Derby Ch. 03


Derby made sure he was up early the next morning. He suffered through a few minutes of mindless jabbering from his new roommate, before he escaped to the shower. He was proud of himself for having resisted the urge to ram the little nerd's Star Wars toy light saber, which Martin had apparently bought at the last convention he attended, down the kid's throat. Idly, he wondered how much longer he would be able to control himself. God, what had he done to deserve this?

Derby had suffered enough in his young life. The woman he had loved had rejected him. Even worse, she had done it by fucking his supposed best friend. Derby allowed himself to brood on that for a moment as he stood under the shower's spray. "No wonder I'm bitter," he thought. "No wonder I've decided that women exist only to be used. After all, the one I loved used me and then threw me away like a bloody tampon."

Registration went smoothly, and Derby was out of there by 9am. Good. That meant that he could avoid Melissa, the girl he had used and thrown away last night. It was time to move on with his list of chicks to fuck. That hot little Hispanic piece of ass, Josie, was next. But how would he move on her?

Luck was with Derby that morning. As he was hanging around, wondering what to do next and dreading going to the bookstore and spending a ton of money on textbooks he knew he might never read, he spotted her. She was walking toward the campus bookstore, holding a sheaf of papers that Derby guessed were the reading lists for her Freshman courses. He let her pass, watching her from a distance, admiring how her big tits and bubble butt moved under the tank top and athletic shorts she wore. Damn fine looking piece of Latina ass! Once she had a good head start on him, Derby began to follow her.

As expected, she walked into the campus bookstore. Derby followed.

He found her among the stacks of Freshman English Composition materials. Her arms were already full of books.

"Hi, Josie! Remember me?"

"Oh, hi, Derby, isn't it?"

"That's right. The first time I saw you, you were struggling with stacks of stuff moving into your dorm. I helped you then. May I help you now?"

"Would you? That would be great! But don't you have to get your own books?"

"I already did," Derby lied. "I was at registration when they opened this morning, and then I came over here and got my stuff. I threw it all in my room and decided to come back out for a walk, since it's such a nice day. Once classes start, I'll probably be busy, so I figured I'd enjoy my last few days of freedom. I just stopped in here to see if I forgot anything."

They finished picking up all of Josie's course materials, and Derby helped her carry the bags back to her room. As they walked, Derby turned on his charm and asked her some questions designed to give him some idea of how to get in her pants. This one seemed like she was going to be a real challenge. If it weren't for the fact that Derby was hungry for some spicy, slightly dark meat, he might have decided to move on.

He had a plan, though. It had worked so far, and he decided to stick with it. Plus, there was the thrill of the seduction and the satisfaction of the conquest to look forward to. And those tits and that ass! If he could fuck her, it might be a hell of a ride.

Josie was almost painfully shy. She didn't have much experience with the opposite sex. She had gone to an all-girls Catholic high school at her father's insistence. But the fact that she had had a sheltered childhood under the strict eyes of ever-watchful nuns didn't keep Josie from being very curious about men. She had fantasized about meeting a handsome, charming man at college and having a wonderful romance with him. And here was the epitome of handsome charm, sitting a foot away from her in her dorm room, seeming very interested in her. And this was only her third day on campus!

Derby told her some things about himself. Many of them were true. He decided to save the story about Megan for later. He had already proven to himself that that story, told the right way in the right setting, made girls feel sorry for him and made him seem like a sensitive guy. It made them feel like they had to help him. Christy and Melissa had helped him a lot – had helped him get his rocks off. Why stray from a proven formula?

Making an excuse about helping his roommate to unpack and finish setting up their room, Derby left Josie, having gotten her to agree to see him at dinner. It was then that he would start his seduction of her in earnest.

When he got back to his room, Martin was there. "Hi, Roomie!" Martin said. "You forgot your phone. It's been blowing up all morning. Oh, and some girl named Christy stopped by looking for you. She's really pretty. I told her I didn't know where you were. She seems like a very nice girl. Is she your girlfriend? She seemed a little upset that you weren't here. Are you going to call her? I started to show her my Lord of the Rings movie memorabilia collection to try to entertain her while she waited for you, but then she said she had to go. Say, do you want to see my collection? There's some really cool stuff that...."

