tagFirst TimeDesires of an Indian Mind Ch. 02

Desires of an Indian Mind Ch. 02


Thank you for your wonderful feedbacks and recommendations on what needs to be done next in the storyline. I strongly recommend you to read 'Desires of an Indian Mind pt 1' before you read this part. This part of the series would contain a storyline within few characters who would play a vital role in the series that will follow.

The story line starts with where is stopped in my previous part. If this category does not please your interest, feel free to the skip this series and move on. My writing skills are not something that is appreciated, so kindly excuse me if you feel i have done a mediocre job in writing this story.


I woke up the next day around 7 am. I had a hard on early morning like every other day. I wondered what the fuck is wrong with my dick. It seemed unusually hard and felt like it just doesn't get satisfied. I just sat on my bed and recalled the events of what happened last night. I imagined Richa's face, her seductive lips wide opened, eyes rolled up in pure ecstasy of being stuffed. I quickly searched for my phone and played the video that I shot at Thangappa's room from his window.

I started getting goose bumps as I watched Richa in the video. I saw Thangappa getting ready to exploit her ass from her behind without her knowing what is to follow. Richa had her face in pure lust and busy masturbating pussy by playing with her clit. I watched how her ass was taken by Thangappa and how it was assaulted. How she was muffled by Thangappa's strong hands and how helpless she was with his underwear stuffed in her mouth. I started jacking off to the video and within no time I came all over the floor.

"Shit," I said. The floor was messy with my cum all over the floor. I quickly grabbed some tissues and wiped off the mess from the floor. I wore my pajamas and went to the living room. I did not see Richa around. She was sound asleep and it looked like she was worn out by last night's assault. I slowly went towards Richa's room and peeped inside. She was asleep and wore new clean cloths, different from what she wore last night. A blue nighty wear made of satin. She must have cleaned herself last night.

I looked around to check where the cloths were that she wore last night were. It was in the laundry basket; I grabbed and quickly surveyed it. It had cum stains all over it. Like a pervert I sniffed the part of the cloth which lies close to her mound. I pungent smell was strong which a mix of sex, cum, sweat. I put the cloth back to the basket and saw my sister. I came close to her and watched her closely, she looked beautiful. She is my sister, but I can't stop looking at his ripe melons which was covered by her satin nighty. I wondered if she wore a bra, and decided to check that for myself. I slowly moved my hand close to her breasts and touched it with my fingers very lightly. It was soft and I couldn't control my urge to mould it hard.

My mind as a devil it is started giving me ideas of different ways I can force myself on her. I decided against my thoughts and backed off. I quickly left the room and decided that I need a strong plot which can help me enjoy her beauty with mutual concern. It was going to be a tough task, but I accepted the challenge.

I freshened up and grabbed some fresh cloths, sprayed some good deodorant and was getting ready for my first outing with Shifali. I took out my phone and texted her, "Good morning strawberry, what time would you be out?"

"Pick me up at 9:30 from my college bus stop. Don't be late?," she replied.

I had some more time to kill so decided to quickly cook some breakfast. I decided to cook French toast and make some coffee.

"It smells really good. When did you learn to cook?" asked Richa who was now behind me at the moment trying to grab some hot toasts. She quickly took a bite and said, "Hmmm.. That tastes delicious. Mind if I take some more?" she started to grab few and placed it on her plate.

"Aaaa. Never mind, have some more. Why aren't you getting ready for college?" I asked her.

"I'm taking an off. I'm tired," she replied.

"Tired of doing what?" I asked her smiling. She was behind me and I anticipated some lie from her. I knew why the bitch was tired. She had the best fuck of her life last night, why wouldn't she be tired?

"Aaaa.. That's because, Aaaa, monthly problems, you know. You guys wouldn't understand that," she answered. She lied with a straight face.

"What time would you reach home today? I have some plans with my friends here. So please do not bother showing up here before 6:00pm in the evening," she said.

"So it was pre-planned. I would not bother you girls. Anyways, I have better things to do so I would not be here till late night," I told her. I quickly finished my breakfast. Richa was still seated in the kitchen and was busy texting. She felt irritated and looked worried about the texts she was reading. She then left to her room and then I saw her go to the bathroom to freshen up.

