tagBDSMDevon Meets My Dominant Side

Devon Meets My Dominant Side


Note to reader-- I wrote this for a friend of mine. He doesn't live in the same state even though I wrote it like we do. He loves when I tease and taunt him about what I'm wearing and the things I do with myself or what kind of toys I have. He knows I can have that dominant side that could whip the holy hell out of him but a soft gentle side that likes to be held and caressed like any other woman. Then a submissive side where all I want to do is serve and please the person I am with, with little regard to my own pleasure. This story shows a bit of that dominant side. Keep in mind I don't write BDSM with a lot of degradation and humiliation, which most do. I am more into the pain mixed with pleasure.

I hope you enjoy and please vote and leave feedback. I read all remarks good, bad, and ugly. Thanks for reading Anallover29


I met Devon at work, he worked as a paramedic and I was his EMT. We got along right away. Of course, I never thought his remarks about my ass or tits ever meant anything. I got used to people that said something about my tits, they were large and in charge. Comments like when I said I weighed 180 lbs were retorted with "yeah with 80 of that in your bra."

So when Devon greeted me with, "Hey girl. Should have known it was you, your tits rounded the corner a good 3 seconds before you did." I didn't think much of it. Devon always seemed interested in me but never made a serious move. And being stuck in an ambulance for 12 hours at a time, there is some serious talking that can be done. It was where a date a booty call or anything could be brought up and no one else would have been the wiser, but it never happened.

I had always thought Devon was cute; he had that nerdy cuteness with a sweet smile and awesome sense of humor. We worked great together from the start, like we were on the same wavelength. If either of us forgot something on a run the other was there to pick up the slack. We were the perfect compliment to each other. But could that complement in personality and respect extend to other areas of our lives?

Throwing caution to the wind; I texted Devon on one of our days off:

Me- "Hey Hun. What's up?"

Devon—"Not much, how r u? U aren't texting to let me know you are calling off are you?"

Me—"No, I'm fine just wondered if you had any plans for tonite?"

Devon—"No. No plans, just relaxing at home about to get something to eat."

Me— "How about we go out and get something? I need out of the house."

Devon—"What happened to the BF?"

Me—"We have been broken up for 4 months now. U didn't pay attention to Y I was so upset back then?"

Devon—"Oh, that's why? Sorry, was distracted by your chest."

Me—"Ha-ha. Men. Wanna go out or what?"

Devon—"Sure. where to meet?"

Me— Come pick me up, I'll be ready by the time you get here."

Devon had never seen me out of uniform and vice versa. So it was going to be interesting what he was going to say. So I dressed up a bit. I wore a cute form fitting black top that had a V-neck that showed off some of my cleavage. My large breast made my waist look even smaller, which I loved. I matched the shirt with a short black leather skirt that hugged my hips and went to my mid-thigh. I pulled on some thigh high leggings; the tops barely covered by my skirt. Because of my job I had shapely legs, from lifting people into the back of an ambulance all day, I loved showing them off, outside of work. I wore my tight curly hair down, so that it fell around my shoulders down to the middle of my back. I always wore my hair up at work so that it wouldn't get in my way. I was about to put on my thigh high boots, which had a 4-inch heel, when I hear the doorbell ring.

I bounced over to the door; I had butterflies in my stomach from the anticipation. When I opened the door I was surprised to see that Devon had a darker side to him. He was dressed in a pair of baggy black jeans that had metal rings down the side of them, which you could use to hook chains from them. He also wore a black, tight muscle shirt that showed off his muscles. He had his glasses on, of course. That is why I always pictured him in a uniform like at work, or some variation on that: Polo and khakis. But today I saw a different side of him. His outfit was almost complete, I thought. Though it looked like there was something missing. Then it dawned on me, he needed a choker collar. Just one to finish out the look he was going for. He was always so clean cut at work that I thought he could use another added piece to what he was wearing tonight.

"Well, well," he said, as he scanned me up and down. "I should have paid more attention, to when you broke up, and asked you out instead of the other way around."

