Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 05


Randy returned my smile with his own broad grin then said. "First of many I believe."

I closed the door and watched as he sped off down Fifth.

Holding my tip envelope and clutch bag in one hand I opened the top flap. It was nothing but fifty dollar bills I estimated there were at least ten inside. I smiled thinking I hoped our first appointment would be followed by as many as possible.

I actually made it to the Park n Shop lot without hearing one single cat call from the men making their way to where ever they were headed. It was quarter after four when I entered the lot and approached the attendant shack. The same elderly black man was sitting on a stool inside reading the afternoon paper.

"How was your afternoon?" I asked to get his attention.

He looked up from his sports page and seeing me instantly became more attentive. "My afternoon was the same as every other afternoon boring as hell. How about yours?" He asked.

I lied and said. "Pretty boring too didn't find a single thing to buy."

As he stepped out of the shack he noticed I was now braless the cool afternoon breeze taking its toll on my nipples which were poking at the fabric of my dress.

He smiled and said. "Looks like you forgot something." His eyes traveling down to my tits.

I grinned and said. "Well I did say I'd have something extra for you if you took good care of my Benz."

"Yes mamm you did." He stammered.

"Looks like my Benz is in perfect condition." I remarked.

His eyes continued staring at my tits as he said. "Yes mamm it is."

I arched my back a little pressing my tits forward and said. "Like what I have extra for you?"

His eyes widened as more cleavage showed and he replied. "Yes mamm I surely do."

I moved forward and leaned very close to his ear. Whispering I said. "If I had more time I'd take you in that shack and give you a nice sloppy blow job."

His eyes widened even more then he said hopefully. "I have till six o'clock."

I grinned and grabbed my keys from his trembling age hand and said. "But I don't." As I turned and walked quickly to my car.

He was still standing there frozen to the ground as I pulled up and lowered my window. "I guess this will just have to do." I said handing him two fifties.

He took the bills and as I drove off he said. "I'd rather have the blow job."

I was laughing for the next ten blocks as I weaved in and out of traffic trying to get to my travel agents office as quickly as possible.

I pulled into a ten minute space right in front and jumped out of the Benz.

Kim my agent was at her desk staring into her computer screen. As I burst in I said. "Hiya Kim."

She looked up and replied. "Margaret how the heck are you?"

"Doing just fine." I replied.

Kim looked a little confused then smiled and said. "Love the new hair color."

"Thanks Kim." I answered then added. "I don't have a lot of time hun so let me tell ya what I need."

Kim grabbed a pen and pulled a note pad in front of her.

"Shoot Margaret." She said.

"I need to book a flight to Cancun for next Friday. First class arriving in Mexico at noon. The return trip will be Monday any time after noon. Here's fifteen hundred if it's more let me know and I'll drop off the rest when the flight is booked." I quickly told her.

"Got it. Are you taking a vacation?" Kim asked.

I smiled and said. "Nope a business trip."

I turned and headed for the door. "I'll call you with the confirmation number." Kim said.

"Thanks hun." I replied as I pushed the door open.

One more stop I thought as I jumped behind the wheel of my Benz. I hit Laura's name in my contact list then pressed call.

"Laura Stevens how may I help you?" She answered her phone as usual.

"It's Margaret are we still on for five?" I asked.

"For sure." She replied.

"See you in ten." I answered.

"I'll meet you in the lobby." Laura suggested.

"Okay" I answered then hung up before she could.

Traffic was at its rush hour peak and it took me fifteen minutes to get to her office. I pulled up outside and could see Laura standing in the lobby. I slid out of the seat and rounded the back of my idling car.

Laura came through the door carrying her brief case and had her suit jacket draped over one arm. She was wearing a white silk blouse and a navy blue stove pipe skirt. Her hair was parted in the middle and hung straight along the sides of her face. Laura's a pretty girl but she was in desperate need of a total makeover. Her body is young and trim with perky tits and I assumed a stone flat belly. I smiled as she approached and asked. "Do you want me to drive?"

She smiled and replied. "Unless you like riding in a twelve year old Impala I guess you should drive."

"Jump in then." I answered.

