tagLoving WivesDick & Jane Ch. 17A

Dick & Jane Ch. 17A


As I said previously, we called them Dick and Jane because no one taught us more about the pleasures of swinging than this couple. Only Linda's first lover had the effect on her that Dick induced. I thought I would never find another woman who stirred me as much as Linda and Jane - that is until I fucked Mike's wife.

* * * * *

The next morning was proof that the mix had come together perfectly. At first, during the night, it had been the four of us on the king-sized bed in our master bedroom. But in the wee hours of the morning, as we became a little less frenzied, it was more convenient to adjourn to separate bedrooms where each of our pairings could enjoy a little more intimacy and the room that we needed to explore each other's bodies completely.

Jane was all over me, and me over her, during that night. I had never been so turned on by another woman in my short swinging experience. She had enjoyed the sight of her husband and my wife fucking each other until neither was able to continue as much as I. Best of all, it had stirred her to new heights of enjoyment together. Dawn was already breaking before we nestled together and found we could do so without new eruptions of our libidos.

We were all smiles, albeit tired ones, that morning. The girls had fixed a breakfast designed to restore our physical vigor as much as to stave off hunger pangs. I sat with Jane on one side of the table while Dick and Linda sat at the other. We still, even after almost 15 hours, couldn't keep our hands off each other. Linda's smile as she sat next to Dick, and his hand under the table, told me more than I really needed to know about how they were enjoying each other. Of course I was no less occupied with Jane who joined me in a lusty exploration of genitals that should have been worn to the bone by now.

Dick summed it up for all of us.

"I've never had more fun in my life," he said, around a piece of toast. He put his arm around my wife and hugged her close as he continued. "Only Jane is equal to her as the sexiest woman I've ever met."

The compliment wasn't lost on my wife, who smiled and allowed him to pull her closer to him.

I shared that opinion, and told them so, which earned me a little gratuitous grope from Jane, also under the table.

"It was one heck of a night," she smiled back at our breakfast partners. "I hope that you got a little sleep, Linda. Dick can be quite demanding when he finds out that his partner likes sex as much as we do."

"Oh, he was fine!" Linda responded easily. "In fact, I was hoping that he would be able to give me a little more of his cock this morning."

We all laughed. But it was a laugh that made us realize that we weren't done as far as these two - and ourselves - were concerned. Jane was squeezing my dick under the table. I could feel the dampness of her pussy, which had been dry just a few minutes ago from the vigorous toweling following her shower.

"M-m-m, I think I can arrange that," Dick laughed, pulling my wife closer and reaching into her robe to give her breasts a squeeze. "In fact," he repeated, "I was hoping that I might talk you into it myself." He pulled one of my wife's breasts out and I could see her nipple was already swollen to almost twice its normally aroused size. He sucked it into his mouth and gently milked the fullness of her breast with both hands as he enjoyed it once again. Reluctantly, he raised his head and smiled at Linda. "Whereto, milady," he said mockingly, "Here, on the table, or do you want a little more comfort - like in bed?"

"Anywhere you want it, big boy," Linda laughed.

"Okay, what about the couch where we started yesterday. I think we all realize how much fun that was being able to watch, with the four of us in bed together last night. We can start in here and then head for the bedroom, if that's okay with you all?" he suggested, looking over at Jane.

Jane was all smiles. Not only from the delicate fingering I was giving her already juicy twat under the table, but also from the obvious enjoyment she had shared vicariously with Linda as her husband had sucked Linda's tit. We had all derived some real thrills from that start yesterday.

"Suits me just fine. In fact, I had hoped Earl would diddle me there yesterday, but it just got too hot and too heavy so soon that I couldn't wait to get him in bed. Besides," she said, looking at her husband, "I'd love to see you work Linda over again anyway. Her breasts are beautiful and they look perfect in your mouth."

"Thank you," Linda laughed. "I liked the way you were humping Earl. It's fascinating watching all that cock going in and out of someone else for a change. I never thought I would enjoy seeing him fuck another woman when we started doing this, but it's great fun, especially when you're getting some of the good stuff yourself."

Dick's smile told me that she had given him a squeeze too.

Jane got up first, took my hand and led me over to the same couch on which I had sat with her the previous day. She patted the cushion beside her, her smile suggesting that I sit there. I did.

