tagRomanceDesiree's Star Ch. 04

Desiree's Star Ch. 04


It had been 9 days, four hours and 37 minutes since that night on the beach with Gabriel, not that Desiree was counting or anything. She had spent the better part of the last nine days away from Gabriel and her brother, and with her best friend Jessica. She tried telling herself that she really missed Jessica's company, which she did, but she knew she was spending so much time with her to avoid Gabriel. She felt a little guilty for using Jessica like this, but isn't that what friends are for?

Desiree watched as Jessica sat on the floor in her room painting her toenails.

"Yea so," Jessica continued, "I know you wanted to hang here, but we definitely can't. My parents have been acting retarded." Jessica added the final clear coat to her toes. "Why don't we just sleep at your house for a change? I haven't been there in weeks."

Desiree groaned inwardly as she thought about going back to her house. Images of the bathroom door flashed through her mind and she shook her head to clear them away. "Because I don't want to be at my house. Now that my brother and Candy have broken up, he spends all his free time at the house, and its getting annoying."

Jessica just gave Desiree a look, and Desiree knew that Jessica probably didn't buy the story, but like a good friend she said nothing about it. "Well we can't stay here." Jessica stood and walked awkwardly to the bed so she wouldn't smudge the polish on her toes.

Desiree didn't tell Jessica exactly what had happened between her and Gabriel; she just mentioned that she was more annoyed with him than ever, and that she had no desire to talk to him. When Jessica pressed for details, Desiree clammed up. She had no desire to relive her humiliation with her best friend too. It was bad enough she couldn't get the whole thing out of her mind anyway.

"Fine, but we are spending the whole time in my room. I'm serious." Jessica nodded her approval as she flopped down on the bed and waited for her toes to dry.


True to her word, Desiree made sure that she and Jessica spent the whole time in her room. They had spent the better part of the last three hours talking and watching movies on the TV in Desiree's room.

Desiree turned on her side to look at the clock. She watched as it changed from 1:32am to 1:47am. Desiree needed a distraction from Jessica's snoring. She turned back and watched as Jessica's chest rose and fell under her tank top. It wasn't a big deal that the two girls shared a bed together; it just would have been better if Desiree could get some sleep.

'I wish I had boobs like that,' Desiree thought to herself as she studied Jessica's body. Desiree sat up quietly being careful not to wake her friend, and took inventory of her own chest. She was a little jealous that Jessica had such full breasts, but Desiree knew she had the better butt. She watched as the moon illuminated Jessica's face and torso. She could just make out the outline of Jessica's nipples through her shirt.

Desiree let her eyes follow the lines of Jessica's stomach, down her flat belly to the tops of her pajama shorts, that didn't leave much to the imagination. For the first time Desiree could really see why her sister liked women.

'I wonder if she still waxes," Desiree wondered catching herself off guard with the thought. Desiree lay back down and began to think about the first time they had both gotten a Brazilian Bikini Wax together. It was the first and only time for Desiree, but she didn't know about Jessica. Desiree sat up again trying not to make any noise as she glanced at the outline of Jessica's mound in her shorts. Desiree knew her friend wasn't wearing any underwear because she had been in the room when Jessica put the shorts on. Desiree smiled to her self as she thought that Jessica had no problems with modesty.

As Desiree's thoughts began to drift and travel, she found herself wondering what it would be like to feel another woman's slit. What it would be like to take a woman's clit between her teeth and gently suck on it. Still staring at her best friends mound, Desiree began to moan at the arousal her thoughts were bringing her.

'I gotta get outta here." Desiree jumped from the bed and left the room. The last thing she needed was for her best friend to smell the arousal that was leaking from between her legs.

She padded quietly down the hall to her brothers old room, taking care to step over all the creaky parts of the floor so she didn't wake her parents down the hall. Her mother was a ridiculously light sleeper.

Desiree lightly pressed her ear to her brother's door to make sure that he hadn't snuck a girl in there like he had done so many times when he had lived there. She could hear the TV going and she decided to crack the door open and see if he was awake. She wasn't sure what she wanted from him, she just wanted to be away from Jessica for a little while.

"Scott?" she whispered as she closed his door behind her.

"What?" he said putting the TV on mute.

"Nothing. Can I sleep in here? I forgot how annoying Jessica's snoring can be." Desiree didn't wait for an answer as she walked across Scott's room and pulled back the top sheet so she could get under.

"Where are your clothes?"

