tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 02

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 02


Francis stroked Patrick's hand as he pushed the shopping cart by her side. With prices so much lower across the bridge, it made sense to pick up some items on their house hunting trip. Francis picked up a box of extra large condoms and put them in the cart with a wink. "Thanks for the complement," Patrick responded, "but we won't be needing those until after you deliver." Patrick sighed to himself. -When we started trying in May it seemed so simple, - Patrick thought. - Three months later, it feels more like a chore. - He put the condoms back and selected a home pregnancy test to purchase. "Any word from Dr. Herven?"

"No. Don't worry about it, honey. Sam said that stress just makes it more difficult." Francis rubbed her husband's forearm affectionately. "Dr. Herven said your sperm count is high. It's just a matter of time." Patrick blushed a bit. Despite the doctor's assurance, he still felt responsible for their difficulty.

Patrick held their purchases in his lap as Francis drove them to the house viewing. They could probably have found a store closer to the open house, but he wanted an excuse to drive along route 138. Francis may have been made for downtown, but Patrick loved to gaze at bucolic views. That was also his excuse for asking Francis to drive on this outing. For some reason, Patrick was starting to prefer the passenger seat as of late.

Row upon row of opulent homes greeted them as they entered Kahnawake, Quebec. From the phone description, Patrick had thought the advertised home was too posh for them. Now he realized that it would stand out as less than average in this neighborhood. "Francis, do you think it's prudent to buy a house in this area on a University salary?"

"No, but it's fine for us when you add a lawyer's salary to that. The case load at the Montreal Universal Freedom Foundation is ballooning. I switch from desk work to handling trials next month. There's a pay increase to go along with the extra responsibility. Don't worry, babe. I'll take good care of you." Francis palmed Patrick's crotch to emphasize the point. Patrick looked at the boxes next to Francis's busy hand. Ginkgo tea, mucuna seeds, lavender oils, he hoped they worked. Francis increased the pressure of her hand, knocking the bag off Patrick's lap and spilling its contents onto the car floor. Patrick glued his eye to the scenes out the window to keep his erection in control. He hadn't cum in 10 days, and he did not want to spot his shorts.

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at the house viewing. Francis stepped out of the car and marched to the front door, her navy blue sundress sweeping along the cobblestone path. Patrick lingered in the car to hide the pregnancy test and aphrodisiacs in his cargo shorts pockets. There was no sense letting the neighbors let on before they even moved in. He hurried to join his wife on the porch. Francis rang the doorbell, then straightened out Patrick's T shirt while they waited for the door to open.

The realtor greeted them warmly. "Ah, punctual, just like Sam said you would be. How is Sam by the way?" she asked as she ushered them in to the spacious foyer.

"He's doing well," Patrick replied. "He is up for tenure this year, and the botany department added 'First Nation Domesticated Herbs' to his course load."

"That Sam Shatz is a wiz at natural remedies. You know, he gave me a concoction of leaves that cured my hay fever in no time. I apologize that the house isn't quite ready. The gardener arrived late today. In fact, I have to step out to talk to him now. Stay right there. I won't be a moment."

Francis turned to Patrick once they were alone. "Dear, adjust yourself. I can see the effects of our fun in the car."

Patrick looked down at his shorts. "No, that's not me. That's a bottle in my pocket." He produced the guilty container. "I didn't think it was wise to leave it in plain view."

The realtor returned. "Oh, is that for me? How thoughtful," she declared as she reached for the bottle of lavender oil.

Francis quickly intervened, "Actually it's mine. Sam recommended it to help me with ... to help me with my dry skin." She spread the oil over her bare arms to demonstrate.

"My," said the realtor as she whiffed the lavender scent, "that is heavenly. Um, right. Let's start with the foyer. As you can see, it lets in plenty of natural sunlight and has a high ceiling to accommodate the largest Christmas tree you can find. That grand staircase leads to the second floor. We'll go up there to view the bedrooms later. First I want to show you the ground floor traffic flow. Follow me through the dining room. These sliding oak doors tuck away into the walls so you can combine the dining and living rooms to host a large dinner party. Off the living room, we have a professional grade kitchen. Then the servant's stairway and finally walking through the parlor brings us back to that wonderful foyer. So," she asked, inhaling deeply and looking at Patrick, "shall I take you to the bedroom?"

Patrick gulped. He had noticed Francis flirting with him during the tour, but had chalked it up to their 10 days of abstaining from sex. They were practicing a reverse of the rhythm method to maximize their chances of conceiving. It consisted of 12 days of abstinence during Francis's infertile period to help Patrick recharge, followed by 16 days of intercourse during her fertile period. It was normal for Francis to get frisky by day 10 or 11, but what was getting the realtor so worked up? Patrick shrugged. - It must be something in the air.-

The sound of a chain saw outside rescued Patrick from his predicament. The realtor rolled her eyes. "I told him to work on the path today, not the pruning. Running gas powered tools isn't legal on Sundays. I better yell at the gardener before someone calls the cops on us. Feel free to get acquainted with the master suite until I finish with him." Her hips swayed just a bit too much as she walked out the front door.

Francis took Patrick's hand. "Well, my lord, would you like to see your chambers in your new castle?"

"Sure, my dear."

