tagIncest/TabooDiary of a Brother and Sister

Diary of a Brother and Sister


[All characters are fictitious, however, presented in realistic manner]

Hi everyone, after a year long of silence, I hereby reveal our secret - my own elder sister and I are having consensual sex for over a year now. It is such a relieving experience to share my dirty secret with you all. I have mixed feelings about my relationship with my sister - sometimes it haunts me as being immoral whereas sometimes it gives me immense sexual pleasure which is incomparable in words, perhaps the thrill of breaking the social norms by 'doing' the 'undoable' and even at the thought of very fact that she is my "own sister" whom I fuck. After browsing so much about consensual incest in the Internet, I got encouraged to share my secret. Literotica and ISS are my favourite sites, however, I think most of the stories are fictitious but I am interested in real stories. I even like to talk/meet incestuous couples (especially own brother-sister couples) and would like to role-play as a big/small brother to an interested incest-loving sister. I wonder if I can be friend with bunch of sisters to vent our taboo desires.

I shall try to put down exactly as it happened – collecting from my diary and from my memory. I am sorry for my way of writing as it might not exactly portray the real event, nevertheless I will do my best. I shall also try my best to write this real story as a professional writer does – breaking the story into chapters. Also, my story is quite long as this story is primarily for the relief of my suppression rather than a story written bearing in mind the reader's expectation. Here is the story.

Before I start my story, I would like to confess that I feel quite relieved to have persuaded my sister in having sex with me. It was a very difficult task for me, and had I not been able to persuade my sister into sex, I think I would have cursed myself for having a 'sick' mentality and would have felt secluded from my family and the society... and don't know how would I have coped up with it.

We are four people in our family - father, mother, myself (Amrit 25 years, 5 feet 7 inches, wheatish black complexion, average body) and my sister (Amisha 30 years, 5 feet 2 inches, fair complexion, slim body with breasts slightly bigger (38-24-34) in proportion to her body structure) [these are not our real names of course]. We are a middle class family from Nepal (city not to reveal), father and mother both working as government employees; father being posted since last 15 years in far district some 600 kilometers from our city. Father would come and visit us at least once every two months.

Now to the story again. I and Amisha di have been very close since our childhood as we were raised together and we studied together in our school days. We had a two-and-half story building, ground floor being given on rent to a middle aged couple for grocery shop and we lived on the first floor consisting of one drawing room, three bed rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom. Second floor (i.e. top floor) consisted of one small room, which was used as a storeroom. Amisha di and I used to sleep in one room in single bed till I was 12 and she 17 years of age, after which we were given separate rooms. She was a bright student in school days and used to give me lessons even late night in our rooms till I completed high school. As with other brothers sisters in other families, we at times quarreled on petty things, threw each others stuffs around, cracked jokes, pranked, sometimes sobbed together on misfortunes, celebrated successes, empathized each other and consoled when our parents scolded, ...... a normal brother sister relationship.


I learned about masturbation from my friends and elder boys in school when I was about 14 years old studying in grade 8. My first experience of sex (or so called puppy sex) was when I was about 7 years old. I had so called sex (I did have erection! Ha ha) with a neighboring girl of my age while playing 'hide and seek' game. We did it occasionally with our clothes on whenever we played the game - for some 4-5 months. Then she migrated far away to some other place with her parents thereafter never to be met again.

In grades 8, 9 and 10, I learned a lot about sex but did not have any opportunity to actually have sex; except for sometimes in public vehicles touching breasts of girls and women with my elbow or arms in an 'un-intentional' manner. I used to go to local cyber cafes to watch porn sites. Also, in an old laptop gifted to one of my friends by his uncle, we boys used to watch porn movies and sites.


IN GRADE 9 (WHEN I WAS 15 YEARS OLD) during our summer vacation for 15 days, my friend handed me his laptop and some porn CDs to enjoy during the vacation while he went to visit his relatives in distant city. During the day time I would be all alone - my mother would be in office, my father in another city for job (as mentioned earlier in the beginning) and my sister Amisha who was 20 years then would be in college studying Bachelor's degree. I watched all the CDs during my vacation and masturbated everyday (sometimes up to thrice a day). I kept the laptop and CDs very safe in my tin trunk locked out of sight of everyone. As with everyone during the age, I had all kinds of fantasies while masturbating - neighboring aunt, our English teacher at school, the grocery shop owner next door, film actresses, etc.

