tagNovels and NovellasDesperate Measures Pt. 02

Desperate Measures Pt. 02


Chapter 4 — Rachel's Epiphany

Rachel had to wait a couple of weeks before she could start work at the clinic whilst she waited for the expected negative results on her tests for sexually transmitted infections. She had plenty of time for second thoughts and she woke up a few times in the middle of the night in a cold sweat of indecision, wondering whether she was making the right choice.

However, although her life situation was unlikely to change for the better, her resolve to take what would be a life-changing step into a wholly different future than she had imagined possible was no longer made entirely out of desperation. The memory of her massage and the previously unimagined level of ecstasy that she had experienced was extremely vivid in her mind and her sex drive, which had fallen to zero when her husband deserted her, returned with a vengeance.

It was not just the pleasure she had received but the realisation that she was sexually excited at the idea of using her skills to give others the same or even greater pleasure. The brief glimpse she had been given of two of Angela's therapists at work had acted as a catalyst on her libido and had unlocked an erotic side to her nature that had lain dormant until then. Her waking and sleeping dreams were filled with explicit images of both male and female clients writhing in orgasmic rapture as she caressed and probed their genitals in the most intimate way.

The urgency of desire that was unleashed was so great that she was compelled to masturbate several times a day, something she hadn't done since her teens. In the search for ever more exquisite climaxes than she could achieve using her fingers alone she even visited the sex shop in the local mall, which was something she mistakenly believed respectable people didn't do, and in consultation with the staff bought a variety of expensive sex toys which she really couldn't afford.


After she had been working at the clinic for several months, Rachel's friends noticed a marked change in her personality, especially a new air of confidence and purpose. She put away her baggy jeans and nondescript tee shirts and started to dress in clothes that emphasised her delicate beauty and feminine allure. She even began to smile and laugh again. When questioned, she simply said that she had decided to put her past behind her, and to those who asked about her new job she merely replied that it was highly enjoyable and allowed her to use her skills to the full, without going into any details, and that the income was very welcome.

For the first few weeks, Angela only matched her up with female clients. The initial stages of conventional massage presented no challenge as she had always been an excellent masseuse, and she had occasionally been required to demonstrate to pregnant women how to carry out perineal massage, but the ability needed to take her clients to the peak of sexual release through intimate genital massage took longer to learn.

Although every client was different, she discovered that in all cases the techniques needed to achieve the ultimate pleasure she was being paid to give could only be learned by exploration of her own body in her own extended nightly masturbation sessions. What worked for her inevitably worked for other women too.

In each of the therapy rooms, in addition to the massage table and shelves for various massage oils and a heated water bath to bring them to the right temperature, there was an alcove with a walk in shower and a sunken bath. Many of her clients specifically requested that Rachel would give them a sponge wash before beginning the massage, and she soon realised that it would be more practical if she dispensed with her uniform altogether.

At first, she was embarrassed by her own nudity and by the fact that her own sexual arousal would become obvious to her clients. However, from the comments in the notes that many of them left for her at the reception desk she discovered for herself what Angela had told her, that clients found the sight and scent of their therapist's arousal enhanced their pleasure considerably.

The involuntary responses of her body and the sexual thrill she received when her clients climaxed convinced Rachel of something that she had never suspected — that she was truly bisexual. It was not that she was ignorant of sapphic love, and had been aware that several of her fellow students at college were lesbians; it was just an option she had not considered.

Once she accepted this revelation about her sexual nature, Rachel found that it extended her ability to carry her ladies to higher levels of final rapture. Massage ceased to be a mere mechanical skill but became transformed into an act of lovemaking, beginning with gentle kneading and stroking of her clients' breasts and nipples before concentrating on their perineal region.

With the chains of her mental inhibitions broken, she began to take great pleasure at the explicit sight of a client's genitalia opening and swelling under the pressure of her fingers, and she would consciously tease and caress their labia and clitoris and the skin around their anus in such a way as to take them to the edge of ecstasy again and again until their bodies begged for release. Although she had initially been reluctant to digitally penetrate a client's vagina, she also discovered that thrusting two or three fingers deep into the velvety heat of a receptive vagina at the right moment could send some clients almost delirious with pleasure.

Rachel was careful to observe the rules for the behaviour of therapists that had been explained to her by Angela. Secretly, however, a burning desire grew inside her to explore the full delights of mutual sapphic love with a willing partner or partners. The taste of a woman's vaginal secretions on her fingers acted like a potent aphrodisiac on her libido and her masturbatory fantasies became filled with wild visions of long sessions of mutual cunnilingus. Because of the need to pick up her children from school, Rachel usually ended her working day at 3 pm, but two or three times in those first months she arranged for a babysitter to look after them overnight.

On those occasions, she asked Angela to give her a massage, and she found that the orgasmic release she received under Angela's skilful hands lessened the growing sexual tension for a while. It was once they were both dressed after the last of those wonderful sessions that she confessed to Angela her inner feelings and desires. Angela said nothing and merely gave her a sisterly hug, but the following week Rachel was given her first male clients.


