tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDeputy Duffy's Cousin

Deputy Duffy's Cousin

bydeputy duffy©

The following is a story my cousin Amy told me. She only told me after one to many glasses of wine. She broke down crying several times and I had to encourage her to finish. To get it of her chest, I told her.

Amy grew up as a military child, moving many times, but we managed to stay in contact. She told me several times growing up that all she wanted to do was fly fighter jets. So I wasn't surprised when she went into the Air Force after high school. She called me one night out of the blue, to tell me she was selected to an exclusive team; this was the time right before Operation Desert Storm. All she had to do was survive training camp and she would be air bound.

There were twenty candidates 18 men and 2 women from different units, competing for only two spots. She sounded as excited as I ever heard her, I knew it was her dream. So when she called me two weeks later to tell me she almost made it, I was thrilled, but I was confused as to why she didn't seem happier.

She went on to tell me about Hell Night. Which was really one twenty four-hour period, when the instructor could make them do anything and they had to comply.

"Anything," I interrupted her.

"Yes," she moaned, "and you can't say anything, if you talk at all even one word, your out."

I tried to talk her out of it at first, but she was determined, so instead I did my best to psyche her up. As I hung up the phone, my mind raced. What would the make her do? Of course being a guy, I instantly thought about sex. I remember she told me about how all the men hit on her, and even tried to catch her naked, in the showers and while she was changing. I really couldn't blame them. I had the pleasure of seeing her in the buff when she stayed over our house, before she left for the force. I had walked in on her, not so accidentally, I'll admit, coming out of the shower. She was drying her blonde hair and this gave me a prolonged view of her body.

Amy stood about 5'6" maybe 110 pounds, with a firm body, but what I couldn't take my eyes off where her great breasts. They almost seemed too large for her body, but the best part was her nipples. They were perfectly pink and perfectly centered, and each one looked like it was and inch long. She turned around and bent over and dried her legs. Her ass was tight and trim. I tried to get a better look, but she saw me, quickly she turned around and slammed the door on my face!

After what seemed like months she called me back to tell me what happened on Hell Night. I could tell by her slurred speech that maybe she had a few to many. She went on to tell me that she was paired up with the only other girl, named April. She was about the same height and weight as Amy with the only real difference between the two being the color of their hair. Amy wore short-cropped blonde hair, while April was a brunette; although she had a crew cut much like a man would have.

They were led into a brightly-lit room, but there were no windows. The only furniture in the room was a large stainless steal table and two flat stools. The two women wondered aloud about what was going to happen to them, while they also introduced themselves, as it was the first time the two women had meet. They didn't have to wonder long as the door flung open and in walked two military police officers, followed by a third man, who quickly raced up to the two girls.

"I would introduce myself, but you already know who I am, I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!" He screamed.

The two women shuttered not only at his opening statement, but also at his appearance. He was a large white man, but well tanned, 6"6" and 260 pounds of solid muscle. He was dressed in black pants and a small white tee shirt, but it was his baldhead and goatee that gave him an evil, almost devilish look.

"Now assume the position!" He barked.

The girls snapped into position, which they both hated, but they were taught earlier in camp; it was the classic hands locked behind the head feet spread two feet apart. Each girl trembled as the bald man circled them. Being a foot taller and twice as heavy, he seemed to tower over them.

"Well, Well, I bet you two don't last ten minutes. Fighter pilots, hah! You two look more like common streetwalkers to me," he said, as he continued circling them, brushing against each one, "you two belong behind a fucking oven, or taking my orders at fucking Burger King, but not in my fucking f-15."

He stopped his circling and stood in front of the two girls. He took his baton out of his belt and began slapping it against his hand.

"You two look ridiculous in those flight uniforms, take them off, those are for real pilots."

The two girls looked at each other and then over at the two soldiers, who were standing at attention, but were obviously watching with anticipation.

"Just give me the word and you two pussies can go home, crying to your momma!" The bald man barked.

This caused the girls to quickly unzip their uniforms and step out of them. Handing them to the bald man who placed them on the table. This left them dressed in small tight T-shirts, white cotton underwear, and a pair of big black boots.

