tagGay MaleDestiny in Daytona Ch. 02

Destiny in Daytona Ch. 02


8===> Sleeping arrangements that make everyone happy

Trent looked at me and with a head toss towards the door, he asked, "You want to grab another Coke from the machine before bed, Kevin?"

I knew it was more of a suggestive demand than a question and I answered back, "Sure. You guys want us to get ones for you too?" I offered to Greg and Ethan as I stood up. They were trying to agree on yet another movie to watch and only nodded their heads. Greg was sitting in the chair in front of the TV flipping through channels. Ethan was parked on the side of the bed closest to the door...as far from the TV and Greg as he could get without hiding in the bath tub. He looked over at Greg then instantly back to Trent with a distressed expression on his face.

"We'll be right back," Trent said in a calming voice. It was obvious the comment was directed totally at Ethan to sooth whatever was causing the sudden apparent anxiety of being left alone with Greg. Trent grabbed my arm and practically yanked me through the door along with a whispered, "Come on...we need to talk quick."

"OK, what the fuck is up, Trent?" I asked on the balcony walkway as soon as the door closed behind us.

He waited until we were a few steps away from the door before he replied. "You and I need to work out the bed sharing arrangements or we may end up with an ugly scene when we get back, is what the fuck is up."

I gave Trent a confused look at first and then simply said, "Ethan?"

"Oh yeah. He is really spaced out over Greg's little 'whip it out and beat it' stunt. He told me on the way to the pizza place that no way; even if hell freezes over; will he share a bed with him. Now the question is, which of us gets him and which of us gets Greg?"

"Which one turns you on the most?" I joked as I elbowed Trent.

He only half laughed at the jab. "This is serious, Kevin. The rest of the week will be all fucked up if we don't get this issue calmed down real quick."

"I already talked to Greg about being a hell of a lot more discreet because of Ethan," I injected.

"Good! I wasn't all that excited about watching him get his rocks off either, but I'm not going to have nightmares about it like Ethan might." A momentary silence came before he added, "I guess since Ethan has decided to dump on me, that he would be most comfortable sleeping with me. You cool with sharing the sheets with Greg?"

For some reason, the way Trent phrased that question made my cock twitch. "Sure. No problem," was my simplistic answer. "The way Ethan has staked claim to that first bed, makes it easy to avoid the whole 'who sleeps where?' thing too. I'll park on the other bed, you just casually move in beside Ethan, and that only leaves one place for Greg to go."

"Good plan, Kev. Let's roll with that and hope they both chill down."

When we got back to the room, Greg was alone watching TV and the shower was running behind the closed bathroom door. Trent immediately stripped down to his boxers and took his place on the bed closest to the door. Ignoring both the TV and me and Greg, he began flipping through the newest Sports Illustrated he had brought along as he drained the soda. I walked to the far end of the room, handed over a Coke to Greg, and flopped into the chair next to his.

Greg leaned towards me and whispered, "He grabbed something from his suitcase and headed for the bathroom as soon as you guys left." He nearly made me shoot soda from my nostrils when he added, "Bet he even locked the door."

"Be nice, Greg," I pleaded. "He might be 18, but I think his sexuality is stuck at 12."

"Hell at 12 I already had pubes, six inches, and was whippin' it twice a day. I bet he hasn't even had a good wet dream yet."

"Well that is Trent's worry for the week. He is going to share a bed with him so Ethan doesn't freak at the possibility of being in one with you."

"So that means I am stuck rolling in the hay with you?"

The little grin that came over his face wasn't missed by me...neither was the subtle crotch rub he took on himself. "Yup but you have to wear underwear," was all I said as I felt my cock involuntarily twitch again.

"I'll start out that way, but no promises beyond that since I usually wake up nude ," was the tease he tossed back.

The double entendres were too quickly reaching a level of oral foreplay I wasn't sure was anywhere except in my mind, but I tacked on one more just in case. "Then I guess I should bring a towel to bed and be prepared for whatever pops up, eh?"

Greg took yet another shot by showing off a new boner in his boardies and simply stating along with a wink, "Wouldn't be a bad idea, buddy."