"I'm not quite so formally dressed as yesterday," she said as my arm went around her shoulders and my left hand went inside her robe to fondle her breast, "and I love having a man take my clothes off, but I enjoy it just as much this way." She sighed as my mouth replaced my hand. I knelt on the floor between her legs and let my tongue and it begin a slow, deliberate journey down over her belly and into the dampness of her muff. The sigh changed to a purr of satisfaction as I found her clit and began slowly stroking it.

Linda and Dick had followed us into the living room. He already had Linda pushed back against the cushioned arm of the couch. He was using his cock to stroke her clit as he kissed her and squeezed her breast. Her eyes were closed and there was a wide smile of satisfaction on her face. She pulled him closer, pressing up against him with her hips.

Dick didn't waste any time. Pushing the only intervening piece of my wife's robe to the side, he placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt and slowly pressed it between her lips. Dick was well built, and I could see that it would take more pressure to fit his thick cock into her tight pussy. Dick obviously didn't mind. He let the head of his cock slide up and down those sweet lips of my wife's pussy, until her movements showed she was begging him to fuck her. He didn't mind using the extra pressure. With just a short hard thrust of his hips, he sent the head of his dick past the ring of muscle guarding that tight pussy, into her cunt and deep into her vagina. It earned him a sigh of pleasure as my wife spread her legs wider, anticipating his faster and harder thrusts to come.

But he didn't rush it. Not this time. The edge had been taken off and now Dick could take her the way she wanted to be taken, slowly, leisurely, letting his cock find its way deep inside that velvet sheath until he was completely swallowed by that masterful creation of a higher power and his balls were crushed to my wife's perineum. I very much appreciated watching him work the bulbous head of his dick in and out of her until it was shiny with their combined juices. He jogged her gently, sliding almost completely out of my wife's cunt then, in centimeter length thrusts, gaining a little more depth with each forward thrust until he was seated totally again. He would retreat until his cock head, already dripping their mixed juices, was completely out of my wife's cunt. Her hands, on his ass, fluttered then gripped him hard, pulling him back into her. Finally I had the pleasure of seeing him bottom out in her cunt. She grunted. I knew he had to be in her cervix. My wife's near leg dropped over the edge of the couch to display his balls pressed tightly against the flesh below her pussy lips and their pubic hair meshing in a brunette mass. Her far leg, which Dick had pushed up onto the back of the couch as he spread her for his pleasure, dropped to his back now. I watched as she used the heel of that foot like a spur, urging him deeper into her with each thrust.

I hadn't even realized how the sight had affected me, or how I was reacting to it by copying their moves until I felt Jane sigh and whisper softly, "There, right there. That's where I want to feel your cock." She sighed again. "It feels s-o-o good!" I felt her hips thrust up against my crotch, burying the last of my swollen cock in her pussy. Remembering what I was there for, I began the stirring motion of my hips that insured my dick was coating every inch of her core with my juices before I began fucking her, earning a smile and hiss of pleasure.

"Look at him, Earl," she said loudly enough for the couple only a few feet away from us to hear, "he's fucking your wife just like he fucks me. It's a good thing he's safe, or he'd be making a baby in her right now." She turned her head with me, to enjoy the view and saw them watching us with equal pleasure.

"He loves to fuck," Linda said unnecessarily. "And he can't get enough of me when someone else has screwed me. I'm going to be sore for days after this, but every moment is going to remind me of how good it feels." Her near leg was coming over Dick's thighs now, moving toward his back. I knew Linda was trying to engulf him in her pussy, obviously enjoying the thick cock tickling her cervix with each thrust. I love him, Jane. I love what he's doing to me. Your husband feels just wonderful inside me."

"H-m-m, sound like all the reason in the world for a swap of husbands for a week or so," Jane laughed. "Darn, I sure wish we had time for that. We should have left last night, but I wasn't about to let Earl off that easily. His mouth is like a suction pump. I'd have him eating me every minute I could if he were mine."

"He tries," Linda laughed as both Dick and I continued our exploration of our partner's juicy cunts. "I tried to dissuade him at first, but I saw after the first few times that most men want to taste my pussy, then fuck me. Earl is the one though who showed me how he can make me cum with his tongue. He's the best at it I've ever had. Doesn't Dick do it to you?"

