Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 07

byThe Avenger©

"Shit, sorry about that but it was fucking Dianne. She literary raped me when we danced..." he said in her ear, almost blushing.

"Your girlfriend is one naughty girl," Hilary chuckled dirtily. She did not pull away from Jay but put her hands on his upper arms feeling the light pressure of his cock on her belly. It was attracting her pussy like a magnet. Since he was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, her palms were on his bare, muscular upper arms. Dianne gazed at them and even in the disco lights, she was aroused from the contrast in their skin tones. Jay gazed over at Dianne and Rob. He was seated and Diane was dancing in front of him.

Jay returned his full attention to the white MILF. He placed both hands around her waist and stroked her lightly. Hilary shivered. She liked the feel of his big hands around her. They were so strong, and she felt a desire to do whatever they wanted her to. She smiled at him shyly, His hands stroked up and down her back firmly. She started stroking his arms, tracing his bulging muscles. She liked feeling feeling his hot flesh under her palms. As he pulled her closer, she leaned into his muscular body, putting her tits on his chest and letting him carry her weight. She took a quick glance and was glad to see that her husband and Dianne were obstructed from view by the many dancers. Then she laid her head on his powerful chest, inhaling his Deo, mixed with a musky, male smell. She felt the heat of his body, and she purred. His hands were now roaming up and down her back and they felt so good. She closed her eyes and laid a hand on his chest and started stroking it, tracing his muscles.

The song ended and the next began. They remained on the dance floor Jay worked his hands down her back and stroked her hips. She rubbed her face into his chest like she wanted to burrow it in. cupped her cheeks. Dianne rubbed her face into his chest and he started stroking her cheeks.

"Dianne told me that you passed the test," Jay suddenly said into her ear.

"Oh gosh, she told you," Hilary gasped, blushing. Then she shrugged and chuckled, "I only managed five steps though."

"2 steps is the minimum requirement," he said. "Well done." He surprised her by kissing her cheek. His thick lips sent electricity sizzling through her body. "Yunno, I love to look at that ass in the office..." he chuckled and she felt his deep voice vibrating through his chest.

Diane slid her arms around his waist and pressed her breasts into his powerful chest. He felt so manly, she liked feeling the heat of his body. He seemed to like her ass, because he was now literary cupping her cheeks. Hilary wriggled her hips closer, feeling his hard manhood. She was glad Dianne had gotten him hard. It thrilled her to feel his hard, man meat pressing along the length of her excited sex.

He started rolling his hips as he lightly stroked her butt making her move and roll it. The friction of his hard cock on her pussy was exquisite. Hilary thought that if he rubbed it any harder, she would cumm. Jay was going crazy, feeling the heat of her cunt through the clothes that separated them. She was definitely pushing it on him now. He glanced over at her husband and his girlfriend. She saw him.

"Can he see us?" she asked.

"No, he is looking at Dianne's ass."

"Good girl," she giggled dirtily.

"Lets go around the corner though. I don't want some white cracker going at me..." Jay chuckled and maneuvered them to a part of the floor that was obstructed from the bar.

With the heat and the movements of the multitude of dancers around them, Jay sank his fingers into her ass and pulled her cunt onto his cock. It was like everyone else ceased to exist for the two of them. Jay dipped his face to hers, and Hilary felt his thick, dark lips close around them, sucking them in. His lips were like big, soft wet cushions. Her senses reeled and she remained passive. Her heart was thudding. She couldn't be doing this. She was a married woman, and her husband was just around the corner, a few meters away. But it felt so natural that Jay was kissing her whilst their bodies ground together. Even as she was trying to gather her thoughts, she realized that her body was responding, pressing hungrily against him as he ground his cock into her.

"Oh Jay, shouldn't we stop this," she moaned into his ear as he pulled back.

"You want me, don't you?"

"Yes, but..."

She was cut off as his lips closed over hers again. He kissed her aggressively, possessively. He sucked her tongue into his mouth, then his tongue slid over hers, into her mouth. He shoved it, in feeling her mouth. His tongue slithered and rolled over hers, forcing it to dance. He felt the white woman shudder and moan into his mouth in sweet surrender. Then she was sucking and chewing on his tongue. As he sank his fingers into her ass cheeks and kneaded them like dough, her kisses became voracious

Hilary could not believe that she was dry humping a black man she hardly knew on the dance floor But there she was, doing it, rubbing her cunt on a black cock, right on the dance floor, and feeling the most exquisite sensations in her pussy, which were driving her insane with lust. She snaked an arm around his powerful neck and pulled him down to her face as she sucked on his thick lips and licked them greedily. He ground his cock harder and harder into her. She pushed herself up on her tip toes to get the pressure right where she needed it, on her excited, engorged clit.

