tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 06

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 06

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: Meet Hilary Smith

Hilary, thirty two, was the head of the Accounts department in Smith Holdings. Of Seth's four children, Hilary was the least fucked up. She was a tall, pretty brunette. Her colleagues respected her, but she had the reputation of a boring workaholic who barely had a social life. Hilary was a driven person, who was determined to succeed and make it to the top of her family firm on merit. Her drive and determination were a psychological result of her upbringing. As a child, Hilary had hated being a girl. Her dad was actively involved in the lives of her three brothers from the start, encouraging and praising them for every little achievement, and punishing them for every tiny failure. However, all he wanted was for Hilary to be his sweet little girl, in a sweet, flowery dress, with two sweet pony tails, playing with her sweet little dolls. He involved her brothers in the firm affairs at an early age, yet he left Hilary out, an attitude her mom seemed to share.

Hilary felt left out and unfairly treated. Though she was brainy and also very athletic, all her achievements were ignored by her father. She came to the conclusion that as a girl, in order to gain respect, it was not enough to be as good as the boys, she had to outdo them. However, she realized bitterly that when she succeeded and beat boys at anything, rather than show her respect, they usually hated her. For a while, she felt lost and defeated. Then she became very determined to keep excelling until the stupid men around her accepted and respected her.

When she decided to study business administration and accounting, her father even tried to talk her out of it. He suggested finding something more feminine. After all, she would sooner or later find a man who fit their class and taste, to marry and raise a family with.

However, Hilary did her thing and completed her studies, with excellent grades. Initially, her father and brothers would not give her a job in the family firm, until she threatened to work for a rival of her dad's.

Hilary was to realize that the same attitude from home applied at work. She had to work twice as hard as men, for less, grudging recognition. Furthermore, the other employees dismissed her as nothing but the boss' sweet daughter.

When she went for an innocent drink with a male member of stuff, malicious rumors would spread that ol' spoiled "daddy's little girl" was nothing but the office tramp. More often than not, her dates put the rumors in circulation, talking about wet blow jobs and dirty trysts that had never taken place.

Whilst the way to the top was paved for her brothers, and the rest of the male employees worked their way up, Hilary had to fight her way up.

At the age of twenty four, when she joined the firm, she was an inexperienced woman who was closer to a boring dorky virgin than a horny tramp. She had only had two lovers. She was rather shy, and her dad was over protective. He had a habit of scaring away any potential lovers. He had even run a black gardener of theirs out of town, just for answering a few questions of hers.

When she was twenty four, Hilary met Robert Drakewell. He was a tall, handsome, brown haired yuppie, a year older than her. He worked in the Sales department. He was witty, dashing and rather charming and Hilary warmed to him immediately. She liked that he very attentive to her. He gave her the support, advice and encouragement that was not forthcoming from her dad and brothers. Furthermore, he was a caring gentleman, who put her comfort before his and never argued or quarreled with her. Robert seemed the only man that her father did not hate for dating his daughter. The two of them dated for several years and then got married.

Both of them shared the dream of becoming an influential, successful power couple. They worked long hours and spent more time at the office than in their home. They both rose steadily up the ranks of the firm.

Robert, or Rob as everyone called him, started changing his attitude towards her when she kept rising up the ranks as fast as he was. He became less supportive and seemed to say to her, "You have achieved a lot for a woman, let it be." When Hilary made head of Accounts, putting her on par with Rob, who was now head of Sales, it was so painful for him to congratulate her.

Realizing that he felt threatened by her success, Hilary tried her best reassure Rob that she was a loving, loyal wife, who stood behind her husband, but he wasn't convinced. She accepted his lack of support and downright negative attitude towards her career silently. She had come to expect this from men. However, she never gave up hope that one day he would show pride in her intelligence, hard work and determination.

The tension between them had recently been aggravated by the current vice president's announcement that he would enter retirement in one year. Usually, the position would have gone to Geoffrey, her elder brother. However, his wife had recently left him and after a failed suicide attempt, her brother was languishing in a mental institution She and Rob were amongst the people who came into consideration for the post.

