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Ok everyone this is a new story I'm putting out and I hope you guys enjoy it. Don't worry I'm not going to stop working on the story between Nick and Nynia, but I wanted to write this one while I had the idea in my head. Hope you guys like it and don't forget to send feedback it's very helpful. And sorry if it's too short, but what's good sex without a little teasing first? :)

Adam walked into the Devils' Playground tattoo shop. His business was the best tattoo shop in town and he'd be damned if he let someone ruin him. But the people who tried to make his business look bad had paid for it. He smiled over at his two co-workers and best friends, Max and Derrick. Max had red hair with hazel eyes and was the wild one of the three. Derrick had ice-blond hair that fell into his silver eyes and always made the ladies sigh around them. They were just your run of the mill bad asses with nothing to do, but start trouble.

"Hey boss you bone anything good lately?" Max asked as he pulled a sheet a paper out of his pocket. "It's going on three days and counting. Ashley and I have been fucking for a pretty long time and I don't think you're going to win this time."

Derrick, the quiet one, also pulled a piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and turned a shit eating grin on Max. "Well I've been having sex with Chantal for about...two weeks."

Max turned to glare at Derrick before he muttered "bastard" under his breath. Adam smiled at the two before he pulled his sheet of paper out. He looked at both of them innocently.

"Damn Derrick you might've had a chance, but I'm sorry to say that me and Katy have been fucking for a month." Derrick and Max looked at Adam with disdain before they pulled a hundred dollars out of each of their pockets. Adam smiled at both of them while they glared. It was a little game they played all the time. They never saw themselves as men who believed in committing to one woman. Occasionally they would pick up women that they performed tattoos on and other times it was the ever faithful bar.

Adam walked behind the front desk, while Derrick and Max went and dealt with their clients. He sat down and observed the pile of work he had to do before he could get to the job he wanted to do. He thought back to when he saw Nick the other week and the way the man had been fascinated over his new found treasure. Why the hell can't I find someone like that?

Erica was always the timid black girl at the back of the class. The innocent virgin, until last week that is. She thought she had found the one, the person she'd been waiting to give her virginity to and he'd taken it alright. Her first time lasted a whopping 2mins 45secs and she wasn't even the first of them to go to sleep. Now that she was free of her virginity she felt she deserved the chance to try something new. She stopped in front of the tattoo shop. She'd made sure to research the practices of the place before she finally picked it as the one to go to. The words "Devils' Playground" glowed in red above the shop. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and walked into the establishment. She saw the man behind the desk and instantly got wet.

"Welcome to the Devils' Playground. How can we mark you?" His deep, dark voice ran over her body and made her instantly aroused. Her nipples hardened beneath the tight white t-shirt she had on and her pussy started to become wet. The man behind the desk stood up and stared at her through bright green eyes. He was an easy 6'7'' with long, thick black hair that framed a beautiful face. His body was covered in black, tribal tattoos that only added to the raw sexual appeal he held. She lowered her eyes and saw a pair of perfect legs covered in black jeans. This man was a freaking warrior she thought. She raised her eyes back up his body to his face and she saw the sexiest grin on a man she'd ever seen. It didn't help that he had a dimple in his left cheek. She had to bite her lip from groaning, but then she raised her eyes to meet his. A perfectly arched brow was raised over his eye.

Whoever this woman was she was going to be the death of him. She had cute little glasses on her face, but they only added to her beauty. She had chocolate eyes that were raised at the tip. A small face that held two pouty lips that were made for kissing. Her coke bottle body was small, but the tight t-shirt and jeans held a lovely pair of assets that he wouldn't mind playing with.

He smiled at her while she took her time admiring him. "Can I help you in anyway?"

Erica looked up in shock at the man who was mocking her. She smiled shyly at him.

"I came to get a tattoo, a really small tattoo." She said nervously.

"Damn, I'm sorry babe, but we don't do tattoos." He had to stop from laughing when she looked at him in shock. Then she began to laugh at him. "I have a book of designs here if you wanted to decide or I could an original for you." He imagined her wearing one of his designs and nearly came in his pants.

"Well I'm not good at deciding so...I'll let you freestyle on me." Erica felt her cheeks go hot as she let the last part loose. That could mean anything, but he took it for the professional meaning.

"If you follow me this way I'll be able to help you." She followed the man to a small room that held a dentists' chair and a rolling stool inside. She observed all of the tattoo equipment and began to get nervous. No there's no going back remember. It's all or nothing. Erica sat down in the chair and gripped the arm rests. She watched as he sat his large form next her and it was all she could do not to jump on him and ride him into the night.

"So sweetheart what's your name and what brings a good girl like you to this shop?" He asked her mainly because he wanted to know, but also to calm her down. She bit on her lip before she answered him.

"I'm Erica and I'm here because I'm tired of being the good girl." She looked into his green eyes and he smiled at her. She had to catch her breath because of his raw sexual power.

"Well Erica I'm Adam and I'd love to help you become a bad girl." They both laughed at each other. He started the machine and Erica watched in horror at the speed the needle was going.

"Well where do you want your tattoo." Erica unconsciously pointed to her right hip and raised her shirt. She wore jean that were low on her hips so she wouldn't have to worry about pushing them down.

"Wait how badly does this hurt." She blurted out into the room. Adam tilted his head to one side before he looked at Erica and shrugged his shoulders.

She looked at him in horror and watched as the needle slowly came in contact with her skin. She felt as if she were being stung by red ants over and over again, but she couldn't move because the tattoo would mess up. She closed her eyes and got ready to hang on for the ride, but the pain started to turn into...pleasure? Her hip became numb, but the machine created a sensation that left her wanting more. She looked down at her hip and saw Adams' head inches away from her wet pussy. His head was so close to her that she could feel his breath.

Adam knew she was getting turned on by the tattoo, but it was taking everything in him to focus on getting this right. He moved his hand over her body creating intricate curves and lines that added to the beauty of her body. The tribal design was one he'd designed years ago, but he hadn't found the right person to try it on. He was close to finishing her tattoo when he felt fingers run through his hair. He looked up and gazed into Ericas' face. She began to lean forward beckoning him to claim her mouth, but instead he quickly looked away and began to finish her tattoo.

Erica looked away in shame. Who was she to think that some man, white man at that, actually wanted her? She felt cold and numb all over as Adam finished her tattoo. When he'd finished she got up to leave, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her in for a kiss. Adam stuck his tongue deep inside her mouth and played with her tongue. He flicked and stroked the inside of her mouth making her moan. He reached down and grabbed her ass in both his hands. He slapped each cheek before he massaged away the pain he caused.

Erica was on the verge of cumming from this man. He broke the kiss off and stared down at her through hooded eyes. She licked her swollen lips which caused him to moan in pleasure. He turned away to right something on a piece of paper and she noticed it was his number. He stalked up to her and pushed her up against the wall.

"You said you were tired of being a good girl, but you're still one of them. You want to be experienced; well those men that you're dating aren't going to help in any way. But when you want to play you can call me." He opened up the door and she walked out slowly, but not before she turned around and looked at him. Let the games begin.

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