"o-oo-o-o-o!!!" Hilary cried, sharp electrical currents ripping through her cunt. She parted her legs to press her sensitive clit harder into his cock. He ground his dick even harder into her. Whether or not by design, she didn't know, but his big hand slid to wedge between her cheeks and it felt so exquisite as he stroked her crack firmly, like his hand belonged there.

Hilary felt an overwhelming lust that made her not give a damn where she was. There was an incensing heat in her loins. She snaked and hooked her leg around his, pressing her clit solidly against his cock ad grinding her hips with all her might.

"That's a wonderful new form of Salsa there," a guy with a strong Latin American accent said into their ears.

"Fuck off!" Hilary cussed and ignored him as he laughed and was dragged to his girlfriend, who pressed her cunt into his cock, making him forget about them instantly.

Jay yanked her lips back to his and reclaimed them devouring them. Hilary devoured his mouth right back and jammed her hand down his pants, grabbing his bare ass cheek and sinking her talons in it. His hand shoved her dress up and claimed her bare ass cheeks, cupping them both and squeezing. She humped his dick frenziedly, getting all these wonderful, maddening sensations in her clit. She was rushing closer and closer...

"Ah fuck, Hilary. I would never have guessed that you were such a hot, horny white bitch!" Jay gasped.

"Oh fuck yeah Jay! I am your bitch baby! Make me your nigger whore!!!" The words escaped her before she could stop them.

Then her pussy was exploding like a hand grenade, all over his dick, right on the dance floor It was like a hefty explosion ripped through her crotch. And millions of lights exploded in her head, threatening to knock her unconscious.

She held on to Jay, digging her fingers into his muscles as as she came hard on his cock. He continued dry humping her. She moaned sweetly, eyes jammed shut as her body shuddered and her hips kept on jerking violently.

They danced to another song, arms wrapped tightly around each other, as she recovered from her daze. One could have asked her,

"Who are you? Where are you?" and she would have responded,

"I don't know and I don't fucking care."

Jay then led her back to the others. She kept her hand inside the back of his pants, grabbing on to his ass until they had almost cleared the dance floor

The four of them stayed at the bar, drinking. Dianne managed to drag Rob onto the dance floor, but he seemed to mostly stand still whilst she got her groove on and put it on him. Jay and Hilary leaned close to each other, watching, and laughing at how Dianne's raw, sexy moves seemed to be making Rob nervous. It was like he wanted it, but could not take it. He kept glancing around at all the people around them, who didn't give a fuck about him, no way.

"You have one hot girlfriend over there. Gosh, I feel guilty about what we did..." Hilary said in Jay's ear, but she had no regret on her face. Her eyes were filled with lust as she gazed at the dark man.

"Don't worry about Dianne. If she didn't like you, you couldn't even smile at me, yunno."

"And you? Do you like me?"

He glanced quickly at Rob, who was looking the other way. He leaned in and kissed Hilary. "Does that answer you?"

"I really like you too."

"And you haven't seen me naked yet," he laughed.

"Gosh, now I am scared."

"Of the black snake or what?"

"Gosh, you are as raw as your girlfriend," she laughed.

After several more drinks, Dianne dragged Hilary to the floor and danced with her. The young black woman took the mature white wife in her arms and gyrated her hips against hers, pushing them thick tits into hers. Hilary felt decidedly excited.

"By the way Hilary, thanks for earlier on. My nipples are still hard, feel that?"

"Of course."

"Are the guys watching?"

"No, they are not."

"Good!" so saying, Dianne squashed her lips into Hilary's and gobbled them up in her big, soft lush ones. She chewed on them. Hilary felt woozy and moaned into her mouth. Dianne then gently penetrated her with her tongue. She explored her mouth, licking her gums and the insides of her cheeks, and then inviting her tongue to a dance. Hilary moaned and their tongues danced together in her mouth. The kiss seemed to last an eternity. Finally, Dianne pulled back, winked at her and continued dancing, like nothing had ever happened.