Since then, Rob's was steadily pissing Hilary off. He tried to give their colleagues and her family the impression that he was the brains and she was the looks behind their partnership, something which everyone seemed eager to embrace. Furthermore, he was ass kissing her father and the members of the board like hell. He was also viciously trying to bully, and scare the rest of the competition, claiming to be on the inside, since he was married into the family. It embarrassed Hilary no end to see her husband turning into a shameless, vicious, pompous, arrogant, mud slinging schemer and a spineless brown noser.

Hilary loved Rob and their marriage meant a lot to her. She was even prepared to let him have the job. She told herself, "Hell, man are stupid sometimes, but what can you do. Lets hope he gets the promotion and we will have some peace in here."

Out of the blue, Rob suddenly started talking children with her. Hilary always felt jealous and envious of women with their young babies. However, Rob had always been the one to say, "Lets wait a while darling." Whenever they visited friends with young babies, Rob would always squirmed nervously when given a baby to hold. He could not wait to pass it on. Afterwards, he would make jokes about loud, bawling babies and stinking, disgusting diaper s. And he would always point out how conception ruined a woman's body.

So, when he suddenly started talking babies, she reckoned it was simply a ploy to get her out of the competition and also to please her dad and mum, who were becoming restless about not having any grandchildren in their arms.

Hence, Hilary she could not bring herself to stop taking the pill yet. There were too many doubts in the back of her mind.

Chapter 2: The dark attraction

As she walked into their colorfully decorated living room early that Sunday morning, Hilary was in a melancholic mood. Though she was used to Rob traveling a lot, as he was head of the Sales department, she always felt sad when her husband had to fly off. Their big house on the outskirts of town suddenly felt so empty and lonely, especially on Sundays, the only day that she did not put in her usual, voluntary 10-12 hour work day.

The tall brunette was dressed in a short, loose skirt and a tight tank top was glued to her medium sized breasts. Her long, dark hair was tied back, and her pretty, pale face was devoid of make up.

Rob was reclining on a couch, sipping coffee, his eyes glued to the TV. Wondering what was engrossing him so much, Hilary sat down besides her husband. He was watching the Men's 100 Meters of the Golden League. The screen was filled with images of athletic, muscular black men, who were going through their final warm up.

Hilary's attention was immediately captured by the black athletes, flexing and stretching their dark, bulging muscles. Their faces were were masks of concentration, determination, aggression. She could almost see the high doses of adrenalin and testosterone pumping through their thick veins. Hilary felt excited, in a primal way.

"Gosh, look at those guys. Scary huh?" Hilary cooed in deep, husky voice.

"They're like human machines. Black nigger machines," Rob breathed with a tinge of awe.

"Why aren't there any white guys?" Hilary asked. "Aren't white guys fast enough?"

"No dear. These black guys have got nothing else going for them. They have to be good at sport. White men cant be bothered, you see," Rob replied, with conviction.

"Come on Rob. There are a lot of poor white people, like the trailer trash. Surely, they wouldn't mind sprinting for ten seconds to earn a million bucks. And what about the Asians, or Arabs?"

Rob could not believe how naive and innocent his wife was sometimes. That was what came from her rich, sheltered upbringing. He also suspected bad influence from her mum. The European woman was naive and even worse than the local white liberals, he figured. And so, he patiently made an effort to explain the truth to his wife.

"No, darling, its like, if a white man is poor, its coz he is lazy and dumb. But generally, we white men, can do stuff that requires brain power, whereas blacks cant. I mean, either they are playing sport, singing and doing some jig dances or they are dealing drugs and shooting each other in the ghetto. Just watch the damn TV. At least sport is one way of turning their criminal energy into something positive. However, as far as intelligent stuff is concerned, you can count these niggers out," Rob concluded with a confident smirk.

Hilary paused for a few seconds, squinting her eyes. "Do they put something in those pants," she suddenly asked, giggling and blushing. Some of them seemed to have huge cocks in those pants.

"Oh, usually big, muscular guys have the smallest cock!" Rob said dismissively. Hilary did not contradict him, though the images on the screen seemed to be saying something else.

Then the gun was fired and the white husband and wife watched entranced as the black men sprinted for gold in a display of raw energy. It was over so fast.

"Who won?" Hilary asked.

"Oh, the big, ugly one," Rob said.