Francis led her husband up the grand staircase and into the master suite. He was stunned by its size. The double doors opened to a sitting area with a fireplace on the side wall. An arched entrance connected the sitting area to the sleeping area where a spacious closet separated his and her dormers, each one furnished with a king size bed. The left dormer had a bed with pink satin sheets and a white pine headboard. The one on the right had a mahogany headboard and tiger print sheets on the mattress. Patrick walked right to feel the tiger print sheets. - Hmm, this feels like that new bamboo fabric I've heard about. I bet it's organic too.-

Francis stepped close behind him to clasp his upper arm. Her breasts pressed against his back. "Just think stud. This is where you'll breed me for 16 straight days." His wife's heavy breath flowed warmly across his neck. "My clit is hard just thinking about it." She wrapped her other arm along his stomach and pressed her neither region against him from behind. "I want your seed in me sooo, bad."

Patrick grinned nervously and looked out the window to refocus his attention. The realtor was yelling at the gardener, poking his muscular chest with her finger to emphasize her displeasure. - Poor fellow, he probably just didn't know about the blue laws. That woman must be very upset, judging by how hard she is breathing.- The gardener meekly tried to brush her arm away, but his boss just switched to grabbing his forearm and glaring up at him.

Francis slipped a hand under her husband's shirt to trace the lines of his six-pack. "Mmm, your morning runs are paying off. I love your trim body." Francis's hand roamed upwards to feel the tuff of red curly hair in the center of his toned chest.

Patrick gazed through the glass at the realtor's perky breasts down below. She seemed to lift them up for display. The gardener appeared to notice as well. Sweat dripped down his sun tanned skin as he freed himself from the realtor's grip.

Francis held her man firmly in her arms and kissed the back of his pale neck. Her hand travelled from his abs down to his crotch. She cupped her mate's ready balls.

Patrick bit his tongue to fight the erection. Looking outside, he saw the gardener biting the realtor's neck. She was enthusiastically removing his flannel shirt to reveal a bronze back.

"I can't wait until Tuesday. Fuck me now," Francis demanded.

"I would love to, Francis, but I've got to store up my swimmers for your fertile days."

"So? Don't cum." Francis ginned wickedly as she stepped in front of her husband. Slowly, she stripped off her sun dress and ran her hands along the side of her athletic body. Patrick tried not to watch her teasing her nipples over the bra. He began to grow as she unhooked the clasp to free those globes. Determined to wait the remaining two days, Patrick stepped back. Francis stepped forward and pressed his hand against her cotton panties. "Feel how wet I am. I want you now." Patrick fingered his wife's swollen pussy lips through the fabric. Francis extended her neck and purred.

Patrick regained control of himself enough to retreat to the left dormer. He looked out its window hoping the realtor's return would save him. Down below, the gardener stood fully naked save for a pink lacy thong hanging around his neck. The realtor was hiking up her skirt under the shade of a cedar. The chiseled laborer smiled lustfully at the now tamed boss beneath him. He kneeled between his lover's welcoming legs to mount his catch.

Francis laid sprawled on the pink sheets, finder fucking her vagina. "Common Patrick, spread these pussy lips with your tool."

"Honey, there's no way I can fuck you and not jizz. I'll just have to watch and make up for it Tuesday."

Francis rose from the bed. "That's not the answer I was looking for." She swooped up the white faux fur rug from the foot of the bed and draped it over the hope chest against the wall. Then she grabbed her husband's belt and unbuckled it. Ignoring his protests, Francis opened his fly to fish out his dick. Patrick was sporting a semi from the tension. With a single tug, she had him stripped from the waist down. Then, she grasped his balls. "You keep these in check. Let me take care of the rest." Francis moved her fingertips over her man's foreskin. Her talented tickling made the cockhead emerge from its hiding place.

Patrick was dumbfounded by his situation. Passively, he let Francis sit him down on the hope chest. The faux fur brushed against this smooth scrotum. Her steaming cunt surrounded his naked cock. As it rode his frozen pink pole, he tried to focus on niche hyper-volumes to keep from climaxing. On the other side of the bay windows, he could still see the gardener pounding pussy. The realtor was thrashing in delight from that dark cock and bouncing balls. Without warning, the gardener pulled out and cock slapped the realtor in the face. She obediently devoured the tool and cleaned it before opening her mouth for a treat. Standing above her, the gardener let loose a thick rope of cream. The first shot landed on the realtor's tongue. The second splattered on her cheek and neck. The final two squirts spotted her blouse. While she gazed up dreamily, the poised stud collected his clothes and strolled away naked. Francis's hand on Patrick's head interrupted his voyeurism. "I'm close. You know the drill honey. Suck me into an orgasm."

Francis jumped off Patrick and onto the bed. Patrick bent down between her legs to lick her honey pot. His wife's pussy lips were much more sensitive than her canal and were the key to giving her orgasms. He sucked hard on her swollen labia while she smothered him with her thighs. His slick dick felt chilly as it protruded unspent in mid air. Francis's firm legs pressed hard against either side of his head, making breathing difficult. Finally, she screamed in ecstasy. Copious cum flowed out of her womanhood and into his mouth. Patrick looked on blankly as Francis got up and donned her garments. Footsteps on the staircase broke his daze. Embarrassed, he tucked his packaged back into his underwear and shorts.

The realtor entered the room. "Oh good, you've familiarized yourselves with the master suite. Well, I guess that wraps up the tour. Francis, you simply must tell me where to get some of that lavender oil. The scent is incredible."

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