I looked down at myself and said, "What? This is nothing, you should see my collection of lingerie." The usual flirty conversation commenced and calmed the butterflies floating around in my stomach. I invited him in so I could get my boots on.

He took a seat on the couch, watching me as I disappeared down the hall to my bedroom, watching my ass sway back and forth under the tight leather, no doubt. "So where are we off to? I got dressed for a night out on the town."

"Well, I thought 'The Melody Inn' its drum and bass night and I haven't been to it in a while." I slid my feet into the boots as I replied, and zipped up the sides. I checked myself in the mirror and went back out into the living room. As I entered I got another whistle from Devon who looked like he was devouring me with his eyes. I snapped him out of his staring when I said, "Devon... Drum and Bass night... Melody inn... Sound good???"

His eyes flipped up to mine and said, "Yeah, sure, but let's get something to eat first I'm starving." He licked his lips like he wanted to have a few nibbles off of me, instead of food. I smiled at him loving the attention, which I hadn't had in several months even before the break up with my ex.

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. Then, I realized I forgot his collar. "Wait," Turning abruptly and almost bumping into Devon who was close behind me. "I forgot I have something for your outfit." I went back to my bedroom and went through my treasure chest that had every toy, whip, restraining device, blindfold and slave gear that I had collected over the years. I grabbed a simple chocker collar that didn't have a chain on it but had the same metal hoops like his jeans and brought it out to him. I held it up to him with a wicked grin. I got a smile back from him as he bowed his head to have the collar put on. It seemed to me that he had played the obedient bitch role before. I patted his head after I wrapped the collar around his neck and fastened it for him, showing him that he was a good boy.

He stood back up and gave me a wicked grin and said, "So, does this mean I should call you Mistress for the rest of the night?"

I replied, "Not just yet, but I'm glad you know the role so well, my pet." I walked past him and crooked my finger so he would follow me out the door.

We took his car and I suggested we go and get something to eat somewhere cheap so we could drink more later. We ate like we always did at work, talking about random things that had been going on in our lives, work and the like. It made the whole night feel more comfortable. Although, I got the feeling that there was some sexual tension that had always been more subdued while we were at work.

We headed to the club after we ate. While we were in the car, Devon reached over and placed his hand on my thigh. He moved one of his fingers along the lace top of my thigh highs that was exposed when I was sitting down. When we arrived at the club, we walked in like any other couple, his hand was on my lower back, and it felt warm and intimate being there.

I walked up to the bar and positioned myself so that the edge of the bar made my breasts look larger and more exposed, which got the bartender's attention almost immediately. I ordered a Jack and coke, while Devon ordered a beer and two Jager bombs for us, and then paid. We took the drinks to a table in the back of the club that only had 2 other booths next to it. It was an area at the back of the club that was in a different room, so that you could hear the music but not have to yell to be heard. It gave us more privacy that way. I scooted in the booth and Devon slid in beside me. He put his hand back on my thigh and I could feel a warm tingling in my nether regions from his touch.

Devon looked over at me as we watched people talking and dancing. "So what brought you to text me earlier?"

I took a drink from my Jack and coke to clear my head and said, "I told you I needed out of the house. I haven't been out since the break up and I was starting to feel like a hermit."

He was playing with the lace of my thigh highs while I was talking, then began to move his hand up till he found the bare skin above them. I took a sharp breath in and let it out slowly. He smiled at my reaction and I could tell he was glad that I didn't slap his hand away.

"Well you surprised me when you asked and surprised me even more when you opened the door with what you are wearing. It's very sexy. I thought it would just be us hanging out like we do at work." His fingers slid even further up my leg. If I didn't distract him or make him stop he would soon be at my pussy and find out that I wasn't wearing any panties under the skimpy skirt. I tried my best to keep my breathing under control.

Finally, seeing that I was having issues not keeping myself in check, I took the Jager bomb he bought me, and slammed it down in one quick shot. He did likewise and chased it with his beer. He looked down at my chest that was moving up and down rapidly, but slowing down as I took control of my body.

I closed my eyes to compose myself a bit and said, "You surprised me as well, when I answered the door. I was sure I was going to see you in a white polo and khakis. And then you even let me put a slave collar on you. Every thing about you tonight has been pretty damn sexy as well."