I wanted to know who she was texting to. I wanted to know what would be her next move after last night's events. Would she tell Farooq about the events and plan a revenge on Thangappa? Would she tell parents and file a case against him for forcing her into sexual acts? I was really curious. She seemed cool about last night by the way she spoke to me in the morning. She could have told me what happened last night as I was her brother and her only relative at home at the moment. Curiosity took the better of me and I went to her room to look for her phone.

I found her phone in her bed and tried to turn it on. It was password protected. I cursed my luck and decided to try few passwords. I tried few passwords like 1234 and 0000, and then thought my sister was way too smart to keep her phone with such lousy passwords. I tried few more time and failed miserably. My sister normally takes an hour to take shower so I knew I had ample amount of time to crack her password. I tried many time and failed.

I closed my eyes and tried hard to think on all possibilities that could be her password. All I could think was Thangappa banging my sister. Thangappa caught my sister banging Farooq in his car. His car! That it! I tried the number 1798 and phone unlocked. It was the registration number of Farooq's car. I felt like an accomplished spy solving cases and had an evil grin on my face.

I quickly surveyed her phone. It had all the cheesy apps the girls used during those days. I quickly went through her messaging apps. I scrolled through her texts with Farooq. It has messages only of last night. She has deleted the previous messages. It has messages where he tried to console Richa and also pampering her to take rest and medicines. Apparently Richa had lied to Farooq that she was not keeping well and would want to sleep early after taking medicines. I knew for the fact that Farooq was not aware of Thangappa's blackmailing and extorting money from her.

I understood that Richa has not entirely been truthful to Farooq. I checked for other texts. There was an unknown number. She had not saved that number. I opened the texts to that number. It has some 30 to 40 texts from 2:30pm from last night. I decided to read all those. The texts were in tamil language, but I have translated it in English here.

"Thank you for the wonderful night," I knew from this that the texts were from Thangappa.

"I can't sleep and I want to talk to you. Can I call?" he texted.

"Yes," Richa replied.

They spoke for some time because the timing of texts had that difference. It seems like Thangappa was successful to console Richa on his assault on her and must have convinced her and made her realize that what happened between them was on mutual concern.

"Thank you for picking my call," texted Thangappa.

"I still can't believe what happened at your room. I forgive you for what you did to me. Please do not force me into such things again. I'm happy that you deleted the video," replied Richa.

"Can I ask you something? Please tell the truth," Thangappa texted.

"Go ahead," replied Richa.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Thangappa. Richa did not reply right away.

"Please tell. I want to know. Did you enjoy?" He asked again.

"YES," she replied.

"Thank you Richa. You are such a beauty. I would have never got such a beautiful women in my life. Thank you for making my life's desires true," he praised her in his text.

"You assaulted my ass. It's still paining now, but the pleasure was beyond imagination," she replied.

"Do you want me to massage your ass? You pain will leave in no time. I have got magic hands which can cure any pain," texted Thangappa. Thangappa was skilled womanizer. I can't believe that Richa was fine with what happened to her last night.

"Yes. I would love to have a massage now. My entire body feels worn out. Massage would just energize me," said Richa.

"I would love to come to your home now, if you let me. I swear I would not do anything more," said Thangappa hoping he would get green signal from Richa.

"No. Not now. Rajesh is at home. I would not want him to know anything that happened. Moreover, you have already tricked me twice today. I am not going to fall for your dirty tricks again. Never ever text me. Good bye," replied Richa.

"I swear Richa, I am already filled with guilt. I would never do anything that you would not want me to do. But please keep talking to me. I would go crazy if you stop talking to me," begged Thangappa.

"Hmmm..," replied Richa.

"Richa, I want to see you now. I just can't stop thinking about you. I will come to your home now. Everyone is asleep in the apartment. Please Richa," Thangappa was trying his best to convince Richa to meet him.

"Good god no, Rajesh is at home. Please do not do something like that," replied Richa.

"Please Richa. I just want to see you once. Rajesh must be asleep. Please Richa," Thangappa was very persistent.