Desiree's face heated. She had forgotten that she had only gone to bed in a wife-beater and her boy shorts. "Shut up, nothing you haven't seen before." Desiree turned on her side and wasn't awake long enough to be surprised at how fast she fell asleep.

Scott smiled to himself as he thought Desiree should be on the living room couch with Gabriel, not sleeping in his bed next to him.


Gabriel sat on Scotts living room couch with his head in his hands. He hadn't turned on the TV, and he hadn't even taken off his pants yet to go to sleep. He wasn't sure how long he had been sitting there, but he suddenly began to feel sorry for himself. Here he was 25 sitting on his friends couch like he did when they were little. He would have gone home by now, but he had had too much to drink that night, and he loved his truck too much to chance it. He also couldn't let himself forget that he was hoping for a chance to talk to Desiree.

She hadn't spoken to him since that night on the beach, and although he found her actions childish, he couldn't completely blame her. Amanda had shown up and ruined a nearly perfect moment for the two just because she was jealous. He sighed out loud as thought about how she wouldn't even make eye contact with him. Gabriel had all but begged Scott to talk to his sister for him, but Scott wouldn't do it.

Gabriel leaned back on the sofa and ran his rough hands through his hair. He knew nothing good would be on TV at this hour, so he didn't bother. He began to get antsy as he thought that Desiree was in her room right now, half dressed all alone, with all her defenses down. She probably didn't even know that he was sitting on her couch in the dark.

Gabriel closed his eyes and tried to let sleep take him, but instead his thoughts just moved to Desiree and that short skirt, and the day in the movie theater. He rubbed his growing erection as he remembered what it felt like when Desiree's hot pussy was grinding into it. He shouldn't have stopped there. She should have dry fucked her right in the middle of the movie theater until she came. He was positive things would have gone much better between them.

Gabriel stood and walked to the kitchen in the dark to get another beer. He knew he didn't need one, but he also didn't need the now raging hard on that he had in his friends kitchen. He stood with his back to the counter thinking about how to handle the situation.

After his third beer, he had made up his mind. He was going to talk to her whether she liked it or not.


Gabriel took the stairs one at a time careful to step over the old and noisy stairs. He got to the top of the staircase and listened to the sound of his heart hammering in his chest. He took a deep stilling breath and realized he smelled like alcohol. For an instant he thought about turning around and going back downstairs, but quickly dismissed the idea. If he didn't do it now, he wouldn't do it at all.

He took three steps toward Desiree's door and his heart quickened when he realized it was already open. He stood in the doorframe and watched as her chest rose and fell. He couldn't help following the lines of her body with his eyes until he reached her mound, and his breath caught in his throat and his cock grew to full attention. From the door, he could see where her pajama bottoms had ridden into the crack of her ass, and where her bald pussy lips peaked through. He couldn't leave now if he wanted to.

Without realizing what he was doing, he stepped into her room and shut the door. He stood absolutely still making sure that his presence didn't wake her. When she didn't stir, he walked to the edge of the bed and kneeled down.

Her legs were spread enough for him to get a clear view of her ass and mound, and he leaned in closer to get a better look. His heart was all he could hear hammering in his ears, and he prayed that the noise didn't wake her, or anyone else in the house. Gone were all the thoughts of him being too old for her and of her being his best friends little sister. He wasn't sure if it was because of the alcohol, but he knew he didn't want it to end.

Gabriel raised himself up on the bed careful not to shake the bed and wake her up. With his right hand, he reached out tentatively and touched her thigh. When she didn't stir, he slowly moved his hand closer and closer to her mound. The heat that was coming from her sex made him moan as he imagined finally being deep inside her.

He cupped her mound with his large hand and lightly squeezed. Unable to resist any longer, he slowly reached his hands to the inside of her thighs and spread her legs further apart. He watched as the material of her pajama shorts disappeared deeper between her legs. He smiled to himself when he heard her let out a light snore.

Gently running his hands on the insides of her thighs he slowly moved his hands closer and closer to her sex. He watched as his index finger traced her slit from top to bottom, and then he did it again, this time stopping at her clit. He rubbed her through her shorts until her heard a moan escape her sleeping lips.

He licked his index finger and slowly reached under the side of her shorts and found her clit, wet and waiting. His cock was straining so hard against his jeans, it was starting to hurt, but he ignored it to keep teasing her. He was determined to let her know that he didn't see her as a joke. That he had seen her as much more for a long time, he just hadn't realized it.