Before we could continue the sexually charged verbal jousting, the bathroom door creaked open and three sets of eyes watched in near disbelief as Ethan walked out wearing pajama bottoms. Not sleep pants, but real pajama bottoms that you just knew came with a matching top and would never be worn by anyone over the age of 10 or under 60. I did my best to stifle a laugh, looked over at Greg and mouthed "I win...no tops."

Ethan glanced first at Trent laying on top of the sheets in just his underwear; then around the room to the empty bed; over to me and Greg; and then finally back to the empty spot beside Trent. It was as if he had no clue of what to do or where to choose to sit.

Sensing the apprehension, Trent once again took charge by asking, "You ready for bed, Ethan?"

"Umm...yeah, Trent...I guess so," was the halting response as he looked down at Trent's

nearly naked body, over to Greg, then me, and then to the empty bed near us, yet again.

"I'm ready too. Just tell me you don't snore or drool in your sleep," was offered jokingly as Trent shifted to the right side of the bed and patted the left as an invitation to Ethan.

"You guys need to kill it soon too, if we are gonna hit the beach early," was directed towards Greg and me.

"We'll put the TV on timer and turn the sound way down so we can finish this movie from our bed if it's OK with you guys," came from Greg as he stood up.

I followed him to my feet and we looked at each other with the realization that we both needed to get out of the swim suits we still had on and into some briefs, but didn't want to set off Ethan again. Luckily, Trent caught the dilemma also, and switched off the bedside light so we could change in the semi darkness of the room. We kept our backs to Ethan to minimize any shock to his psyche, but I couldn't help but notice that Greg's eyes seemed to stray to my naked front; the same as mine did to his; while we changed. By the time we had nestled into the bed together, my cock had taken on a mind of its own and I was sporting a half bone. I did my best to concentrate on the movie rather than stealing glances at Greg's cotton-covered crotch for the next 45 minutes. The few times I gave in to temptation, I couldn't decide if he had wood too, or if the large lump was just a shadow effect of the flickering television light.

"Quick pee and then down to business," came out as a hushed whisper from Greg as the movie ended and he used the remote to shut off the TV before crawling out of bed. When he came back, he stuffed something under my pillow. "You forgot the cum rag," he teased quietly as he rolled over on his back.

The slight gap in the window drapes let in just enough of the parking lot lights to shine a sliver directly on his bright white boxers and he either had a full boner or an entire package of tube socks in there! My own cock sprang to full attention as I watched Greg's hand move down and slip under the waistband of his undies. Giving in to the need, I allowed my own hand to follow suit and take a firm grip on myself. After several minutes, it was obvious the only sounds in the room were the humming of the wall unit air conditioner, the dual snores from the other side of the room, and the barely audible sounds of our fingers playing in thick pubic hair.

"I think it's safe if we don't get noisy," leaked almost silently from Greg's lips. I felt him shift in the bed and watched as he pushed his boxers low enough to expose his beautiful large toy and balls. "I can see you are hard too...you gonna join me or just watch?"

My eyes took a quick reconnaissance run of the other bed, and convinced that both Trent and Ethan were dead to the world, I slipped my own briefs halfway to my knees. Within minutes, both of us had worked our way up to a rhythmic stroking that would soon bring the desired result. We were laying close enough together, that more than a few times our bare legs brushed against each other. My libido became so stimulated that I chanced slipping my free arm under his head and pulling him even closer. The only reaction that received was for Greg to snuggle up tighter and allow me to enjoy the new feelings of his arm brushing against my upper torso as he pulled on himself. I was so close to cumming that I was beginning to moan more than softly. To quiet me, Greg rolled to his side, used his free hand to cover my mouth, and then even slipped a finger between my lips. My hand motions increased ten-fold at the same time I started sucking on the finger that had invaded my mouth. I was happily surprised when that action caused Greg to begin rubbing his finger over my tongue while he pushed it in and out in concert with my sucking. I was fantasizing his hard tool being in my mouth instead of just brushing against my tummy each time he stroked it, when he issued his warning.

"We stay like this and I am gonna cum on you, Kevin." Just that statement...no attempt to pull away.

Feeling the rumble in my nuts, I only kept jerking faster and faster as I managed to eek out around his still inserted digit, "So do it, Greg." Just as I felt my juices start up my cum chute, I locked my lips tight on his still probing finger to keep from crying out in pleasure.

