tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDepravity Pt. 03

Depravity Pt. 03



The lift opened and as I was about to step out, Michael appeared, standing before me.

"Steve, welcome."

"Erm, Hello." I muttered. This wasn't usual Michael behaviour. Normally I'd be summoned to his office where he would bark orders. What was going on? Why hasn't this been signed?

He put his arm around my shoulders as I exited the lift.

"I think it's finally time you took over from Morton." He said with a strange grin on his face.

Oh my gosh I thought, I couldn't wait to tell Lou, she'd been worried she'd blown our chances at the dinner party over a week ago.

"I wasn't expecting this..." I said.

"Why ever not, you're a key player here at Eversheds. We're proud to have you."

He gestured across the office space.

"Now come this way, you'll be taking over from Morton, that means you inherit his office, his desk, but more importantly his salary.

Michael nudged me in the ribs with his elbow.

Something was definitely wrong here.

I followed him across the wide area of open plan office space as he led me into Morton's old office suite. I'd only been in here a couple of times before, since most meetings were held in the conference room.

It was a large room with an impressively sturdy looking solid wood desk, that didn't fit in with modern office theme. Michael saw me appraising it. He waved his hands "Don't worry about that thing, Morton was a bit old fashioned and brought that with him from his last job - it had sentimental value or something. It's probably full of woodworm."

"I like it." I replied.

"Well perhaps you can keep it then. Anyway sit down, sit down - make yourself comfortable. This is your new home from home."

Michael lent over to the desk and buzzed the phone.

"Yes sir," came a female voice.

"Bring us two coffees please, black no sugar, and er....." Michael looked to me.

"White, with one sugar please."

Michael relayed my order

"Certainly sir, anything else."

"No, that will be all."

"So what do you think?" Michael asked.

"It's very impressive." I replied.

We both wandered over to the exterior facing window and looked out. Thirty three floors up gave a stunning view of the London skyline.

There was a brief knock at the door and it opened revealing the woman Michael had just asked to get our coffees.

"I'll put them down here sir." She said laying them on the desk.

"Can I get you anything else?" She questioned.

Michael and I turned to her.

I'd never seen her at the office before. She must have been about twenty one, with a petite frame but with a luscious mane of chestnut brown hair. As she looked up, I saw she had the face of a Greek goddess, with beautiful pouty lips, and a deep bronzed tan. She wore a simple white buttoned blouse, black pencil skirt and black high heels.

Michael must have seen me casting an admiring glance at her.

"This, Steve, is your new secretary - what's your name again?"

"Melanie, sir."

"Melanie, what's your job title?" asked Michael.

"Admin Assistant to the Vice Principal."

"Say hello to your new boss, Steve here."

"Hello Sir"

"You can call me Steve, how do you do?"

Michael interrupted. "Steve, she's a junior, you're a senior partner here. She calls you sir. It's all about respect."

"OK," I said apologetically.

"How much do you earn here Melanie? .... Per year?"

Melanie looked at him.

"Come on, how much do we pay you?"

"One hundred and fifty thousand pounds a year sir."

I was staggered. How much? For an admin assistant

Michael didn't seem to register my shocked expression.

"What do you do for one hundred and fifty thousand pounds?"

"Anything that's asked of me sir." she replied


"Yes sir."


"Yes sir."

"Booking appointments?"

"Yes sir."

"Sucking cock?"

Without flinching she replied.

"Yes sir."

"Anything at all...."

"Anything sir."

"No matter how perverted or depraved?"

"Yes sir."

"What do you say to that Steve?"

"Erm, I don't erm know what to say."

Why not try her out, your wife won't let you fuck her ass, I'm sure you won't mind, eh Melanie?"

What was going on here? Was this some bizarre initiation test.

"No sir, I don't mind at all."

"I'm happily married, I don't think Louise would approve..."

"Forget what Louise would think - what happens at work, stays at work. I need to keep my most valued employees happy. To do that I employ people like Melanie. She makes you happy in whatever way takes your fancy and you're more productive and more inclined to stay." answered Michael.

"I'm not going anywhere, don't worry about me." I said trying to bring things back to an even keel.


"Melanie, let's prove to Steve that your true to your word. Go sit on that desk."

She obeyed sitting on the antique desk.

"Lift your legs up and expose your knickers." Michael ordered.