He added his middle finger and traced her slit again, this time sinking both fingers deep into her wet and waiting hole. A loud groan escaped his lips as he felt how hot and velvety she was. It was like she was perfect for him.

Under the cover of darkness, Gabriel leaned into her and began to plant kisses on her inner thighs as he continued to sink his fingers deep into her. He slowly kissed his way closer and closer to her leaking pussy. He smiled as he thought she would be surprised to wake up with his in-between her legs.

Feeling bolder now, Gabriel gently snaked his hands around the top of her pajama bottoms and began to slide them down her hips. He threw the only thing that was separating his face from her sex on the floor, licked his lips, and started to snake his tongue up and down her slit. He could hear her moaning in her sleep and it made his lick faster. Now her hips were bucking against his face as he tried to bury himself further in her sweet juices.

Gabriel took her puffy clit between his teeth and began to gently suck on it as he undid his pants with hands. Her breath was coming quickly and he could tell she was close. Finally getting his pants free and his underwear down, he moved to that his hot cock was touching the inside of her leg.

"Desiree," he whispered. He wanted to make sure she was awake to feel how perfectly they fit together the first time he rammed his cock into her waiting cunt. "Dessie, wake up." Gabriel couldn't see her face, but he knew that by the way her breathing had changed she was waking up. Gabriel kissed around her neck and chin, encouraging her to open her eyes.

He rubbed his cock against her wet pussy getting it wet with her juices. He smiled again when it made her moan. "C'mon Desiree. I want you to be awake when you feel every inch of my pulsing cock deep inside of you. You feel that baby," he asked as he continued to grind his cock against her pussy. "That's how fucking hard you make me. I should have finished this in the movie theatre."

Gabriel looked down at his cock poised right above her entrance. His cock was pulsing and he couldn't hold back any longer. He lined up his raging erection and was about to ram it to home when she shrieked. Startled, he looked up and her face, and for the first time realized he couldn't see her in the dark.

"Gabriel what the fuck are you doing?"

Gabriel's head began to swim. That voice sounded nothing like Desiree's. He wasn't sure if it was the alcohol, but he knew something was wrong.


No answer.

"Desiree?" he asked a little louder.

"Its Jessica," she said in a hushed voice. "Desiree's not in here, but please don't stop."

Gabriel couldn't believe that he had been so stupid; he had just assumed that it was Desiree sleeping in the bed. He had totally forgotten that she and Jessica were even friends.

Gabriel wanted nothing more than to oblige her request, but he knew Desiree would hate him for it. Especially if he fucked her best friend in her own bed, but Gabriel didn't move right away. Instead he sat back on his heels and thought about how he just ate Desiree's friend nearly to orgasm and was seconds away from ripping her in two.

"I can't," he whispered shocking himself with the amount of self-control he had. Gabriel ran his hands through his hair and moved to pull his pants back up, but a gasp coming from the doorway stopped him.

He turned around already knowing what was waiting for him. He looked into the tearing eyes of Desiree as she took in the scene before her. His cock, now flaccid, was still exposed ready and willing to say hi to anyone that wanted a look. Desiree looked from Gabriel's naked penis to Jessica's glistening cunt. From where she was standing, it looked like they had just finished a serious fuck.

Gabriel stood and pulled up his pants. "I thought she was you," he said quietly. He was afraid to speak any louder because he was afraid she would start yelling. Desiree took two steps back and walked into the doorframe. "We didn't have sex, I started to, but then I realized it wasn't you."

Desiree shook her head from side to side, trying not to let loose the swell of tears that were waiting to burst free. Desiree watched in silence as Jessica moved to pick up her pajama bottoms. "Nothing happened Dessie, I was asleep and he thought I was you. He stopped as soon as he realized I wasn't you."

"Get the fuck out," Desiree said between clenched teeth.

"Desiree. Seriously nothing happened," Jessica pleaded as she stood next to Gabriel with her arms covering herself.

"Fine, don't leave. I don't give a shit. You two can fuck in here all you want, just make sure you change the sheets before you leave." Desiree turned on her heels and made a beeline for her brother's door. She had only gotten up because she had to go to the bathroom.

As she closed her brother's door behind her, she finally let the tears fall.


Gabriel fastened his pants and sat down on the edge of Desiree's bed. He watched as Jessica got the things she had brought with her and headed out the door. He didn't bother to ask her where she was going because he didn't care.

He threw himself back on the bed and beat the mattress several times with his fists. If he didn't know any better, he would think that this wasn't meant to be.

He closed his eyes as he tried to think if anything else could possibly go wrong.

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