"I warned you," was all he said as I felt the first splatter hit my chest. His own mouth then latched onto my shoulder; probably to quash the noises he wanted to make; while he humped into his fist and he finished emptying another half dozen ropes on me. The sticky warmness of his jis on me brought about the nearly instant addition of my own huge load and without seeing the mess, I was pretty certain I looked like a can a whipped cream had exploded on me. As I felt his hand slip under my pillow, he whispered in my ear, "That one was UBER fuckin' hot, buddy."

"And we got the whole rest of the week to keep improving," I offered back with a big smile.

"And we will," was all he said with a return smile.

I wondered to myself just what all Greg had in mind to improve our shared jerking, but got a pretty good clue as I watched while he took the towel he had retrieved and not only dabbed up the ocean of nut juice that covered me, but also tenderly take care of the stray dribbles on my cock and balls. There was no skin-on-skin contact from his fingers, but the way he stared at my jewels while he cleaned them off, said that it was just a matter having it be the right time...most specifically, one where we didn't have to worry about two friends being asleep just a few feet away.

* * * * *

The next day we had been on the beach for the better part of four hours when Trent decided he wanted to get in on the loosely organized pick up volleyball game. To all our shock, Ethan excitedly asked to be included also. The time he was spending puppy-dogging-around with Trent was evidently creating some changes as the most athletic thing he had done previously with us so far had been tossing a frisbee. Acting like a big brother, Trent told him yes and the two of them jumped into the fray as soon as spots opened up.

Greg and I smeared some more sun block on ourselves and sat in the sand watching the first few rounds before he came up with an interesting proposition. "They are really getting into it and gonna be occupied for a while it looks like." He waited for the full smirk to appear on his face before going on. "Feel like 'getting lost' and finding our own game to play back in the room while we have a chance?"

Remembering the morning wood that had been pressed up against my back when I awoke...and the seductive tug that Greg had been taken on mine under the sheets...made me think it was an excellent idea. I smiled back at Greg and teased him with, "I can be up for that pretty easy."

He looked down at my crotch and grinned. "Bet you can stud. I need to get off bad. Let's book." It was all that was said before we jumped to our feet and snaked through the small crowd of spectators before Trent or Ethan noticed us leaving. We raced to the stairs on the beach side of the motel and were quickly unlocking our second floor room door and snickering like a couple of pubescent teens that were about to raid their dad's stash of Playboys.

"No sense in wasting time," Greg stated emphatically as he instantly slithered out of his board shorts. He wasn't fully hard, but already well on the way to another of his massive erections and flopped on the bed. "Come on Kevin...get naked too and come join me," was all it took for me to shed my trunks also and crawl in beside him.

"What you got in mind, Greg?" I asked with a slight amount of feigned innocence. The fact we were both already playing with our bones pretty much made the question mute.

He rolled up on his side to face me and grinned. "I was thinking we need to move up to 'uber-uber fuckin' hot' stage...if you are cool with the idea..." It was an unfinished question and statement combined.

Before I could question what 'uber-uber' level included, Greg's hand encircled my cock and pulled on it gently. My eyes snapped shut and I moaned deeply as my hips shifted into his grasp. He; rightfully so; took that as my answer and began squeezing my shaft and running his thumb over my already preeing slit. I opened my eyes back up, smiled, and as I trapped his big tool in my palm and fingers, I confided, "Feels fucking awesome buddy."

"Just the start. I figure we have at least a half hour of privacy to enjoy this...so let's!"

As much as I wanted to take things a whole lot further, for the next 20 minutes we only massaged each other's fleshy poles, rubbed on our full nut sacs, took enough strokes to bring each other to the edge of joy several times, danced our fingers through our curly shrubbery, and finally got down to a concluding flurry of seriously jerking the other. As the telltale alarm from my balls sounded, I blurted out, "Oh fuck yeah, Greg! Make me cum like I need to!"

"You just keep yanking on my dick like you are, and I'm right there with you!" His mouth then closed to swallow his increasing moans. His free hand suddenly cupped my balls and began pulling on them like he was milking me.

That was it! My back arched up from the bed and I let loose with a moan that was far too loud as my white ropes began peppering my body. My hand never left his cock and it only took a few more rapid tugs to have him cry out and unload too.

