tagErotic HorrorDetective Murphy: The Prick

Detective Murphy: The Prick


"So, you enjoyed that did you?" The devil said.

"Yeah, it was great and " I started to tell him.

"That wasn't a question for you; you little prick." The devil stated as his face ballooned in front of mine, forcing me to jump back a few paces.

His face returned to it's normal size, as he contemplated something, but what it was, I could not guess; but if being a woman or just myself and getting fucked or doing the fucking, I didn't think that he could do anything to me, that I would not enjoy.

He noticed the leer on my face and smiled. Not one of your kind smiles, but rather one that would freeze your balls to your prick and then snap it off.

"Yes, that would be nice." He laughed as he looked at me, "So be it."

He disappeared from my sight or did I disappear from his, I was not too sure.

Suddenly I found myself in a dark and dank room, unable to move my arms or legs and covered by a silky type of rubber suit.

"What's this?" I thought to myself.

"You just shut up and do your job." Came a reply, from a voice I didn't know, and what was this about doing my job?

Suddenly I was moving in an up and down motion, or was that sideways? I still could not move my arms, but as I looked down, I discovered I did not have arms. I screamed or tried to. I was breaking out in a sweat here. I glanced further down, as the motion increased and discovered that my legs were gone. It was hard to see with no light but a thin crack down below me.

" Hang on, below me." I thought to myself; but as I looked harder I saw that I did have feet or were they Balls?

"Balls." I thought, "The bastards gone and made me a prick for real."

Now that I knew the situation, I was in. I could enjoy myself.

"That's better." Came that raspy old voice again.

I discovered that I could feel, see, taste and hang on; something was drooling out my mouth.

"Oh shit!" I said or tried to anyway, as I found that I was frothing at the mouth. "Pre cum." I thought. "Great now I get to be a real jerk, but instead of swallowing cum, I was producing it. That meant that a condom covered me.

The movements become more erratic as I was slammed against the walls, cervical walls, soft, yet moist with a reddish dark pink texture.

"So this is what it feels like." I thought as I started to let my self-go.

I could feel the tension in my muscles building as I came close to coming. The sounds I could hear were just the blood rushing through me and from the surrounding walls.

In and out I went, sometimes seeing daylight, but mostly darkness.

Suddenly I heard a moan and spewed up everywhere within the condom. I was drenched and there was no end to it, as is quickly filled the area around me. I tried to spit it out, but there was just too much.

Slowly my muscles relaxed and I found I could move a little. As this happened I was pulled back into the sunlight and had a chance to look around.

I had never seen a clit so big as the one I was just in, but then again I was only 3 inches big now.

"Thanks Gloria." I heard that voice say, "You sure are a good lay for $50 bucks."

I felt hands around my bottom. As the condom was removed I could breathe again. I must admit this was strange.

I looked around, or was that flopped around and could see Gloria. She wasn't a great looker, but I had fucked worse looking broads in the past.

"You did well." The voice said.

"So, you can hear me?" I said.

"Yeah, I can. In me head, it's always been that way." The voice, hang on, Clem said as he wiped me off. I could tell he was used to handling me, since his touch was soft and gentle, but firm as well.

It went dark as he pulled on his pants.

Some hours went past and I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I felt was his pants coming off and he was getting put into a hospital gown.

Just before I was covered I could make out a sign on the far wall, "Bellevue Looney Asylum."

"This wasn't good." I thought to myself.

I felt Clem move around the room and then he must have moved somewhere else, because I could hear voices.

"Howdy Clem."

"Good to see ya back."

"Get your rocks off, did ya, you old fart?"

"Hi, Honey." I heard you say, to that female voice.

"Yeah, I got me rocks off, but I sure could go again, if you want." Clem said to the female voice.

"Okay, you're are on." The Honey returned, in a friendly tone.

This was going to be great if I could get in so soon yet again.

I started to feel a rush of blood, as the thought crossed my mind.

"I don't have any condoms." Clem said.

"Augh, no need to worry about that, you know that I have the clap anyway." Honey stated.

"Oh shit." I thought to myself.

"Don't worry your head none; get it head none." Clem said, "You've been there before.

"But not in this form I have not." I thought to myself.

I heard a door close and more blood rush through my body. The gown was removed and finally I could see Honey and I wish I had kept my eye closed, because she was a toothy old hag.

"Shit, if I was alive I would not have even given her one of my used condoms, that's if I ever wore them." I thought.

I was gripped around my waist, by her hand, as she said, "Who's a hard boy then?" As she squeezed tight.

"That hurt.' I said.

"You'll be okay Clem chirped up.

Her hand guided me to her pussy lips.

"What was that stench?" I thought, but then I saw the red angry lips and small yellow puss droplets and I knew that this was going to be hell for sure.

She guided me in through those lips, into a smelly, dark and dank cunt. I could make out the open sores on the walls and tried not to touch those. Somehow when you are a prick you can't control your direction or some movements,

They felt very slimy and wet and oozed out this ugly looking stuff. I swallowed and some went into my mouth. I tied not to swallow, but it came in and went straight down. I felt like pucking.

Clem increased his movements and I was flung here, there and everywhere in his endeavor to have an orgasm. I felt my body tense and hard.

"I better get this over with quickly." I thought.

The tension built and I felt my stomach content rise as I spewed forth cum. I wanted to produce lots so that I could get the taste out of my mouth and the contents out of my stomach.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled me out into the light.

"Was I glad of that." I thought.

"Just for that you're not getting wiped down." Clem intoned.

Great, I was going to stink like this for a week.

Well it wasn't quite a week, because I developed ugly sores and gave off a noxious odor and coughed up some smelly yellow gunk.

Clem told me he was going to take me to see the doctor.

"At least he can get some pills." I thought to myself, "And get me well again."

As he sat on the table, he lifted his gown and showed me to the doctor.

"Hmmm, that looks rather nasty." The doctor said; "You still talk to it?" He asked.

"Sure do Doc, why?" Clem asked.

The doctor turned back, with one of the worse looking probes that I had ever seen and said, "I have to shove this down into him and scrape all the puss and bits out of him, to get him better and it is going to hurt a great deal.

I screamed and kept on screaming as he came at me with that hatchet.

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