tagGroup SexDesperate Housewives II Ch. 02

Desperate Housewives II Ch. 02


After my first awesome experience with the very hot and horny Mrs Cable, a truly desperate housewife, I asked her how she would go about introducing me to some of her desperate and horny friends and this is what she had to say…

"I'll tell you how I would handle you and your immense pussy-pounder. I'd invite a few of my friends around to my place and introduce them to the joys of a super-cock that can stay hard forever and come huge torrents. I'd have you pretend you are my odd jobs boy, cleaning my lawn or the swimming pool and get you to go around topless while you're doing it to show off your huge muscles and six-pack abs. I'd make sure we sat on the veranda so they could have a good look at the young stud working for me. Of course, you'd have to wear some tight shorts so that your massive bulge would be clearly in view," Mrs Cable said.

Boy did that sound hot. Mrs Cable and four horny and desperate housewives, I almost fainted as the blood surged to my massive cock.

Well I didn't have to wait long for this situation to eventuate. Next weekend Mrs Cable had me come around and start cleaning the pool awaiting the arrival of her friends.

As I cleaned the pool, topless as instructed, her friends were staring at me until Mrs Cable blurted out, "pretty hot boy for an eighteen year-old, isn't he? Also, I should tell you that he's hung like a horse!"

The women just stared in disbelieve.

"That's right, he doesn't just clean the swimming pool's pipes, but also mine. Unfortunately, he is such a stud that even I can't handle all of him as often as I would like too. That's why, I brought you here, so you can satisfy his amazing sexual stamina and all get showered in the biggest loads of cum you've ever seen!" said Mrs Cable.

Mrs Cable then asked me to come over and pose for the ladies. She insisted that I flex my big biceps and show off my six pack now dripping with sweat having been hard at cleaning the pool for some time. Then Mrs Cable pretended to spill some tea on my shorts and apologise, telling me that she would throw them in the wash straight away if I took them off.

A bit reluctantly I obliged and removed my shorts leaving me standing in front of the shocked ladies in my Calvin Klein boxers sporting an ever growing hardon. Even though my cock was only half erect it was still around 10 inches of thick shaft stretching which stretched briefs to overcapacity.

"It seems to me that the tea also stained your briefs or is this large patch just pre-cum? Yes, it must be, it's right at the tip of your huge cock. Are you already leaking, even though you're not even hard yet?" asked Mrs Cable.

All of this attention was sending me over the edge and it wasn't long before my briefs were bursting with hard cock flesh eager to please these hot women.

"Look at the size of that thing! And his balls are enormous too!" one of the ladies exclaimed.

"Oh baby, you ain't seen nothing yet!" replied Mrs Cable as she reached over and ran her hands over my huge cock before inserting her thumbs in my briefs and removing them.

Having successfully unleashed my huge throbbing cock she engulfed as much of its giant crown in her tiny mouth as she could hold, licking along its mighty shaft, covering it in her saliva and the copious amount of pre-cum until I could take it no more and blew my load, a load so big she couldn't swallow. As I continued to pump load after load into her mouth she was forced to remove it from her mouth where upon she held my cock tightly in her two hands as it fired volley after volley of thick, rich potent sperm all over the table and her friend's who were reeling back in surprise of the enormity of my orgasm.

As my eruption slowly subsided Mrs Cable held my still super-hard cock and asked "So, who's in for a ride then?"

But before Mrs Cable would be allowed to let her friends get a chance to ride this cock of mine I could just imagine her challenging them to guess exactly how big my cock was with the winner getting first crack at it.

The first guessed that it was about 10 inches either out of ignorance or just in sheer hope that it wasn't twice the size of her husbands, the second suggested that it might be 12 inches and the last, a pretty little blond with her hair in a bob, pert little breasts like an 18 year old and an ass you could crack walnuts on went for the unlucky 13 inches. In this case 13 would prove to be her lucky number.

As I approached the winner everything seemed out of proportion her 5 foot 2 inch frame was dwarfed by my 6 foot 2 inch hardened body. Her 34 B tits were pert and firm whereas my chest was big and strong from years of swimming and finally my cock, well it dwarfed her tiny hands which didn't even come close to closing around my shaft. Fuck it was bigger than her forearm and its head bigger than the small fist she made when she clenched her hand. I remember her beautiful brown eyes looking at me with a mixture of excitement and trepidation and Mrs Cable's voice in the background saying "Oh please be careful, she's so tiny, please be gentle."

