tagRomanceDesiree's Star Ch. 07

Desiree's Star Ch. 07


Desiree smiled to herself as she felt Gabriel slowly remove the sheet that was covering her naked body. She opened her eyes and moaned as he slowly kissed his way down her stomach, and stopped to dip his tongue into her sweet belly button. Her eyes were met with the total darkness of her room, and she smiled to herself knowing that Gabriel just couldn't wait to get his hands on her one more time.

She felt his rough and calloused hands trail their way down her stomach and spread her thighs. The dull ache from earlier was still present, but Desiree couldn't be more ready and willing to give herself to Gabriel again. Slowly he spread her pink lips apart and darted his stiff tongue in and out of her hole. Her toes curled as she felt her juices drip out of her and coat her puckered rose bud.

She could feel Gabriel's labored breathing as he pressed his flattened tongue against her clit. Desiree's hips humped Gabriel's face as he clamped down and captured her clit in between her teeth. She reached down with both hands and grabbed Gabriel's hair forcing him further into her. Desiree couldn't hold in her moan as Gabriel used two fingers to slowly pump in and out of her as he continued the onslaught on her clit.

Desiree's body bucked wildly and her body began to shake as she felt her climax intensifying. "Oh, I'm so close, don't stop baby. Don't stop." Gabriel waited until he felt her insides clench his fingers before he shoved three fingers into her tight hole and one into her virgin asshole. The unexpected stimulation of him sticking a finger in her asshole caused her to let out a gut-wrenching scream, and she was sure she had woken everyone up on the block.

Tiny spasms rocked her body as she came down from one of the best orgasms she ever had. Gabriel slowly kissed up her body stopping just under the swell of her breasts to leave a wet trail of kisses. Desiree flipped Gabriel onto his back, which no doubt caught him by surprise and slid down his boxers. Desiree heard Gabriel gasp when she reached her hand around him to free him of his boxers.

She was glad it was still dark so he couldn't see the heat rising from her face and she marveled at how he felt in her hands. Tentatively she took the enlarged head into her mouth and began to lick it like a lollipop tasting the tangy precum that it was continuously leaking.

"Oh, Dessie, you don't have to," Gabriel said a little huskier than he had before.

"I want to." Desiree tried to swallow the entire head and gagged a little. She tried to use every technique she read about online and in magazines. Ever so slowly she licked the underside of the sensitive head before taking as much of him as she could. She sucked harder as she moved her head faster and faster over his cock. What she didn't have in experience, she made up for with enthusiasm and he really liked it.

Gabriel's moans fueled her on to suck harder and faster. She was hoping he wouldn't be able to tell that this was the first time she had ever had a cock in her mouth. Just when she felt his body tense, he grabbed her hair and ripped her mouth from around his cock. His crushed his lips to hers and he rolled her onto his back and slammed into her in one fluid motion.

Desiree's breathe caught in her throat and she felt Gabriel's cock stretching her so deliciously. It was different than before, this time he was fucking her like that was his only goal in life. She could swear that his dick was a lot thicker than before, but she couldn't get her thoughts straight as she started to feel another orgasm approaching.

"Harder, harder," she gasped in between breaths, and Gabriel obliged. She felt him swell and twitch inside of her just as her pussy walls clamped down onto his cock. She could feel every inch of him as he unloaded his hot cum deep inside of her.

Gabriel collapsed beside her and pulled her in close, loving the feel of her ass cheeks pressed against his softening cock. Desiree turned on her side and snuggled into her pillow, with a happy grin on her face. She reached up to move a wet piece of hair from her forehead when she felt something on her pillow.

Sitting up on one elbow, she clicked the light on next to her bed and flipped open the piece of paper that was perched on her pillow.


Don't think I wanted to leave you, I just thought I would be better this way. If I fell asleep again, I'm sure your parents would have found me ass naked next to you in the morning. Don't hate me; I will be back in the morning.

~ Gabe

Desiree's stomach tightened as she read and re-read the note she was holding in her hand. If Gabriel already left, then who the hell just fucked her silly in her own bed? She turned slowly to look at the face of the man lying next to her and an acid taste filled her mouth. She lay staring at the familiar face next to her and couldn't help but think that she really needed to stop having sex with the lights off.

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