. We started the movie back up and it soon was making all of us aroused with its male and female nudity and its erotic scenes. I started to get an erection again and looked in Ben's direction to see if he was similarly indisposed and was surprised to see both Gwen's and Denise's fingers trailing up and down the rather long shaft of Ben's large penis through his briefs.

"What the fuck!!" I was thinking to myself. And then as I watched, Denise and Gwen giggled and soon Ben's briefs were open and each girl had encircled the long, thick shaft of Ben's chocolate brown, uncircumcised penis with their fingers. Ben's penis was enormous, about 10 to 11" long and a couple inches thick. They proceeded to take turns slowly stroking it up and down. Ben adjusted his position on the couch and closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure the girls were giving him. Unlike me earlier he was ready for playtime.

After doing this for about ten minutes Gwen looked right at me and winked. She then giggled and touched Denise on the shoulder, and Denise lowered her head over Ben's exposed penis and encircled the head with her lips. She proceeded to suck on Ben's penis until Ben arched his hips up, groaned, and came into Denise's mouth. With a large mouthful of semen she lifted her head up, turned around to me to show me the white load in her mouth and then still looking at me swallowed all of Ben's semen.

Then lifting a glass of champagne to her lips, she said, "Ah, a cum cocktail," and she and Gwen laughed loudly at the stunned look on my face. Had I just seen my wife go down on my best friend and suck him off?

"Mark, Mark, Mark, before you get all pissed off I have to tell you that Denise and I planned this hours ago," Gwen quickly interjected. "We've been gettin' horny these past few weeks and tonight Denise and I were over the top, what with the champagne, the movie and our fine men. We had to do somethin' and it was supposed to be you who was going to get sucked off by me first. But you bugged out in a huff. So we decided to party with my dear hubby, Ben. But now it's time for you," she added.

She and Denise quickly exchanged places and soon Gwen had my cock out from my briefs and was playing with it. Then came that divine moment when her warm lips encircled the head of my penis and began teasing me into hardness. Once I was fully erect Gwen did not slide her mouth further down the shaft of my penis, but instead stood up, slid her panties down and off of her legs, pulled my briefs down around my ankles, and, centering her crotch over my penis, she slid down the full length, filling her vagina with my hardened penis.

The feeling was un-fucking-believable. As she began to move and I felt the warm, wet walls of Gwen's vagina slide up and down the length of me, I looked in Denise's direction and was surprised to find that Denise too had removed her panties and t-shirt and was now moving up and down on Ben's enormous cock in a similar fashion to what Gwen was doing to me. Even though Ben had cum he was big and stiff again.

Since Gwen's wet, warm pussy brought incredible pleasure to my aroused penis I didn't care that not a foot away my own wife was fucking one of my best friends. The pleasure was too good from my best friend's wife fucking me. Gwen would move up and the cooler air would cool my exposed penis. Then she would sink and grind against my groin encasing me in an incredible wet warmness. I could feel the muscles of her vagina tighten against parts of my penis. This just added to the heat, the friction, the pleasure.

My hands were soon tugging off Gwen's t-shirt and caressing her bare skin all over. She leaned into me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Leaning into me caused her full breasts to brush against and then crush against my hairy chest. After so many years of Denise's size, firmness, and dimensions, the feel of Gwen's differently shaped and sized breasts felt fantastic against my chest. Her movement caused her heavy, larger, firm breasts to repeatedly brush against the hairs on my chest and Gwen's nipples were soon hard as pebbles and just sticking right out.

I was momentarily distracted from making love to Gwen when I heard two groans next to me. It was Denise and Ben cumming...together. Gwen and I were so turned on by what we were doing to each other we didn't break rhythm in stroking against each other, even though our spouses had gotten each other off already. We ourselves were on our way to the same end.

Denise was a quick cummer for a woman, but then she had an abnormally large and sensitive clitoris. She had learned that it was genetic; both her mom and her older sister had confided in her when she had seen them naked at a local pool's shower room that it was a curse and blessing of the U****** women. They could climax riding a bike for goodness sakes. Or even while out to dinner at a public restaurant if they sat a certain way; this latter had resulted in many embarrassing moments for Denise's mom and dad as Frank would have to hold Marcy steady while she climaxed several times.