I put the car in gear and headed off to nowhere in particular.

"So where do you wanna go?" I asked after a block or two.

She smiled and said "I need a drink."

"Me too." I replied then added. "I don't know this side of town very well do you have a suggestion?"

"I like the Third Street Pub." Laura suggested.

We had just passed Sixth Street so I figured at Third we'd be turning. "Which way on Third?" I asked.

"Make a right at Third the pub is at Third and Spruce."

Traffic was heavy so I couldn't turn right on red and while I waited for the green I asked. "So did you talk to his lawyer?"

"I did." Laura replied.

"And?" I asked.

Laura smiled then said. "Well let's just say our drinks will be to celebrate."

I smiled widely at her as the light changed and I turned onto Third. "Walnut Elm Spruce?" I questioned her.

"Yep that's right." Laura replied.

Half way between Elm and Spruce Street I spotted a parking space and steered the Benz in. I turned a little toward Laura with an inquisitive expression on my face.

"Let's get that drink first then I'll explain all the details." Laura said.

The anticipation was killing me but I figured she'd explain soon enough.

As we walked the half block to the pub at the corner two middle aged men were walking toward us. I could see from the expression on their faces that they had started happy hour a couple hours ago.

"Hello Betty." One of them exclaimed in a rather loud boisterous tone of voice.

Both of them were staring at my tits as they neared. Laura and I actually had to stop walking since they were blocking our way.

The loud one spoke first. "You ladies want to have some fun?"

I cocked my hips and smiled giving him a glimmer of hope. "What makes you think we'd have fun with the two of you?" I asked still smiling.

They were clearly intoxicated and in that state more abrupt then most men. The one who was doing the talking smiled and replied. "Well my friend here has a cock that goes half way to his knee, and I can comb my eye brows with the tip of my tongue."

Laura kind of rolled her eyes clearly not wanting this conversation to continue but I on the other hand felt like toying with them a little more before I shot the squarely between the eyes.

"Well that certainly sounds very inviting." I replied making them both think they were gonna get laid.

I cocked my verbal trigger and took careful aim. With a wide smile I said. "If you two were the last men on earth and my friend and I the last two women humanity would be doomed. Now get the fuck outta our way before I kick your drunken balls up between your shoulders."

Their expressions instantly changed to ones of flaming defeat. "Well you two can go fuck each other then." He replied as he cleared a space between him and his friend for us to pass.

Laura and I side stepped them and continued toward the pub. I heard the silent one say "fucking lesbo's" as they stumbled off down the street.

Laura giggled and said. "You handled that perfectly. I could never have leaded them on like that."

"Trust me hun men are so easy to lead on all you have to do is raise their hopes a little and they will do almost anything to get laid." I remarked.

She laughed and said. "Is that a trade secret?"

Her clear reference to my line of work didn't really sit well with me and I replied. "No it's a fact of life something you mustn't have learned just yet."

We entered a packed pub. I stretched up trying to spot somewhere that we could sit and have at least a chance at a private conversation. But there didn't appear to be an empty table or even two stools at the bar.

"Oops." Laura almost had to yell in my ear over the uproarious noise in the place.

I held one finger up and then pointed toward the other end of the bar. "Let me handle this. Watch and learn." I suggested.

I took the lead as we made our way through the crowd of happy hour drinkers surrounding the bar. Smiled at any man who glared at me looking for just the right one. Then I spotted them two guys sitting on stools beside one another. Neither speaking both just watching everything going on around them. I stopped behind the space between them.

"Excuse me." I said between their ears. They both turned to look at me. "Would it be possible for me to squeeze between you guys and order drinks for me and my friend?" I asked flashing a big smile and just shaking my tits a little to get their undivided attention.

Laura stood behind taking this all in. The one guy spoke for both. "Sure thing." A half smile half lecherous look on his face. I knew in an instant he was my target. I turned more toward him and squeezed between them pressing my tits against his arm firmly.

His eyes dropped to the soft melons and the visible cleavage between. Holding my hand out toward the bartender as he pasted caught his attention and I ordered two glasses of white wine.