"Turn and face each other and assume the position!" He barked.

The two girls complied with the bald man's order. They stood two or three feet apart, eye to eye, which left just enough room for the bald man to continue with his circling.

He also continued with his verbal insults calling them whores, five dollar ones at that, sluts, cocksuckers, and any other insults that came to his head. The bald man stopped his circling and stood off to their side. He tuned his attention to Amy, running his baton along her body, paying particular attention to her breasts.

"Well I never saw a fighter pilot with these," he laughed, as he continued his probing of Amy's breasts, using his baton to lift her breast and rub each nipple, causing Amy's nipples to become erect and stick out even more then normal.

He turned his attention to April, giving her the same treatment. Amy watched as April squirmed as the bald man's baton played with her breasts. He raised the baton to April's full lips running it along each lip. A tear ran down her cheek. Amy almost smiled; she felt that April would never last. He turned back to Amy and poked and prodded her, running the baton between her legs for the first time. It took Amy everything she had to retain her composer. April received the same treatment and almost fell over when the baton made contact with her lower region.

"I think it's time to raise the stakes a bit, you," he said, pointing his baton at April. "Take her T-shirt off," he said now pointing at Amy.

Amy was surprise at how fast April responded to this order. Letting out a gasp for the first time, as her breasts were quickly exposed to the cold air. April handed the T-shirt to the bald man.

"What do we have here?" The bald man oozed, as his baton went back to work on Amy's now exposed breasts! Amy wished her breasts were smaller or at least firmer, she cringed when he lifted each breast with the baton and released it, causing them to quiver lewdly. Amy felt a little relieved when the bald man stepped back and pointed at April. Amy knew what he meant, stepping forward, grabbing the bottom of Aprils T-shirt, she slowly almost teasingly lifted it up over her head, handing it to the bald man.

Amy now back into position could not help but check out her competition. April had cone-shaped breasts with puffy pink nipples and a flat muscular stomach. She watched as April received the same treatment as she had received earlier. April's baton assault was cut short when the door opened and two soldiers marched in and the two original solders reluctantly left.

"Well you two flight whores made the first hour!" The bald man barked.

The two girls noticed an older gentleman wearing a white coat enter the room next, carrying a brown handbag.

"Ah Doctor Brown glad you could join us," the bald man scolded.

"I'm sorry I had an ah emergency at the hospital," the doctor mumbled.

"Like I give a Fuck," the bald man snapped.

"Well you only missed the first hour, I haven't even really begun yet," the bald man said with a laugh, which caused the girls to cringe, one hour down and they were already left standing in the underpants.

"Ok flight whores, this is Dr. Brown, he is here to make sure that you are in perfect health at all times, if you fail any part of his exam, or exams, your out," the bald man said.

"Ok Doc, do you have the camera?"

"Yah right here, I see you already have them striped down," the doctor said rather wisely.

"Ok girls we are going to take a few pictures, they are sort of like before and after pictures," the bald man barked.

The Dr. took out his instant camera and took two pictures of each girl. The bald man waited for the pictures to develop.

"Good thing you're a doctor, cause you suck at photography!" The bald man barked, as he grabbed the camera from the doctor. It was pretty clear to the girls that these two didn't get along. The bald man had the girls assume several poses each one seemingly more humiliating then the next. Amy just hated the ones of her holding her breasts up as high as they could go, by just her nipples.

"Ok Doc, start examining their breasts," the bald man oozed as he looked over his photos.

"Ah they're..."

"You fucking heard me," the bald man screamed, "or do I have to do everything around here."

The doctor seemed a bit hesitant at first, as he examined each of the girls breasts, once standing up and then once lying down on the table. The doctor really seemed to enjoy checking Amy's long nipples for discharge. The bald man also snapped off a couple of pictures of the process. The doctor did a chest exam next, listening to their heart rates. He also checked their eyes, ears and mouths. To Amy, it seemed like he was working in reverse order, compared to most of her exams. The door open and the old guards left and two new ones entered.

Each girl shuddered at this because they knew that meant they still had 22 more hours to go. The bald man sat up on the steel desk that sat in the middle of the room.