"Please wait. I will check on Rajesh," replied Richa. After few minutes she replied, "He is asleep. I cant believe I'm asking you to come here. I have opened the main door, please do make any noise or get seen by someone." Richa must have checked in on me and I must have been sound asleep. I can't believe Richa invited him home. The bitch's craving must be unsatisfied.

"Thank you Richa. I will be there in few minutes," replied an excited Thangappa.

After that there was no texts seen on the phone for almost half an hour difference. This must be when Thangappa came home and I did not know what happened at home. The texts that followed give away indication that Thangappa was lucky again.

"I can't believe you made me cum again! You cheeky bastard! You took advantage of the situation again," texted Richa.

"Richa, I just could not control myself after seeing you. You were like an angel. I could not resist myself and things lead to next level. I'm happy that you were satisfied," replied Thangappa.

"You are blady skilled with your tongue, you made me cum right where I stood. I can't believe you made me suck your cock again and came all over my face. You made me do this again. I don't know why I get compelled to you and give in to you. I must stay away from you. Please do not force me again," texted Richa. I could not believe what I read. Thangappa came home last night, made my sister suck his cock and made her cum again by licking her well fucked pussy. How could Richa be so stupid? Or was it that she wanted this to happen.

"Do not do that Richa. Both of us can't resist each other. Let nature's law have its way. Do not try to stop your feelings and craving. It's natural for it to happen. I would want to meet you again," texted Thangappa.

"Tomorrow I am taking off from college. Wait till Rajesh leaves to college, I would be waiting for you at home," replied Richa.

"Thank you Richa. Thank you for understanding. I would like you to fulfill another wish of mine. Please fulfill that for me. Would you?" requested Thangappa.

"What's it?" asked Richa.

"Would you wear that red saree which sleeveless blouse that you wore few days back? You look very sexy in it. I would love to see you in that," texted Thangappa.

"That's the one I wore for my college day. Sure. I will wear that for you. I'm very tired Thangappa and would like to take some rest. Good night," replied Richa.

"Thank you darling. See you tomorrow," replied Thangappa.

That was the last text of their conversation. Richa had lied to me about her girls get together. No girl would visit here today. It will be Thangappa who will be here in some time after I leave. I looked around her room. The red saree that she would wear was kept ready on her table. I had seen her in that attire once. She had worn her saree way below her naval and her blouse was sleeveless with one string on her back with a knot.

I knew that there would be fuck marathon today at home. I immediately decided that I would want to watch what will happen here. I kept her phone back where she had left it. I went to my room and kept thinking on what can be done. I did not want to miss the events here nor did I want to miss my first date with Shifali.

I have a spare phone which had a battery back up almost 36 hours. I stopped using it when the apps that I work on the phone operated slow and consumed time. I knew that if I could record the events what happened at home I could watch it later and meanwhile could go on a date with Shifali. I turned on my phone to video recording mode and went to her room. I had to find a place in her room which could capture the entire room, especially her bed because I knew things would eventually end up there.

I saw a small box made of cardboard placed over the top rack of her cloth stand. I quickly made a small hole in it with a pocket knife that I had such that the camera could fit in and capture video of what happened in the room. No one would know that the events were recorded as the phone was not visible to plain sight.

After feeling satisfied on my setting in her room, I came out of her room called out Richa loud telling her that I was leaving so that she could hear me from her bathroom. She replied telling to call her if I was coming back and that they did not want me at home. I grinned at her reply and walked out of the house.

I came out of my apartment and went straight to my garage to pick up my bike. I saw Thangappa standing near the main gate and gave me a smile and said, "Good morning Rajesh and have a great day." He seemed unusually happy and I knew he was pleased that I was leaving. I did not bother replying him and went straight towards the women's college bus stand.

When I was about to reach, I saw that Shifali waiting in the bus stop for me. I went straight to her. She was delighted to see me. She wore a yellow churidar, the casual one that all girls wear to the college. She hopped behind my bike and said "You look good handsome, and also smell good," she said sniffing me like a dog.

"Thank you, you look pretty like always," I complemented her.

"Thank you. Let's go to closet mall for movie," she was really excited for the movie.

"Sure babe," I said and drove towards the mall. On the way, she brought her hands and hugged me from behind. I felt a jolt, her melons were crushed behind my back and I loved every moment of this. She kept talking about her college and about her friends, her professors and some lousy seniors who ragged her in her college. I was not really listening to her.