Ben too was apparently a quick cummer. His girth and size made it easy for Gwen to have great pleasure and it had done the same for Denise. She told me later that she had actually cum twice riding on top of Ben's enormous dark penis. I had only seen the second one.

But what Gwen didn't know was that although my size wasn't nearly what Ben's was my staying power was phenomenal. It was the regular Kegel exercises I did two to three times a day. It enabled me, no matter how much pleasure my penis was feeling, to stave off cumming until I wanted to. Then it became an intense, quite pleasurable eruption of streams of semen squirting out forcibly and waves of pleasure coursing through my hips and torso to my extremities. Even then I was able to quickly regain an erection and continue to pleasure the woman I was with. For the last ten years that had been Denise and Denise alone. That was about to change tonight.

Tonight Gwen and her husband Ben were about to find out what I was capable of. I had extra incentive since I had been tricked by Gwen and Denise into this embarrassing circumstance. I wanted to get back at Gwen and Denise and forcing Gwen to lose control seemed like the best way.

As Gwen began to feel as if she were going to climax she looked at me and wondered why she didn't feel the little shudders that a man's penis makes as he approaches his own climax. I grinned at her and said, "Enjoy, Gwen. I guess Denise didn't let you in on our little secret." Gwen looked puzzled, but now my own directed thrusting in and out of her was replacing what had started as her attempt to make me cum. She soon had a look of surprise as she came. She came once and then as I incessantly thrust in and out of her beautiful brown belly and the opening to her dark haired pussy she was soon helplessly crying out with a second orgasm. And when I didn't stop moving inside of her she cried out, "Noooo, please!!" before climaxing yet a third time.

But I wasn't done. I held Gwen's rounded hips tightly so she couldn't remove herself from my shaft pumping steadily in and out of her. A look of helpless surprise and pleasure came across Gwen's face and as I watched her naked groin snap back and forth in spasms she climaxed yet a fourth time.

"Oh no, little brown beauty, this is not over yet. You're wet, Gwen, but you're still conscious" I chuckled. I knew from years of making love to Denise that when I got into a steady rhythm and kept forcing her pleasure level up and up and up that eventually Denise would have such an incredible orgasm that she would actually pass out. Her brain would overheat; she would grow faint as the blood in her body rushed to her spasming genitals, and she would pass out for a short time. Then when she revived, and only then, I would start in again with a set of rapid strokes and relax my muscles to allow myself to cum. The rapid thrusting would invariably have Denise begging for mercy as her very sensitive labia, nymphae, clitoris, and vaginal walls would vibrate with pleasure as my thrusts quickened. Then and only then when her eyes were again starting to roll up in her head and as she grew faint from yet another oncoming orgasm would I release copious jets of semen inside of her and bathe her vagina in that white sticky substance. She absolutely loved the helplessness but also the tenderness and care for her pleasure and she absolutely loved the strong spurts of my hot semen as it filled her vagina. For days after such a session of making love Denise would fawn all over me and make me feel so special and loved. I didn't do this all the time; I wanted it to remain special not routine. And frankly it wore Denise out a little; she would need time to recover.

But at this moment I was revengefully enjoying the effect I was having on Gwen as she began to shudder out of control.

Denise knew what I was doing and she said, "Mark, no. That's ours. Don't use it in this way."

She was right of course, and so, without cumming myself, I held Gwen for a moment, still deep inside of her vagina, and then slowly lifted her hips off the still hard shaft of my penis. She slumped against Ben's shoulder with a look of exhaustion and her own lubrication oozed out from her pouty female lips and ran down her thigh in a shiny stream. Curious I dipped a finger between her labia and tasted her flow. After that she closed her thighs together. As the pleasure of cumming so many times wore off she was becoming more self-conscious about being bare and so out of control in front of others. It wasn't so much being naked but the fact that she had opened herself up four times in front of her husband and her best friend at the tip of her husband's best friend's penis.

Denise returned to my side and whispered into my ear, "Why don't we retreat to our bedroom (we were at our house) and I'll take care of your problem." So we did. And as I heard Gwen's cries as Ben thrust that mammoth cock of his up inside of her already very sensitive vagina, I got my revenge on Denise by continuing with what I had planned for Gwen. I soon had Denise crying out, "Oh god...oh god...ohmigod!!!" repeatedly. And as her eyes rolled up into her head I came spurt after spurt after spurt of semen deep inside of her. I had been holding off for a long time. We soon drifted off to sleep naked but still joined at the genitals. And it wasn't until next morning when the sun shone through our bedroom window that I woke to the most beautiful woman in the world with her back nestled against my chest and the twin mounds of her luscious butt nestled against my groin and around my penis. I kissed Denise's hair, her neck and her shoulders and cupped one of her breasts in my hand.