"I think it's time to test their heart rates. He ordered the girls to march around the table. Dressed in only white cotton underwear and black boots, the girls marched around it, for over ten minutes, as the four men watched their every step. Next the bald man had the girls drop and do 25 push-ups. Amy could do 25 push-ups in her sleep, but had never done them topless. She cringed as her breasts scrapped the hard tile floor on every down stroke, causing her nipples to become rock hard again. After more marching, he had them stand up and face each other and assume the position again. Amy was none to happy when the baton returned to her erect nipples.

"Girl you could put any eye out with one of these things. The two M.P's broke out in laughter and April almost followed.

"Silence!" The bald man barked, as the room quickly fell silent.

"Doc check them out," the bald man barked, as he watched intently as the doctor used his stethoscope on the girl's chests.

"Their hearts are responding well," the doctor said with a smirk.

"Their hearts are responding well," the bald man mimicked the doctor using a baby's voice.

The bald man jumped of the table and for the next half an hour he circled the girls brushing against them stopping only to whisper into their ears.

"Just give me the word."

"Just give me a word."

The door opened and two more soldiers entered along with a third man who was dressed in the same manner as the bald man. As the other soldiers left the room the third man stood next to the bald man.

"Don't eye ball me!" He screamed at the two girls, who quickly returned to the positions.

"Dude, I would have thought the two dykes would have quit by now, I mean half the guys have bailed out already. What you been taken it easy on them or what?"

"Naw" the bald man interrupted. "I was just about to turn up the heat, they will be bailing out in no time. Now get the fuck out of here, and go back to your faggots."

After the man had left. The bald man barked out an order that Amy feared was coming next.

"Get those undies off. Those are for men, men with dicks, not wanabees."

Amy went first quickly handing them to the bald man followed by April. Both women were now naked except for their boots. Returning to the assumed position, both girls, as well as the four men, checked out the newly naked women. Both women wore the same look as previously ordered. They shaved their pussies bare leaving only a small patch of pubic hair above it. Amy had tried to protest this order, but after a day of P.T. She decided she better do it.

The bald man then began circling them once again stopping only to rub his baton over the girl's pubic mounds and between their legs. Amy had hoped that this would be enough for April to quit, but she was surprised to see that April's tears had dried up. He stopped behind Amy running his baton in-between Amy's tight ass checks. It was Amy could do to remain standing when the baton slipped in between her legs and parted her pussy lips, not entering her, but just rubbing between them back and forth. April also received the same treatment. This went on for the full hour as two more soldiers entered.

"Yes!" Amy heard one of the new soldier's slip.

The two girls were then ordered to run around the table with their hands locked behind their heads. Amy knew what this was all about, as she noticed her breasts bouncing about lewdly.

The two soldiers, the youngest ones so far seemed to be enjoying the show judging by the wide smiles the wore on their faces. After the running they were put thought several exercises, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, toe touches. Amy cringed at how exposed these exercises left her. The doctor had been checking their hearts sporadically, per the bald mans requests. This lasted the full hour as two new soldiers entered the room.

"Assume the position!" The bald man barked. "Just nineteen hours to go."

Amy fell into her Position facing April. Amy noticed April's body glistened with sweat and she knew her body must also. He then had the girl's turn around in a circle several times giving everyone in the room a good look. He had the girls stop, facing away from him, but looking right at the soldiers, only a few feet away.

"Put you hands on your knees," was the next order.

Amy blushed, as she knew what the position meant. she looked down as her breasts dangled from her chest, and it also gave the bald man a clear look at her backside. The bald man wasn't happy enough with this as his next order was for them to reach around and spread their ass cheeks with their hands. Amy was surprised when April quickly complied, the sound of a camera clicking away filled the room. Amy never felt more mortified in her young life, being naked was one thing, exposing her privates to the bald man's camera was almost too much. Amy looked over at April.

"Damn, I thought she would have quit by know!" She thought, or maybe she prayed.

"Wider!" Was the next order, followed by more pictures.

"Ok doc, let do the rectal examine now," the bald man barked.

