tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDerek Discovers Exhibitionists

Derek Discovers Exhibitionists


1. The Beach

The free beach isn't as sexy a place as people think it is, Derek concluded reluctantly as he arrived. He realized that people are nude because it's a beach, not because they're preparing for sex; a bunch of teenage girls daring each other wearing tiny bikinis are sexier than this nudity. At least their tight bras and low-riding bottoms draw attention to their sexy bits. Here everybody was the same, he observed as he quickly stripped, rolled up his clothes and looked around. Most of the people there weren't gorgeous model types. Some were old, some young, some overweight, more than half were male. Most of the women at the beach were obviously attached. There are unwritten rules about northern California's free beaches; the county sheriffs won't interfere if the beachgoers aren't overtly sexual.

In that awkward 'between girlfriends' state, Derek knew that his relationships foundered on his preference for sex with others present. He didn't think it was a perversion, but apparently other people disagreed. So here he was, a graduate student in his mid-twenties without a relationship. At least he could see some live naked women here.

Derek made the best of his eight-mile bike trip out from town, spotting an attractive blonde with a pixyish look, her age hard to gauge in the harsh sun. He unrolled his towel near her and reclined where he could get a good view. Lying on her stomach, this woman had a lovely round ass, long legs, and tantalizing breasts that bulged out from her graceful frame. Her boyfriend (husband? acquaintance?) was rubbing suntan lotion on her upper back, which she obviously liked, while she held up her long hair.

Not wanting to offend this lovely creature, Derek pretended to snooze, but peeked when he thought she wasn't looking. He marveled at her form; gracefully attractive legs are in principle about as utilitarian as you can get, locomotion devices all muscle and sinew, skin and bone. Yet - they were still beautiful.

It got better when the object of his attention flipped over on her back, stretched her arms over her head and exposed magnificent breasts, large and well-defined, wobbling tantalizingly as she made herself comfortable. Her nipples were retracted but were surrounded by a generous patch of deeply pigmented sexual skin. When she turned her head in his direction, he quickly closed his eyes and pretended to snooze again, but he needed to adjust himself against the warm sand, glad that he was reclining on his stomach. For a while Derek, the naked object of his fantasy, and her boyfriend relaxed in the sand, not moving much. The surf crashed with its slow rhythm in the background. A naked fat man and his naked fat wife walked between them.

Derek was sneaking a peek when his blonde turned toward her boyfriend to exchange a few words. The boyfriend stood up, his dingle dangling, and walked right over to Derek, who in a panic knew that he had been discovered; he would be embarrassed, the large and healthy boyfriend would kick sand in his face and he would have to leave, red-faced and disgraced. But the boyfriend, standing over a Derek who was trying desperately to look as inconspicuous as possible without moving much, offered a friendly word. To Derek's astonishment he invited the boy to move his towel closer to them!

Derek accepted enthusiastically, then realized his genital condition and promised to move over in a few minutes. He carefully studied the geology of the cliffs behind the beach, then when it was safe he casually collected his towel and clothes to move about two body-lengths from the blonde. She turned onto her side to face Derek, her breasts trembling, showing a generous triangle of dark-blonde pubic hair. Her nipples began magically to unfold, as she spoke in a soft lilting voice.

"Not there - come closer, I don't mind, my name's Carol, this is Ben. We come here occasionally - you could probably figure that out from our suntans," she laughed.

"Um, hi, I'm Derek, I didn't mean to bother you, I'm a student at the university and I..."

"Don't be shy," she interrupted. "I like it when you look at me. Most of the guys here are total jerks, they leer and make rude gestures or they're gay. You seem to appreciate my body, but you're discreet. There aren't many places where a woman can show off her whole body to strange men and not get arrested or raped. Here it's safe. I can give you a good look but you can't touch."

Carol casually brushed her breasts, as though sweeping some sand from them, but it was obvious to Derek that she was doing it to show him how soft and heavy they were.

"You like that, don't you?"

"I admit it, I do, you're beautiful. And your attitude is as beautiful as your body."

Carol propped her head up on one hand and played absently with the curls at the upper corner of her pubic triangle with the other.

"Derek, I'm facing you, you can tell from my nipples how much I like this. Turn on your side and show me your body. I love to see young cocks."