"Unh, unh," Jane shook her head. "All he wants to do is fuck me and suck..." She had started to add something, but I didn't know what until almost a year later. "That's why I like your husband." She pulled me down and kissed me hard, looking into my eyes as our tongues swirled together as they had last night. "He not only fucks me so beautifully, but then eats me too." She laughed. "Saves a lot of cleaning up, doesn't it?"

It was Linda's turn to laugh, but at that moment she couldn't. She was gasping with pleasure as Dick screwed her cunt perfectly, setting off the dynamite like effects of her orgasm. We watched with joy as her heels drummed on his buttocks and she chanted "fuck me, fuck me. Damn that's good! Fuck me!" She was still panting minutes later when she tried to answer.

"I never have to worry about cleaning up," Linda gasped, her breasts - one in her lover's mouth - heaving as she tried to slow her breathing, "all I have to do is show him the cum in my pussy and he goes wild. He eats me until there's no more left and then fucks me again and begs me to go back for more," she managed to chuckle.

"Oh, wow, I'd love that!" Jane sighed. I'd fuck every man I could find if he'd eat me out like he did last night."

"And that's what he tells me I should do," Linda finally managed to laugh.

The conversation between our girls hadn't slowed either of us down much, if at all. The first, too soon orgasm over, Dick slowed and began long dicking my wife while I brought Jane closer and closer to her own.

It happened when she looked over next and her husband was in Linda to his balls, both hands on her breasts, french kissing her as though he had just enjoyed it for the first time. "Oh, god, yes!! Fuck me, honey! Fuck me just like Dick is fucking your wife then I want you to come down and eat my cunt." She was jerking and shaking beneath me so violently I thought we might fall off the couch.

"If you were mine all the time, I'd beg other men to fuck me just so you'd eat my pussy," she gasped jerkily. I've got to have more of your dick and your tongue in my cunt. I want watch Dick fuck your wife all day."

I found out later that they had intended to make their visit with us a short one, more of a getting acquainted meeting rather than a fucking session, but the enticement of Linda's breasts had been too much for Dick. Not only had they blown the "short meeting" idea away, they had skipped an important meeting in Dallas, and were even now taking the time they had budgeted to be driving home, to fuck us.

Jane was humping hard up into my crotch, burying every inch I had in her and begging wordlessly for more, gasping with unbridled passion as she absorbed her orgasm and felt it tearing wildly through her body. This woman loved to fuck - and she wanted me to fuck her!

Dick was doing the same for Linda, who was obviously enjoying herself immensely. His back was arched and he had literally pulled her off the couch as she clung to him, connected by her arms around his neck, her legs tightly wrapped around his waist. The rigidity of his dick, shooting bolt after bolt of cum into my wife's vagina, couldn't be denied. It filled her cunt, then overflowed, spilling into her pubic hair in a mass that was splattered over their bodies at each thrust of his dick into her. He pounded her cunt. Each hard, smacking meld of flesh spread it over their bodys, coating belly their bellys with a liquid sheen. Then ropes of the hot, thick semen, connected with thinner strands of silvery cum began slipping in long strings onto the couch. Almost at a snail's pace, their passionate embrace slowed, and then loosened. Dick raised himself from my wife, his body covered in perspiration and cum, but his cock seeming unbending.

"God, he's like a stallion today," Jane managed to mumble as she slowly descended from her own Valhalla. "I knew he wanted to fuck Linda as soon as he saw those pictures of hers, but he's only like this when he's so hot that he can't stop fucking." She looked up at me and said earnestly, "He'll fuck her all day if you let him," she said once more. "When he's like this, he can fuck for day's and never get soft. Can Linda take it?"

"I hope so," I said truthfully, "because I certainly don't intend to stop him. I want him to fuck her as long as they can enjoy it. I want him to look forward to visiting us again, just like I want to visit you."

"Oh. Yes, honey," crooned the passionate woman beneath me, "and we will." She ended in almost a whisper.

With her cunt filled with my pre-cum and her own juices, I couldn't resist eating Jane right then, right where she lay, in front of her husband and my wife. She realized immediately what I wanted as soon as I took my cock out of her and began sliding my body down hers. She smiled and held her breasts out to my adoring mouth as I kissed and sucked the hard, pointed nipples of her sweet tits. It was lovely, but it wasn't what she wanted, nor me either.

