Diary of a Brother and Sister


We stayed still for about a minute or so.

Then, amidst total darkness I held her waist with both hands as if to slightly lift her. She slightly stood up on her feet standing on the ground and then I positioned her bums to place it on my lap. Our legs were hanging on the edge of the bed; my both legs were on ground while here legs were hanging in the air as she was seated on my lap. My stiff dick inside my boxer shorts felt the warmth of Amisha di's bums. After a moment as she felt my rock hard dick on her bums she tilted her head back against my chest. I could guess she was closing her eyes. My hands which were placed on her waist shifted to cover her navel. She inhaled and exhaled deep breathes and held both my hands with her both hands. We remained silent and I kept slightly massaging her belly and navel area with both hands while her hands were on top of mine. I was breathing heavily over her right part of her neck while her eyes were closed; I could feel the wetness of her hair pressing over my chest and the smell of the shampoo and sweat emanating from her hair and armpits. I guess she could also smell my sweat from my body and beer from my mouth. I then landed my lips on the right part of her neck - not to kiss but just to let the lips be there. The moment my lips landed, she shivered her right shoulder, pressed my hands with her hands against her belly and produced a very soft but deep moan..... "uuumffff.." My erect dick, which was inside boxer shorts landed between her ass crack, which was covered by her pyjama.

We again remained silent and still for another minute or so.

Then out of nowhere, at the flow of super heart beat, encouraged by liquor, I took the BOLD step and grabbed Amisha di's both boobs over the clothes with my both hands and forced my lips to lock with hers. For first few seconds (may be five seconds) she arched her back surrendering her both boobs to my hands, raised her hands and put them around my head to allow me to kiss her lips and tongue further with ease... Then suddenly, she got up at once from the bed and released herself from my grip.

"No....... No.......... No.............. you can't do this to me..... No...... No..... No......." she shouted and squeezed herself in the corner of the room.

I was totally dumbfounded. I did not know what to say or do. I got up and slowly went near Amisha di in the corner. "Amisha di... listen."

"No...... No...... No........ No.........." was the reply and she started weeping.

I went near her and she was covering her face with her both hands still weeping. All of a sudden, I again grabbed her by the waist, pulled towards me and grabbed both boobs over the clothes with both hands and forcibly planted kiss on her neck and cheek.

She tried to free herself from my grip and started crying even louder shouting "No........... No................. No.............. please Amrit..... please leave me."

I kept quiet for next five minutes or so during which all the sexual stimulations have completely died out. Then I quietly stood up and said to her "Ok, I am sleeping in the bus, is that alright?" and next moment without waiting for her to reply, went out of the room, got into our stranded bus and forced my eyes to shut to sleep uncomfortably on my seat trying to forget what happened moments earlier.

Next morning, on 21 April, I came back to the room to get my toothbrush and tooth paste. Amisha di had already got up from the bed and was brushing her teeth in the courtyard near the guesthouse. I acted as if I haven't noticed her and she did the same.

A little later, in the eatery while I was having tea and some snack for the breakfast, she just sat near to me in another table and had a cup of tea. We didn't speak to each other. After an hour or so, we were informed that the road had been cleared of the blockade and we were moving. Amisha di and I quietly took our seats in the bus and didn't speak a word.

The bus arrived in our city at around 3 pm. We silently took a taxi and headed home. In home, I went to room and closed the door and slept till 9 pm feeling all the guilt, shame and humiliation.

At 9 pm Amisha di knocked my door and when I opened it she spoke briefly without eye contact "Dinner is ready."

I wore my old half jeans (manually cut) and a lose t-shirt and went to the kitchen where the food was already served on the table and Amisha di was in the drawing room watching TV. While I was eating, I received call from mum asking if we reached home safely. I told her about our night halt in the guesthouse on the highway and the road blockade. Mum asked me if she could speak to Amisha di as well.

"Didi..." I called Amisha di in a trembling voice.

"Yes... what is it?" she came near me in the kitchen.

"Your phone .... mum is on line" I passed on the phone to her without looking at her.

I was trembling and cursing myself for what would happen to me if Amisha di tells about the incident to mum over the phone. She went to her room with my phone to talk to mum.

I was praying that she doesn't tell anything to mother or father. When I was almost done with dinner, she came back to kitchen and placed my cell phone on the dining table without a word, and left for drawing room and resumed watching TV. I put my cell phone in my half jeans pocket, and as usual checked all the windows, doors and the main gate to ensure they were properly locked as it was almost 9.30 pm night. I was then heading towards my room to repent alone for what I have done when Amisha di called me aloud "Amrit.....".

"Yes didi" I stood nervously at the entrance of the drawing room with rapid heart beat.