As excited as I was I knew that I had to take my time or risk breaking this 28 year old beauty. We started slowly with her just slowly wanking my shaft attempting to get used to its immense size. As she took footlong strokes she just kept saying how unbelievable this all was. I gently guided her head to the point that her luscious red lips were poised above its throbbing head. She hesitated for a moment her hot breath on my cock momentarily dulling the glistening flesh of my cock.

Soon however she opened her lips and slowly but surely lowered her mouth down my shaft her eyes cast upwards looking into my eyes. Resisting urge to thrust my hips up to meet her mouth for fear of pushing my cock out the back of her head I just relaxed and enjoyed the awesome feeling of this young lady sucking my cock.

Mrs Cable couldn't resist joining in at this time and positioned herself beside me and thrust her right breast in my face. The hardness of her erect nipple initially caught me by surprise but soon I was swirling my tongue around it and taking as much of her big firm breast in my hungry mouth as I continued to fuck her friends face.

The lady who had been sucking my cock now slowly eased it from her wet lips, my cock glistening in the sunlight.

"Are you ready?" I asked. She just nodded.

"How do you want?" I asked.

She just laid back on the sunlounge and spread her legs revealing her neatly trimmed pussy, pulling her legs wide apart and holding her ankles.

"Like this big boy, fuck me like this you big stud, give me all you've got you stallion!" she begged.

I walked over to her my cock now aching as it pointed skyward defying gravity which was trying to pull its massive weight back to earth.

I slowly lowered myself onto her supporting my body weight by grabbing the edges off the sun lounge before inserting the tip of my cock in her pussy. She let out a gentle sigh, her chest heaving as she braced herself for the coming onslaught.

Slowly I worked my cock into her. Gently at first but then harder as she bucked her hips to me my pounding cock. She pulled her ankles up to her shoulders in a desperate effort to make more room for my colossal cock which was now seriously over stuffing her tight pussy but still she demanded more. I had had enough by now and was encouraged to do her even harder by Mrs Cable who had now reached between my legs squeezing my huge balls and kissing my ass as I fucked her friend.

Suddenly your friend froze and let out a god almighty cry as she exploded in orgasm after orgasm. I pounded her pussy which by now had accepted 12 inches of my hard cock. I banged her for another five minutes as she deliriously threw herself around on my still impaled cock.

Then I felt that familiar feeling as my balls tightened and cum was driven up my long shaft. I told her that I was about to come and I asked her where she wanted me to come. She replied that she wanted me to make her a cum slut and to cover her in my juices.

I pulled out and stroked my cock and exploded steam after stream of cum from the head of my cock. The first hit her pretty little face and then I proceeded to douse her body as if I was a fireman and she was a burning house. Cum splashed and pooled on her body and I proceeded to empty my balls all over her. What a sight it was! This prim, proper and pert babe was drenched in my hot cum. I bent forward and licked her nipples before kissing her fully on her cum soaked lips.

Meanwhile Mrs Cable and the others just stood there and cheered their friend on.

After a minute Mrs Cable turned to other ladies and said "well ladies what I can say. I told you was a big stud didn't I. So, who's next because let em assure this big boy is just warming up!!"

After a few seconds of silence, during which my friends were trying to fathom the craziness of what they had just witnessed, the oldest of the group Mary, a married 48 year-old mother of three, but still in tremendous shape, raised her hand.

"I do! I want to feel that boy's horsecock pound my pussy like it's never been pounded before. My husband is a lousy fucker and I've always dreamt of being fucked by a horsehung stud!", she blurted out, surprising the rest of us who had always thought of her as a prim and proper housewife.

Mrs Cable had invited her because she knew that I would love her gigantic 44FF tits, which, despite her age, were still riding high and firm over her narrow waist and nice firm butt. She exercised regularly and had the body of a fitness model half her age. Only the few wrinkles on her finely chiselled face betrayed her 48 years. Her hair was blond and cascaded over her shoulders and upper arms.