Again, she complied, her feet lifted off the floor and her knees came up, so that we could see right up her skirt, revealing bright white knickers.

"Pull those knickers up tight so we can see your camel toe."

Melanie reached to her hips and pulled at her underwear around her hips so the thin white cotton at her crotch was stretched tight, outlining her labia and pulled up into the her pussy.

"Yes...yes..hold that........"

Michael nudged me.

"Fantastic eh, ever seen a pussy like that before Steve?"

I felt compelled to look.

I could feel my cock stirring in my trousers. All I could think was - what would Louise say....she'd go mental.

"Jump down now, and turn around"

Melanie willingly obliged.

Lift that skirt up, and bend forward

Melanie leant forward and her ass, clad in her tight white knickers, stuck out invitingly. One edge of her knickers was embedded in her ass crack. She reached round and pulled it gently out so the panties covered her pert bum perfectly like a photo out of an underwear catalogue.

"Drop your knickers and wriggle that ass for us."

The knickers came down and she bent forward further so we could see her pussy lips peek out from under her ass.

She wiggled her sweet tush and my cock stirred all the more.

Michael walked up to her and grabbed a red marker pen off the table. He scrawled something on her bottom, but it was only when he stepped back that I could read it. 'Spank My ASS'

"I bet you like spanking a naughty girl's ass don't you Steve?"

My mind flicked back to spanking Lou in the hallway the other day.

"Have you been naughty Melanie?"

"Ooh yes sir."

"Tell us."

"When I was supposed to be doing the filing this morning in the archives, no one was around and I felt really horny so I started touching myself."


"Yes sir. I had to lean against the metal shelving while I frigged myself off. I had my hand down my skirt and into my knickers."

"What were you thinking about?" quizzed Michael

Melanie leant forward with her elbows on the table and her chin resting on her clasped hands, she turned to us, her hair swishing seductively round.

"I'm staying at my sister's house at the moment. Last night I got in late and as I was going to bed, her door was open slightly. I peeked through the gap. She was on the bed. Her ass was in the air and her face was pressed into the mattress and turned away from me so she couldn't see me. Her boyfriend was kneeling behind her feeding his cock into her pussy.

He saw me watching him. I ducked back and blushed, but couldn't stop myself from taking another look. He kept fucking her but every now and then turned round to look at me."

"Did you masturbate while you watched him?" Michael asked

"No sir." she giggled in the most adorable, alluring way ever. "I couldn't do that, but I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to relieve myself this morning."

"So you went to the archives to wank yourself off."

"Yes sir."

"Did you make yourself cum?"

"No sir, I guess I was caught up in my fantasy when I heard a noise at the far end of my row. When I looked up I saw Mr Jones watching me."

"Was he indeed? It seems you're not the only voyeur in the company."

"No sir, but I stopped then and rushed upstairs all embarrassed."

"I'm sure Mr Jones isn't going to tell anyone." He paused. "So you see Steve. Melanie is here available for you at any time for anything and as she's just admitted, she's frustrated and desperate for the satisfying rush of an orgasm."

"I've got, erm Louise." I said pathetically, whilst staring at the red words of 'Spank my ASS' scrawled on Melanie's pert bum.

"Steve, you could have Louise here sit beneath your desk at 8 AM waiting for you to come into work wearing nothing but a smile, and have her give you a blow job 5 days a week, ... more if you work weekends. How's that for a motivational start to the day. "

Flustered I started to object "Erm.. I don't think.."

Michael walked over to Melanie and delivered a stinging thwack with the palm of his hand on her ass. The loud crack reverberated around the room. Melanie stifled a squeal, and steeled herself for a second blow which came within a couple of seconds to the other ass cheek. Michael, unleashed some more painful slaps that left red marks over Mel's ass.

"Turn round and get on your knees he ordered."

Mel turned, pulled her skirt down, so it covered her ass, and knelt before him.

"Open your mouth!" He ordered.

Mel's mouth opened wide.

"Ever pissed into Louise's mouth?" Michael asked.

I must have looked horrified.

"No didn't think so."

"Here's your chance, you can do it now, get your cock out."

I stood shocked. He's not serious.

"Cock. Out. Now."

"I fumbled with my zip."

"Now come here and slash into her mouth, give her a full on golden shower if you like. Remember though, you've got to work in this office and the cleaners won't be in till tomorrow morning, so don't spray it all over the walls."