As I waited for the drinks I smiled and kept the pressure against his arm. His buddy behind did his best to watch what was going on occasionally looking back and smiling at my young friend.

I leaned close to his ear and said. "My friend and I have been on our feet all day. Do you think there is any possibility of talking you two gentlemen into giving us your stools?"

The barkeep returned with our drinks and as I turned to hand Laura her glass I rubbed my nipple over his bare forearm. He leaned over to his drinking buddy and said. "Sam let's let these two lovely ladies have a seat."

Sam kind of shrugged his shoulders and said. "Yeah sure."

They both slipped off the stools and with huge smiles on our faces Laura and I replaced them.

Now that we had seats I needed to dash the hopes of these two who were standing directly behind us.

I turned and said. "Thank you so much. Now run along we'd like some privacy."

With the same down in flames expressions as the two drunks on the sidewalk had the two of them wandered off to other parts of the bar leaving Laura and I alone in the crowd.

"I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes." She said giggling at how easily I'd manipulated the two of them.

I leaned close to her and said. "Like I said before give them a glimmer of hope and they'll do almost anything."

She smiled and replied. "I could learn a lot from you Margaret."

I only wanted to learn one thing and that was the outcome of her phone conversation with Barry's attorney.

"So tell me what we're celebrating?" I questioned her.

Laura smiled and began. "Well our suspicions were correct. His attorney told me that the last thing he wants is to have a long drawn out proceeding with depositions and arguments in open court. It seems your soon to be ex is in line for a partnership with the firm."

"That fucking bastard." I exclaimed knowing his slut secretary would most likely be reaping the benefits of being a partner's wife.

"Anyway I told him that I was certain you'd want the house free and clear all the contents your car paid for and a monthly alimony of twenty five hundred."

"Twenty five?" I asked.

She smiled and replied. "I had to give them something they could negotiate on."

"What did he say?" I questioned her hoping she was going to tell me they agreed to it all.

"Well first he balked at paying off the house. The balance owed is apparently substantial." Laura said.

"I really have no idea Barry took care of all that." I admitted.

"I told him that the house was not open to negotiation and that if he didn't agree we'd file a counter suit alleging adultery and ask for depositions to be scheduled." Laura continued.

"They agreed to the contents and the car but he told me he would have to talk to Barry about the house and the alimony." Laura said.

"Is that where it's at now?" I asked.

She smiled and explained. "No since we are in such a strong opening position I put the pressure on him and told him I'd give them an hour to get back or I'd start the counter suit."

"Wow you really play hardball." I exclaimed.

"Trust me when you have the kind of advantage we have you go for the jugular." Laura answered.

"So what happened?" I asked.

"It took thirty minutes for him to call me back." She said.

I smiled waiting for her to finish.

"You get the house free and clear, all the contents your car and fifteen hundred a month in alimony." Laura said with a huge smile on her lips.

"You have got to be kidding!" I exclaimed.

"I don't kid about those kinds of things." Laura said then added. "They came back with a thousand a month offer and I got them up to fifteen."

"Margaret do you have any idea what a senior partner at that firm makes a year?" She asked.

"Not really." I admitted.

She shook her head and replied. "It's seven figures hun."

"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed then added. "He is going to make over a million a year?"

"You got it." Laura answered.

"He'll be out from under the debt of this divorce in less than a year." She remarked.

"That fucking bastard!" I exclaimed but with a huge smile on my face.

I leaned over and gave my lawyer a big hug. "Laura I can't thank you enough."

"Trust me hun if you pay my bill that will be thanks enough." Laura said.

While we were talking nearly every single or should I say stag guy in the place had checked us out.

As we finished our first glass of wine a rather handsome guy approached and poked his head between us. "Can I buy you ladies a drink?" He asked.

Laura smiled at me then turned to him and loudly said. "Fuck off ass hole."

I instantly broke out in laughter. "That works too." I said trying to contain myself.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Let's get out of here. I'm hungry and I'd be happy to let you buy me dinner." A smile on her lips.

I put a twenty on top of my glass and we slid off the stools. A sea of men parted knowing they would go down in flames like the guy Laura had told off if they even tried to speak with us and in a moment we were outside and headed back to my car.