She uttered, "Mornin'," and we were soon up and looking for Ben and Gwen. We found them both sleeping in the bed in our guest room. Ben was on his back and in the deepness of his sleep he was experiencing one of those nighttime erections where a man's penis gets harder, thicker and longer than it normally does. I think it has to do with the guilty conscience interfering in what comes natural to us. So when a man is sleeping and his conscience isn't interfering he gets his biggest, hardest erections. He gets what I call a natural erection, one that can utterly please his mate.

I know. I've woken to Denise sliding down onto my erect shaft hoping to feel it push deeper inside of her. And she has remarked that before I am roused from my sleep she enjoys those first few thrusts and how deeply they penetrate her.

I had remained faithful to Denise through our ten years of married life. Denise, however, had had to seek release with a stranger every six months or so. Denise and I had been boyfriend-girlfriend when she was still in high school and I had just started college. We broke up over sex: I wanted to go all the way and she wanted to save herself for her wedding night. Three years later, after different boyfriends and girlfriends hadn't worked out, we got back together and Denise had changed greatly. She was still her playful, joyful self, but she was much more sexual and sensual. That first weekend we hooked back up Denise surprised me by entering an amateur striptease contest. She had been a waitress at a mixed strip club and her friends and co-workers had talked her into finally getting up on the stage to do her thing. I was there that first night to witness an awesome, erotic performance by Denise, but also to witness her hooking up with one of the customers. You see, that first night when she had surprised me with dancing on the stage in a striptease she had encountered a well-endowed black man whose equally long and agile tongue had resulted in her experiencing a climax on the stage. He had snaked his tongue up between the lips of her pussy and had brought her to a climax right there on the stage. It was all she could do to keep herself upright on the stage.

But what had happened just wetted her curiosity as to what lay hidden below the belt. If his tongue was that large and long what was he like in the manhood department? She retreated to a private dance area with me and his friends as audience and succumbed to incredible feelings of fullness and simultaneous clitoral, vaginal and g-spot orgasms as Bo (the handsome, black man who had the 10" by 3" penis) had fucked her thoroughly. Ben, our friend, was of similar dimensions.

That first one had been such an incredible, sexual experience for her that she fell in love with the thought and act of dancing nude in front of dozens to hundreds of strangers and during those contests seeing if there was a well-hung man who could stretch her out and fill her completely like Bo had. She would usually entertain that man in that "special room" at the club she was dancing at; it was all part of the fantasy that drove her. I loved her dearly and enjoyed watching her get pleasured, so I was always there while she did the deed with whatever stranger she engaged. In this way we would share these random intimacies. Afterwards she would be incredibly grateful and loving for months.

So I wasn't surprised when I watched Denise doff her t-shirt and start to move across their darkened bedroom bareassed to mount Ben's magnificent penis. His penis was about the size of Bo's; it was huge. Grabbing her arm before she reached the bed I pulled her back saying, "Denise, not now. Let them sleep. Last night was last night. Let Ben have his dreams and let Gwen be with her husband."

Pouting, Denise, walked out of their bedroom, leaving her t-shirt on the floor. She then dragged me to the living room couch pulled my shorts off and we made love until Denise was once again so satiated that she begged me to stop, not being able to take anymore.

"Wow, that was something else! Until last night Ben and I thought you two were just normal white folks...a little traditional in the bedroom department," Gwen remarked. She was standing near our couch and I don't know how long she had been standing there watching.

Denise laughed, "Well, girl, did you like the show? I sure did," and with that Denise slapped my bare ass which caused my still hard penis to thrust into her. This caused Denise to shudder once again, still being very sensitive. She said, "God, I love when Mark does this to me."

"Honey, I will just as soon as you take your white ass into the bedroom and do what you wanted to do half an hour ago. Isn't Ben's cock magnificent? That man may not last long, but you sure know when he's visited your va-jay-jay. Oohh, baby!!!" Gwen tucked her hand between her legs and rubbed herself.

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