"What, that's not,"

"Doc is it going to be like pulling teeth every time I give you an order. I know your an outsider, but in here when I give you an order you follow it, or you become friendly with my baton," the bald man said as he looked straight down at the shorter doctor's face.

"Do I make myself clear!" The bald man shrieked.

Amy could see the doctor trembling with fear, as he applied a rubber glove to his hand, and she certainly shared his emotion. The doctor sheepishly approached Amy and slowly worked some lubrication over her anus.

"This might hurt a bit," the doctor whispered.

"Wow aren't you Dr. Sensitive," the bald man hissed.

Amy cringed as she felt the doctors finger invade her anus, she tried not to squirm about like a fish out of water, but the doctors twisting and turning finger was doing just that. Finally she felt him withdraw and move over behind April, she assumed he was doing the same thing to her, jugging by the fact that she was now doing the finger in the ass dance.

Amy just looked straight ahead, but could feel hot breath on her backside, so she knew the bald man was now taking a closer look. This didn't surprise her, but what did is when she felt a stream of hot air blowing against her now gapping pussy, as quickly as it came, it would leave and April would receive the same treatment. Back and forth the bald man would take turn teasing each of them.

"Take your right hand away and reach between your legs and spread your pussy lips," was the next order. This was almost more than Amy could take. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and complied. She shuddered when the bald mans baton rubbed against her now spread pussy lips. This continued as the door opened up and two new soldiers entered, they were the same two from the first hour.

"18 to go," the bald man barked, "remain in this position but turn around."

Amy knew this would expose her pussy to the soldiers, as the two girls turned around. She even heard the soldiers gasp, humiliated she hung her head. The bald man took this opportunity to also play with her breasts with the baton and when the baton left she knew April was receiving the same treatment. From this position several tears of humiliation fell from Amy's face.

"Climb up on the table on all fours," was the next order.

Both girls climbed on the table and where now side by side. For the next hour the bald man circled the two girls using his baton to poke and prod their most private places. Almost bringing Amy to orgasm on several occasions and when the door open she knew she lasted another hour.

"Roll over," was the next order. Amy was relieved as her hands and knees were getting raw, however she was anything but relieved when the next orders of feet up on the edge of the table and spread those knees flat, came booming from the bald man.

"Ok doctor check their pussies," the bald man barked.

"Do you mean a Gynecological Exam?"

"No I mean go home and examine their cats," the bald man said as broke out in evil laughter.

"This is highly inappropriate," the doctor mumbled as he fished through his bag.

"Give me that," the bald man said, as he grabbed the bag and dumped the contents onto the end of the table.

"Was that absolutely necessary?" The doctor mumbled.

"Here you can us these," the bald man said as he handed the doctor some tongue depressors.

"And hey, is this what I think it is," the bald man oozed, holding up a shinny metal object."

"A speculum," the doctor groaned.

"Good old Doc, don't leave home with out my speculum," the bald man teased, "pull up a stool and get busy."

The doctor rolled a stool over and position himself in front of Amy. She again felt like crying at being in this humiliating position in front of a complete stranger, she like most women also just dreaded this part of a physical.

"First I'm going to do an external examine," the doctor said calmly.

"Hey Doc, do we really need show and tell hour, just do it," the bald man interrupted.

Amy felt the doctor running his gloved finger over her labia, she looked down and saw him spreading them apart with his two fingers. She gasped when her inner pinkness came into view.

"Hey Doc use this!" The bald man barked as he handed the doctor a tongue depressor.

"And what am I going."

"Use it to spread her out, you know to get her ready for the speculum," the bald man interrupted.

"I have a tool for that; it's that's black metal object that looks like a small shoehorn," the doctor said rather sternly.

"All right Doc don't get testy, I see it," the bald man said, as he picked it up and handed it to the doctor. He watched as the doctor put some lubricant on the metal spreader, and slowly inserted it into Amy's pussy. Amy cringing at the sudden intrusion, but she knew the speculum was still to come. Amy wanted to let out a scream when the doctor uncovered her clitoris from its hood, and slowly examine it.

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