"Come and sit...... I need to talk to you." she was looking at TV when she said so. She was sitting on sofa with the same dress she wore last night. She turned the TV volume low.

I quietly sat on the same sofa where she was sitting.

"Do you know what will happen to you if I tell mum and dad about this incident?" she said looking for the first time directly at my face after the incident. I kept quiet. "Why ..... Why did you do that to me Amrit? It was totally unexpected!!" she added.

"I am sorry didi. But I promise that I will never repeat it again." I responded nervously with with my head down. All those past days Amrita di had been like my friend, someone of my age, but that day she was there like a senior or superior.

There was about a minute of silence. The she came near me on the sofa and out of nowhere landed a big slap on my left cheek with her right hand. I was startled!! "That was for your misbehave you idiot!!!! Never in my dream have I expected such behavior from my own brother. Shame on you!! And I am really ashamed of myself to call you my brother!! You polluted mind.... shame on you........ shame on you ..........!!!!"

I looked down and tears flowed on my cheek. She kept on scolding me with barrage of all sorts of words further humiliating and despising me as if I have committed a grave crime. And in all this, although she was in some way an accomplice in what happened last night, she depicted herself as a hundred percent victim and I a hundred percent Criminal. I felt as if my self-esteem has been ripped apart and I have been a scapegoat, a victim of a big conspiracy.

A sense of extreme humiliation, despair, revenge and anger arose in me. Then out of anger, breathing in and out heavily, I became bold and decided to confront her, and interrupted her abruptly and said in clear voice stressing every words with utter confidence. "To tell you the truth YOU DID KISS me back and YOU DID ENJOY my grip for the first few seconds DIDN'T YOU?" I stared into her eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about?? How dare you say that? Now I am really going to tell mum and dad everything. Let them come back home and you will see it!!" she stared back into my eyes.

Her reactions further added fuel to my anger. Breathing in and out more heavily I stressed each word with utter clarity and asked her in same revengeful manner "Dear didi... will you please listen to me.... I know everything..... and you know it too..... for more than last ten years from now.... that how you have been rubbing your boobs over my arms, hands and back whenever possible... that how you have been secretly watching my erect dick under the boxer shorts and then fantasizing it.... that how you love to call me in the bathroom and show yourself and see me... that how you have been enjoying every touch that night on the terrace 3-4 years ago..... that how many x-rated movies have you watched..... and that how much supressed sexual desires you ha..............."

"Will you stop all these nonsense..... Please!!?? Stop it or else I will call mum and dad right away.... You are now flowing over the brim..... STOP IT........ NOW..." Amisha di shouted back cutting me in between.

After few seconds of pause, with clear and loud voice I demanded "RESPECTED DEAR AMISHA DI, can you PLEASE....... give me the key to the box in your wardrobe....... HERE..... and NOW?".

She was taken aback and startled and stammered for the first time in muttering like voice "..... there in the box ...... I .... I ..... keep ladies stuff and.... I never give its key to anyone.... not even ..... to mother. What do you want to say anyway??". Her eyes and mouth wide open and she slightly slid back from me on the sofa.

I slid myself forward on the sofa and reached near her and out of nowhere...... slapped her left cheek with my right hand in the same manner she hit me.

"How dare you?? I will call mum right away, wait a second." Her eyes opened wider still and she stood up and reached for her cell phone in her pyjama pocket.

I stood up too and grabbed her hand that was about to pull out the cell phone and said "Wait a second didi....... do you want to open your box in the wardrobe in presence of mum and dad? or just in my presence?"

She put her cell phone back to her pocket and said "What do you mean.......? What.......? How did you.......?"

I grabbed the remote control from her other hand and turned the volume a bit high so that neighbors would not know that we are shouting at each other. I switched off the light with the other hand.

Then I sat down on the sofa again and pulled Amisha di by her right hand and she fell on my lap. "What ......... What...... stop it....." she shouted.

"I know what you have in the box. I know what interests you. I know you like flavored condoms and you like being fucked with those condoms. I know you smoke cigarettes. You like blue films.... particularly brother sister fucking" I started kneading violently her breasts over the cloth covered with round neck t-shirt. In process her t-shirt tore an inch or so at the opening. She was trying to oppose me by fighting back but with less intensity.

I added "Shall I tell all these to mum and dad?"

"No... No please don't...... They will kill me. How did you know this?" she panicked and spoke in despair.