He almost blushed crimson at my compliment. He didn't realize at the time that I had a few fantasies that included him in them over the last few months.

Before he could make it all the way up my thigh, I pointed to the dance floor, where there were a few people writhing around in a sexy way to the intense, trance-like techno music that is drum and bass. I could feel the beat in my chest making me want to grind my hips to it.

I asked Devon, "You want to come dance with me?"

He looked over at the dance floor with all the people there and said, "Sure."

With that we went to the dance floor and moved our bodies to the beat grinding up against each other. He had his hand on my hips while I was moving my pelvis against his. We moved well together. I moved my hands up and down his chest and abs loving the feel of him close to me.

I turned around and began to rub my ass up against him. I could feel him growing in his pants. He felt large with a decent girth. I could feel myself getting wet moving up against him.

Suddenly, I turned back around and pulled him close to me and kissed him hard on the lips. Nothing romantic, it was a hard, passionate kiss, pushing my tongue into his mouth so that I could feel his tongue against mine. I got lost in the kiss; it made my body tingle and my mind cloud up. Somehow, he was able to lead me back to our booth at the back of the club, while never parting our lips from each other.

We were in the booth locked together by our lips when I felt him move his hands up and down my back. He moved them around to the front and up to my breast when I heard him gasp.

I opened my eye with shock and said, "What? What happened? Why did you stop?"

He had a big smile on his face when he said, "You are full of surprises aren't you? Sexy outfit, kissing me first, and now I find no bra or panties, mmmmmm that's sexy."

"No panties? How can you tell?" I said shocked that he could tell.

"I was feeling up your hips and ass on the dance floor remember? And I didn't feel any under that tight skirt of yours?"

"Well I don't like bras. I might have big tits but they are very perky on their own."

He leaned in, moving his hand back up to my breast and whispered in my ear, "I have no problem with that," as he gave my breast a gentle squeeze. "Ooh, and there are pierced. Yum."

He nibbled my ear sending an electric shot straight to my uncovered and shaven pussy. I moaned softly as I saw a waitress coming our way for more drinks. She had a smile on her face as she asked if we needed anymore to drink. I quickly finished my Jack and coke, and told her to bring us another round and what we were having. Devon was kissing down my neck and back up to my ear when she reluctantly retreated to fill the drink order. I barely noticed the waitress but what I saw I liked, she had very beautiful body, small but very round supple breast and when she turned around I got a nice view of her large bubble ass. I might have said something about her but I wasn't paying attention to what was coming out of my mouth, while Devon was licking and nibbling on my ear. It was one of the most sensitive parts on my body.

When the waitress came back she placed our drinks on the table with a napkin under mine. I glanced at it and saw she had written down her number. I giggled as she walked away again, feeling Devon was on a mission to get his hand down belly to my pussy.

He glanced up in my eyes that were filled with lust, "Did that tickle?"

I flushed red and said, "No. But apparently the waitress liked what she saw because I got her number."

His mouth dropped open astonished at the napkin I was holding, "How did you do that?"

"I guess I said she was hot, while you were distracting me. I'm not sure." I leaned in for another kiss then. We made out a bit more and finished our drinks, while our hands explored each other over our clothes.

We finally decided to leave so that we could get some privacy for the rest of the evening. I winked at the waitress as we left. My mind wondered as we walked out, she would be a nice slave, and someone that I could make fuck other people while I watched, I thought to myself.

Devon drove like we were on an emergent run, going as fast as he could back to my place. His breaks squealed as he pressed down on them so that he wouldn't pass my house. "In a hurry," I said. He jogged around to open the door and pulled me out into another strong embrace. "I guess so."

He kissed me roughly, and then led me up to the house. I pulled out my key and unlocked the door with shaking hands. I stumbled over the threshold. I deposited my purse by the door and was attacked again, I felt his hand groping on my ass from behind me and then he kissed up and down my neck. I nimbly stepped forward and turned quickly and put a hand up for him to stop.

"What's wrong?" he said shocked that I made him stop from fondling me in the doorway.