I approached the hot housewife and smiling at her asked "How big is your hubby?"

"Barely four inches and not much thicker than a pencil". She said already taking her top off, revealing her massive fleshy orbs.

I didn't say a word but my rapidly hardening cock couldn't the fact that I liked what I saw.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"I'm 48 my boy. My sons are older than you but I don't care, I need that huge fuckstick in me right now!" she replied.

"So you want a boy a less than half your age and three times your husband's length to fuck you senseless?" I teased.

"Yes, that's right and I want your third load of the afternoon all over my big tits you big-stud!" she demanded.

With that, I took hold of my massive cock and placed it at her pussylips.

"You want it, you put it in," I teased.

She took hold of my giant cock just below the rim, marvelling at how her fingers could not begin to reach around its' soda-can circumference and pulled me closer to her, moaning as the first inches of my colossal tool parted her dripping pussylips.

I let myself go, spewing a huge strand a pre-cum on her pussy to make sure that she was well lubricated.

"Shit, have you cum already?" she asked disappointed.

"No, that's just pre-cum. Haven't you ever seen pre-cum before?" I asked.

"Fuck I thought you had cum, I can feel so much of the stuff sloshing around in me already, God I love it!" she said.

"Oh, yeah? Then, here's more," and with I jetted another load of slippery fluid, while pressing forward with your huge shaft.

"Shit, can you just come on demand? That's fucking unbelievable!" screamed Mary.

"You'd better believe it. I've got more sperm in my huge balls than you can imagine!" I boasted.

"Well, you've already cum twice and I never saw such huge loads before in my life, even in porn movies, so I believe you. Give me another load of your pre-cum please you donkey-dicked boy!" begged Mary.

I quickly obliged her by pulling out the eight inches of cock embedded in her and letting go a third volley of your goo all over her belly. Then I slammed my steel-hard cock back into her, this time over ten inches of forearm-thick king-dong penetrated her hot pussy.

"Shit, there's more pre-cum on my belly than sperm my hubby could produce in a month! And this stuff is real tasty too!" she exclaimed pulling huge strands of the batter to her mouth.

By now all of the ladies were furiously rubbing their little mounds watching me powerfuck Mary. After ten minutes of pounding, I managed to stick my entire 13-inch monstercock in her and she was delirious with lust, going from one orgasm to the next without any pause in between. I switched position, letting her do some work a bit by riding me like a cowboy.

I could not control myself much longer and soon another load of hot cum welled up my shaft before exploding a third copious load deep in her pussy. The ladies were amazed to the stuff dripping out and coating Mary's pussylips, my still-pistoning and erupting shaft and even my giant balls that were still contracting and producing the enormous quantities of sperm to be ejected directly in her womb. After almost a full minute of merciless ejaculations, I finally stopped and I started licking some of the cream that had accumulated at the junction between your genitals.

Another of the ladies, Anna, had taken it upon herself to lick the sweat from my chest as I pounded her friend. She slowly ran her tongue around my nipples slurping up the sweat before pursing lips and taking my nipple between her lips and softly biting it. This was unbelievable. Here I was fucking this massively stacked housewive as one of her friends licked my nipples and that's not to mention the sight of the other ladies who were rapidly rubbing their pussies with delight. I was heaven but so were they.

"God, you are so muscular Brad, I hope you still have some power left in you to fuck me, please, I want to feel your stallion-prick in me while you hold me up in your powerful arms! Can you do that for me, stud?" begged Anna.

Even after my third powerful orgasm of the afternoon I knew that I could fulfil Anna's every desire.

Anna was the only one yet to feel the power of my cock but boy did she look ready for it. She was standing beside me naked begging me to take her but let me describe her more detail. She was about 35 and very voluptuous and curvy. When I asked just how voluptuous she replied that she was a 40 - 27 - 40 with all of that put together in a very nice way indeed. She was about 5 foot 7 inches tall and was in great shape, she obviously worked out and took great care of her body.

Just as I was about to compliment her on body she lunged at me kissing me full on the lips holding my face with her hands. After kissing me passionately she looked me in the eye and said "Stop talking and get on with the fucking you big stud. Do you know how horny I am having just watched you impale your huge cock in my best friends!"