One of the CDs was titled 'Taboo'. To my surprise and shock this classic porn movie starring Kirdy Stevens was about mother-son and brother-sister sex. I felt it so disturbing... yet thrilling as it was the first ever porn movie on incest I had ever watched (I still have it with myself and didn't return it to my friend! Later, I even found other parts of the classic movie and I now have collection of three parts). After watching the movie, I got so turned on and irresistible I masturbated for the first time fantasizing my own sister Amisha. While masturbating, glimpses of past incidents ran through my memory - [seeing Amisha di totally drenched in water (because of heavy rain) standing at the door when I opened it to let her in and her protruding nipples wet and sticking against the t-shirt she was wearing (this happened one month ago); views of her bare cleavage visible on many occasions - while washing clothes, while giving me lessons to me lying on bed, while watching tv, and on a number of other occasions; softness of her thigh my face/head felt when I slept on sofa with my head resting on her lap while watching TV at night in our drawing room; I accidently touching her breast on two occasions - once when there was no electricity in home and in darkness I collided with her accidently touching her right breast with my right fist and the second time accidently touching her both breasts with my hands when trying to get back my new pen (which I thought was lost but she had stolen) from her which she wouldn't give and hold it tight in her fist against her breasts; the sight of her bras and panties hanging in bathroom/atelier for drying; and more vividly the day when we were walking amidst a festival crowd she was holding my right arm with her left hand pressing her left breast against my arm (this happened some two months ago)]. After ejaculation I felt so embarrassed and guilty that I thought I would never repeat it again. Although, I masturbated fantasizing my sister, I did not have any sexual feelings towards my mother... I simply did not have that feeling for my mother for no reason.

After the first masturbation fantasizing my sister, it took me almost two months for the second masturbation fantasizing her again. I had mixed feelings during these times - sometimes feeling extremely guilty of what I did and what I have been thinking and sometimes feeling normal as I would be extremely overpowered by the sexual fire. Going through pluses and minuses, I eventually masturbated fantasizing her for the second time after about two months of the first masturbation. Thereafter, I frequently masturbated fantasizing Amisha di, convincing myself that it is normal just to fantasize as long as I do not actually have sex with my sister. Feeling of guilt and regret mostly arose right after the ejaculation... but as time passed by I began gradually enjoying it without any shame or guilt. Moreover, masturbating fantasizing Amisha di gave me the most intense orgasm compared to other fantasies. My best time pass would be to browse websites that have stories, information, photographs, video clips on incest, especially on brother-sister incest (and that was how I got introduced to literotica.com). I got encouraged, as I knew I was not the only person with such fantasies. I learned about Barbara Gonyo (a mother who confessed publicly that she tried to persuade her long separated son to have sex with her but without success. She even coined the word 'genetic sexual attraction' for the sexual attraction between blood relatives) and popular Brother-Sister consensual incest in Germany ..... and many others.