Derek hesitated.

"Don't worry," Carol admonished with a smile, "I know you have a stiffie from looking at my body."

He couldn't believe how frank this woman was, but he turned, revealing a large semi-erect member, something that's not supposed to happen at the free beach. Close up, he noticed some subtle freckles on the upper side of her breasts, and goose bumps. Her nipples were erect now, like pink marbles in a sea of dark-red flesh, wobbling and vibrating as she moved. Staring, he could almost taste them.

"I can see where this is going," Ben unexpectedly broke in. Derek expected the worst again, but Ben continued, "I think it would be better if we continued this at our house in town."

"I'd love to join you," Derek replied, "But I came here on my bike."

Ben laughed, "No problem. We have a pick-up. We can just throw it in the back." All pickups ride around empty most of the time.

The three naked beachgoers picked up their things and walked toward the rocky point that marks the boundary of the free beach. Just before the point they passed three slim college girls, lying naked on their backs with their feet almost in the narrow passage. Derek recognized them from one of his classes, all in their second year. They didn't say anything, but their posture told Derek's active imagination that they were displaying themselves, enjoying the feeling of being a little naughty. But just a little.

Carol ran to catch up with Derek and Ben; she made sure that her arm brushed Derek's. At the point they put on their clothes, just shorts and a t-shirt for the men but for Carol a short wrap-around skirt that extended from her hips to mid-thigh, no panties, and a fairly sheer tube top. She mentioned that she likes tube tops because it's so easy to lower them. Derek said nothing, but concluded that the sexy creature was more than just a free-beach buff - she was seriously into showing her body.

Carol sat between the two men on the bench seat of the old truck as they drove off, Derek's bike bouncing in the back and Carol's boobs bouncing in the front. Once they were on the highway Ben put a hand on Carol's inner thigh; she spread her legs just a bit and moved Derek's hand to the other thigh. It was surprisingly soft on her well-toned body. He couldn't resist gently squeezing it. "I don't know what I did to be so lucky," he murmured.

Carol reassured him, "Don't worry, it's fate. Sometimes shitty things happen, sometimes great things. I think today is going to be great. Ben loves to display me and I love to be displayed."

For Derek it was great already, more than he could have expected. Ben was smiling and Carol was getting even more friendly. Derek described his studies, and the couple described their lives and jobs. Ben was a surfer, so they only visited the free beach when the surf was low. Now it was obvious that the couple was about a decade older than Derek, but Carol still had a killer body and a personality to match.

2. The House

By the time they arrived at the couple's modest house near the edge of their beach town Derek was already itching with anticipation. As it turned out, so was Carol. They walked right through the house to a rear patio where Ben had them sit down and went inside to get some wine for the three of them. The day was warm and sunny; their fenced patio was private except for a neighbor's second-floor balcony. Carol sprawled on a three-seat bench while Derek sat bolt upright next to her, not knowing what to expect.

"You know why we're here, don't you, Derek," the woman with the killer body said, "We're going to show you my body and have some fun. You can touch, and I can touch you, but no fucking. That's just for Ben. And I may seem confident but I'm nervous too. We've never done this before, not like this, not with a stranger."

Derek adjusted his pants. Carol advised, "Why don't you just take those shorts off? You'll be more comfortable, and remember I like young cocks. And take off your shirt too, it's a hot day."

Derek wasn't sure what kind of 'hot day' she was referring to. A bit shocked about how open Carol was, and how tolerant Ben apparently was, he still didn't expect that he would be the one to strip while the other two were clothed. That didn't last long, but Carol wanted to prolong the moment, the exposure of her body for sexual exploration rather than just for sun and air.

Moving her lips right up to his ear, Carol whispered "You probably want to see my body again, don't you?" Derek nodded, suddenly feeling inexplicably shy at such a direct question. "Do you want to see my cunt again? When I show you things here it's because I get off on exposing myself. It's for me, not for you."

"Oh yes, I do, it's beautiful."

Slowly Carol drew up her legs and spread her knees apart. The little skirt pooled around her waist, revealing that triangle of blond curls, this time with a pink slit just beginning to bloom. "See, my lips pull back when I get excited, then you can see inside." Derek leaned over and got an eyeful, the reddish late afternoon sun shining on her strip of exposed flesh, making it glow.