Just to make sure that Anna was really ready I reached down to feel her pussy which was now gushing her love juices to see if she was ready for a full on assault of her pussy. Then in one swift action I reached around and grabbed her firm butt cheeks and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her hands round my neck and threw her head back, her mouth ajar her tongue searching for air licking her pouting lips.

Initially Anna was literally sitting on my cock with it supporting her weight. She let go with one hand reached around behind her and started rubbing my cock looking me in the eye she said "Well how are we going to make this fucking big thing fit?"

Mrs Cable joined in and suggested that I lift Anna up so that she could guide my massive shaft into Anna's dripping pussy. I did this and soon Mrs Cable was guiding my cock into Anna's pussy lips as Anna once again wrapped her hands behind my head. With the huge head of my cock now buried in Anna's pussy and slowly eased myself into her.

Anna started freaking out, she threw her head back, her long blond hair going crazy as she wrapped her legs around my hips and started to thrust herself onto my gigantic pussy pounding pillar of pulsating phallic flesh.

"Oh Brad, you're too fucking big, there's no way I can get it all in, you're killing me!!" Anna screamed.

Mrs Cable and Mary tried to reassure that all would be OK but even they seemed a little unsure as there was still a good six inches of my shaft to go and Anna seemed to be struggling.

"It's Ok Anna, I'll take it easy babe, just hang in there" I said.

I must admit I was enjoying this immensely. It was the first time I had fucked a women like this and it was highly arousing being in such control. There I was standing with my 13 inch cock impaled up this ladies hot twat with her bouncing relentlessly on it with her big tits bouncing like crazy as I fucked her senseless with hot and horny ladies watching cheering me on.

"Fuck her hard you big stallion, fuck her good and hard, make her your big cock slut Brad!!" they cheered.

Suddenly Anna started to buck with even more vigour, her legs squeezed me even tighter and her nails dug into my back as she screamed in orgasm as her body was overwhelmed with erotic pleasure.

"Don't stop, Oh fuck I cumming, I'm fucking cumming. Oh god your sooooo huge Brad, your ripping me apart you big stallion!!" Anna gasped.

Now I was really enjoying it. I lent forward and sucked Anna's nipples as she continued to shudder in orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

I truly felt like a stallion with Anna riding me and me with my big horse cock now buried to the hilt. With each stroke I could see her belly distend as it was filled with my forearm sized cock, no wonder the poor girl was screaming!!

"I can't take it much longer, please cum, please give me your big load" begged Anna who was still bouncing on my cock.

"Soon babe, soon I'm going cum and I'm going to blow you right off the end of this big cock of mine," I boasted.

I felt like I could, I was actually concerned that when I did finally come that Anna might lose her grip on me and that the force of my orgasm might she her thrown off the end of prick.

"Hold on now Anna I'm going to cum and its going to be huge," I warned.

Then it started my huge balls contracted and the fourth load of cum started to travel up my shaft at an ever increasing pace and I unleashed the first explosive shot of cum up Anna's pussy.

Cum started to run down Anna's thighs with each stroke as she rapidly reached a point where she was full.

Mrs Cable and Mary were yelling encouragement at us and then demanded that I finish all over Anna's huge tits. I laid Anna down still with my cock pumping cum into her and then withdrew and aimed the final few blasts at Anna's face and tits.

Luckily there was still more than enough left to cover her pretty face and beautiful big tits.

Finally I stopped cumming and sat down beside the ladies. We were all still naked, all exhausted and covered in cum.

Mrs cable was the first to speak. "Well ladies, I'm so glad that you got a chance to meet my young friend Brad, quite a young man isn't he!!"

"Oh Pat, you are one lucky lady," replied Mary.

"Hey Brad, I have a pool, do you think you could come around and clean that too?" asked Anna cheekily.

Well that was the start of the Desperate Housewives Club. We cleaned up and Mary said that she would like us all to join her at her place next weekend as her husband was going away on business and she suggested that they each invite one friend to come along. Oh fuck I thought that would make eight hot housewives, how the fuck would I be able to manage that!! Oh well I was in because if I couldn't fuck eight hot housewives I'd die trying!!

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