It is a generalisation to say the men are much less complex sexually than women, but Rachel discovered that although it was easy to bring her male clients to the point of orgasm she needed to develop the skills necessary to hold them on the edge of climax for as long as possible.

When she was working in the Health Service as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, many of her patients remarked that she seemed to be able to feel exactly where their pain was. She hadn't thought of this as a special ability, but just that she had learned to detect subtle differences in muscle tension that indicated specific areas of damage. To her surprise however, she found that by solely by touch she could tell how close a man was to orgasm — not just by the strength of his erection, or the pulsing of the muscles running along the spine of the shaft of his penis, but by almost imperceptible changes in the way it felt in her fingers.

She also discovered without needing to be told exactly what each client found most exciting and which men enjoyed stimulation of their anal region as well as their penis and scrotum. By concentrating on this almost sixth sense she could modulate the build-up to ejaculation by subtle alterations in the way she played with them and could hold them in the edge of paradise until they were almost begging for release. Within a few weeks, she had received many notes from her male clients to say that their orgasms were among the most intense and pleasurable they had ever had.

The pleasure that she got from working with men was different than with women. She loved the softness of women's bodies and the way their pussies would open up like a flower as their arousal grew. It excited her to push back its hood to reveal the glistening head of a swollen clitoris, and the way that by rubbing its hard nub at the same time as thrusting her fingers into a weeping vagina could make a client writhe and moan in utter bliss.

Men were much more voluble and even the mildest mannered would cry out obscenities at the height of their brief climax as their cum shot from their straining cocks in jets of silvery white. Rachel was amazed at the variety of form of the cocks of her clients, not just in length or girth, or even their shape, but in the different ways that they responded as they grew hard while she stroked and squeezed them. She got great satisfaction from watching her clients ejaculate, and wondered what it would feel like if they were deep inside her vagina. She also came to the conclusion that it was foolish to limit oneself to only one cock — a bit like always eating the same food, okay for a while but ultimately boring.


Rachel had started working at the clinic towards the end of September. By the end of February after a mild winter the first signs of spring were well advanced, and to Rachel, it felt as if the coming of new life and colour into the world was a perfect metaphor for her personal situation. Apart from the vast improvement in her financial situation, both from the money she was earning and the generous tips that many clients left for her, she felt confident and alive again.

Any scruples she had felt about her work had evaporated like morning mists in the heat of the sun. She realised that when Angela had claimed that uncomplicated sexual pleasure in a safe and pleasant environment was truly life-enhancing she was speaking a very important truth. Prostitution was about exploitation and the objectification of human — predominantly female — body, but what she and the other therapists were offering was an almost sacred service.

In the first week in March the weather suddenly changed and the temperature plummeted to well below freezing point — something to do with the position of the jet stream the meteorologists said. The following week was the school half term holiday; many of the members were going away for the week and several of the therapists had also requested a few days off. Without being asked, Rachel had volunteered to work extra shifts and arranged with her mother to pick the children up from school on the Friday and to look after them over the weekend.

Although Rachel was unaware of it, it started snowing at around noon on the Friday morning and by the time of her final session at 8 pm there were several inches of lying snow and it was freezing hard. Many of the members who had not gone away, but who lived at a distance from the clinic had left, and there were only a few members in the spa and the restaurant.

When she had arrived in the morning Angela had taken her to one side and explained that because of ecclesiastical duties Mr and Mrs Mayfield had been unable to keep their regular joint Thursday appointment and that they had rescheduled for the last session on that Friday evening.

"Unfortunately Janice is on holiday and I won't be available myself this evening because I have an important business meeting in town," she said, "so I would like you to take over for me when you will be working in tandem with Thomas. If that is okay with you there are a few specific details you should know. Mr and Mrs Mayfield are two of our longest standing members and we have established a specific ritual for them — as a vicar, Mr Mayfield is particularly attached to ritual. They both gain enormous pleasure and stimulation from a preliminary shower and sponge bath and enjoy watching each other receiving intimate genital attention from their therapist. The massage tables are also placed so that they are almost touching which allows them to watch each other being massaged, and Mrs Mayfield will only allow herself to cum when she sees her husband ejaculating."

She paused for a moment in case Rachel had any questions, but then continued, "There is also one other thing which I must ask you not to disclose to anyone and not even to discuss with Janice. As a very special favour to a very lovely couple, I have made an exception to the rules and Thomas is permitted to remove his thong and work in the nude. He is very disciplined, but he does become very aroused and is often close to orgasm himself by the end of the session so Janice and I normally finish him off manually once Mr and Mrs Mayfield have left the therapy room."

Although Rachel had often had coffee with Thomas and talked about his childhood in Goa she had not seen him undressed and she found the prospect of working with him extremely erotic. By 8 pm she was therefore even more aroused than she normally was by the end of her shift.

Rachel's clients generally spoke very little during their massage until they were in the throes of orgasm when they would moan or cry out in ecstasy as they were swept away on waves of intense pleasure. The Mayfields were an exception and throughout the session, they would exchange moving endearments of love and explicit descriptions of the pleasure they were receiving. Possibly naively, Rachel had never dreamed that married couples could share their sexual excitement in such graphic terms — she and her husband had always made love in silence — and she hoped that one day she might find someone with whom she could enjoy such a deeply erotic relationship.