Then the other moment while she was sitting on my lap, I slid both my hands underneath her t-shirt and grabbed her bare boobs; she wasn't wearing bra inside. She surrendered herself, tilted her head back against my chest and closed her eyes, and she was breathing very heavily expanding and contracting her boobs. I pushed her flat on the ground over the carpet, came on her top, and completely pulled out her t-shirt and threw out under the sofa to reveal her overgrown breasts. She was closing her eyes and without any physical opposition said "Don't....... Don't........ Don't....... Oh my god.... don't...." I saw amidst the light coming from the TV, for the first time in my life, live bare breasts and nipples of a woman. Those were, for me - the most beautiful nipples and breasts in the world. I sucked the left nipple first. While still closing her eyes, she held my head, in the beginning as if to push away, but the next second she held my head firmly with both hands and pushed her nipple further into mouth and muttered "Pleaseeeee............... umffffff....... You are my brotheeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........" I then sucked the right nipple, and then everywhere vigorously uncontrollably - neck, chest, ears, cheek, chin, eyes, lips, mouth, tongue kissed her lips while she was still holding my head and arching her back further more to give me easy access to her body. She moaned aloud "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............please....... suck meeeeeeeeeeee................... my brotheerrrrrrrr...... don't tell mum and dad..... shhhhhhh..." I kept kissing and licking everywhere, from chest to head.

I then landed my right hand fingers on her pussy over her pyjama buttons. She grabbed my hand and said "No...... No...... No........ not now..... we can't do this."

I stopped and at once I got up and without a word left the drawing room. Silently I went to Amrita di's room with my master key and within a minute came back to drawing room with two condoms, which I got from her mystery box. She was still in the drawing room sitting on the sofa with waist and above part totally naked, covering her face and breast with her both hands in silence.

I quietly stood in front of her (who was sitting on the edge of the sofa), quickly threw every piece of cloth that was covering my body and put on condom on to my erect penis. Next moment I held her right hand and placed it on the dick covered with condom. She pulled back her hand first time. Second time she held it with her fingers supported by palm and while looking down on the floor she played it up and down.

"Didi now please put it your mouth...... please......". She reluctantly put her lips (which was tightly shut) on top of the head of my dick. I pushed her head a little further to my dick. The next moment she wide opened her mouth and my whole dick went in it. First thing I remember when my dick entered her mouth was that she swirled her tongue all around it. I started fucking in her mouth. I moaned in pleasure "Oh didi............. Didi........ didi..... didi.......". I realized I might ejaculate soon. So I took it out from her mouth.

Next I sat on the edge of the sofa and guided her to sit on my lap. She obeyed silently. The next moment while she was just about to sit on my lap facing the same direction I was facing, I pulled down her trousers to reveal her pink panty. She tried to hold my hand when I again pull down her pink panty now. The panty just came down to reveal her arse and somewhat hairy pussy. I forced her hips to land on dick. She tried to push away and said "NO...... what if mum and dad knows......"

I replied "We will tell no one... this feels so good isn't it didi?" She nodded and in all this my erect dick somehow got into her somewhat hairy pussy. Seated on sofa, without much ease I started fucking her in doggy-like style. With 10 to 15 strokes, I think, I ejaculated. I gave a loud cry in ecstasy and asked her "Didi did I force you into all this?" She smiled and replied in low voice "Not at all... You are right, I have wanted this since four five years ago."

We got up and took shower together totally naked in the bathroom, kissing passionately. That night we slept together in her bed and had another round of fuck with condom on.


The next five days our mum and parents didn't come home. We x-rayed each other and discussed everything – the day we started having sexual feelings for each other, the breast pressing incident on the terrace, our visits to distant villages, our pseudonyms, our fantasies, our virginity, the key to mystery box, the CDs she found in the cupboard, her smoking habit, and so on and on. She told me she got attracted towards me sexually from the day (4-5 years ago) she saw me sleeping in the day-time with my erect penis slightly peeking from the sides of my boxers. However, I don't remember this incident at all. She even told me that she was a virgin until she had sex with me and that she used those condoms to masturbate by inserting it in her fingers or other objects such as candles or brinjal. She also told me she broke her hymen while climbing wall in her school days sports activities. She also told me that sometimes masturbated by rubbing my used undergarment on her clitoris and it gave her immense pleasure. She didn't go to work for those five days on the pretense of being sick and we fucked at least twice a day and other times just cuddled throughout the day. We watched together all the porn movies we had. Sometimes we wept together for what we have done and sometimes we had positive view of what we have done. We came to the conclusion that we both will not get married with anyone and somehow we will stay together making love to each other.

These days, we have stopped crying at all for what we have done and enjoying to the maximum extent. We said to ourselves "We will fuck and enjoy without any guilt." and share our deepest secrets with other like-minded brother and sisters in the rest of the world. Dear sisters please contact us at forusisters@gmail.com. My sister wouldn't mind I chatting with you all sisters, but I do feel uneasy if you brothers talk to my sister.

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Its normal no need to feel guilty

Most intimate pleasure a man can have is fucking her sister and Cummings on her pussy, no words to describe those incidents

The sweety fluid from sisters pussy is like nectar of immortal pleasure

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