tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 01

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 01


Patrick gazed at his beautiful, naked wife as she spread her legs for him. Kneeling by her side on the bed, he caressed her slim waist. His hands brushed up her side tenderly. Patrick bent down to kiss Francis's swollen, dark nipples. By this time next year, they would be flowing with milk. She moaned at the feel of his tongue against her left areolas. Oh how he loved igniting her desire until she begged for his member. "S'il vous plait, mon amour, j'ai besoin de vous," she sighed breathlessly. Patrick grinned. Ever the Quebecois, she would slide into French during moments of arousal. Francis reached out to grasp her husband's fiery red pubic hair. Her long lavender nails grazed his pale Celtic skin. A soft, guttural growl emerged from Patrick's throat as her fingers slid down to his hairless scrotum. "Donnez-moi votre sperme," she pleaded.

"All in good time, babe," he replied. "First I want to make your cunt drip." Patrick kissed his way to his wife's familiar vulva. His skilled tongue work reflected over two years of practice in their marital bed. Gone were the nervous nights following their wedding when he was unsure of how to please his first and only lover. By now, he confidently played with her folds and teased her bud. It was a talent he took pride in, on par with his work at Concordia U. Years spent building a strong marriage and successful career were finally paying off. They were ready to conceive and move out to the suburbs of Montreal with the white picket fence and all.

Francis's hand on the back of Patrick's head awoke him from his drifting thoughts. She firmly pulled him into her womanhood. She screamed, "Fort!" Patrick happily obliged by pressing his tongue hard against her clitoris. It protruded ridged against him. Her coarse bush prickled his shaved cheeks. Her delicate fingers tussled his rusty locks. Sealing his lips around Francis's labia minora, Patrick sucked gently. His thumb traveled to her peritoneum. He was rewarded with spasms as an orgasm sent juices flowing into his mouth. Patrick savored the taste of his wife's nectar, knowing that he had mastered her most sensitive spots.

Cocky, Patrick kneeled upright and jerked his 10 inch rod. "I guess you're moist enough now. Tell me sweetly, how do you want to take it? Should I give it to you missionary style, like on our wedding night?"

Francis cupped her husband's balls. "No. Back then we were making love. Tonight, you are breeding me, stud. I want to take it like a bitch. Fuck me doggie style. Fill me with your hot seed." Francis presented herself before him on all fours. Her voluptuous rump swayed temptingly. Patrick kneeled behind her. He rubbed his fuck stick along the crack of her tight ass, an ass he had yet to enter in all those months of marriage. He guided his tool down to her engorged pussy lips. His tapered cockhead teased them. Patrick suck in air as he felt his wife's moister against his bare cock for the first time. It was so much better than fucking with a rubber on. Finally, he could touch skin against skin. Lust built up inside him. He had to discover what her wet vaginal wall felt like.

Patrick grunted with a deep baritone voice as he thrust forward. His wife's silken canal enveloped his naked manhood. He started with a slow mechanical rhythm. With eyes closed, he savored the sensation of her steaming fluids. His fleshy tool explored her neither region with new sensitivity. Patrick opened his eyes to look down at his wife's alabaster back. Her straight, black hair draped across her curving form, the long strands reaching all the way to her bum. He grasped her shoulders firmly and picked up the pace. Cock pounding pussy. Man fucking woman. Stud breeding bitch. This is how marital relations were supposed to be.

Francis started grinding her bottom against Patrick. "Deeper," she whispered. Patrick pushed father in, giving her a few more inches of his manly endowment. He bent down and licked her left earlobe. His right arm slid across her breastbone to hold her tight. His left hand fondled her ample globe. Deeper, he plunged. She squealed as his 10 inch penis passed her cervix and entered her womb. Buried to the hilt, Patrick pressed his curly pubs against her smooth, feminine derriere. His taunt abs lay along her soft back. His left arm moved down to encircle her fertile midriff. Francis arched her neck for Patrick to devour, and devour he did. With tender love bites, he marked her throat.

Growling loudly, he slid out a few inches. A moment's pause gave Francis time to adjust to the sensations deep inside her. Though another man had broken her seal in college, Patrick was by no means second in her mind. Her husband reached so much farther than that other, banishing him to a distant part of her memory. Patrick pushed forward into her womb again. Yes, only Patrick had the reach to enter her womb, and now, only Patrick had known the feel of her pussy against an exposed cock. Soon, Patrick would be the first one to release his seed into her passage.

"Cum for me, stud," she cried. "Give me your thick load. Breed me. I want your swimmers rushing through my womb. I want to be pregnant with your offspring, to carrying it tenderly for nine months. Oh, STUD. Shoot that jizz!"

Egged on by his wife, Patrick drove into her furiously. Pounding into her, Patrick spoke back huskily, "Yeah, bitch. Open your womb to my cock. Feel it piercing you. Take it. Take it hard. Squeeze my long shaft with your aching pussy. Push me over the edge. Make me explode." Patrick release his embrace so he could clasp her bosom and pinch her pointy tits.

"Yes! Give it to me rough. Fuck me like an animal. You've got me going like a bitch in heat. Now do the rest. Make me your bitch, you stud. Explode in me. Empty your balls deep inside my being. Launch your sperm in the middle of my womb. Oooo. You reach ssooo DEEP! Liberais votre sperme dans mon uterus expose!"

Patrick clamped his teeth against his wife's ivory shoulder. Palming her breasts roughly, he impaled her womb with his cock. His lower abs pressed hard against her bottom. His balls began to lurch. Hot man juice coursed through his tubes and up his ejaculating staff. At long last his semen drifted free in her belly. Panting, he unhinged his jaw and kissed the bite mark.

Francis turned her head to kiss his cheek. Then their lips met. Patrick darted his tongue along his wife's full lips. Her mouth opened to him, longing to have yet another part of him inside of her. He possessively swept his tongue along the inside of her cheeks. His hands edged down to her belly, the fingers flared wide. Beneath those fingers, he felt the heat of his wife, his bitch, his womb.

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