tagRomanceDesiree's Star Ch. 06

Desiree's Star Ch. 06


Chapter 6


Desiree slightly tensed as Gabriel's face moved closer and closer to hers. She couldn't help but hope that Gabriel would kiss her, and her stomach filled with butterflies with the prospect. She nervously licked her lips and watched as he slowly closed the gap.

Desiree closed her eyes, slightly parted her lips and arched her back as she waited for what she hoped would be the best kiss of her life. She was startled when she felt his hot breath on her ear.

"Are you still mad at me?" Desiree couldn't even remember what they had been talking about. Her heart was racing, and her head was swimming as she tried not to feel every inch of her body pressed against his.

Desiree slowly shook her head yes.

"I said I was sorry didn't I? Gabriel snaked his tongue across Desiree's ear lobe, making her gasp. "I just couldn't wait to see you." He slowly took her earlobe into his mouth and gently massaged it with his tongue.

"Get off me." Desiree tried to sound in control, but they both knew she was fighting a loosing battle.

Gabriel wasn't sure if now was the time to show Desiree how he was feeling about her, but he was sure she had already felt his excitement pressing against her stomach. When she walked into the room, he hadn't intended to end up on top of her like this. He looked down at her face as she looked up at him with confused and anxious eyes. She had no idea how beautiful she is, he thought.

"C'mon, we both know the last thing you want is for me to get off you."

"There was a reason I have been avoiding you Gabe. Or have you been too busy fucking everything with legs to notice?"

"I noticed, and I think you should be punished for what you put me through." Gabriel pressed a little harder into her wrists.

"Oh please, is big bad Gabriel going to spank me?" The words were out of her mouth before she could remember that he had promised he'd do just that.

"I know you want it."

"I don't want you touching me."

Desiree watched as a smile slowly spread across Gabriel's face as he sat staring at her. "What?" she asked feeling self-conscious.

His eyes dropped to her chest and his smile got wider. "That's not what your nipples are saying."

Even though it was still dark in the room, Desiree knew that Gabriel could see her face changing colors. She mentally kicked herself for not changing her shirt after her brother had said something.

Gabriel's heart was pounding in his chest as he stared at her rock hard nipples poking trough the thin material of her wife-beater. "I think," he began as he lowered himself onto her, "that you need to be punished for walking around in such a revealing shirt. What if someone had seen you? Or is that what you wanted?" When Desiree didn't say anything, he continued talking. "Can you feel that?" Gabriel slowly ground his pelvis into her. Desiree could barely breathe, forget about answer him. "That's what you're doing to me." Desiree still didn't answer.

Gabriel continued to ground himself into Desiree. He moved in slow calculated circles, pressing his bulge against her clit. He waited until she had closed her eyes and started humping back. He could hear her breath catching in her throat as she tried to rub against him faster and harder. She was lightly struggling now, trying to get her hands free from Gabriel's massive grip.

"Stop trying to distract me, Gabe," Desiree said breathlessly. "You fucked my best friend."

Desiree was surprised when Gabriel jumped off her. "What are you doing?" as much as she was pretending to hate him, she didn't want him to leave.

"Its obvious that you are never going to believe me when I tell you that I didn't fuck your best friend, so I'm going somewhere where I am appreciated. I'm sure Amanda would love to have me in her bed tonight. The ladies always do." Gabriel wasn't really going to Amanda's, he was going to his car to jerk off because he probably wasn't going to make it home, but Desiree didn't need to know that.

"I hate you," Desiree shrieked as she lunged from the bed and took a swing at Gabriel. When her fist missed the mark on his jaw, she wished for an instant that she hadn't done it. Gabriel's face darkened when he caught her hand. In one swift movement Gabriel had twisted Desiree so her back was facing him.

"I told you that what would happen if you ever tried to hit me again didn't I?" Desiree stopped struggling as she remembered the words clearly. Gabriel yanked her backwards while holding her arms behind her back. He sat down on the bed and waited for Desiree to assume the position they both knew she wanted to be in.

When she didn't move, Gabriel told her to lay across his lap in a very hushed voice.

"You can't be serious." She said although she was praying he was.

"As a fuckin heart attack sweetheart." Gabriel didn't ask her to move this time, he just grabbed her arms forced her down over his lap. He made sure she could feel his pulsing cock against her stomach.

Gabriel kept his left hand firmly placed against the small of Desiree's back. With his right hand, he began to trace the edge of her underwear. He used his right index finger to lightly touch her goose-bumping skin. He could feel her body tense as he moved closer and closer to the wet spot that was growing in between her legs.

Desiree held her breath as she waited for Gabriel to discover just how much she liked his teasing. Slowly he ran his index finger over the wet spot on Desiree's boy-shorts. Desiree's body was on fire, and Gabriel was barely touching her. She tried to ease the thumping of her heart, but she knew Gabriel could feel it hammering against his leg.

"Someone is very excited," Gabriel said.

"I could say the same thing about you," Desiree said barely able to contain the lust that was hanging in her voice.

Gabriel smiled to himself as he grabbed a handful of her underwear and pulled hard, making sure to trap Desiree's clit in between the material. He knew he got it right when he heard her moan. He let the material go and rubbed his hand over the newly exposed flesh.

"Do you like it when I do this?" Gabriel said in a ragged voice just before he raised his hand and brought it down on Desiree's round ass. Desiree was shocked at how hard he hit her, but she wasn't going to tell him she liked it.

"I asked you a question." Still Desiree refused to answer, knowing they both wanted this to continue. Gabriel brought his hand down a little harder this time, and smiled when he felt her flinch. "Oh, does that make you uncomfortable?"