Later on, when they went to the rest room, Dianne pulled her into a stall. The black woman pushed the white woman against the wall, jammed her thigh between hers and kissed her again, aggressively She sucked her lips then her tongue into her mouth and sucked and slurped away. Then she invaded her with tongue and the y kissed deeply. Hilary found herself grinding her cunt against her thigh and kissing her back as she grabbed her big tits and squeezed them. They moaned and gasped away until someone started banging on the door.

"I need the bathroom you fucking dikes."

They giggled and walked out.

As she sat besides her husband in the car, on the way back home, Hilary could not believe all the events that had taken place that evening.

She almost felt like she was in a movie, about someone else far removed from her. She could not believe that she had done such wild things.

Suddenly, she found herself regretting that her husband was around. Oh how she wished that he had been away on business when these two visited.

By the time they left, they were all plastered. Jay had acquired some dope at the club, so the four of them had several kick ass joints when they got home. Hilary and Rob then showed their guests to their room and retired into their bedroom. Hilary literary fell over Rob and they made hectic, wild, passionate love. Rob could not remember his wife being so daring and so horny. They fucked their brains out. As they finally lay back in bed, covered in sweat, they heard Dianne moaning sweetly from next door. The two young blacks seemed to go at it for an eternity. Hilary pretended to fall asleep in Rob's arms, but she started wishing she was a fly on the wall in the black couple's room, seeing them go at it. She could just imagine that fireworks were exploding. As she heard Dianne moaning and screaming frenziedly, seemingly having yet another orgasm, she felt so horny and so jealous. She wished she were laying in the next room, right between the two of them, getting it on with both of them. As she heard Rob snoring besides her, Hilary quietly reached between her thighs and hooked a finger over her clit. She frigged herself to a quiet orgasm. It wasn't even difficult to do. All she had to do was fantasize about black meat. Jay's thick cock, which had felt whilst dancing with him, or Dianne's thick tits and even thicker butt cheeks. Mmmmm.

Chapter 3: Having Hilary

The following morning, Rob and Hilary had an altercation. The two of them had been invited to a pool side grill at the house of a close mate of his. Several hot shots from around town would be there. Rob wanted them to go without their visitors. Hilary said that was plain inhospitable.

"Well, come on, you know how folks around here are."

"Come on, they are nice and friendly people..."

"All the same, you know how they are. This is like a closed function. People might not take kindly to them."

"So what! They are just ignorant...." Hilary paused for a few seconds. "Like I was. But now I am glad I met them..."

"All the same..."

"If they don't come, I wont either. I will stay with them and show them around town a bit."

"No! We promised that we would both turn up. Don't forget loads of influential people will be there. We gotta go there and make contacts..."

"Yeah right," Hilary thought to herself. "You just wanna have me as the pretty bitch hanging on your elbow and smiling whilst you make contacts. And you don't want them to think you associate with Niggers..." Though they had initially made the plan together, Hilary suddenly thought that was pretty fucked up. However, she didn't voice her opinion.

Hilary and Rob had breakfast with their guests and then said they had to attend a work function, and the two blacks could take a swim and have anything they wanted in the house. Before they left, Jay got Hilary all alone and said to her,

"Well, maybe you can come back a bit earlier and hang out with us, and have some fun."

Hilary started blushing profusely.

"I mean, only if you really want," he finished, stroked her chin for a second and turned and walked away, in his confident gait.

Hilary shivered. She still couldn't believe what she had been up to the previous night. But she felt no regret. She felt some embarrassment, shock and utter disbelief. But the overwhelming feelings were excitement and arousal. And this really scared her.

They left around mid day.

After hobnobbing with the familiar crowd for a while, Hilary was simply bored shit less. She had a foul taste in her mouth and kept knocking her drinks down till she was feeling tipsy. She felt like she was just fed up, and didn't know why.

She made an excuse that her head was aching and returned home. Rob didn't mind, he was sucking up to their boss big time. Hilary kissed him bye and watched him rush to grab glasses of wine for the boss and his wife, who had superfluous, high pitched laugh that she just couldn't stand. She called a taxi and rode back home, feeling excited.

Hilary paid the cab and walked into the house. Jay and Dianne were nowhere in sight. She heard them splashing around at the pool. She removed her shoes and walked to the pool area. It was surrounded by a tall hedge which shielded it from view. Hilary decided to tip toe to the hedge and peek in.

