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Deus Et Plastica


Hello and welcome to my readers. I appreciate your votes, comments and feedback on my previous stories. My sincere thanks to Magica Practica both for allowing me to elaborate on her dream which was the basis for this story, and her advice and comments. Have a Happy Halloween everyone.


(Transcription begins- female voice)

"I am making this recording so those I leave behind will not mourn for me, for I will be with him...Yes...my love...yes...soon...soon...

(Brief sobbing)

He has appeared to me every day for the past two weeks, taking me to new heights of ecstasy each time and preparing me for this night. It is All Hallows Eve. He will be here and we will cross over together...

(Deep sigh)

My mother saw it first, bulges rippling in the bedroom wallpaper. Moving at random, glowing a deep red. My father was in the basement watching football. Her screams sent him dashing up the stairs and they stood in awe as more crimson bumps appeared. He touched one and it was warm. A second later it burst showering him with blood. My mother fainted.

He knelt beside her and rubbed her wrists. A hissing made him look up. The blisters combined and soundlessly burst, the gushing blood forming the words 'She is mine'. He joined my mother in unconsciousness.

(Silence, then a sharp intake of breath)

I knew nothing of this, having moved out a month before into an apartment with my best friend Jane. The night my father saw the message, I found a moving box I had neglected to open. I discovered mom had packed my favorite toys, including a Pretty Princess doll I received on my 9th birthday.

When I hugged it, it felt soft and warm. Then a voice said I love you Carolyn. You will be mine. The doll's eyes glowed with a green fire, it's cheeks pink, it's skin pliant. I asked Jane if she heard the voice. She sat across from me on the couch, yet she heard nothing. Then my doll became rigid and cold, a frozen smile on it's face.

(Silence. Voice drops to a whisper)

That night I sat reading in my bed when I felt warm breath on my neck, followed by a kiss. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed with fear. A hand cupped my breast, rubbing my hardening nipple. Lips pressed against mine and a hand stroked my thighs. My legs opened as fingers entered my pussy and the kisses became more intense.

A hard, muscular body pressed against mine, pushing me back on the bed, settling between my legs. A velvet cock head tickled my pussy lips, and then pushed in, filling me. It was as if my nightgown and panties did not exist. We rocked together faster and faster until I cried out in pleasure. My lover groaned and emptied his cum in my pink softness.

(A moan)

Then my ghostly lover appeared to me, a handsome young man with blond hair and green eyes that flashed in the dimness of the room. We stared at each other, and then a voice in my head addressed me as Carolyn, saying how he loved me and missed me and had returned to reclaim his own true love. I'm not Carolyn I said aloud, his face darkened and wavered, I know he replied. But you are in her image. I will have you for my own.

The weight left my body. My nipples tingled, my panties were soaked and I ached all over. Jane walked in to find me sitting dazedly on the bed clutching my doll. I tried to explain what had happened, but Jane laughed, accusing me of masturbating and making up a story to conceal what I was doing. In frustration

I slammed the doll on the floor in front of her, screaming that she touch it, feel its warmth, look into it's glowing eyes. Instead she went back to her bedroom, closing the door.

( Silence. Then a sigh)

It was the first of many nights of pleasure, each more exquisite than the last. My fear was replaced by a longing for his touch. I waited eagerly for him to appear and wept when he was gone.

Last night I finally asked him who he was. We embraced as he began his story.

In life he was Dean Bishop, newly graduated from technical school working at his first machinist job. His fiancé' Carolyn Davis worked at the same factory. They had met at a company picnic and the attraction was instantaneous. A marriage was planned in the spring.

Dean had taken the place of a delivery truck driver who was ill. He was returning to the factory when the trucks brakes failed. It crashed into a tree. He was mystified when he awakened as a spirit. The novelty of walking through walls wore off quickly and his frustration grew when he could not find Carolyn.

His frustration turned to rage and he began plotting his revenge. He would destroy the person who robbed him of his life. When he told me the man's name I was astonished. He was wealthy and well respected for his philanthropy. I asked Dean if the man might be atoning for causing an employees death by performing good works, but he would hear none of it.

(Silence—then narrative resumes)

I saw no reason for Dean's grudge robbing the world of a benevolent man who was benefiting so many people. Any negligence on his part had been forgotten. It was then I made my fateful bargain. I asked Dean what could deter him from exacting his vengeance. He was silent, and then said he wanted me. He had wanted retribution because he had lost both Carolyn and his life, but now he loved me and wanted me with him forever.

I was hesitant. I loved Dean and did not want to lose him, but to give up my life for a benevolent stranger. I told him I would think on it.

He said he would return when I had reached a decision, just call his name and he would be there. Then he was gone. My attempts at sleep were futile, so I spent the entire night deciding what to do. As the first rays of the sun brightened the sky, I had reached a decision. Content, I dozed on the couch, never noticing when Jane left for work..."

(Verbal exchange follows)

(Speaker) "Dean! Where are you? I have made a decision. I am yours. Take me with you."

(2nd Voice-Male) "Jane. I am here. I love you. Take my hand."

(S) "I'm cold my love, so cold."

(2nd Voice) "My soul will warm you. Hold me tight."

(S) "What is happening? I'm frightened."

(2nd Voice) "We are becoming one. See yourself through my eyes."

(S) "Wonderful! So wonderful!"

(2nd Voice) "There! It is there! The Way!"

(S) "Oh The light! The light!"

(Sound of wind rushing—then silence)

(Transcription ends)

[Evidence Item #4. Missing Persons Unit. Midvale Public Safety Dept.]


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