Quickly Carol sat up as Ben arrived with wine, glasses and crackers. He had intentionally spent a long time in the kitchen to make sure that Derek wouldn't be too aggressive, even in his absence. And Ben liked to watch while Carol displayed herself solo. "Oh, hi Ben. I was just showing Derek some, um, interesting things."

"I'll bet you were."

He passed the wine around, a local white, and the three sipped while Derek sat naked, self-conscious, waiting. Finally Ben stood up, moved behind Carol, and reached down to massage her bare shoulders. She looked up expectantly at him. His hands slid down to massage her breasts, squeezing and pinching through the thin fabric while Carol looked down at them and Derek stared.

"You've already seen her breasts, but here it will be better because she's exposing herself just to be sexy. Here, take a look." Ben slowly pulled Carol's top down, again exposing those beautiful pendulous breasts. He paused just as a near-semicircle of red flesh emerged. When pulled further the erect, pulsing nipples snapped up as the hem of her top brushed past them. He began playing with his wife's breasts in front of Derek, stroking and squeezing the soft flesh. He pinched her nipples and raised her breasts, then let go and watched them jiggle back into place. She shivered.

Up on the neighbor's balcony Derek caught a movement, but Carol made no move to cover herself. An elderly man appeared, waved, and sat where he could see the action. Ben caught Derek's apprehension: "Don't worry, that's our neighbor, he's harmless. His wife is disabled and I like displaying Carol to him. He never leaves his balcony, but she likes the audience."

Carol was beginning to blush with excitement, now topless, her eyes sparkling. She snuggled in closer and pulled Derek's arm around her shoulder, which he took as an invitation to slide his hand down across her smooth torso to her breast. Not quite daring to touch her nipple, he stroked the upper part and gently squeezed, feeling that marvelous softness in his hand.

"Carol, you're beautiful. I can't believe you're letting me fondle you, and we just met an hour ago."

"We haven't even started yet," she whispered, bringing his other hand up to cover her left breast, nipple and all. "I have very sensitive nipples. Play with them, kiss them, be as rough as you want."

Ben laughed. "I've never met a woman who didn't think she had exceptionally sensitive nipples."

Derek was in heaven, fondling both boobs without limit. He pinched the red areola of one breast and sucked the nipple into his mouth, releasing it between clenched teeth. He tried unsuccessfully to suck an entire boob into his mouth, leaving red marks and a big, shiny wet spot. Carol looked down, biting her lower lip, then looked up helplessly at her neighbor. Sometimes she felt she should be embarrassed but was perplexed that she wasn't. Ben sat on her other side, looking like just another casual beach bum, fingering her pubic hair, giving no indication that he was a voyeur who liked to display his wife to others.

After a few minutes Carol could stand it no longer. She slid up to the edge of the bench, invited Derek to kneel between her legs, and spread her knees as far as they would go. Her soaked pussy opened up right in front of him.

Ben was really getting into displaying his wife. "Go ahead, Derek, touch her pussy, but only with your tongue."

The lucky student could smell Carol's sex as he leaned forward and licked along her already-spread lips, gliding across the living flesh inside her slit. At the top he met her clit; she lurched forward and grabbed him by the hair when his tongue slid across it.

'Oh god," Carol gasped, "that feels so good, Benny, can you see it? Isn't it beautiful?"

"I love to see you when you're turned on like this, babe."

Derek got a bit more daring, plunging his tongue into her gaping hole as far as it would go, which wasn't nearly far enough, and wiggling it around. Carol squirmed and moaned. After a few minutes of this she turned to Ben and demanded that he fondle her tits again. A few minutes later she moaned again and in a near-whisper asked Ben to get out her yoga mat.

Ben responded dryly, "Does that mean what I think it means?"

"Uh, yes, I want to."

"You're moving pretty fast, but, well, ok."

"I know, but I can't resist. Benny dear, I need it, please? You know how I get."

"Don't cum until I get back."

Ben got up admiring Carol's sweating, glowing body, her swollen nipples rock-hard and pointing outward, eyes half-closed, cunt covered by a young man's head. He disappeared inside; a minute later he rolled a thin blue mat out in front of the bench, on the warm stone of the patio.