"Will you just shut the fuck up?" Derby shouted. "Are you always this irritating? Do you work at being a pathetic nerd, or does it come naturally?"

"Derby, what's wrong? I just want to be your friend. I want to show you some of my great stuff. I know you'll really like it and then we can be buddies and...."

Derby stood up and walked over to Martin, fists clenched. There was an ugly vein standing out on Derby's one temple. "Martin, I'm going to say this once, so shut your pimply face and listen. I'm not going to be your friend. I'm not your buddy. I would rather have my toenails ripped out with a pair of pliers than even associate with you. If you don't want to wake up dead some morning, I suggest you do yourself a favor and stop talking to me. And don't ever talk to any girls who know me. I have decided that you are even more immature and repulsive than I had originally thought, and that's saying a lot. Your best bet is to let me alone. If you do that, I might let you live long enough to find another weirdo roommate. Have I made myself clear?"

Martin sat there, stunned and cowering, looking like he might cry.

Before he lost control completely, Derby stalked out of the room and slammed the door behind him.

"Oh God," Derby thought. "I can't believe that people like him really exist. The fucking kid is a cartoon. He's way worse than the guys in some of those movies and TV shows about creepy, nerdy geeks. I laugh at that crap because the characters are so overdone, but shit! Martin's ten times worse than any of them! He makes Pee Wee Herman look suave and sophisticated! I may just have to start spending the whole night with these chicks just so I can stay away from him and keep my sanity.

"Maybe that's what I'll do tonight," Derby said to himself. "Stay out all night. Hell, Josie's doing the whole 'good Catholic girl' routine. It could take all night to get her naked and mounted on my cock. But kid, if you can pull that one off, if you can de-flower that hot virgin, it will be so worth it. Yeah, playing motorboat with those huge tits, eating that tuna taco, grabbing that big ass, and busting that little cherry, and then letting her lie there alone, wondering what happened – oh yeah, that will be just fucking great! And then tomorrow, I'm gonna break a little Asian porcelain doll"

Those thoughts made Derby smile. He was much happier now. He could almost see Martin for what he was: a cartoon character to be enjoyed, both for the amusement factor and for his vulnerability as a vent for Derby's frustrations. Maybe it would be worth it to keep Martin around just so he wouldn't need to buy a punching bag. If he could use these girls as his own personal cum-dumpsters, he could use Martin as his favorite non-sexual victim. Maybe he could even pretend to himself that Martin represented Joe, his ex-best friend that had stolen his precious Megan. Of course, that could be pretty dangerous for Martin. Oh, well.

The campus was much more crowded now than it had been the day before. The upperclassmen were showing up. Derby took a walk down fraternity row, admiring the lifestyle he imagined the brothers enjoyed. All that freedom, all that camaraderie with guys like him who just wanted to fuck as many hot chicks as possible. And speaking of hot chicks, there were all the sorority sisters. Wow. Out of his league for now, since he was a lowly freshman, but wait until next year!

Derby strolled along, checking out the sights. One frat house in particular caught his eye. There was a truck outside unloading kegs of beer, and there was a volleyball court in the side yard, with some guys playing volleyball with a bunch of girls in micro-bikinis. Sweet. These guys knew how to live. He had already heard a little about this frat house, which apparently had the reputation of being the big party place. Supposedly, they were always on the verge of getting closed down by the college, but some of their alumni were big contributors to the school, so the house stayed open. He could try to find out more about the place later.

Tonight he would see if he could fuck Josie. He knew he would need to bring his A-game, but his success the last two nights gave him confidence. He would have dinner with her, just like he had done the night before with Melissa, walk around the campus with her, take her for ice cream, like he had done with both Christy and Melissa, and then head to the old courtyard and fountain. That was where he had done his tearful act that had worked with the other two girls, and he figured it should work again.

After dinner, he implemented his plan with Josie. She was really shy, but he pulled out all the stops and charmed her into relaxing with him and talking. She seemed to enjoy their stroll around the campus, and he helped her find the buildings where all her classes would meet. The whole ice cream date thing went well, and she let him take her hand for a while when they were walking toward the secluded area with the stone benches. In the moonlight, he began his well-rehearsed routine. He even managed to choke out a convincing-sounding sob when he turned on the tears.