As we struggled to get our breath back, I questioned, "Uber-Uber?"

"Maybe even uber-uber-uber fuckin' hot," was the answer along with a laugh.

I laughed also but added, "I can hardly wait to find out what the next level is." As much as I had always enjoyed masturbating anyway, Greg was quickly turning me into a connoisseur with our joint sessions. Now that the thin ice of actually doing each other had been broken, I was already anticipating what new tricks he had in mind...or was open to.

* * * * *

Greg and I had gotten cleaned up, redressed, and back to the beach in time to see the very end of the latest volleyball game...and see Ethan of all people, nail down the win with an impressive spike. From the way he and Trent talked when they joined us, thankfully we hadn't even been missed during our disappearing stunt.

"Let's take a quick dip to cool down and then start thinking about dinner guys," Trent suggested nodding his head towards the waves. "We need to make this an early night if we are going to be on the road for Orlando first thing tomorrow. We want to be at the park just before it opens or we'll spend half the day standing in hour-long lines for the best rides."

"Straight to Space Mountain first still the plan?" I questioned.

"Oh yeah," Trent confirmed. "According to two of the guys we were playing volleyball with, they were there yesterday and said if you don't hit it right away, you will end up in line for two hours or more. So it really needs to be at the top of the list."

Before we could discuss any more about the next day's plan or what to do for dinner, a huge wave swallowed all of us up, and we spent the next 15 minutes frolicking in the surf. On the walk back to the motel, we settled on hitting the Denny's down the street for a real meal since the next day would most likely be filled with lots of overpriced junk-type food and sugary drinks. Ethan had finally started loosing up some and stripped out his swim shorts right along with us instead of in the bathroom. Once in our street clothes, we headed down the block to the restaurant. After eating big meals, we stopped off at the game room next door and played pool and video games for a while. It was just before 9PM when we got back to the room.

Greg immediately turned on the TV and flopped into the chair across from it that he had pretty much claimed for the week. He quickly surfed through the options and then momentarily stopped on one of the pay-per-view tease previews.

I caught both Ethan's deep blush at the sight of giant tits on the screen, and the 'No porn!' look that Trent shot at Greg. I laughed knowing that Trent was still a little leery of the potential for a repeat of Greg's exhibitionism, and that Ethan was probably scared shitless of the possibility. I was also laughing because I was positive that neither had a clue of how up close and personal Greg I had been getting.

"Just checking it quick man...sheesh!" was all Greg answered with before he started clicking away with the remote again. He finally stopped on a horror flick that was just beginning, and after getting approvals from the rest of us, set the timer for two hours. "I'm getting comfortable though," he declared as he stood up and stripped down to just his boxers before stretching out on the bed.

I followed Greg's lead and got down to my briefs also and joined him. Trent did too and took his spot on the other bed. Much to all our surprise, even Ethan decided to forgo his pajama bottoms and crawled in bed beside Trent wearing just tighty-whities that his mom probably picked out for him. We all stifled the snickers we wanted to let loose with, in honor of what was most likely a major milestone for Ethan.

Trent killed the nightstand light sometime around 10:30 when he heard the soft snores coming from Ethan. "Night guys," was all he said to me and Greg as he rolled over on his side with his back to our bed. Just as I felt Greg's hand tease my crotch, Trent rolled back over and whispered, "Wake up call is at 7 so we can be headed for Disney at 8. Don't stay up too late." With that reminder, he rolled back to his side and was searching for the same deep sleep Ethan had already found.

"But I am already 'up'..." Greg whispered in my ear as his hand curled around the erection in my boxers. "...and so is Kevin."

I snickered to myself and thought about brushing Greg's hand away. Not that I didn't want to play; hell I had popped a new boner within minutes of being under the sheets with him; but rather just wanted to wait until we heard a second set of snores coming from the other bed. Before I could decide whether to or not, Greg's teasing fingers were slipping inside my undies and I gave into the double temptation of them and seeing his cock causing a big tent in the sheet over us. I rolled up on my side and slid my hand through a leg opening to take a good grip on the pulsing tree trunk I found inside his shorts. We watched the last 20 minutes of the movie just like that; curled up playing with each other but not getting into the business of serious stroking. When the TV screen went blank a minute or two after the movie ended, that all changed.

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