I continued my travels down her body until my face was in her neatly trimmed muff, inhaling the exotic and erotic fragrance of a sexually stimulated woman. She used both hands to spread her lips wide. My tongue flicked out to her clit and I heard her gasp.

"Yes, yes," she panted, "Suck it, eat me, put your tongue in my pussy and ream me out. I want Dick to see you eating my cunt while he fucks your wife. Oh, yes, honey, right there!"

My upper lip curled over her clit as my mouth covered her entire pussy. At first Jane's hands pulled the lips of her pussy back, allowing me total access to the pearly gates of a cuntlapper's heaven. Then, feeling my entire face buried in that heavenly meat market, my tongue searching her for the juices that her passions had stirred, she shifted her hands to the back of my head and began bucking her hips in time to the lapping of my tongue.

"Oh, god, yes! Look, Linda. Look what your husband is doing to me! He's the best cuntlapper I've ever felt. His tongue is like a snake. It just goes in deeper and deeper until I can feel it scouring the walls of my pussy. Oh, oh, a-h-h-h," she gasped, as I warmed to my work.

This was pure heaven for a guy like me who loves the taste of a freshly fucked woman who wants me to eat their cunt. I had eaten a few before, but none like this woman who wanted her husband to see me eating her, or liked watching her husband fuck my wife. The erotic thoughts passing through her mind were as stimulating as being fucked and I was trying to truly do that to, with my tongue.

I covered every inch of her pussy with kisses and a soft stroking, then plunging tongue, tasting her juices as she went from one shaking, shuddering orgasm to another, seemingly without end. I knew immediately that I wanted to fuck her again, more, and harder. I wanted to have her in bed with me, sitting on my face, feeding me her cunt and riding my cock like a runaway stallion, pounding up and down on it as I held and squeezed those lovely tits of hers. There was no doubt that she was as aroused as I. Beneath the palms of my hands covering her breasts, I could feel the nipples, swollen with lust and desire, pushing their hardness against my flesh. Her thighs were at the sides of my chest, her legs locked over my back, ankles crossed, using both hands and legs to pull me deeper into this enchanted forest.

Raising my face from her pussy, feeling the cool air against the cum coating me from chin to forehead, I whispered to her, "I want to fuck you again. Let's go into the bedroom and get comfortable!"

No sooner said than done, and Jane once more showed me that side of her I liked best. In the master bedroom, already joined, we were almost unaware of the presence of our spouses who had came into the room with exactly the same intent.

Dick was pounding my wife from the rear, thrusting his dick harder into her than I could ever recall having seen a man fuck her. She was not objecting, unh unh, she was shoving her hips back into his crotch, welcoming his thick rammer into her own juicy cunt. I could see the sperm already leaking from her pussy. Dick was determined to fuck my wife all day and I certainly wasn't in the mood to prevent it.

Jane and I watched entranced, joined pussy to cock and warm breast in hot mouth, as our partners fucked each other. Linda was acting like a mad woman, unable to get as much dick as she wanted in her cunt. Already a pool of Dick's cum was forming on the coverlet between her knees as he rode her, using both hands on her bounding beauties, moving them only to her ass to pull her cunt closer to his ravaging cock. Still she begged him to fuck her harder.

It was having just the effect I wanted on Jane. I could feel her cuntal muscles squeezing my cock as she vicariously experienced the fucking Dick was giving my wife. My own strokes in her were lengthening, speeding up, sliding the hot pork to her receptive pussy. I could hold back no longer and I felt the first white hot jets of pure protein shooting deep into Jane's wide open vagina, splashing against her cervix and being pushed deeper and deeper into her with each thrust. She felt it to and began the groaning, shuddering, jerking response that told me she too was joining the orgasmic frenzy we felt and witnessed right here on our marital bed.

I couldn't believe that we were as tired as we were. The four of us just collapsed in a tangle of arms and legs, mouths seeking each other's flesh to kiss and lap away the juices that we had shared without regard to whose juices or whose flesh it was. I felt the heat on my cock as Linda sucked it into her mouth, then the coolness of the air for a moment before it happened again. Buried nose deep in Linda's pussy, I didn't care. I only wanted more of her juicy cunt in my mouth. A momentary rise of her hips as she changed position to her it sealed more tightly allowed me to see something I had never expected.

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