Josie's reaction was, at first, what he had hoped for. She hugged him and said, "I can't imagine how badly you were hurt by Megan,. I've never been in love, so I won't pretend that I really understand how you felt. Sometimes, the hurts we suffer in life seem like they'll never heal. I remember how horrible I felt when my best friend was killed in a car accident. I wasn't sure I could go on. I just sat and cried for days after her funeral."

"What did you do to get over it?" Derby asked, hoping to draw her out and find out more about how her mind worked.

"I went to Mass every day, morning, noon, and night. I lit candles for her. I prayed almost constantly. I went to confession every day. Finally, I found comfort. You can, too, Derby. I gather that you were not raised Catholic, but surely you know that God loves you. Let me take you to Mass tomorrow morning. You may be surprised how comforting the hymns and the peace of God's love can be."

That was not exactly what Derby wanted to hear her say. What was this chick, some kind of religious freak? He had run across some Protestant church nuts in his day, and had always given them a wide berth. But he had never met a zealous Catholic before. He decided his chances of fucking this bitch tonight had gone from slim to none. But before he ran screaming for the hills, he risked one more try.

He turned toward Josie and put on the saddest face he could create. "You're so nice, Josie. I do need comfort. Would you hold me for a moment?"

She didn't hesitate. She hugged him, chastely. He hugged her back. She felt nice in his arms, if a little stiff. When they broke their hug, Derby stroked her face tenderly with the back of his hand. Then he leaned in to kiss her.

When Josie understood what he was doing, she quickly turned so his kiss landed on her cheek. Then she moved away slightly and said, "I like you Derby. You seem really nice. I'd like to get to know you better, but I'll have to know you for a while before I could be comfortable kissing you. I'm sorry if that disappoints you."

Derby was more than disappointed. He was pissed. He had just spent a couple of hours trying to loosen this bitch up so he could fuck her tonight, and now she wouldn't even kiss him? Who the fuck did she think she was?

"I'm sorry too," he said. "I'm sorry you're such a stuck-up little cunt. I would have fucked the living shit out of you tonight, and you would have loved it. Maybe I should introduce you to my roommate. You'd like him. He's so damn ugly and stupid he'll probably die a virgin. Maybe he could read the fuckin' Bible to you in Klingon!

"God, you're so caught up in being this prim and proper little virgin that you don't even know you have a pussy, do you? Well, guess what, bitch? No one's going to want it by the time you decide to give it away. All the good guys will be taken by the time you wake up. Go buy a dildo and get your priest to bless it or something. Get the fuck away from me!"

Josie was so shocked by Derby's tirade that she didn't know what to do. No one had ever been that sacrilegious or that rude to her before. She crossed herself and burst into tears.

"Oh fine, sit there and cry like a fucking little girl. I'm going out to find some fun," Derby said. He got up and stalked away.

It was still early enough that Derby decided to see if he could hook up with Anna, the little Japanese girl. He called her as he walked across campus. "Hey Anna, it's Derby, you know, the guy who carried some of your stuff up to your room when you and your folks were unloading the van the other day."

"Oh, hi, Derby. What's up?"

"Nothing much. I wondered if you wanted to go for a walk."

"That's funny," Anna replied, "I'm just leaving my dorm now to walk over to see a girl from my high school. She graduated two years ahead of me, but I've known her for years since her big sister used to babysit me. She's in one of the sorority houses on the other side of campus. She was going to meet me at the student union and walk me over to her house."

"I'll walk with you if you like," Derby said. "I was over that way this afternoon exploring. If you know which house she's in, I can take you there. Besides, I don't know that it's a good idea for a pretty girl like you to walk too far alone at night, even if there's another girl with you. Why don't you call her back and tell her I'll bring you?"

"Would you? That would be really nice. I'll call her right now and tell her to just wait for us. See you at the student union in a couple of minutes?"

"I'm almost there now," Derby said. "See you in a few." They hung up.

"OK," Derby said to himself. "I'm still two for three. Now let's see if I can up my batting average to a .750."

