tagMind ControlDevkumar Ch. 03

Devkumar Ch. 03


The Son of God

Dawn knew the hotel where he was staying. She worked there as a hostess for five years before she married Joel, a man thirty years her senior and had to beg to get her job back. Joel, a regular customer, had swooned Dawn with kind words, gifts, and attention. He told her he was rich. He told her that he could give her the things she wanted. He gave her lies, heartache, and abuse. He was a controlling man who wanted to dominate her and she was tired of being feeling like a victim. She fled when he wanted her to quit her job and stay home to care for him.

Like all the rest of the world, Dawn had been following the emergence of Devkumar. She hung on to the belief that he was the second coming of God in the way that someone would believe that they would win the lottery one day. Already, she was a devoted follower. Mesmerized by him as if she was in a hypnotic trance, she had already relinquished her free will to his power. If only she could have a private audience with Devkumar, she would finally receive everything she deserved to receive in life. If only she could have a private audience with him, her life would change. If only she could bask in the glow of him and touch him, she would live the good life that his disciples now enjoy.

Since she didn't have the ten million dollars that he asked for to have a private audience with him, she had a plan that she hoped would work to get Devkumar alone, if only for a minute. Indeed, if he was the Son of God, a minute was more than she needed.

"Hi Peter."

"Dawn, what are you doing here? You're not schedule to work until tonight." Peter looked at her with stars in his eyes. He moved away from the other customers standing at the front desk so that he could have a private conversation with the woman of his dreams. At 5'7", Dawn was everything her name promised. Blonde and beautiful, she had the body that any big hotel would want their hostesses to have.

"I need a favor."


"What's Devkumar's room number?"

"You know I can't give you that. This place is crawling with security and Paparazzi. The whole top floor is blocked. Ask me anything else but his room number."

"So, he's on the top floor?"

"I can't give you his room number, Dawn. They'll fire me."

"What if I did something for you in return?"

"Something for me? What do you mean? You couldn't pay me enough money to make me lose my job. I need this job. This is a good job. I was out of work for—"

"I'll blow you."

"You will," he said with a gulp.

"Yeah, sure, but only if you give me the room number."


"Do you have a room where we can do it?"

"Meet me in room 112 in five minutes," he slid the key across the counter to her.

As soon as Peter entered the room, Dawn was on her knees unzipping him.

"Wait," he said. "Let's at least go on the bed. I told them at the desk that I was ill and was taking a little longer break. I have 20 minutes. I want to make out with you and see your tits before you blow me."

"Making out with me and seeing my tits was not part of the agreement, Peter."

"Well, now it is, if you want his room number."

"Okay, okay." Dawn unbuttoned and removed her blouse. She unhooked and removed her bra and fell back on the bed. "There, knock yourself out."

"You have spectacular tits, Dawn."

Peter was all over her lips impaling his tongue in her mouth and French kissing her. Dawn was a good looking woman that everyone in the hotel had lusted over, whispered about, and fantasized what it would be like to be with her. He fondled her tits and fingered her nipples before leaning down to suck them.

"Okay, I'm ready," he said standing, pulling down his pants and briefs and offering his stiff cock to her waiting mouth. With Peter holding one of Dawn's tits in his hand and fingering her nipple while his cock was in her mouth, it didn't take him long to cum. He shot a load that erupted in her mouth and when she pulled back the residual splashed across her face and in her hair. He gave her a cum bath.

"Fuck Peter, when is the last time you got off?"

"It's been a while. Dawn that was unbelievable. What are you doing Saturday night?"

"Give me his room number, Peter."

"Twenty ten."

"The Penthouse? I should have known, but you never know with these holy-roller types."

While Peter took a catnap, Dawn brushed her teeth and cleaned the cum off her face and out of her hair before running out the door.

"Hey, Dawn, what about Saturday?" The door closed behind her and she was gone.

She found Paul, the Head of Security, in the lobby.

"Hi Paul."

"Hey, Dawn. How are you?" He looked at his watch. "Aren't you early for your shift?"

"I need a favor."

"I can't right now, Dawn. I'm on duty. We have a very important VIP with us today."

She stepped up on the tips of her toes to whisper in his ear.

"Get us a room and I'll let you fuck me."

Paul used his master key to open a vacant room on the second floor.

"Okay, what's the gag? Is this a joke?"

"It's no joke Paul. I'll let you fuck me."

"If? You said you needed a favor. Is that the catch?"

"I need you to allow me access to the top floor where Devkumar is staying."

"Gees, Dawn, ask me anything else. As much as I would love to be with you, I can't. I'll get fired."

"No one will know that it was you who allowed me up there."

"It doesn't matter Dawn," he said as she unbuckled and unzipped his pants. "It's my responsibility," he said as his pants fell to the floor and Dawn inserted her tongue in his mouth and her hand down the front of his boxers.

Paul shot his agreement in Dawn's pussy to allow her access to the floor where Devkumar was staying. He gave her the pass code she needed to gain entry to the floor along with the small cross she must wear on her clothes to get by Devkumar's security people. While Paul took his catnap, Dawn quickly cleaned herself up in the bathroom and went looking for Helen, the room service maid for the penthouse suites.

"Hi Helen."

"Hi Dawn. What are you doing here so early?"

"I need a favor."

"Sure, anything for you, Honey, whatever you need," said Helen looking at Dawn's pretty face and shapely figure.

"I need you're uniform."

"With me in it, I hope."

"I need to meet Devkumar. This is my only chance to change my life."

"They'll fire me, Dawn."

"If you do me this favor, Helen, I'll do anything you want."


Helen escorted Dawn to an empty room on the sixth floor. As soon as she started undressing, Helen stopped her.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?"


"Then, let me undress you. I've wanted to be with you since I started working here."

Helen sat next to Dawn on the bed and kissed her. Dawn allowed Helen's tongue past her lips and the two women fell back on the bed making out. Helen unbuttoned Dawn's blouse and felt and caressed her tits through her bra. She reached around her, unhooked her bra and freed her tits.

Helen was as horny for Dawn as any man but was more loving and deliberate in her touches. In between kisses she sucked her nipples while going up her skirt and cupping Dawn's panty clad pussy. She reached her fingers beneath her panties and fingered her wetness gently fucking her with her finger while playing with her clit and G spot.

She pulled down Dawn's panty and fell between her legs. Never having been with a woman before, Dawn couldn't believe the pleasure that Helen was able to give her. Although she's never given oral sex to another woman, she wanted to give it to Helen to show her how appreciated she was for her help and for the orgasm she gave her.

Helen eased herself back, scooted out of her panty, and spread her legs wide for Dawn. The experience with Helen made Dawn wonder if she'd be better off with a woman instead of a man.

While Helen rested, Dawn took a quick shower.

"Here's my key to my locker. There's a clean uniform downstairs that already has a duplicate ID badge on it from when I thought I lost my badge and they gave me a new one. Just grab a housekeeping cart and you'll be able to accomplish whatever it is you want. Good luck."

To be continued...

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