tagMind ControlDevkumar Ch. 04

Devkumar Ch. 04


Chapter 4: The Son of God

Dawn dressed in Helen's spare uniform. Her hands were shaking. She had never done anything like this before. She stood looking at herself in the mirror as she dressed doubting if she had the courage to go through with it.

She couldn't believe she gave Peter a blowjob just to learn Devkumar's room number. Peter of all people, he's so annoying. She couldn't believe she had intercourse with Paul just to gain access to the twentieth. Paul, who always stared at her, undressed her with his eyes, and who gave her the creeps sometimes, would not have been so lucky had he not been head of security and had she not needed to talk to Devkumar. She couldn't believe she had lesbian sex with Helen just to wear her uniform.

Although having sex with Helen was better than the sex she had with Peter and Paul, she's not lesbian. Now, Helen will think there is a chance for a relationship. How on Earth could she face these people again?

Until this period of lunacy that she suddenly experienced over Devkumar, the only thing she ever did wrong in her life was to marry, Joel. At the time, she was 25-years-old and he was 55-years-old. He promised her the world and gave her nothing but promises. He lied to her and she believed him. Even the diamond ring he gave her was not real. She felt dumb, but she was smart enough to leave his ass and divorce him.

She had never known her father, which may have explained her attraction to a much older man, she figured. The man who impregnated her mother never accepted his responsibility and as the years passed, her mother lost track of him. Last she heard he died in an automobile accident somewhere in Ohio.

She pushed her housekeeping cart on the freight elevator. Nervousness briefly stopped her from opening up the pass key control pad. Finally, opening it and pushing in the four digit security code, she pushed the button for the twentieth floor. Once she reached her floor, there was a man sitting in a chair by the elevator.

"Housekeeping," said Dawn as she rumbled off the elevator.

"Just a moment, Miss." The man stood and walked to her. He ran a metal detector wand over her body and when he saw the small gold cross in her lapel, he allowed her to pass.

There were people all over the lobby. Many of the doors to the rooms were wide open with people walking in and out of each room and everyone talking at once. There were people have numerous cell phone conversations while others were in groups of two or three talking. Instead of feeling like it was a hotel, it felt more like an office building. Devkumar's entourage had taken the entire twentieth floor. There were secretaries, camera crews, security people, equipment, and a frenzy of activity.

She rolled her cart to the penthouse suite, 2010, and rapped lightly on the door.


"Just a minute, Miss," said a man who approached her from behind and wearing a headset.

"Where's Jimmy?" He said to someone on the other end of his microphone. "Is Jimmy in his room?"

"Nah," said another man pushing a large camera, "he's still downstairs eating breakfast, I think. I saw him go down with his bodyguard a while ago."

"You can go in, Miss," said the man wearing the headset.

Normally, it's standard procedure for housekeeping to park their cart in the opened door of the room they are cleaning, but Dawn wanted to hide somewhere in his suite and surprise Devkumar when he returned to his room from breakfast, hopefully without his bodyguard. All she needed was a minute of his uninterrupted time. All she needed was for him to fix her life.

She pulled her cart inside and allowed the door to close her off from the din of bustle of people in the corridor outside. She had never been up to the twentieth floor. She had never been in the Penthouse Suite. It was a huge expanse of rooms, probably around 2000 square feet. It was bigger than her apartment. It was huge.

She snooped around Devkumar's personal possessions picking up clothes, photos, and books. Then, she saw it, the diamond cross. It was enormous. It was beautiful. It was dazzling. Afraid to touch it, she had to feel it. She knelt before it and touched it with the tip of her index finger as she blessed herself.

"Devkumar," she whispered.

She couldn't help herself. She wanted to pick it up, hold it, and wear it, if only for just a second. She stopped short when she heard a noise from the bedroom. Someone was in the shower. She didn't know if she should stay or flee. She was so frightened. What if it's him? What would she say? What should she do?

Silently, stealthily, and slowly, she crept towards the open doors of the bedroom. The room was immense and beautifully decorated with expensive draperies, paintings, and vases. The oriental carpeting was so plush. She wished she lived in such splendor and luxury.

The door to the bathroom was open enough for her to see a man's figure behind the steam shower of the smoky room. The bathroom was bigger than her bedroom. She wondered if it was Devkumar. She hoped it wasn't one of his assistants.

Unable to move, mesmerized by what she saw, she stood watching the man shower. Even when he turned off the shower and opened the floor to ceiling glass door to emerge from the steamy shower like God emerging from the white billowing clouds of Heaven, she stayed and stared.

When he saw her standing in the doorway of the bathroom, he stood still. He made no attempt to cover his nakedness and she made no attempt to look away.

She looked at his face and into his eyes before looking down at what television could not show. Seeing the penis of Devkumar, the Son of God, made her want to strip off her clothes and experience what he gave to so many of his followers.


To be continued...

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