PASSING THROUGH MIXED FEELINGS, TILL I WAS 18 YEARS OLD (AND AMISHA DI 23 YEARS), without anybody's knowledge I would sniff her used/unused bras and panties lying hanging in bathroom or in her bed. I would steal chances to have 'unintentional' contact with her body parts such as thighs, bums and breasts whenever possible - for instance slightly touching her breasts with my arms/elbow while watching a rally/parade going on in the street from our home window and she would keep quiet and still, and act as if nothing was happening (in fact she felt it and secretly enjoyed it, which she told me later); while I drove motorbike with her seated behind, I would keep talking to her so that she would have to bend forward to listen and press her breasts against my back; while walking together in crowd and during night without electricity, once in a while 'without intention' like manner I would run my hands sliding by her thighs and bums; try to find some pretext to quarrel with her so that I can snatch things from her or let her snatch things from me which would give me opportunity for touching her body parts; and I would smell her sweat and perfume when she would be near around... and so on. But above all, I would say to myself that this is the limit and I am in no way going to have real sex with her... and besides, she does not (or might not) feel the way I feel about her... and this is a total taboo thing to avoid. Sometimes my sexual attraction towards her would die for weeks, sometimes even for months, and during these times I would remember those past days when I got sexually aroused towards her and wonder why the hell I got sexually attracted towards my own sister. But strangely, after few days I would again be overpowered by my forbidden libido... even the slightest smell of her arm pits... partially visible bra through semi-transparent t-shirt she would be wearing... and many other similar sights would pump gush of blood to my heart and my penis making it incomparably stiff. Then I couldn't help but to masturbate alone imagining and muttering my fantasy dialogues in our native language – such as I saying "didi let me drink your milk..... please..... just once...." and then she replying in ecstasy "don't do it..... shhhhhh....... Don't do it...... shsssss....." I then imagine inserting all my fingers inside her bra to bring one of her nipples out from her bra and I say "Didi... see, your nipples are soooooooo erect.... You see......?" then she would nod her head and say "Babu (she calls me babu) please drink my milk... please....... Don't tell anyone... babu..... pleaseeeeee suck it...".... Then I imagine that I put out my five inches long penis out of my trouser and I say to her "Didi please hold my dick with your hand...." She would be closing her eyes kneeling down on floor. I would then hold her hand with mine to direct it to my stiff penis. She then takes slow deep breathes and shakes my penis up and down. I tell her "Didi please put my dick in your mouth...... mmmmmm... and drink my dick just like a lollypop..... please...". She then reluctantly but overpowered by sexual desire would suck it closing her eyes ..... head moving back and forth.... And I would ejaculate in ecstasy.... the best orgasm I would ever have. Such was how I used to masturbate fantasizing her.

I have day-dreamed and woven in my head many of series of fantasy events that would lead us into having sex. Such as – we would be traveling in a public bus to meet our maternal relatives living some 100 kilometers far away... we would be sitting on the last seat of the bus... one by one passengers would drop out of the bus leaving just two of us and few passengers in the front seats of the bus... the bus breakdowns... and they fix the bus only in the evening at around 7 pm.... We again get into our seats and the bus resumes speed... the lights/electricity goes off in the bus and in the surrounding streets/homes... In the darkness, at the last seat of the bus I place her hand on top of my crotch over the clothes... she assumes nothing has happened... I place my hand on her breasts over the clothes and gently massage and she acts as if she is asleep.... Other fantasies are – now that we are frequently having sex with condoms on, to get rid of having to wear condom every time we have sex I persuade her to get anti-pregnancy vaccination which would allow us have sex without condom for six months without getting her pregnant... we would go to a very far clinic from our home where nobody knows us.... I introduce her as my wife to the nurse and there she gets vaccinated.... Other fantasy is – the world gets doomed as a result of violent war... and there is very little population in the world... I and my sister get stranded in a far away hill... with nobody around we have been living as brother sister... but we come to realize that there should be more human offspring in order for the world to go ahead with human civilization... and besides we also need children to look after us when we grow old... so I fuck Amisha di on the pretense of having children for the human race survival and proliferation. I have fantasized having sex with Amisha di in a number of places in our home on different pretext and situations – in store-room, in bathroom, in toilet, in her bed, in my bed, on the plain ground, on ground over straw mattress, over the carpet, over dinning table in our kitchen, in our drawing room over the carpet watching TV, in mum and dad's room.... and many other places.


When nobody used to be around, she used to ask me many things about my school, college, friends and girl friends. She used to tell me as compliment that since I do not have any kind of physical deformity and look ok and well and nice there should be many girls interested in me or I should have been interested in some of them. I would shyly say no and ask her if she has or had boy friends, to which she would always say 'no' straightaway.