I tentatively approached Melanie. I really didn't feel like going for a piss, and my dick was semi erect from listening to her story about masturbating in the archives.

"Come on." Michael urged impatiently.

"I aimed into her awaiting mouth, she sat patiently like a dog, with her mouth wide."

I tried to think I was standing at a urinal, not in my office, but my bladder muscles wouldn't comply.

"I'm waiting." goaded Michael.

Suddenly a small dribble came out which landed on Melanie's tongue and into her mouth."

Ugghh, I thought this isn't what I want to do. I was immediately filled with revulsion for what I was doing. I'm so sorry I whispered in my head.

I looked to Michael.

He looked eager for me to continue.

But now I'd started, it was as if the dam had broken, and long stream of piss flowed not just into her mouth but over her face and onto her white blouse. It immediately seeped through the material and stuck to her skin, quickly turning it see-through. I could clearly make out the white lacy bra highlighted beneath her clinging top.

"Now you're getting the idea. Stick your dick in her mouth."

Please don't find out about this Louise, I thought as I pushed my dick towards her awaiting mouth.

I saw Melanie swallow the piss in her mouth. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and then eagerly took my member down her throat, drawing it deep into her mouth. She began sucking me off, running her lipsticked lips up and down its length as she reached forward and cupped my balls with her hand. She expertly fondled me, wanked me, and sucked me. She was a voracious cock sucking machine. My eyes closed as I enjoyed the sensations her mouth was subjecting me to.

I reached down and grabbed her head holding it buried deep on my cock. Guiltily I thought that Louise would never allow me to do this and immediately scolded myself for thinking like that.

I was broken out of my reverie when Michael ordered. "Get her up onto the desk again and stick your dick in her ass before you cum."

A blow job was one thing, but fucking her... that was proper infidelity.

Melanie stopped fellating me and bounded back over to the desk. She hiked up her skirt and provocatively stuck her ass out for me.

"Michael, I don't think I can."

He stepped purposefully towards me.

He grabbed my dick with his hand. What the fuck. I'd never had a man touch my dick before. I instantly felt violated.

"You will take this dick and fuck her up the ass, or you can hand in your resignation right now."

Escaping his grip I moved gingerly towards Mel.

I ran a finger down her ass crack, and found the puckered hole. I gently pushed with my finger, it met with resistance.

"I think he needs some encouragement Melanie."

"Please fuck my ass sir. I've been longing to have someone fuck my ass since I saw my sister shagging her boyfriend last night."

My finger circled her hole, I quickly put it in my mouth and coated it with saliva before pushing it gently into her. Her skin enveloped my finger as it penetrated her. It engulfed it completely as I pushed it further into her. Mel let out a groan. I pushed back and forth, working my finger deeper inside her. I withdrew it completely and she emitted an audible gasp. I put my middle finger into my mouth, careful not to lick my ass covered forefinger, then spat a load of saliva onto the two fingers. With both of them lubricated I inserted both the forefinger and middlefinger delicately into her asshole.

"Ooh sir, you're a wicked man, teasing me like this. I love the feel of your fingers in my ass."

Spurred on I worked my fingers in and out some more.

Michael loomed up at the side of me, phone in hand. He was fucking filming me, the bastard.

"Please don't film me," I implored, "I don't want Louise to find out about this."

"Relax Steve, Melanie's not likely to tell her, are you Mel?"

"Ooooh no sir,"

"And I'm not about to tell her anything, so just go ahead and bury your dick in Melanie's sweet taut ass and fuck your worries away."

Melanie leaned forward further over the desk and shot her arms and hands straight back so she could grab her beautiful ass cheeks. She pulled at them opening up her asshole some more around my fingers."

"I think I'm ready for your cock now sir." she said seductively

My cock was rock hard and because Mel was so petite her ass was at the perfect height for me.

I extricated my fingers and spat into my hand rubbing the saliva onto my length. Taking hold of my dick I guided it towards the dirty hole my fingers had just vacated.

I couldn't help myself saying "You want this Mel?" I thought of Louise again, I'd never fucked her or anyone in the ass before....

"You want my cock buried deep in your tight little ass?"

She responded by wiggling her ass some more.

"Please sir, Please give it to me."

My cock entered her. She shrieked out loud.

"Ohhh fuck yes." I groaned as my dick slipped deeper inside her.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass, fuck your pretty little dirty fucking ass."