My mind was at what would be happening in my home right that moment. The very thought of Richa going to be laid by Thangappa gave me a hard on. Meanwhile Shifali's melons crushing on my back helped the cause.

We parked the bike in the mall and were walking towards the cinemas. Shifali said she wanted to use the restroom and I should go ahead and get the tickets for Iron Man. I said okay and went towards the cinemas. It was crowded and I knew I would have a tough time to get any tickets. I stood in the queue and half way down the line they announced the tickets were full for the movie Iron Man for 10:30am.

The next movie was at 1:00pm I was disappointed and looked for any other movie; one screen played a local tamil movie which had seats available. I asked tickets for the tamil movie and also booked two tickets for Iron Man show for 1:00pm which was also fast filling at the moment. He told me that the Iron man ticket numbers are different and that booth seats are not together. I thought I can request later inside the screen with the ones sitting next to me and make arrangements to sit together.

I knew Shifali would be upset about the morning premiere show. She was looking forward on watching Robert Downey Jr. in action. I dialed her number to ask where she was.

"Hello. Where are you?" I asked her.

"Right behind you sweet heart," she replied.

I looked back and saw her. I skipped a heartbeat. She apparently changed her cloths in the restroom. She wore a white t-shirt which showed her midriff and was very tight fit. Her large breasts covered by black bra were clearly visible. She wore a denim skirt which went just above a knee and she wore a denim jacket over her t shirt. "Wow. You look amazing," I complimented her. She smiled and said I wanted to wear that cloth for a special occasion and her mom does not encourage her wearing such bold dress outside.

I told her about the movie ticket scenario and she felt disappointed initially but later was happy that she could spend more time with me. We went inside the cinemas and screen 1 played the Tamil movie. It was some cheesy local tamil movie and I really don't remember the movie name now. We headed to the screen and saw that the entire theatre was practically vacant. There were few in the first rows, mostly couples. I had booked my tickets for last row corner seat and moved toward our seats. Our seats were near a dark corner and thanked my stars on my luck.

We made our-self comfortable and we started talking. The lights dimmed indicating the movie was about to begin. She went on talking again about her college and I tried really hard to concentrate. I kept staring at her lips and I knew I had to kiss them. I looked around and saw no one was around, quickly adjusted my seat such that I was close to her. I brought my right hand over her seat caught her head and pulled her towards me.

Our lips met and started kissing her lips. She jumped in surprise and then started kissing me back. I was horny and started biting her lips hard. She pats my back indicating that I was hurting her. I quickly released my grip.

"Ouch. My lips are not food you idiot," she complained on my assault.

"Sorry I just could not control myself, you look way too sexy today," I tried praising her.

"Awww.. thank you," she replied and then rested her head on my shoulder and then continued her story.

I saw one muslim couple walk in and started walking towards us. The guy was fat and wore a suit and the lady wore a burqua and had her face covered with only her eyes visible as per her tradition. She had worn a tight fitted burqua and had flesh in the right places. I could only see the lady's eye which shined like a star in the dark. She was sexy and her body structure said that. They took the row in front of us.

The guy saw us and started murmuring something in Urdu. He quickly caught the lady's hand and started walking towards the other side of the last but one row. Shifali did not really see this couple as she was busy explaining some crazy jokes her male professor cracked in the class. They sat at the extreme end and if I just lift my head a little I could clearly see what they were doing. The movie went on for 15 minutes; that meant there would not be others joining.

I knew the muslim couple that walked in was here to have fun just like us. I slightly rose from my seat and peeped to check on the other couple. Shifali was still talking with her head on my shoulder and her eyes were fixed on the screen. I saw that the fat guy was moulding her breast from outside her cloths. He lifted her naqaab from her face and started to kiss her. She too was responding back. I was getting hard watching it. That guy did not really care if anyone watched them and he did not really waste time after settling in their seat. I slowly brought my right hand inside her jacket and slowly pressed Shifali's breasts. She closed her eyes in pleasure and meanwhile covered my hand with her jacket. I got the green signal and started feeling her up.

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