"Yeah, but which one?" Hilary laughed and her husband joined in

They watched the replays. Hilary felt a tingle all over her body as she gazed at the winner running in slow motion. His face was like a mask, of pure ferocity... his bulging, dark, thickly veined muscles were flexing, working hard. There was something raw, wild and scary about him. Hilary could not help that he had a thick bundle between his legs, which seemed to jiggle as he ran. He definitely had a huge cock, no matter what her husband said.

Hilary suddenly found herself having a vivid fantasy. She was lost and all alone in some thick, dark, dense African jungle. It was hot and humid, and she was covered in sweat and her tank top was matted to her skin. Her heart nearly stopped beating as she heard a loud rustle and scary hiss behind her. She snapped around, to see a huge, dark snake slithering in a tree, gazing at her lustfully, flicking its a tongue out, looking all set to pounce on her and devour her. She started back peddling. From all around her, she heard the growls and snarls of beasts of prey, that frightened the hell out of her.

Then suddenly, the black gold medal winner burst out of the bushes, a couple of meters away from her. He was dressed in a tiny loin cloth that was draped around his powerful hips, barely concealing the huge cock that was dangling between his legs. His face and body were painted, like a warrior's. His dark eyes blazed at her, with pure, raw hunger. He stepped towards her.

Hilary felt mortal fear. She gave a scream and ran for her life. She burst through the bushes, tearing her clothes and even her skin. She heard the black warrior running after her, seeming to knock down the trees in his path. His footsteps seeming to make the ground shake under them. Then he overtook her. For a few seconds he ran besides her, his face grinning, as he taunted her and made it clear that there was no escape.

Then he simply picked her. She screamed her lungs out and kicked and hit at him, but he only laughed at her puny efforts. Then the black man body slammed her onto her back, dazing her and knocking her breath out. He tore her clothes off in seconds. Then he lowered himself down on her, forcing her thighs apart. His painted face descended on her, blotting the light out. And then she felt a sharp pain between her legs as he entered her. She looked down between her thighs and was horrified to see a huge, thick, long black snake that was forcing itself into her poor, tiny white pussy, stretching her pussy, hurting her and making her scream, for him to shove it all in.

"What's wrong darling? You look like you have just seen a ghost!" Robert asked, with concern.

"Oh nothing. Its just that I am so scared of those people," Hilary giggled, laying her head on her husband's chest.

Part of her was disappointed that her husband's voice had cut off her nightmare. She would have liked to see how the rape would have ended. She could not believe it, but she was so wet between her legs. Her heart was beating fast and her nipples was hard, poking lewdly through her t-shirt. The following event in the live transmission was the discuss. All the competitors were white men, and both Hilary and Rob lost interest.

Hilary did not find them erotic. What a pity those black nigger guys were so fucked up, she thought, as she turned to her husband, feeling an ever increasing itch in her pussy.

Hilary did not like black men. The black society was synonymous with failure, and the black male was an epitome of a wasted existence. Indeed, all the things she knew about black men painted them as dangerous, evil rogues. They were lazy gangsters, pimps, drug pushers and drug users. They treated women badly, cheating, beating them up, raping them and then running out on their nigger children. She had heard that black men had a keen desire to violate, rape and defile white woman, because they were jealous of white men, and their own women were ugly.

Hilary turned to her pale, brown haired, square jawed husband with his smooth shaved face. What a contrast he was to those black guys. Hilary was so glad she had found a civilized, caring, loving man like Rob. However, the fantasy of the black athlete raping her was still so vivid in her mind, and it was still exciting her. For second, she wondered why the powerful, black athlete evoked desires of being overpowered and raped in her. And why her body was itching to feel the forced touch of his dark, muscular, perspiring nigger machine body.

But she didn't dwell for long on that. She was feeling horny and her husband would be leaving pretty soon. Therefore, it was time to act, and pretty fast.

Hilary leaned in closer to her husband, pressing her warm, soft breast into his arm. Her dainty hand closed over his crotch and she felt a hard cock. Hilary wondered naughtily if she wasn't the only one who had been excited by those muscular, sexy dark bodies.

"Did you pack everything honey?" she asked, a naughty smile on her lips as she traced his rigid member through his pants.