Melanie spread her ass cheeks with her hands, widening her hole as my dick began to pound in and out of her, gently at first but then with more force as my tempo increased. I grabbed around her waist lifting her up, feeling the cold wet piss soaked blouse. My hands sought out her tits and squeezed them through the material of the bra. Melanie threw back her head cascading a torrent of hair down my chest. I leant forward and nibbled at her ear lobe. I dropped my hands to her hips and lifted her up and down on my cock as I ground my dick into her as far as I could. I became frantic to cum, "I've gotta cum, I groaned. Let me cum in your ass, please let me cum in your ass."

Mel responded by vigorously pumping her hips towards me.

At that moment I could only focus on my own sordid gratification, I didn't care about Melanie or Louise or anything else, all I wanted in that precise moment was to shoot my load into that tight little fuck hole.

My cock throbbed and I felt a sudden euphoric release as the cum exploded into her.

I released my grip on her, realising in my exertion my hands had been biting into her skin around her waist. Her top had ridden up and I could see a section of a multicoloured flowery tattoo running down the side of her chest.

I buried my head in those wonderful tresses of hair and breathed in deeply. God she smelled gorgeous.

I wasn't allowed to wallow in the ecstasy of the moment for long though.

In a daze I heard Michael speak.

"Melanie take off your clothes and jump onto the desk.

She pulled away from me and stripped off in front of us, dropping her skirt, piss sodden blouse and bra to the floor.

She stepped out of her shoes, and climbed on the desk.

"All fours please."

She assumed the position. I could see the floral tattoo in its entirety winding up her side around her ribcage.

"Suck your ass of Steve's dick," Michael ordered.

My dick was rapidly deflating, despite this luscious vision before me.

I approached the desk and Mel grabbed hold of my member with one hand and drew me towards her, dragging me into her mouth. I could do little to resist, her mouth engulfed my cock as completely as her ass had earlier. I felt slightly revolted, sucking her ass from my dick can't have been pleasant.

"Lick that cock clean, Melanie, make sure you get all traces of your ass off it, you don't want his wife being suspicious if she gives him a surprise blowjob when he gets home, now do you?"

Michael was still filming.

I tried to pull away from Mel but she reached an arm around me and pulled me closer.

Globs of my spunk had run down her thighs and settled in glistening pools on the desk. Michael noticed them too.

"Better clean those up too. Pussycat. Let's hear you miaow."

Melanie miaowed theatrically and turned from my cock. She expertly swivelled around on all fours and began lapping at the drops of cum, her arse stuck prominently in the air, bobbing from side to side as she lapped at the jizz. I was beginning to feel turned on again.

When all the cum was licked up she miaowed contentedly at Michael.

He walked over to her.

"Very good pussycat, now get your clothes on, and get out of here. Steve has work to do. Don't you Steve?"

Awkwardly I muttered an affirmative, while trying to tuck my wet cock back into my pants.

"Remember Steve, Melanie is here to provide you with anything you want. Think of her as a bonus. If you keep finishing deals like you have been, then you deserve a bonus. Sometimes cash isn't enough of an incentive, but Melanie", he casually glanced at her, "She's definitely an incentive."

They both left and I sat down at my new desk. I could see tiny wet patches where Mel had licked the jizz up. What the fuck had I let myself in for? I felt like a complete bastard for cheating on Louise, but what alternative was there - I couldn't go against Michael.

I tried to allay my guilt by considering what Michael had said. A bonus. I needn't take advantage of her. I could just use her when I'd deserved it. No. No. No. I couldn't.

With my mind in turmoil, I switched on the computer and tried to channel my mind to the task of work, however images of Mel's ass kept floating back into my mind.


Lying on his bed that evening Michael thrust his tablet in front of Bonnie's face and showed her the video of Steve and Mel.

"Do you think I should text Louise and ask him to suck Steve off? He might not have had a shower yet, and she might smell Mel on him. What do you think Bon?

Bonnie mumbled an unintelligible reply.

"You're probably right. It's too soon, we don't want them finding out about each other's secrets just yet do we?"

Another garbled response.

Michael looked at Bonnie. She lay naked on the bed hog tied with her knickers stuffed in her mouth, a vibrator buzzing in her ass, and sound activated dildo filling her pussy. Her ass cheeks were covered with the angry red marks of lashes with the cane that Michael lazily brandished.

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