As a matter of fact, for me, my sister was an average looking girl. Our parents had once been troubled with bluff calls in our landline telephone asking to speak with her, and few guys in college proposing her. Secretly, she told me that she got three proposals from her college friends, which she rejected all. Although, she was average looking girl, for me, her slightly bigger breasts in proportion to her slim figure and her watery eyes (like mine) always hinted me that she had deep sexual desires which she had been suppressing deep down waiting someday to explode. Her slightly big boobs always make me think that she masturbates a lot and while masturbating she would knead her breasts vigorously with her hands and would suck herself both the nipples very hard moaning while playing her pussy and all this should have overgrown her breasts. She did have some boys as plain friends who would sometimes come to our home for studies but she was not in a relationship. I, on the other hand when I was 18 years old, had temporarily dated a friend of mine in school for about six months limiting to smooch and caressing breasts above the clothes. Our attraction later faded away and the relationship ended without anything further. I didn't tell about this to my sister (and haven't yet).


SOMETHING SHOCKING HAPPENED WHEN I WAS AROUND 20 YEARS OLD (AND SHE WAS AROUND 25 YEARS). She had then just completed her master's degree and started a job in a private company, and she even bought a laptop. I just completed my higher secondary school level and was waiting for my results. Amisha di had been a simple social and cultured girl, yet very much aware of contemporary western world. She would occasionally go to discos and parties with her close female friends and be back home at the most by 9 pm. She would dress perfectly well with tight jeans and t-shirt as well as saree or kurta sulwar. She would do all the household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and on the other hand, would also manage her office hours.

During this time, on a summer day I was alone in home watching TV lying lazily on the sofa. I felt the urge to masturbate and so got up and locked up the main door of our house and quietly went to Amisha di's room to find her undergarments, sniff and quietly masturbate. I found a recently washed pink panty in her wardrobe which was open, and found a cream colored panty tossed (to wash later) underneath her bed in the corner which was slightly dirty with spots of dried liquid and two strands of curly pubic hair. As usual, I licked it, smelled it, inserted in my mouth tasting its sour flavor with half closed eyes and muttered "Please Amisha di.... let me fuck you...... do you like it Amisha di???.....please...." in my native language while playing dick with my hand. After finishing the act, I put the things where they were earlier.

As I was about to return, something grabbed my attention. Although Amisha di's wardrobe was always unlocked, there was a small box in the wardrobe (affixed inside it), which would always be padlocked with a rusty lock. The content of this one and half square feet box had always been a mystery for me. A wild idea came to me. I remembered we had a big bunch of unused old keys just lying in our storeroom on the top floor. I brought it and tried one by one to unlock the padlock of the box, and BINGO!! one key worked!!!! I looked inside the box while my heart was throbbing. There I found, to my greatest surprise a packet of marlboro cigarette (three sticks less in the packet), one packet of condom (containing 5 pcs.), three packets of whisper sanitary pads, an unnamed tattered hindi sex magazine consisting of mostly sex stories and some pornographic photos, and a CD. My face was blazing hot, my heart was beating very fast and my dick was stiffening again to see such stuffs in my innocent looking sister's mystery box. I took the CD with me and played it on in the TV in the drawing room. The triple x-rated movie was titled 'Bara Cinta', a Thai movie. I quickly copied the CD to another blank CD, and kept all the things back to where they were and padlocked the box again. I watched the movie during the day masturbating twice imagining how she would have felt watching each of those scenes. My head spanned whole day. I acted very normal in the evening when mum and Amisha di came home. I pretended as if nothing ever happened.


Once every week or two I would check the padlocked box and in a year's time I found five CDs, all of which I copied to other blank CDs. Each month there would be new packets of condoms and cigarettes. I really felt suspicious about her attitude and personality. What seemed a social and cultured girl had a treasure of mischief hidden inside her; not even in dreams anyone would have thought a bit about it. The way she would speak to elders, way she would walk in the streets, way she would dress, the kind of company/friends she had, and her facial/bodily expressions and aura - all these in no way at all indicated she would have such contradicting persona in her privacy. I began to suspect that she should be having an affair/ sexual relation with someone as there were condoms with her. And I felt slightly jealous about it. I tried to find out who the guy could be, but without success. I secretly checked her mobile many times and looked for sms and calls but not a hint was there. Whenever we chatted, I asked her in one way or the other if she had a boy friend, to which she always replied no. As always, I sought every opportunity to touch her, to smell her, to talk naughty and to insert 'dual meaning' words and sentences during our conversation. And all this was happening without any hint to our mother.

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