She was delighted to find that Mr Mayfield's penis was as large as her first sight of him had suggested and that he also had very heavy and pendulous balls. While she was washing him she discovered he loved the way she rolled back his foreskin and cupped his balls in her other hand and he already had a steel hard erection by the time she started his massage.

Rachel and Thomas worked facing each other and try as she did, her eyes were increasingly drawn to his penis, a fascination which was only increased by the way Mrs Mayfield was enthusiastically describing its size and shape to her husband. It was even longer and thicker than Mr Mayfield's magnificent organ and curved upwards so that the shiny purple head almost touched his navel. As Thomas began to concentrate on Mrs Mayfield's pussy a glistening bead of precum began to form at the top of his glans and Rachel could see from the frown of concentration on his handsome features that he was having to fight very hard not to cum.

Rachel was acutely aware of her own state of extreme sexual excitement and she could feel her distended inner labia hanging down from her vulva. She felt no sense of embarrassment or shame at displaying her sexual arousal so blatantly and thrilled with pleasure when the vicar looked directly at her throbbing vagina and smiled and licked his lips in appreciation of her intimate feminine beauty.

As Mr Mayfield approached his orgasm he lifted his hips and bottom clear of the table accompanied by words of encouragement from his wife, and when he ejaculated, his cum shot out in an impressive arc that splattered in glistening streams of creamy white over his chest and tummy. As the first jet of semen erupted from his cock Mrs Mayfield began to roll her hips and thrust against Thomas' probing fingers and within seconds she was sobbing and crying at the crashing waves of pleasure breaking on the ravished shores of her enraptured body.

As the Mayfield's came down from the summits of their climaxes the deliciously pungent odour of sex filled the air of the room, overpowering the scent of the candles placed around the room. Husband and wife then joined hands and looked adoringly at each other as they basked in the blissfully relaxed languor of post-orgasmic fulfilment, while Rachel and Thomas fetched warm flannels and towels to clean the film of bodily fluids from their flesh.

As soon as Mr and Mrs Mayfield had dressed in their robes and exited the room, Rachel told Thomas to lie down on one of the tables. She stood level with his face with her engorged pussy within inches of his eyes, and encircling the shaft of his penis with one hand and cupping his balls with the other she began to masturbate him with firm but gentle strokes.

After just a few strokes she could feel his orgasm building in the base of his cock which grew even harder as she brought him to the point of exquisite release. The pulses of muscular contraction that moved in waves along his shaft as he began to ejaculate were more powerful than she had experienced in any of her clients, and as jet after jet of hot cum erupted out of his cock and coated her hands and his tummy it seemed as if he would never stop.


Chapter 5 — Rachel's Liberation

When Rachel walked out of the front entrance she almost burst into tears. Snow was still falling heavily and her car was completely covered in a thick white blanket which would have to be cleared before she could even think of driving off, and she knew that conditions on the roads on her normal route home would be treacherous and some of the hills might even be impassable. All she had wanted to do was to have a simple meal with a glass of wine followed by a soak in a hot bath and then fall into bed for a long session with her favourite vibrator.

She knew that the caretaker had a small flat and her first thought was that he might let her bunk down on his settee. Then again, some of the other staff still on the premises might be in the same position which would make it rather crowded, so it might be better to sleep in one of the massage rooms. At least she could get something to eat and drink in the restaurant.

Just as she was about to turn and go back inside the building, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Glancing round she saw that it was Mr Mayfield with a look of kindly concern on his face.

"You look rather dejected my dear," he said, "is there any way that I can be of assistance?"

Rachel briefly explained her dilemma and said that the condition of the roads meant that she faced an almost impossible journey home with a distinct possibility of having to sleep in the car so she had decided to have a meal first and then spend the night in one of the massage rooms.

"If you don't mind me saying so," he replied, "but I have a much better idea. The vicarage is only a mile away, and we came in the Land Rover this afternoon so we should have no problem even in this snow. As many of my parishioners live in isolated cottages and farms in the hills, like the doctor and the vet, an all conditions vehicle is essential to my ministry. You must come back with us — I'm sure Mrs Mayfield will be delighted."

"Are you sure?" Rachel said, "I really don't want to put you to any trouble."

Mr Mayfield just smiled benevolently, "It will be absolutely no trouble, and it will be so nice to have the company of such a delightful and intelligent young lady. Besides, Thomas has already accepted our offer of hospitality — the silly man came on his motorcycle this morning — so after a nice meal we can all spend a cosy evening in front of a roaring log fire."

The short journey to the vicarage was not quite as uneventful as Mr Mayfield had said it would be. They almost skidded off the road on a couple of sharp bends and had to reverse and take another run at one deep snow drift. Rachel would have been terrified if she had been driving, and was now absolutely sure she could never have got home, but Mr Mayfield guffawed and said what an adventure it was, and Mrs Mayfield just smiled and confided that he was as mad as a hatter.

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