Desiree could barely breathe, her heart was beating so fast, but she was determined to not let Gabriel know how much she needed it.

Gabriel slipped his hand down the crack of Desiree's round plump ass and roughly cupped her mound. He could feel her body shaking under him, but she still wouldn't say a word. 'This will make her scream,' Gabriel thought at he roughly smashed Desiree's clit between his thumb and forefinger.

Desiree was hit by little lightening strikes all over her body as Gabriel continued to rub her to orgasm. "Oh shit, oh shit," she said humping his hand, "Don't stop. Holy shit don't stop, I'm cuming. I'm cuming!"

Gabriel could feel Desiree's juices leaking out of her swollen pussy and onto his hand as her body went rigid. Gabriel smiled happily as he lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked his fingers clean.

Desiree lay across Gabriel's lap wondering what the hell just happened. He'd already given her an orgasm, and they hadn't even kissed yet. Panic started to set in as she regained her senses and realized just how different things were going to be from now on. Suddenly Desiree was wondering if this was what she really wanted, and if this is what Gabriel really wanted. Desiree jumped up and backed toward the door, shaking her head.

"What?" Gabriel asked looking alarmed.

"I'm not a joke Gabriel, and I don't do this with everybody. So if this isn't something you are seriously considering, I think you should leave before things go any further." Desiree's insides were churning and she wasn't sure if it was a good thing. Her heart was pounding nervously in her ears as she waited for Gabriel's answer.

Gabriel took a deep breath and stood, tying to ignore the now painful erection that was threatening to rip its way out of the front of his pants. 'Girls are impossible,' he thought as he walked toward Desiree and trapped her in between the door and his massive frame. "There is nothing that I have ever wanted more, than I want this." Gabriel gently grabbed Desiree's hand and pulled her back to the bed. He sat down and guided Desiree down onto his lap.

"I don't know any other way to tell you that this is what I want." Gabriel wrapped his hands around Desiree's waist to emphasize his point. "I want your lips, your breasts, that plump ass of yours," he said as he pawed her bottom. "I want your sense of humor, your sweetness, your anger. I want it all. I want you getting mad at me; I want you to tell me when I'm being an asshole. Dessie, I want it all. I wasn't bullshitting when I told you things I did that night on the beach."

Desiree didn't say anything as she straddled Gabriel's lap. She looked into his eyes still half expecting the ever-present teasing light to be there, but it wasn't. She slowly smiled back at him as he waited for her to make up her mind about whatever she was thinking.

"I think I want it more," she said in a hushed voice. Gabriel lovingly grabbed the sides of Desiree's face and crushed his lips to hers. He knew that the time for teasing and pretending was over.

Their kiss was tentative and exploring at first, until Gabriel couldn't hold back any longer. He coaxed Desiree's mouth open and used his tongue to taste her. The kiss grew in intensity as they both let the barriers crumble. Gabriel sucked on Desiree's bottom lip and she began to grind her hips into him. Gabriel pulled Desiree back on the bed and flipped her over so he was on top. Quickly loosing self-control, he roughly pulled Desiree's shirt from her and tossed it into the corner.

He slid down her body and concentrated on the rock hard nipples that had been teasing him from afar. He took one into his mouth and lightly bit down making Desiree moan. He sucked and licked his way to the other nipple and flicked it back and forth in his mouth with his tongue.

He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. He slid back up Desiree's body so she could feel the heat of his pulsing erection against her leg. "Are you ready?" Gabriel asked as he rubbed the outside of Desiree's swollen pussy lips with his cock. Gabriel didn't wait for a response. Before Desiree could open her mouth, Gabriel slammed into her with everything he had.

Gabriel stilled when he heard her scream. His face blanched and tried his best to stay completely still. "Dessie, I didn't know." He looked at her face and could see the pain etched in her eyes. He had no idea she probably hadn't had sex.

Trying his best not to move, he feathered kisses around her throat and chin. After a moment, she started to moan, and Gabriel started to pull out. He looked in between them as he slid slowly into her wetness. He could hear her breath coming in short gasps as he picked up the pace.

"Faster. Harder." Desiree choked out in-between breaths. Gabriel hunched his back and grunted as his thickness was being driven into her hot wet hole.

Desiree looked up and could see the pleasure written on Gabriel's face. His chiseled features were clenched as he tried his best to maintain control. Through slitted eyes Desiree watched as sweat started to form on his knitted brow.

"Cum for me Desiree." Desiree could feel the intensity of Gabriel's gaze on her as she moved her hips to meet his thrusts. Each time Gabriel thrust, she could feel him stretching and rubbing against her insides, and it the heat of her orgasm was starting to build.

Gabriel moved a hand in between them and rubbed Desiree's clit desperately trying to make her cum before he did. He felt Desiree's legs tremble and he body go rigid as she moaned in intense pleasure.

Gabriel slammed into her three more times before she felt his hot seed being sprayed deep inside her. Gabriel's sweaty body slid off of her and onto the bed. Desiree turned and looked at Gabriel's content face.

"So," she said not sure what to say now.

"Don't ever think another man is going to touch you, 'cause I will fucking kill them." Desiree smiled as she realized things weren't going to change that much.

"What are you going to tell my brother?"

"That you're mine." Gabriel rolled onto his elbow to look at Desiree, but he stopped and stared at the door.

"What?" Desiree asked seeing that his attention had been diverted.

"Nothing." He kissed Desiree on her forehead and pulled her in close. He couldn't help but think that the door had been closed, and it wasn't now. He closed his eyes and sleep quickly took him as he reminded himself that he needed to be out before her parents woke up.

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