She was shocked to see Jay laying on a deck chair, naked, as Dianne swam in the pool, also butt naked. The black woman looked like a dark fish moving smoothly through the water, hardly raising a wave.

Hilary watched her as the young, black woman climbed out of the pool, water cascading off her dark, fabulous body as she took the steps. The white woman's eyes were glued to the dark, bald pussy between the juicy, silky thighs. Dianne was shaved clean and she had a thick, fat mound. Hilary felt excited.

Dianne stood over Jay, who gazed lustfully at his girlfriend as she toweled herself.

Jay's thighs were pressed together, hiding his cock. His pubes were shaved smooth, and looked satiny.

"What's up, Mamacita?" he greeted his girlfriend in his deep, dark voice, a lecherous smile cracking his dark features.

"Where is the dick at, Nigga?" she answered in a thick, horny, honey laced voice.

"Where's the pussy at?"

Dianne sat down on the deck chair next to his and slowly let her thighs fall apart. Jay and the eavesdropping white wife found themselves looking into her shaved pussy. Her mound was silky, a shade darker than the rest of her body. Her pussy lips were even darker, and they were long, hanging like the lips of a purse. Dianne had been told by her Grandma to pull them when she was still a lil kid. That was great advice too, coz she had discovered that men loved to see her lil purse swallow up their cocks. And they loved the way they wrapped around their dicks, looking like flaps. Gazing at them dark lips, plus catching a peek of the pink-reddish gash they guarded, Hilary's mouth watered.

"Now, show me your black snake, Nigga!" Dianne teased.

Jay slowly parted his thighs. His dick was a sharp, sexy contrast to the white towel on which he was lying. It was uncut, fat, long and had a thick, round head. It wasn't 12" long and fat like a cola bottle, but both women watching were not at all disappointed In fact, Hilary felt the heat rush to her chicks. She had never imagined that it could be so exciting to look at a black cock.

As Dianne gazed at the African cock with her lust filled eyes, it seemed to twitch with a life of its own. Jay's brow knitted slightly with concentration and his dick rose several inches in the air, and then he let it slowly descend to the towel.

"Yeah, Jay. That's talent right there," Dianne laughed. "bet you're thinking of that white ho, ain't ya!"

"Fuck off, bitch. You the one that was really cumming on to her last night. Bet if we hadn't been there, you'd have been eating that white pussy till daylight."

"Hell fucking yeah. But don't try to change the subject here. You wanna fuck her, dontcha?"


"Of course, I do..." Dianne laughed dirtily. "Roll a motherfucking joint."

As Jay started rolling a joint whilst Dianne mixed them new drinks, Hilary sneaked away quietly. She went back into the house, feeling hot around the neck, cheeks and chest. On one hand she was shocked about the explicit conversation she had just heard. However, it flattered her and thrilled her to know that the two sexy young blacks had the hots for her. The fact that they obviously thought her husband was a dick didn't even bother her. In fact, it pleased her.

"fuck that jerk!" she sneered as she dropped her clothes. Hilary was feeling adventurous and excited like never before. She dropped her clothes and took out a tiny, thong bikini. It was white. However, when it got wet, it became almost completely transparent. She only ever wore it when she was alone at home. Indeed, she even blushed as she slid the tiny thongs up her thighs and felt the gusset ease over her shaved cunt.

She slid into high heeled slippers, knocked down a couple of shots for courage and then made her way to the pool, carrying a glass and bottles of Martini and lemon.

She walked onto the pool area. Jay and Dianne looked up at her. They were surprised, but caught themselves quickly. They were fast on their feet. They made no move to hide their nakedness. They simply smiled at her and greeted her warmly. Hilary made an effort not to look at their genitals as she returned their greetings.

"Hi baby," Dianne said, patting a spot next to her on the deck chair. "We decided to skinny dip, hope you don't mind. I mean, we are all grown folks. Baby, that outfit is hot, turn around with it girl..."

Hilary blushed, but she turned around. She heard Jay gasp and Dianne smacked her ass and pulled her onto the chair next to her.

They chatted as they drank and smoked weed. The naked black couple were so nonchalant about their nakedness that Hilary almost overlooked it. But she couldn't stop stealing glances at their bodies. She also noticed them gazing at her body, only they didn't bother to hide it. As the weed and the alcohol got her so high, Hilary felt excited and horny. She found herself hoping that her husband would take his time getting back home.

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