"You asked if you needed to call me Mistress for the rest of the evening. I said, 'Not yet.' Now is the time I want you to call me Mistress." The look of pure lust in my eyes went to that of commanding and intimidating in a matter of seconds.

"Yes, Mistress. What would you like me to do?" He bowed his head in shame. He must have known I was going to crack the whip sooner or later, after I had put the collar on him.

I had to smile at the sudden obedience I was receiving. I was happy I didn't need to train him. Training was such a tedious task; every now and then you have some minor punishments that need to be handed out but not like when a person was in training. The punishments were always rough, but meant to send a message about who was in command, and being gentle all the time didn't work.

"I would like you to strip, because I have some plans for such an obedient slave." I stood, with my hand on my hips waiting for my new slave to strip down to nothing. I always liked watching how quickly a person could throw off their clothes. There was a table just for his clothes that he hadn't noticed when he came in before. "You can place your clothes there." I said pointing at the table.

"You are a prepared Mistress aren't you?" He said, smiling as he folded up his clothes and walked toward me proudly showing off his manhood to me. It wasn't the biggest I had seen but surely not the smallest either. He was a good 7 inches long and good girth, he would be fun to ride no doubt.

I smiled at how proud he was at himself for obeying everything I said thus far. "I hope you don't mind a little pain, my pet." He flashed me his famous smile as I turned around to walk towards the bedroom. "Get on your hands and knees, my pet, I don't want to have to put a leash on you. Where I go tonight, you go. Got it?"

Crawling quickly behind me to keep up he said, "Yes, Mistress."

When he crawled into my bedroom he stopped and his jaw dropped in shock and awe. I always loved the reaction I got from my bedroom. It was like a gothic version of a play den. Sponge painted black walls, 4 poster bed, with my treasure chest at the foot of the bed, and on the walls were pictures of men and women posed in all different forms of restraints naked and staring lustfully out at you.

"On the bed" I said to Devon as I walked over to my treasure chest and opened it. I pulled out the harness and 2 different sized dildos, one that was about an inch around that I use on beginners, and another that was 2 and half inches in diameter that I used on more advanced slaves. The larger of the 2 was also 10 inches long insertion length; it was double ended so that I could put it into a harness and have penetration as well. It was the only one that I had thus far, that I hadn't been able to find someone to take the whole length and girth in their ass. I could barely take the whole thing so I wanted to find a person willing to try at least. I pulled out the lube, and leather restraints. There were already fastening straps with hooks for easy attachment on the bedposts so I only needed to put these around his wrists when I wanted to use them. Then came the last thing I might use on his body, the flogger. It had a 12 inch long phallus handle that could be inserted into a hole, it also had several soft suede strips coming out of the handle that were my 2 favorite colors, purple and black. The color I might turn his ass into, I thought, and grinned. I always loved the flogger because I would sometimes use it for my own ass so, I could walk around with a tail.

I had worked to retrieve the items I wanted in quiet. He watched me while he positioned himself on the bed on his back. He was already hard from our make out session at the club, and he never lost any of the hardness waiting on me, he must have seen all the things that I had in my hand. I deposited my goodies on the table by the bed. I looked over at Devon who had a very lustful look in his eye. I removed my shirt and let him have a good long look at my breast. He absentmindedly moved his hand to his dick to stroke it. His eyes being distracted I took the flogger and whipped it to land on his legs with a sharp slap.

"Ahhh. Damn it." He exclaimed, removing his hand from his penis, looking like a hurt puppy. He still didn't lose his hard-on, which was always a good sign of someone liking it rough.

"No touching yourself. If I want you to cum I will tell you too, or make you. When you are with me, no cum will be wasted either. Got it?" I said forcefully, making myself very clear. "I hate when men are with me and want to cum in my hair or on something. I would rather them deposit their sperm in my mouth or ass. It's just my thing."

"Yes, Mistress. Cum only goes in your ass or mouth. No jacking off while in your presence. But I need some stimulation. Please Mistress." He begged. Looking at me with almost puppy dog eyes. It was so cute when men thought that worked on me.

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