Reluctantly Carol pushed Derek's head away from her soaked pussy and told him that she wanted to lay down on the mat with him.

"This is going so fast, I feel out of control, but god it's great. You're perfect, you seem to know just what to do. Now, Derek. I'm giving you something more. I want to have oral sex with you."

Derek had absolutely no experience with a woman so open, so aggressive, so wonderful, but as long as she liked it he wasn't going to stop. His cock was pointing straight up. He found that he actually liked her looking at it in that state. Ben helped his wife unsteadily to her feet and reclined her on her side, breasts flopping to the side, legs spread, cunt lips still wide open. Derek had never seen anything so beautiful.

Ben instructed, "Now Derek, lie down with your head at my wife's cunt, your cock at her mouth. Now lean forward and bury your head in that pussy again, concentrate on her clit. That's what gets her going."

Aggressively Carol grabbed Derek's erection, first admiring the little ridge around the helmet, the veins coursing up and down, the loose skin over the taut member. Taking it into her mouth while stroking it with her hands she fed it past her lips. Derek couldn't believe how good it felt - none of his past girlfriends had ever done anything like it. Carol's hips lurched forward when Derek's tongue hit her inner lips, involuntarily pushing them into his face. He got oriented on her inverted cunt, sucked the little pink stump into his mouth and ran his tongue over its tip.

Ben stroked her hair as the two undulated on the mat, "I love you like this, babe. So intense..."

After a few minutes Carol's hip thrusts became more regular and more insistent; Derek's cock was on fire. Sensing that climaxes were imminent, Ben separated the two.

Carol wailed, "Hey! Why did you do that? We were getting close!"

Ben helped her to her feet, panting and dripping with sweat and who knows what else. He whispered something in her ear; startled, she said, "We can't! Oh, do you suppose we could? Wow, that would be so hot."

"Go take a shower," Ben replied. I'll see if I can arrange it."

Carol wasn't about to shower alone; she dragged Derek along, his face dripping with her juices. She chewed on his cock some more in the shower, but didn't let him ejaculate. They soaped each other up, squirted the water at each other, and emerged feeling refreshed and euphoric in a sexual afterglow - or maybe foreglow. Derek was beginning to think that Carol was about the most wonderful woman in the world, more experienced than he but just as enthusiastic.

Ben was off the phone by the time they had dried each other off and come downstairs wrapped in their towels. He looked hard at Carol and said, "I think it might work out. I talked to Mike, and he said we're in luck. Melissa had called him and said her little sister Abby is visiting them and was begging to come to the party tonight. They explained what it was about, what would happen there, that she would have to participate, but she only got even more excited. Apparently Abby's very persuasive, and she has a big appetite. But she has to have a 'date'. You know we don't allow singles at these parties."

"Derek, we're invited to a party tonight," he continued, "A special kind of party where the couples strip, and trade partners, and do all kinds of things with one another, including intercourse. It's not easy to get invited, for obvious reasons, but I vouched for you. If you go, this girl Abby would be your partner. You'll probably get to fuck her and several other women if you want. But she wants some indication of who you are first, what you're like. Let's see... do you have a Facebook page?"

"Um, yes, but it's..."

"Come on into the kitchen." Carol practically demanded, "Sit down and send your link to this address."

Derek's Facebook page had a link to a research paper he had co-authored with his advisor, a list of his scholarships and such, and a picture of his lab group at a beach outing. It was taken at the main city beach, not the free beach up the coast; there were a few guys, and several young undergraduate girls from the lab flaunting their bikinis. He hoped it wouldn't give the wrong impression.

Almost immediately Ben got an email back thanking him and giving a link to Abby's page. Derek was impressed - she had won several prestigious awards, was going into her second year at one of the best schools in the country (fortunately only 40 miles away), and had a lovely, warm face framed by dark lustrous hair. She also had a lot of Facebook 'friends'. She was still a teenager, only nineteen.

"Now what?" Derek asked, still stunned by the rapid turn of events.

"Now the ball's in Abby's court," Ben replied.

"You mean the balling, or at least the future balling," quipped Carol, lifting her towel up to show the two men her damp pubic curls.

"You shameless flirt, look what you're doing to us," Ben snapped, showing her his budding erection. "For punishment I might have to fuck you right now, in front of Derek."

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