"Yes mummy!" he teased her back.

"Are you sure, lil boy?" she giggled, her hand sliding in under his waistband, to wrap around his cock.

"The cab should be here soon, darling," he said, with a touch of regret. He was feeling real horny.

Hilary undid his belt and fly and fished his cock out of his pants. They both gazed at the long, thin, hard, pink dick as she ran her fingers run up and down it, sending thrills up and down his spine.

"O-o-o-o!!!" her voice went several octaves deeper and the wife kissed her husband on his lips, sliding her tongue deep into his mouth.

Rob was surprised. Hilary was shy and seldom took the initiative.

"Hilary, there isn't time for us to have sex..." Rob protested, in a lust filled voice.

Hilary thought about it for a second. She did not like performing oral sex. Rob never performed it on her either, anyway. However, she was so horny and she simply needed some sex play before her husband left. She decided to make an exception.

"Then we will just to have to do something else, wont we?" she said coyly, and slid down on her knees before him, easing his thighs apart.

Suddenly, she imagined what it would be like, to kneel down before the black gold medalist, with his big, black cock in her hand. She could well imagine that a mean looking, big, black nigger like him would force a poor, little white woman like herself to go down on him and choke on his huge cock; if he could ever have access to her, that is.

"O-o-o-o. Lemme just say a short, sweet lil good bye baby," Hilary cooed to her husband's pink cock. She hooked her fingers into his pants, blushing sweetly. Rob started wondering if it was Christmas Eve. Hilary seldom gave him a blow job at all. But he was definitely not about to complain.

"The cab, darling..." the husband protested quarter-heartedly at the most as he raised his hips so she could slide his pants down.

Hilary continued her secret role playing. Her husband's pink cock that she was handling turned into the big, fat, hard black snake she imagined the black athletes cock to be. She double fisted it, liking the sexy color contrast between the huge, black erection and her dainty, pale hands.

Rob could not believe the arousal, lust and excitement that were sparkling in his wife's glassy, vivid green eyes as she pulled his foreskin back. Hilary groaned as the musky scent of her husband's pink dick, or rather, the imaginary black cock hit her nostrils. She felt dizzy and her mouth watered instantly.

"Mmmmm, lemme lick this sweet lolly!" Hilary moaned, and did just that, running her wet, hot, pink tongue all over the shiny, circumcised head, making Rob's hips twitch. Rob could not believe how horny and naughty his usually shy wife was. She licked, kissed and nibbled his dick, bathing it in her saliva. She rubbed it against her cheeks, shivering and shuddering. Then she pursed her lips, pressed them into his cock and dragged them up and down the entire length.

"Oh yes Hilary, that's so good darling..." Rob groaned deeply, his hips rolling to her ministrations.

In her fantasy, Hilary heard the black man speak, and his voice was deep and dark and commanding, demanding. For a second, she wondered what he would say to her, and then she had it.

"Yeah, you fucking white slut! Run them pink lips all over my black cock! Do it fucking right now bitch, or I'll smack that ass for real, bitch!"

His voice was so threatening, and so full of pure, raw lust, not at all like her husband's polite, soft voice. However, Hilary wasn't scared. She felt horny, and madly aroused. He wanted her to serve her, suck his cock for his own pleasure. And she wanted to do it, with every fiber of her existence.

"Mmmmm!!!!" Hilary moaned, sucking hard on the stem of the big, black cock.

"Ouch! Careful honey! But don't stop..." Rob's voice pulled her out of her fantasy.

"Sorry honey," Hilary said, blushing and smiling shyly. For a second, she was back in her living room, kneeling before her husband, with his pink cock in her hands. Hilary suddenly felt self conscious and shy. She retreated back in her fantasy, with the black athlete. The pink dick became the black snake again.

Hilary licked her lips to wet them and then draped them over the thick, shiny, coal black dick head. She slowly rolled the fleshy head over the soft insides of her lips and her slick gums, relishing the spongy texture. She smacked her lips around it, moaning with need. She felt such a compelling need to engulf the black snake. She bore down on it, vacuuming it inside her hot mouth. She heard him moan, and his dark hips shuddered. She felt so proud of herself that she could handle this thick monster.

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