As we pulled out of the space I asked. "What are you hungry for?"

"Oh I don't know something quick I guess." Laura replied.

I giggled and said "Mickie D's?"

"Not that quick. There's a neat little retro fifties dinner a few miles from here. They make the very best California cheeseburgers and fries." Laura suggested.

I smiled and answered. "Burgers and fries it is then."

On the way we continued to talk about how easy coming to an agreement on my divorce was. Laura kept telling me how Barry knew that he'd either give you want you wanted or stand a chance of not only missing the partnership position but of losing his job completely if the divorce got really messy.

She explained how these big law firms put so much into their public image that even the slightest appearance of impropriety could hurt their bottom line for years. Barry understood that and couldn't take that chance.

"Imagine what would be said if it came out that one of their associate partners' wife was turning tricks on the side. My god the corporate clients would bale in an instant." Laura explained.

"You didn't tell him that did you?" I asked.

"Oh my god no." She instantly replied.

"Good!" I exclaimed.

"Make a left up here." Laura said.

I turned left at the next intersection and instantly knew we'd arrived at our destination.

A completely chrome diner was just ahead on the right. Out front a big neon sign flashed "Moe's Diner"

I pulled into a space out front and turned the engine off.

"This place looks like something right out of "Happy Days"." I commented.

Inside the glimmering chrome continued with the exception that every seat was covered with bright red vinyl.

The place was maybe half full mostly younger teenage looking types. Some dressed in fifties outfits to complement the image.

The waitresses all wore black skirts and white shirts with white aprons and most had period hair styles most likely a requirement of employment at Moe's.

One young waitress greeted us as we stood by the entrance.

"Can we sit in the back?" Laura asked pointing toward an area that didn't appear to be in use that night.

"I guess so." The pretty young girl said.

We followed her to a booth away from the rest of the customers and sat down on the red vinyl covered bench seats. She handed us each a menu and said. "I'll be right back."

An old style jute box was mounted on the wall with pages and pages of tunes guests could select from all vintage rock and roll from the fifties.

"This place is amazing." I commented as I flipped through the music selections.

"You should see it when Moe sponsor's one of his cruise nights. Street rods and muscle cars all over the place and everyone looking like they just came off the set of "Grease" the guys trying their best to look like John Travolta and the girls like Olivia Newton-John." Laura explained.

"That is so cool." I replied.

The waitress returned and asked. "Ready to order?"

Laura replied. "California cheeseburger and fries with a lemon coke for me."

Since she raved about that earlier I figured I'd try one too. "Same for me and a diet coke."

The young girl left us without saying a word.

As I continued leafing through the selections on the jute box Laura said. "So Margaret will you tell me about your work?"

"Sure what do you want to know?" I asked.

Laura thought for a moment then asked. "Well you obviously don't stand on a street corner so how do you find johns?"

I frowned and answered. "First of all they are not johns they are clients. And we don't call them tricks it's an appointment."

"Oh sorry." Laura replied.

"Everything is internet based. Our company has a web page where prospective clients can view photo galleries of the girls that are available for appointments. The web page is managed by my employer." I began.

"So he's not your pimp I assume." Laura interrupted.

"Not even close." I shot back.

I continued. "A prospective client contacts the web master and arranges the escort of his choosing and then electronically signs an affidavit acknowledging that they understand the service is for accompaniment only. They pay for that using a credit card the fee is reasonable enough as to not look out of line or imply anything more."

"And your employer has run this affidavit by his attorney?" Laura asked.

I kind of shrugged my shoulders then replied. "I would assume they have."

"I receive a percentage of that fee as reportable income. Once an appointment starts it is my responsibility to determine if the client wants more than just the arm ornament that he's paid for or if he would like something additional which is paid directly to me in cash as a tip." I explained the whole process in basic terms.

"I have to report my tips to my employer and pay a percent to them in cash." I added.

"What about undercover cops?" She asked.

I smiled and replied. "We are very careful not to offer sex for cash in our conversations with a first time client. If sex happens it does so because the escort found the client extremely attractive and the entire process becomes consensual adults enjoying a mutually beneficial sexual encounter."

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