Anna looked better tonight than he remembered. Her long, straight black hair hung over her shoulders, somehow emphasizing how delicate she really was. Because it was a warm night, she was dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. She looked very young, very petite, and very pretty. The shorts were actually pretty tight, giving Derby a good view of her firm little ass when she had her back to him, and the flimsy t-shirt let him see how perky her little tits were. She looked good enough to eat, which, come to think of it, sounded like a pretty good idea.

As they walked, they talked. Derby did his best to get Anna to talk about herself, and he gave her some information about himself to put her at ease. By the time they got to the sorority house, she was getting comfortable with him, and he was working hard to figure out how to get her naked and horizontal.

Anna's sorority friend, Karen, greeted them both warmly. She was a pretty girl, with a nice body. Definitely not bad at all. Some of her sorority sisters, though, were seriously hot. And some of them didn't seem to care that Karen had shouted "Man in the hall!" when she took Derby and Anna up to her room. One girl walked past them in just a bra and thong. Looking casually into the rooms as they passed, Derby saw one girl sitting at her desk topless and another lying on her bed, completely nude.

Karen looked back at Derby and laughed. "Never been in a sorority house before, have you? We're pretty casual around here. We're not sluts, at least not all of us, but we're, shall we say, fun-loving. So reel your tongue back into your mouth and treat the situation like it is: no big deal. And Anna, don't look so embarrassed. All us girls have pretty much the same parts. You took showers in gym class in high school the same as I did. We all know what we look like. And this hunk you have with you can pretty much guess what we all look like, too. So, loosen up already! You're in college now."

The three of them talked awhile about college life, Karen and Anna talking sometimes as though Derby wasn't even there. It seemed as though Karen realized this, suddenly, because she turned to Derby and asked, "Are you thinking about pledging a fraternity when you're eligible?"

"I hadn't really thought about it," Derby said. "Although, from what I saw today when I was walking around over here, it look like the guys have their share of fun. And anything has to be better than being in a cookie-cutter dorm room with a roommate I already can't stand."

Karen laughed. "My roommate freshman year was so weird she almost scared me. She was some kind of pseudo-retro-hippie free spirit loony. She refused to shave her legs or her armpits, and she seldom bathed. She spent most of her time meditating or getting high. When she knew she was going to flunk out at the end of second semester, she simply packed her shit and left, saying she was going to hitchhike until she found a commune. What a loser!"

Derby said, "If you want to see a loser, you should meet my roommate. He's the stereotypical nerd. Star Wars posters, Transformers t-shirts, Lord of the Rings movie memorabilia collection, the works!"

Anna piped up, "Please don't tell me he has an English-Klingon translation dictionary!"

They all laughed, and then Karen said, "I'll bet he hasn't unpacked it yet. It's probably in the same box with his Stargate Academy pajamas."

Anna managed to look serious for a moment as she asked Derby, "Is that the same carton he packed all his miracle-cure acne medicines in, you know, the ones that just don't seem to work for him?"

All three of them howled with laughter at that one. Derby really liked having fun with these girls, especially since it was at the dweeb Martin's expense. It didn't hurt anything that both of these girls were really very cute.

After they had recovered a little, Karen said, "Anna, one of the reasons I asked you to come over here tonight, besides the fact that I really wanted to get to see you, was to see if you wanted to have some fun. You know, see what the best part of college can be like."

"What do you mean?" Anna asked.

"I told you over the summer about my boyfriend, Brad, right?"

Anna said, teasing, "Oh yeah, the phenomenally sexy hunk that makes you weak every time you think about him."

"Shut up, freshman," Karen said. "Yes, him. His fraternity is having a "welcome back to school" party tonight. Do you want to come with me? You can bring your boyfriend along."

"Derby's not my boyfriend!" Anna squealed, feeling a little embarrassed. "He's just a guy I met when I got here. He helped me and my folks drag my stuff into my room, and then he called me tonight just as I was ready to come over here. He was nice enough to walk me over here."

"Oh," Karen said, openly eying Derby from head to toe, "so you're just the perfect gentleman type, huh? Well, seriously, that was a really nice thing to do. Anna is just too cute to walk around alone at night. And with a guy as big and strong-looking as you, she was perfectly safe. Really, I think it's great that you volunteered to escort my innocent little baby-almost-sister here. And Anna, you could do worse than being seen walking around with a hunk like this."

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